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The Mighty B

由艾米-波勒(AMY POEHLER)制作、编剧,并为Nickelodeon当红的动画电视影集《The Mighty B》中的Bessie配音。让女孩们用自己来改变这个世界。适合7岁的孩子观看,相当于《海绵宝宝》。

Several years before The Mighty B! premiered, co-creator Amy Poehler and a number of people at Nickelodeon were speaking and thinking about making a "female-driven" animated television series. Poehler stated that the series would be pitched as: "where this girl is at that great age [...] where you're not boy-crazy and you're not mean to other girls". She found that enthusiasm "fascinating" and wanted to "bottle it and take it like a pill".

The Mighty B! was picked up for a pilot in early 2006 under the name of Super Scout. It was co-created by Poehler, Cynthia True and Erik Wiese. Brown Johnson, president of animation at Nickelodeon, was "absolutely thrilled to have a comedy team of the caliber of Amy, Erik and Cynthia create this iconic character for a new generation". Poehler said that she was "thrilled that the world will finally meet the funny and sweet girl-tornado that isBessie Higgenbottom [...] Erik, Cynthia and I are so pleased to be working with the wonderful people atNickelodeon. In the words of Bessie, it's been awesome!"


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