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[01:35.88]- Good night, sweetheart. - 'Night, Mom.
[01:38.09]Sleep tight, kiddo.
[03:08.52]Simulation terminated.
[03:10.60]Simulation terminated.
[03:12.81]Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated.
[03:16.61]Simulation terminated.
[03:18.94]- All right. Mr. Bile, is it? - My friends call me Phlegm.
[03:24.62]Mr. Bile, can you tell me what you did wrong?
[03:27.29]- I fell down? - No, no, before that.
[03:31.08]Can anyone tell me Mr. Bile's big mistake?
[03:38.09]Let's take a look at the tape. Here we go.
[03:41.43]Right there.
[03:43.97]See? The door. You left it wide open.
[03:47.68]And leaving the door open is the worst mistake
[03:50.64]any employee can make because...
[03:54.65]- It could let in a draft? - It could let in a child.
[03:59.57]Mr. Waternoose.
[04:01.49]There's nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child.
[04:06.49]A single touch could kill you.
[04:09.49]Leave a door open and a child could walk right into this factory,
[04:13.67]right into the monster world.
[04:15.33]I won't go in a kid's room. You can't make me.
[04:17.88]You're going in there because we need this.
[04:27.64]Our city is counting on you to collect those children's screams.
[04:31.85]Without scream we have no power.
[04:35.10]Yes, it's dangerous work.
[04:36.90]And that's why I need you to be at your best.
[04:39.86]I need scarers who are confident, tenacious, tough.
[04:45.82]I need scarers like... Like James P. Sullivan.
[04:51.12]I need scarers like... Like James P. Sullivan.
[04:54.79]Hey, good morning, Monstropolis. It's five after 6:00 a.m.
[04:58.38]in the big Monster City.
[05:00.21]The temperature's a balmy 65 degrees which is good for you reptiles.
[05:04.01]And it looks like it's gonna be a perfect day to lie in bed, sleep in,
[05:08.26]or simply work off that flab that's hanging over the bed!
[05:12.77]Get up, Sulley!
[05:16.52]I don't believe I ordered a wake-up call, Mikey.
[05:19.06]Less talk, more pain, marshmallow boy!
[05:22.23]Feel the burn. You call yourself a monster?
[05:25.36]Scary feet, scary feet. The kid's awake!
[05:27.74]Scary feet, scary feet, scary feet. Kid's asleep!
[05:31.95]Twins! In a bunk bed!
[05:35.58]I thought I had you there.
[05:37.29]OK, Sulley, here we go. You ready? Follow it. It's over here.
[05:41.00]Over there. Don't let the kid touch you. Don't let him touch you!
[05:44.67]I don't know but it's been said I love scarin' kids in bed
[05:48.14]Fight that plaque. Scary monsters don't have plaque.
[05:51.60]One-eighteen. Do you have 119?
[05:54.02]Do I see 120?
[05:55.81]- I don't believe it. - I'm not breaking a sweat.
[05:58.48]Not you. Look! The new commercial's on.
[06:01.77]The future is bright at Monsters, Incorporated.
[06:05.03]- I'm in this one. - We're part of your life.
[06:07.28]We power your car. We warm your home.
[06:10.16]We light your city.
[06:11.95]- I'm Monsters, Incorporated. - Hey, look! Betty!
[06:14.91]Carefully matching every child to their ideal monster,
[06:18.46]to produce superior scream.
[06:20.63]Refined into clean, dependable energy.
[06:23.67]Every time you turn something on, Monsters, Incorporated is there.
[06:28.30]- I'm Monsters, Incorporated. - We know the challenge.
[06:31.85]The window of innocence is shrinking.
[06:33.93]Human kids are harder to scare.
[06:36.52]Of course, Ml is prepared for the future.
[06:39.14]With the top scarers,
[06:41.15]the best refineries,
[06:42.90]and research into new energy techniques.
[06:46.53]OK, here I come.
[06:48.24]We're working for a better tomorrow,
[06:50.82]- today. - We're Monsters, Incorporated.
[06:54.66]We're MI, Monsters, Incorporated.
[06:57.50]We scare because we care.
[07:02.00]- I can't believe it. - Mike.
[07:04.17]I was on TV!
[07:06.84]Did you see me? I'm a natural.
[07:09.47]Hello? I know! Wasn't I great?
[07:12.39]Did the whole family see it? It's your mom.
[07:14.85]What can I say? The camera loves me.
[07:29.03]I'm telling you, you're gonna be seeing this face on TV more often.
[07:32.53]Yeah? On Monstropolis' Most Wanted?
[07:36.37]You've been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade.
[07:39.33]- Have a good day, sweetie. - You too, hon.
[07:43.42]- OK, Sulley, hop on in. - Nope.
[07:45.71]- Hey, where you going? - Mikey, there's a scream shortage.
[07:49.01]- We're walking. - Walking?
[07:50.80]- No, no. - Come on.
[07:52.72]My baby needs to be driven.
[07:54.30]My baby. I'll call you.
[07:56.85]My baby. I'll call you.
[07:58.72]- You know why I bought the car? - Not really.
[08:01.31]To drive it. You know, on the street with the honk, honk,
[08:05.40]- no walking involved. - Give it a rest, will ya, butterball?
[08:08.86]- You could use the exercise. - I could use the exercise? Look at you.
[08:11.99]You have your own climate.
[08:13.78]- How many tentacles jump the rope? - How many tentacles jump the rope?
[08:16.37]Morning, Mike. Morning, Sulley.
[08:18.24]Morning, kids. How you doing?
[08:20.20]- Hi, Mike. Bye, Sulley. - Hey!
[08:36.05]- Fellas. - Hey, Tony.
[08:37.47]Tony, Tony.
[08:40.81]I hear somebody's close to breaking the all-time scare record.
[08:44.60]Just trying to make sure there's enough scream to go around.
[08:48.36]- Hey, on the house. - Hey, thanks.
[08:55.28]Oh, great.
[08:57.91]Hey, Ted, good morning.
[09:03.91]See that, Mikey? Ted's walking to work.
[09:06.04]Big deal. Guy takes five steps and he's there.
[09:15.88]Monsters, Inc. Please hold.
[09:17.89]Monsters, Inc. Please hold. Monsters, Inc. Please hold.
[09:20.93]- Mornin', Sulley. - Mornin', Ricky.
[09:22.47]- It's the Sullster. - See you on the scare floor.
[09:24.94]- Hey Marge. How was jury duty? - Morning, Sulley.
[09:29.98]Hey. It's still leaning to the left.
[09:31.98]- It is not. - Hey, fellas. Hey, Jerry.
[09:35.32]- Hey, Mr. Sullivan. - Guys, I told you, call me Sulley.
[09:39.91]- I don't think so. - We want to wish you good luck today.
[09:43.29]Hey, hey, get lost, you two. You're making him lose his focus.
[09:47.25]- Sorry. - See you later, fellas.
[09:49.13]Go get 'em, Mr. Sullivan.
[09:50.84]Quiet. You're making him lose his focus.
[09:53.34]- Oh, no. Sorry! - Shut up!
[09:56.34]Monsters, Inc. Please hold. Monsters, Inc. I'll connect you.
[10:00.05]Miss Fearmonger is on vacation. Would you like her voicemail?
[10:03.22]- Schmoopsie-pooh. - Googly bear.
[10:07.10]- Happy birthday. - Googly-woogly, you remembered.
[10:11.69]- Hey, Sulley-wulley. - Hey, Celia-wheelia.
[10:16.03]- Happy birthday. - Thanks.
[10:18.36]So are we going anywhere special tonight?
[10:21.57]I just got us into a little place called Harryhausen's.
[10:26.54]Harryhausen's? But it's impossible to get a reservation there.
[10:30.33]Not for googly bear. I will see you at quittin' time.
[10:33.88]- Not a minute later. - OK, sweetheart.
[10:36.05]Think romantical thoughts.
[10:37.97]You and me Me and you
[10:41.39]Both of us together
[10:44.51]You know, pal, she's the one.
[10:45.89]- That's it. She is the one. - I'm happy for you.
[10:48.77]Thanks for hooking me up with those reservations.
[10:51.31]They're under the name "googly bear."
[10:54.48]Good... You know, that wasn't very funny.
[11:00.91]- What the... - Wazowski.
[11:05.29]What do you know?
[11:06.37]It scares little kids and little monsters.
[11:09.58]I wasn't scared. I have allergies.
[11:14.34]- Sure. - Randall, save it for the scare floor.
[11:17.30]I'm in the zone today, Sullivan. Gonna do serious scaring.
[11:21.26]- Putting up some big numbers. - Randall, that's great.
[11:24.51]That should make it more humiliating when we break the record first.
[11:30.10]Do you hear that? It's the winds of change.
[11:36.65]"You hear that? It's the winds of..."
[11:38.69]What a creep. One of these days I am really
[11:42.20]gonna let you teach that guy a lesson.
[11:51.62]Chalooby. Baby.
[11:55.46]Good morning, Roz, my succulent garden snail.
[11:58.88]- Who would we be scaring today? - Wazowski.
[12:02.18]You didn't file your paperwork last night.
[12:04.76]Oh, that darn paperwork.
[12:06.68]Wouldn't it be easier if it all just blew away?
[12:11.06]Don't let it happen again.
[12:14.02]Yes. Well, I'll try to be less careless.
[12:17.15]I'm watching you, Wazowski.
[12:20.11]Always watching.
[12:22.28]- She's nuts. - Always.
[12:25.32]All scare floors are now active.
[12:28.03]Assistants, please report to your stations.
[13:17.67]OK, people, Eastern Seaboard coming online.
[13:20.84]We got scarers coming out.
[13:37.73]They are so awesome.
[14:26.69]Hey, may the best monster win.
[14:29.57]I plan to.
[14:31.95]We are on in seven, six, five,
[14:36.00]four, three, two...
[14:44.96]You're the boss. You're the big hairy boss.
[14:57.48]I'm feeling good today, Mikey.
[15:01.40]Attaboy. Another door coming right up.
[15:11.66]You're still behind, Randall.
[15:13.32]- Maybe I should realign the scream... - Get me a door.
[15:16.49]Door, yes, door.
[15:43.52]Well, Jerry, what's the damage so far?
[15:45.86]We may actually make our quota today, sir.
[15:49.32]First time in a month.
[15:58.54]- What happened? - The kid almost touched me.
[16:00.71]- She got this close to me. - She wasn't scared of you?
[16:03.96]- She was only six. - I could have been dead.
[16:06.46]- I could have died. - Keep it together, man.
[16:11.09]Hey, we got a dead door over here.
[16:13.80]- I'm coming. - Look out.
[16:16.80]Excuse us.
[16:21.06]We've lost 58 doors this week, sir.
[16:24.15]Kids these days.
[16:25.81]They just don't get scared like they used to.
[16:28.57]Let her rip.
[16:41.95]- Sir? - What?
[16:46.88]Attention. We have a new scare leader.
[16:49.67]Randall Boggs.
[16:53.01]Look at those numbers.
[17:00.10]Slumber party.
[17:04.60]Never mind.
[17:07.31]Hey, watch it.
[17:10.57]Well, James, that was an impressive display.
[17:13.82]Just doing my job, Mr. Waternoose.
[17:16.20]'Course I did learn from the best.
[17:19.28]If I don't see a new door in my station in five seconds,
[17:22.29]I will personally put you through the shredder.
[17:26.54]Hey, Wazowski, nice job. Those numbers are pretty sweet.
[17:30.55]Are they? You know, I hadn't even noticed.
[17:33.17]- And how's Georgie doing? - He's doing great.
[17:35.97]I love working with that big guy.
[17:38.05]Keep the doors coming. I'm on a roll today.
[17:40.60]George and I are like brothers. 2319!
[17:44.43]We have a 2319!
[17:50.98]Red alert.
[17:52.90]Red alert, red alert.
[17:55.32]- Red alert. - George Sanderson.
[17:57.53]Please remain motionless. Prepare for decontamination.
[18:01.58]Duck and cover, people!
[18:06.75]Not the CDA.
[18:16.30]- Go, go, go. - Coming through. Stand aside.
[18:19.39]Clear the contaminated area.
[18:21.60]- A 2319 in progress. - Coming through. Watch yourself.
[18:30.15]Stand back. Careful.
[18:47.83]All clear. Situation is niner-niner-zero. Ready for decon.
[18:51.38]- Thanks, guys, that was a close one. - OK.
[19:06.52]Take a break. We gotta shut down and reset the system.
[19:10.06]An entire scare floor out of commission.
[19:12.69]What else can go wrong?
[19:17.36]- What a day. - We're just going through a rough time.
[19:20.32]Everyone knows you'll get us through it.
[19:22.62]Tell that to the board of directors.
[19:26.24]James, this company's been in my family for three generations.
[19:30.83]I would do anything to keep it from going under.
[19:34.09]So would I, sir.
[19:35.21]So would I, sir.
[19:37.76]- I could use your help with something. - Anything, sir.
[19:40.76]We've hired some new scare recruits, and frankly, they're...
[19:45.93]- Inexperienced? - They stink.
[19:48.98]I thought maybe you might come by tomorrow
[19:51.27]and give them a demonstration.
[19:53.48]Show them what it takes to be our top scarer.
[19:56.44]I'll start out with the old Waternoose jump and growl.
[20:03.41]Now that's my boy.
[20:11.62]Let's go, everybody. All doors must be returned.
[20:14.96]No exceptions.
[20:22.63]I've never seen anything like you today. You were on a roll.
[20:25.43]Another day like this and that scare record's in the bag.
[20:28.35]That's right, baby.
[20:34.31]As if dinner wasn't enough, I'm taking her to a monster truck rally.
[20:37.86]- Nice. - What's on your agenda?
[20:39.44]- Work out some more. - Again?
[20:42.03]There's more to life than scaring.
[20:45.24]- Can I borrow your odorant? - I got smelly garbage or old dumpster.
[20:50.49]You got low tide? How about wet dog?
[20:53.50]Yep. Stink it up.
[20:58.21]I am so romantic sometimes I think I should marry myself.
[21:00.96]- Give me a break. - What a night of romance ahead of me.
[21:04.05]Tonight is about me and Celia.
[21:07.85]The love boat is about to set sail.
[21:11.85]I gotta tell you, that face of hers, it just makes my heart go...
[21:15.90]Hello, Wazowski. Fun-filled evening planned for tonight?
[21:20.19]Well, as a matter of fact...
[21:21.53]I'm sure you filed your paperwork correctly,
[21:25.28]for once.
[21:27.82]Your stunned silence is very reassuring.
[21:31.66]My scare reports. I left them on my desk.
[21:34.04]If I'm not at the restaurant in five minutes they'll give our table away.
[21:37.50]- Schmoopsie-pooh. - Googly bear.
[21:39.13]- Want to get going? - Do I ever. It's just...
[21:42.05]- What? - It...
[21:43.46]- A small... - I don't understand.
[21:45.72]I forgot about some paperwork I was supposed to file.
[21:48.22]Mike was reminding me.
[21:50.01]- Thanks, buddy. - I was?
[21:52.22]I mean, I was. Yeah.
[21:53.56]- OK. Let's go. - We're going.
[21:56.77]The pink copies to accounting.
[21:57.85]The fuchsia ones go to purchasing and the goldenrod ones go to Roz.
[22:01.65]Leave the puce.
[22:05.99]Pink copies to accounting, fuchsia ones to Roz.
[22:08.74]The fuchsia ones go to purchasing.
[22:10.91]The goldenrod ones go to Roz.
[22:13.08]Man, I have no idea what puce is.
[22:18.87]Oh, that's puce.
[22:27.34]Anyone? There's a door here.
[22:51.57]Hello? Hey.
[22:54.58]Anybody scaring in here?
[22:56.87]Hello. Yo.
[24:53.07]No, no, stay back.
[25:57.64]Hold it, hold it.
[26:08.85]Michael, I've had a lot of birthdays... Well, not a lot of birthdays.
[26:12.82]But this is the best birthday ever.
[26:16.95]What are you looking at?
[26:18.32]I was just thinking about the first time I laid eye on you,
[26:21.49]- how pretty you looked. - Stop it.
[26:24.04]- Your hair was shorter. - I'm thinking about getting it cut.
[26:27.83]No, no, I like it this length.
[26:30.00]I like everything about you.
[26:31.88]Just the other day someone asked who was the most beautiful monster.
[26:36.34]- You know what I said? - What did you say?
[26:38.55]I said...
[26:40.39]- Sulley? - Sulley?
[26:42.14]No, no, that's not what I was gonna say.
[26:44.72]You're not making sense.
[26:45.89]- He's handsome. He's rugged. - What a coincidence, running into you.
[26:50.06]- I'm just gonna order something. - Michael.
[26:52.73]- What's good? - You're ruining everything.
[26:55.28]I went to get your paperwork and there was a door.
[27:01.70]- A door? - Randall was in it.
[27:03.53]Randall? That cheater. He's trying to boost his numbers.
[27:07.16]- There's something else. - What?
[27:08.87]Ooklay in the agbay.
[27:11.25]- What? - Look in the bag.
[27:14.21]What bag?
[27:23.14]They don't have anything I like here. Take care, Celia.
[27:26.56]- What's going on? - Celia, please try to understand.
[27:30.06]- I have to do something! - Michael?
[27:34.06]On three. One, two...
[27:39.03]- A kid! - Boo!
[27:45.74]A kid!
[27:48.70]There's a kid here. A human kid!
[27:54.88]Googly bear!
[28:02.93]Come on.
[28:08.31]Let's get out of here.
[28:10.10]Please remain calm. This is not a drill.
[28:15.94]7835 in progress, please advise.
[28:18.61]- Michael? Michael! - Celia!
[28:21.45]- Come with me. - Stop pushing.
[28:22.95]Get your hands off my schmoopsie-pooh.
[28:25.95]Ready for decontamination.
[28:28.12]I don't think that date could have gone any worse.
[28:37.50]If witnesses are to be believed, there has been a child security breach
[28:41.17]for the first time in monster history.
[28:43.55]We neither confirm nor deny the presence of a human child here.
[28:47.14]Well, a kid flew right over me and blasted a car with its laser vision.
[28:51.43]I tried to run, but it picked me up with its mind powers
[28:54.73]and shook me like a doll.
[28:56.11]It's true. I saw the whole thing.
[28:58.40]It is my professional opinion that now is the time to panic.
[29:08.33]It's coming. It's coming!
[29:19.00]No, no, no, no!
[29:21.30]Come here, kid.
[29:25.09]Don't touch those, you little...
[29:27.51]Those were alphabetized. It's OK.
[29:29.97]As long as it doesn't come near us we're gonna be OK.
[29:43.15]You like this? Fetch.
[29:47.61]Hey, hey. That's it. No one touches Little Mikey.
[29:53.25]Mike, give her the bear.
[29:56.71]Oh, no!
[30:12.72]Make it stop, Sulley. Make it stop!
[30:14.73]Here, look. See bear? Nice bear.
[30:20.61]Bear, he's a happy bear.
[30:23.44]He's not crying, neither should you. We'll be in trouble
[30:26.40]'cause they're gonna find us, so please stop crying now.
[30:30.41]Good. Good, Sulley. Keep it up. You're doing great.
[30:32.99]He's a happy bear. He has no...
[30:36.50]- It touched me. - Sulley, the bear!
[30:38.79]The bear. Give her the...
[30:51.68]What was that?
[30:53.56]I have no idea, but it would be really great if it didn't do it again.
[31:19.62]How could I do this? How could I be so stupid?
[31:22.25]- This could destroy the company. - Who cares about the company?
[31:25.75]What about us? That thing is a killing machine.
[31:30.34]It's waiting for us to fall asleep and then wham!
[31:34.10]We're easy prey, my friend. We're sitting targets.
[31:37.85]OK, look, I think I have a plan here.
[31:40.14]Using mainly spoons, we dig a tunnel under the city
[31:43.48]and release it into the wild.
[31:48.49]That's it. I'm out of ideas. Air balloon, too expensive.
[31:51.82]Giant slingshot, too conspicuous. Enormous wooden horse, too Greek.
[31:58.50]No. Can't think. Can't think.
[32:02.42]- Flatliner. Flatlining. - Mike?
[32:05.17]I think she's getting tired.
[32:07.59]Well, then why don't you find someplace for it to sleep
[32:11.38]while I think of a plan!
[32:15.51]Are you sleepy? Wanna sleep?
[32:18.52]Is that what you want?
[32:34.24]OK. I'll make a nice little area for you to...
[32:37.24]No. Hey, that's my bed. You're gonna get your germs all over it.
[32:43.58]Fine. My chair's more comfortable anyway.
[32:51.55]It's just a closet. Will you go to sleep?
[32:57.64]Hey, that looks like Randall.
[33:00.39]Randall's your monster.
[33:02.77]You think he's gonna come through the closet and scare you.
[33:05.48]Oh, boy, how do I explain this?
[33:07.52]It's empty.
[33:10.90]No monster in here.
[33:16.11]Well, now there is.
[33:17.53]But I'm not gonna scare you.
[33:20.37]I'm off duty.
[33:27.17]How about I sit here until you fall asleep?
[33:33.22]Go ahead. Go to sleep.
[33:36.39]Now. Now go.
[33:40.10]You go to sleep.
[34:18.47]Mike, this might sound crazy, but I don't think that kid's dangerous.
[34:22.35]Really? Well, in that case, let's keep it.
[34:24.98]I always wanted a pet that could kill me!
[34:27.02]What if we just put her back in her door?
[34:29.48]- What? - Mike, think about it.
[34:31.27]We send her back, everything goes back to normal.
[34:35.15]Is that a joke? Tell me you're joking.
[34:38.28]Sulley, I think that given the circumstance
[34:40.49]I've been extremely forgiving till now.
[34:42.37]But that is a horrible idea.
[34:43.95]Are we gonna march in public with that thing?
[34:46.96]Then I guess we waltz right up to the factory, right?
[34:51.04]I can't believe we are waltzing right up to the factory.
[34:54.75]Sulley, a mop, a couple of lights and some chair fabric
[34:57.80]are not gonna fool anyone. Think about names.
[35:00.55]Loch Ness. Bigfoot. The Abominable Snowman.
[35:02.93]They all got one thing in common. Banishment!
[35:05.72]- We could be next. - Don't panic. We can do this.
[35:08.48]- How you doing, Frank? - Hey, guys.
[35:10.60]Everything's going to be OK.
[35:17.78]Number one wants this dusted for prints.
[35:19.78]- Careful with that. - I got a good view.
[35:22.82]A little lower.
[35:24.78]This was recovered at the scene.
[35:26.70]- Don't panic. - Don't tell me not to.
[35:28.66]- Keep it together. - It's not OK.
[35:30.92]- Boo. - Could be contaminated.
[35:32.75]Gentlemen, safety is our number-one concern.
[35:35.42]If there's anything that... Not now. I'm...
[35:38.42]Oh, hello, little one.
[35:40.30]- Where did you come from? - Mr. Waternoose!
[35:42.76]James, is this one yours?
[35:44.85]Actually, that's my cousin's sister's
[35:47.10]- daughter, sir. - Yeah, it's...
[35:49.39]Bring an Obscure Relative to Work Day.
[35:53.19]Must have missed the memo. Well, listen, James,
[35:55.90]why don't you stop by the simulator after lunch
[35:58.32]and give us that scare demonstration?
[36:01.11]Yeah. Oh, sir...
[36:02.95]- Mr. Waternoose? - Yes, yes. I'm coming.
[36:05.74]I'll see you this afternoon, James.
[36:07.91]That is, if these gentlemen haven't shut us down.
[36:11.08]- Oh, boy. - A scare demo.
[36:12.92]That is great. Why am I the last to know?
[36:14.83]We could bring your cousin's sister's daughter. She'll be a big hit.
[36:22.09]Hold him down.
[36:27.56]Come on. The coast is clear.
[36:29.47]OK. All we have to do is get rid of that thing.
[36:31.77]So wait here while I get its card.
[36:33.73]She can't stay here. This is the men's room.
[36:37.48]That is the weirdest thing you've ever said.
[36:40.15]Look. It loves it here. It's dancing with joy.
[36:44.11]I'll be right back with its door key.
[36:48.29]That's a cute little dance. It almost looks like you've got to...
[37:07.01]Are you done in there?
[37:10.93]Sorry, sorry.
[37:25.49]OK. You're finished now, right?
[37:45.01]Where did she go?
[37:47.80]Did she disappear?
[37:49.68]Did she turn invisible?
[37:52.85]I just have no idea.
[38:02.53]Hey, you're good.
[38:10.45]Be relaxed. Be relaxed. Be relaxed.
[38:13.54]Roz, my tender oozing blossom. You're looking fabulous today.
[38:17.21]Is that a new haircut? Tell me, it's a new haircut.
[38:21.46]New makeup. You had a lift. You had a tuck. You had something.
[38:24.26]Something has been inserted in your skin that makes you look like...
[38:29.84]I need a favor. Randall was working late last night on the scare floor.
[38:33.93]I need the key for the door he was using.
[38:36.81]Well, isn't that nice?
[38:39.73]But guess what? You didn't turn in your paperwork last night.
[38:43.73]He didn't... No paperwork?
[38:45.82]This office is now closed.
[38:50.99]Ready or not, here I come.
[38:53.41]I'm getting warmer.
[38:54.83]Any second now.
[38:56.58]- Fee, fi, fo... - What are you doing?
[39:01.17]I'm looking for the kid.
[39:02.67]- You lost it? - No, no. She was just...
[39:06.92]Here she is.
[39:08.26]Hey. What's the matter?
[39:09.93]- I already told your buddies... - All right. Carry on.
[39:25.65]Randall. Thank goodness. What are we gonna do about the child?
[39:50.30]It's on the front page. The child. The one you were after.
[39:53.68]Be quiet. Don't you think I'm aware of the situation?
[39:57.14]I was up all night trying to find it.
[39:59.31]I did a calculation factoring in the size of the sushi restaurant.
[40:03.48]The child may have escaped!
[40:05.15]Until we know for sure we're gonna act like nothing happened.
[40:08.74]Get the machine running. I'll take care of the kid.
[40:10.36]Get the machine running. I'll take care of the kid.
[40:11.70]When I find whoever let it out, they're dead.
[40:17.12]Why are you still here? Come on, go! Move! Now!
[40:20.46]I'm not here.
[40:22.58]They're gone.
[40:28.96]This is bad, so very bad.
[40:30.72]What were they talking about, machine?
[40:32.13]Who cares?
[40:34.68]All we have to do is call her door and send her home.
[40:37.06]Right. We're just two regular Joes on our way to work.
[40:39.85]We will blend right in.
[40:41.89]- Top of the morning. - What's shakin', bacon?
[40:44.44]Did you lose weight? Or a limb?
[40:46.98]- You have her card key, right? - Of course.
[40:49.32]I told you I'd get her card key. I went and got it.
[40:52.11]Now I have her card key.
[40:55.20]OK. Here we go.
[40:57.53]Take care of yourself. Try not to run through any more closets.
[41:04.83]- Mike, that's not her door. - Of course it's her door.
[41:07.88]No. Her door was white and it had flowers on it.
[41:10.46]It must have been dark last night because this is its door.
[41:14.72]Hey, you hear that? Sounds like fun in there.
[41:17.47]Send me a postcard, kid. That's Mike Wazowski, care of
[41:20.64]22 Mike Wazowski, you-got-your-life-back Lane.
[41:24.64]Very good. Now bon voyage.
[41:26.60]Bye-bye. Look at the stick. See the stick? Go get the stick.
[41:30.57]- Go fetch. - Mike, this isn't Boo's door.
[41:34.03]- Boo? What's Boo? - That's what I decided to call her.
[41:37.57]There a problem?
[41:38.66]Sulley, you're not supposed to name it.
[41:40.20]Once you name it, you start getting attached to it.
[41:43.08]Now put that thing back where it came from, or so help me...
[41:50.46]Hey. We're rehearsing a scene for the upcoming company play called...
[41:55.43]Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me.
[41:59.05]It's a musical.
[42:00.43]Put that thing back where it came from or so help me
[42:03.10]So help me, so help me
[42:04.39]And cut.
[42:06.14]We're still working on it. It's in progress, but we need ushers.
[42:09.81]Sulley, I've had enough. Say goodbye to... Where did it go?
[42:13.90]- Where is she? - She got away from you again?
[42:16.45]Well, that is just... Wait a minute. The sun is coming up.
[42:21.03]This is perfect.
[42:22.74]She's gone!
[42:25.33]Where are you going? Sulley, don't blow this.
[42:27.17]We're so close to breaking the record.
[42:29.04]Somebody will find the kid. It'll be their problem.
[42:31.79]She's out of our hair!
[42:34.84]- What are you two doing? - They're rehearsing a play.
[42:37.97]She's out of our hair
[42:40.64]Can it! So, what do you think of that kid getting out, Sullivan?
[42:44.64]- Pretty crazy? - Oh, yeah, crazy.
[42:46.93]Word is the kid's been traced to this factory.
[42:49.65]- You haven't seen anything? - Well...
[42:52.48]No. No way.
[42:54.32]But if it was an inside job, I'd put my money on Waxford.
[42:58.61]- Waxford? - The one at station six.
[43:00.66]- He's got them shifty eyes. - Hey, Waxford.
[43:03.83]- Sulley! - Michael Wazowski!
[43:09.08]Last night was one of the worst nights of my entire life, bar none!
[43:15.42]- I thought you cared about me. - Honey, please.
[43:18.55]- I thought you liked sushi. - Sushi! Sushi!
[43:21.80]You think this is about sushi?
[43:35.65]Breathe. Keep breathing.
[43:49.04]- Where's the kid? - Kid?
[43:50.87]- What kid? - It's here in the factory, isn't it?
[43:55.55]It never would have gotten out if you hadn't been cheating last night.
[43:58.34]Cheating? Cheating. Right.
[43:58.88]Cheating? Cheating. Right.
[44:02.76]OK. I think I know how to make this all go away.
[44:06.39]What happens when the whistle blows in five minutes?
[44:11.14]- I get a timeout? - Everyone goes to lunch.
[44:15.31]Which means the scare floor will be...
[44:20.57]- Painted? - Empty.
[44:22.41]It'll be empty, you idiot.
[44:24.87]You see that clock?
[44:26.28]When the big hand is pointing up and the little hand is pointing up,
[44:30.75]the kid's door will be in my station.
[44:33.29]But when the big hand points down,
[44:36.79]the door will be gone.
[44:38.88]You have until then to put the kid back.
[44:42.26]Get the picture?
[44:56.94]- No. - Hey, you. Halt.
[44:59.61]He's the one.
[45:00.86]- The one from the commercial. - That's him.
[45:03.45]- Can we get an autograph? - Oh, sure. No problem.
[45:06.99]Make that out to Stephanie, my daughter.
[45:09.45]Yes. Let's see.
[45:11.16]"From your scar


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