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[00:36.91]I think I saw something.
[00:39.31]Steady, Lads, we're almost home.
[00:41.59]Just a few flaps more
[00:43.05]and we'll be over the White Cliffs of Dover.
[00:52.46]-Five o'clock, they are coming in hot! -Bank left, dip thirty!
[00:59.74]Stay with me, Private. Private?
[01:16.74]Wing Commander Gutsy, this just in from a seagull near Dover.
[01:20.93]None of them made it back alive.
[01:22.79]None of them? But...
[01:24.45]-Those were some of our top flyers. -I'm sorry, sir.
[01:27.95]I'm just the messenger pigeon.
[01:30.33]If we don't find some more birds fast,
[01:33.51]our goose is going to be cooked.
[02:20.67]Birds on the march.
[02:23.27]Across the nation and the globe,
[02:25.21]pigeons are taking wing in the fight for freedom.
[02:28.64]Delivering top-secret messages from behind enemy lines,
[02:31.88]these fine-feathered aviators
[02:34.27]are the pride of the allied forces.
[02:37.82]It's the Royal Homing Pigeon Service that leads the way.
[02:41.97]When they are cutting through enemy lines
[02:44.14]or just cutting wise,
[02:46.47]these proud pigeons are the model of birdhood.
[02:50.42]But don 't count out the doves.
[02:52.64]War Bond Birds play a vital role
[02:54.90]in raising seeds for the troops.
[02:56.95]Wait a minute, ahoy, mates!
[02:59.26]Nursing Doves at two o 'clock.
[03:01.60]Now, that's what I call a task force.
[03:04.77]Luxury birdbaths? Why not?
[03:07.07]These hearty heroes need to look their best.
[03:10.12]Of course, not just any pigeon can make the cut.
[03:14.11]But there's always room for a few brave recruits.
[03:17.76]And there they go, on another exciting mission.
[03:22.15]Homing pigeons, we salute you.
[03:29.79]This is the shot, boys, watch this.
[03:32.23]-Two in the corner. -Felix.
[03:35.33]-Valiant, do you mind? -Sorry.
[03:37.42]Felix, Felix.
[03:39.08]I could do it, I could do that, Felix.
[03:41.65]-Do what, Laddie? -I could be one of those brave recruits.
[03:45.08]Taking wing in the fight for freedom.
[03:47.07]-I know I could. I know it! -Valiant.
[03:49.58]Did I ever tell you, when I was your age,
[03:52.94]I was already on the shores of France?
[03:55.83]Aquatic Brigade, Gull Division.
[03:58.78]If it weren't for my wood leg and shrapnel in my poop deck,
[04:03.09]I'd be out there right now.
[04:05.28]Maybe you are right, I'm just what they're looking for.
[04:07.76]A pigeon with that something extra.
[04:10.47]It's not a bloke's wingspan that counts,
[04:13.81]it's the size of his spirit!
[04:15.98]Hey, everybody! Look outside!
[04:20.57]Look at that, a corkscrew!
[04:32.49]Royal Homing Pigeon Service.
[04:35.81]Magnificent devils!
[04:46.45]Wing Commander Gutsy.
[04:48.12]The most decorated pigeon ever.
[04:50.08]Thank you very much.
[04:51.43]-Much obliged, thank you. -Come and have a drink with me now.
[04:55.90]-What'll it be, boys? -Bug juice.
[04:58.10]-Shaken, not stirred. -The RHPS always drinks on the house.
[05:03.58]Bug juice, shaken, not stirred.
[05:06.79]"Merci beaucoup, ma chrie".
[05:09.44]He spoke French.
[05:16.70]So, what's the news from the front?
[05:19.92]Can't say, of course, classified.
[05:23.46]Danger is our business
[05:25.63]and I'm sorry to say, business is all too good.
[05:29.01]Excuse me, let me through, got to get to Wing Commander.
[05:33.67]-Excuse me, Wing Commander! -Yes?
[05:36.44]Sir, where do I sign up?
[05:38.54]-Aren't you a bit on the wee side? - Talk about small wingspan.
[05:49.18]There's always a place for a few valiant birds.
[05:52.72]Sign up is tomorrow in London.
[05:54.71]I'd love to stay and chat,
[05:56.20]but duty calls and we must answer.
[05:58.85]Beaks up, boys.
[06:01.09]Let's make wind.
[06:03.78]Hip, hip, hooray!
[06:05.80]Hip, hip, hooray!
[06:30.19]-I do all the work, don't I? -You should have my job.
[06:33.13]I'm far more talented and good-looking.
[06:38.96]"Herr" General!
[06:41.39]Welcome back, General Von Talon.
[06:44.05]Congratulations, sir.
[06:45.82]-Another triumph. -"Jawohl", General.
[06:49.77]Under the Geneva Convention, and as an officer,
[06:52.17]I have the right to be treated as a pigeon of war.
[06:55.26]Have no fear,
[06:57.72]you will be.
[07:00.34]Take him to the cage.
[07:03.83]Get your talons off me, you filthy falcons.
[07:13.46]Pigeons, pathetic little creatures.
[07:19.17]You don't eat your prisoners of war, do you?
[07:22.60]Eat you?
[07:26.64]I'm a vegetarian.
[07:29.02]Yet you wear a leather cape.
[07:33.54]Who is your contact in the Resistance?
[07:37.20]They'll send a crack team to rescue me.
[07:39.88]Rescue you? You're a pigeon.
[07:42.52]How important do you think you are?
[07:45.07]VIP, Very Important Pigeon.
[07:49.62]Very Impudent Pigeon.
[07:52.76]Who is your contact in the Resistance?
[07:56.92]Oh, no.
[08:00.49]This canary will never sing.
[08:04.13]Listen to your mother, you can't go.
[08:06.77]Mum, there's a war going on, I want to do my bit.
[08:09.50]-Oh, why, why, why? -Oh, mum!
[08:15.02]-Those falcons are going to tear you apart. -Mum.
[08:18.14]-My dear little baby. -Mother, that's not helping!
[08:25.65]Mother, honestly, I'm going to be fine.
[08:28.06]-You were such a cute little egg. -Mum.
[08:31.45]I'm not an egg anymore, it's time I left the nest.
[08:36.81]No one thinks I can do this,
[08:38.31]and it may be my only chance to show them I myself that they're wrong.
[08:44.30]At least have some breakfast before you go.
[08:49.90]No, thanks.
[08:52.75]-Valiant. -Right, then.
[08:56.67]I Iove you, goodbye.
[09:01.05]You'll always be an egg to me.
[09:07.39]Ahoy there, Valiant!
[09:09.44]I'm off now, Felix!
[09:11.02]-Wish me luck. -Good lad!
[09:17.19]That boy is going to get creamed.
[09:23.73]Valiant pigeon, fearless flyer.
[09:28.84]Pride of the allied forces,
[09:30.87]feared by the enemy,
[09:32.66]Loved by the ladies.
[09:38.67]Spits danger smack in the eye!
[09:50.33]Look at that, it's London!
[09:59.10]Alright, alright, listen up.
[10:01.07]This is easy, I mean, for intelligent boys like you. I mean I can tell you.
[10:04.15]All you got to do is to keep your eyes on the pebble, you can't go wrong.
[10:06.85]She's shy. Give her a chance and she'll give you the slip.
[10:09.93]Find her and the crumbs are yours.
[10:11.92]Easiest pie. I don't know how I stay in business, where is it now?
[10:17.50]Find it and the crumbs are yours, which one is it under?
[10:21.96]-That one? -That one?
[10:23.95]No, bad luck again.
[10:26.16]Care to give it one more go? Law of averages.
[10:28.51]I think you'll win this time.
[10:31.30]Tell us then, which one has the pebble?
[10:36.15]See, with all the excitement, I forgot myself.
[10:38.04]What do you say to a game of...of football?
[10:41.80]You big cheat.
[10:43.17]-Give me my crumbs back! -On the level, gents, I know what you are thinking...
[10:46.31]Come and get me, falcons!
[10:53.64]Strike me down if I tell a lie.
[10:58.26]Look at them, that was lucky.
[10:59.62]Prayers were answered, that's never worked before, but....
[11:02.84]-Hello, mate. -Lost control a bit there.
[11:05.30]Couldn't have picked a better time to drop in.
[11:08.75]-Bugsy's the name. -I'm terribly sorry, I'm Valiant.
[11:11.68]-So, what brings you to my manor? -I've come to be an aviator.
[11:16.24]With the Royal Homing Pigeon Service.
[11:18.37]Fighting for King and country.
[11:20.28]You don't say? Never been much of a hoping lory bird myself.
[11:23.63]I'm rather partial to little something called freedom.
[11:26.91]I flit about as I please,
[11:28.80]no one telling me what to do or when to do it.
[11:30.83]-Are those flies? -Yes, they're...
[11:34.88]They're friends of mine.
[11:37.70]So, RHPS's recruiting? Good idea, yeah.
[11:40.90]Right this way, mate, I'm feeling rather patriotic all of a sudden.
[11:47.11]-There he is. -Come on, after him!
[11:55.76]Let's get going, come on.
[11:59.32]He's here somewhere, I can smell him.
[12:02.17]Follow my lead.
[12:04.63]Hello, two to enlist, please.
[12:06.79]Valiant pigeon, reporting for duty, sir.
[12:09.69]-Never heard of you. -Valiant pigeon. Yeah, yeah, V,
[12:12.57]Valiant pigeon, you don't have Valiant on your list?
[12:15.52]-No. -Clerical error.
[12:18.44]-Should I have? -Yes, I think you should have.
[12:21.82]Look at him, he's a perfect specimen.
[12:24.00]Fast as lightning, strong as an ox,
[12:27.21]very tall for his height, stand up, sit down again.
[12:30.50]The bird's a legend
[12:32.35]in the Struben... Berkleyhampshire area.
[12:36.14]Too small.
[12:37.52]You should be yea high and you're not even hey high.
[12:41.85]-That's charming, that is. -And you...!
[12:44.90]Coi, have you by any chance heard of a birdbath?
[12:48.21]Sad truth is I've got me a rare feather condition.
[12:52.23]Yeah, can't go near a bath, or look at a bath.
[12:55.28]-It makes me itch. -Clear off, get lost!
[12:58.14]But, Wing Commander Gutsy, he, he...
[13:01.21]Exactly, yes. Wing Commander Gutsy, that's right.
[13:03.76]Valiant's best mate. They went to school together.
[13:06.17]You don't want to go on the wrong side of him.
[13:07.98]If he hears about this, you'll lose those stripes, mate.
[13:11.84]You know Wing Commander Gutsy, you say?
[13:14.15]-Well, yeah. -Well.
[13:17.39]That makes a difference, sign here.
[13:20.74]Thank you, sir.
[13:23.13]-There he is! -You dirty rat!
[13:25.86]When I get hold of you, I'll knock your beak off!
[13:29.38]-That's it, far enough. -Get your hands off me.
[13:34.92]-Where do I sign up? -Just sign here.
[13:42.46]-Alright, gents, in you go. -Thank you, sir.
[13:45.62]Who is this Gutsy geezer anyway?
[13:47.79]If I see your ugly face around, I'll have you!
[13:53.55]-We made it. -Safe and sound.
[13:55.43]We're in the Royal Homing Pigeon Service.
[13:57.63]The elite of the elite, fighting the heroic battle to save our....
[14:00.82]-To save our tail feathers.
[14:02.93]which worked like a charm.
[14:05.00]Even though I say so myself.
[14:06.39]So, with that, I'll be hitting the skyway, cheers, mate. Good luck.
[14:10.33]God bless, if you make it back in one piece, be sure to look me up.
[14:16.08]Hello? Hello?
[14:22.15]Gents? Hello? Hello?
[14:26.32]No! There's been a terrible mistake!
[14:29.14]Trust me, this will all gonna work out brilliantly.
[14:32.90]Hello, come on, come back.
[14:38.69]I've been shanghaied!
[15:03.11]That's a bit bright.
[15:17.71]-Sorry about that, mate. -I didn't mean to, you little fellow.
[15:21.93]Little fellow?
[15:23.36]It's not the size of your wingspan, it's the size of your spirit.
[15:27.64]-If you say so, mate. -Can't argue with that.
[15:30.30]I'm Tailfeather, this is Toughwood, my brother.
[15:33.27]-Yes. -Not the sharpest beak on the block.
[15:36.76]-Not the sharpest beak... -What?
[15:39.47]But if you're ever in a scrum, there's no better bird to up on your team.
[15:43.20]-Yes, absolutely. -Nice to meet you, I'm Valiant.
[15:46.30]-Valiant, good to meet you. -Let's go!
[15:49.34]Toughwood to Tailfeather.
[15:50.87]Tailfeather takes it on.
[16:00.31]For a quite "elite" unit
[16:01.94]they seem to take anything with wings.
[16:05.22]Including those flies circling your bottom.
[16:08.58]Who do you think you are?
[16:10.14]I'm Lofty Thaddeus Worthington pigeon.
[16:12.55]I come from a long and honourable Line of warrior pigeons.
[16:16.93]Hello, lads.
[16:20.85]I trust you've had a pleasant journey.
[16:23.41]Well, I think I speak for all of us
[16:26.66]when I say the ride was a bit bumpy on the way in.
[16:29.56]Maybe check the suspension on that motorbike.
[16:33.48]Actually, we're all a wee bit thirsty.
[16:35.93]If we could have some cold drinks that would be nice.
[16:38.34]-Yes, yes.
[16:40.68]Of course, like you said, that can certainly be arranged.
[16:43.79]Right after I sprout pink feathers
[16:46.56]and turn into a flamingo!
[16:49.78]Fall in, featherbrains!
[16:53.19]Fall in!
[16:56.02]I thought I'd seen it all.
[16:59.07]For the next six weeks, your tails belong to me.
[17:03.19]You'll learn to march like birds, fly like birds
[17:05.96]and fight like birds.
[17:07.78]I'll make birds of you turkeys even if it kills you.
[17:12.29]Except you.
[17:14.15]You won't last a week.
[17:16.58]Permission to die trying, sir.
[17:20.28]It's like this, ladies, you will shape up and you will shape up fast.
[17:23.90]Or I will personally drum you out of the corps!
[17:27.95]Funny you should... I would love to be drummed out.
[17:30.50]I was going to bring it up if you didn't, so...
[17:33.23]-Leave him alone, he helped... -Pipe down, pipsqueak!
[17:36.96]I'm more interested in you all drop and give me fifty.
[17:42.15]Courtesy of your short little friend.
[17:47.91]Oh boy, training at last.
[17:51.38]I say, old bean.
[17:52.54]Wouldn't it be more sporting if the chap who committed...?
[17:57.61]Gentlemen, welcome to the Royal Homing Pigeon Service.
[18:09.52]For the last time, what was your mission?
[18:13.14]Where are these messages coming from?
[18:18.42]Very well, have it your way.
[18:24.59]You want us to pluck out his feathers?
[18:27.08]-Clip his wings? -Hurt his feelings?
[18:33.16]No, no, worse.
[18:36.75]Much worse.
[18:41.04]We have ways of making you squawk.
[18:54.62]What kind of birds are you?
[19:01.89]Must resist yodelling music.
[19:26.72]And one two, one two.
[19:29.43]And halt!
[19:31.49]Now fall out and report to the nursing dove.
[19:35.36]-Nurses. -Nurses.
[19:42.49]-Hello, nurse. -Look at her.
[19:44.39]I've been waiting for you.
[19:46.45]Do you have a little omething for a brave pigeon about to go into battle, eh, darling?
[19:50.92]It just so happens I do have something for you.
[19:54.45]Do you hear that?
[19:56.23]Is this what you had in mind?
[20:01.61]It's awfully big.
[20:04.13]You're kind of short for a nursing dove.
[20:06.66]Look who's talking.
[20:09.14]I'd say you're kind of short for a carrier pigeon.
[20:12.60]-I'm Valiant by the way. -Alright, Valiant.
[20:16.60]I'm Victoria.
[20:21.11]I know you lads have had a tiring day.
[20:23.64]What you need is a nice relaxing shower.
[20:42.42]Then I'll treat you to a fancy dinner.
[21:00.65]We'll get you a little feathercut.
[21:07.77]Set you up with some uniforms.
[21:17.86]Beg your pardon.
[21:19.88]Did that hurt?
[21:21.29]Did that hurt?
[21:24.14]That's it.
[21:30.50]Then we'll all turn in for a good night's sleep.
[21:40.15]So this is where the smelly, rotten bits of disgusting refuse are dumped.
[21:44.61]And our sleeping quarters would be where?
[21:48.57]I'll never sleep in here.
[21:57.06]Well, this isn't so bad.
[22:01.66]Oh, just like home.
[22:13.22]I've had enough.
[22:20.34]Lieutenant Mercury.
[22:21.90]Royal Homing Pigeon Service, 4121444444697.
[22:28.06]Bring me the truth serum.
[22:33.79]Come on, come on, come on.
[22:37.49]One shot of this
[22:39.11]and we will know everything.
[22:41.94]I'll never talk.
[22:55.88]Wakey, wakey!
[23:04.90]You birdbrains are Squad F.
[23:08.09]You know what that means?
[23:10.05]-Squad Fantastic? -I've got it, Squad Formidable?
[23:14.45]-Philosophical? -No!
[23:17.07]It means that you are the fliers
[23:19.94]of the future.
[23:25.11]The far future.
[23:27.31]But my job, somehow,
[23:29.24]is to make you the carrier pigeons of today.
[23:38.66]Good maneuvre, it might help to keep your eyes open.
[23:42.12]-Better get you to your nursing dove. -Thanks, Bugsy.
[23:46.41]You must really like it here.
[23:48.41]Because this is the third time this week you've been to see me.
[23:51.88]I wish you'd be more careful.
[23:53.74]Don't you worry, where I come from, danger is our business.
[23:56.86]Oh, yeah, we spit danger in the eye.
[23:59.52]If they can dish it out, I can take it.
[24:02.78]Where do you come from?
[24:04.29]West Nestington, that's near Nestington. It's some...
[24:08.80]To the West of it, actually.
[24:14.62]Well, I have to...
[24:17.01]To return to my duties, so...
[24:25.09]But, Valiant, wait.
[24:31.28]As homing pigeons, it's our duty to transport messages.
[24:35.02]In the worst conditions: Wind, rain, sleet, snow,
[24:39.04]bombs exploding, bullets flying.
[24:41.48]And, if that weren't enough, Mother Nature had the audacity
[24:44.99]to create a little something called
[24:48.52]the falcon.
[24:50.91]Twenty pounds of pigeon-eating muscle,
[24:53.47]measuring five of your wingspans.
[24:55.37]They like to blind-side their prey
[24:57.53]at speeds that exceed 200 miles per hour.
[25:00.88]But not to bite, not yet.
[25:03.61]The first strike is merely for impact, then they let you drop a bit.
[25:07.32]Making sure you're defenceless,
[25:09.17]they scoop you up in their razor-sharp talons.
[25:15.85]In the dark of the night,
[25:17.75]you'll have but a split second
[25:19.31]to recognise friend from foe.
[25:26.21]Friend or foe?
[25:27.83]-Foe. -Foe.
[25:29.05]No, you idiots, it's a pigeon.
[25:31.90]-Friend or foe? -Foe.
[25:33.54]-Friend. No, it's a foe..... -No, it's a foe!
[25:37.76]Ah, yes, yes! Friend or foe?
[25:43.74]-Friend. Oh, yes.
[25:45.66]My friend. Now that's a friend.
[25:49.99]Ninety-nine, one hundred.
[25:54.04]One hundred and one, one hundred and two.
[25:59.48]To survive his mission,
[26:01.42]a pigeon must have the strength
[26:03.73]to carry his message capsule.
[26:18.55]He must have the speed to fly like the wind.
[26:31.14]Evasive action!
[26:32.62]-He must have the agility -Circle!
[26:35.18]to out-manoeuvre the enemy.
[26:36.94]Figure eight!
[26:42.79]And he must have the endurance
[26:44.86]to battle the elements
[26:46.79]flying long distances over raging seas.
[26:59.38]-Me again. -Valiant.
[27:02.92]Oh, my favourite, how did you know?
[27:20.19]The parrot says to me: "How about we do a loop?"
[27:23.11]I said: "I can't do a loop".
[27:29.66]He says: "Why ever not?" and I: "I'm afraid of heights".
[27:33.11]"You afraid of heights? That's ridiculous".
[27:37.72]I said: "Maybe to you, mate, not to me".
[27:43.90]-That's it, that's it. -Come on.
[27:47.51]-Afternoon, Monty. -Hello, Guts, what news?
[27:50.83]Not good, I'm afraid.
[27:52.95]We just lost Squadron E over Belgium.
[27:56.60]That means these new recruits are our only chance.
[28:00.54]They'll have to leave tomorrow.
[28:02.56]You can't be serious.
[28:04.46]They haven't even finished their training.
[28:07.09]-Attack formation accomplished. -Yes!
[28:15.81]Sorry, but those are the orders.
[28:18.23]Have them ready at 1800 tomorrow, Monty.
[28:25.86]Wing Commander Gutsy is here, so...
[28:28.37]I suppose you'll be shipping out soon.
[28:31.61]I know, I can't wait.
[28:33.80]It's the moment I've been waiting for.
[28:36.55]Well, I'd like to be a part of what you come home to.
[28:41.27]I don't care if you're a hero.
[28:43.62]Just concentrate on getting back.
[28:57.24]You need to understand something, lads.
[29:00.38]Our losses have been heavy, catastrophic.
[29:04.23]You're all we've got.
[29:06.49]And so today
[29:09.00]we fight for our country.
[29:11.92]Tomorrow our feathers may be plucked
[29:14.78]from our lifeless bodies, our innards spread
[29:18.11]Like jam on toast,
[29:20.15]and our bones fed to rabid weasels.
[29:24.33]But never mind that.
[29:26.34]On this day, in this place,
[29:29.92]Let it forever be known
[29:32.11]that you pigeons did your part
[29:34.94]in the heroic battle for...
[29:42.16]-Freedom! -Right.
[29:44.23]You will be Commander Gutsy's support wing.
[29:48.20]I expect you to do whatever it takes
[29:50.70]to ensure the success of his mission.
[29:54.28]Chaps, the message we have been sent to carry
[29:57.78]is of the utmost importance.
[29:59.83]The outcome of the war could depend on it.
[30:02.29]We pigeons have never been entrusted
[30:05.22]with a more critical or dangerous mission.
[30:09.14]May you fly straight.
[30:11.03]And may your instinct guide you home.
[30:15.55]What did Gutsy mean by highly dangerous?
[30:18.36]I don't know, but I can tell you this.
[30:22.52]I am a bird of principle.
[30:27.50]And my number one principle is:
[30:30.21]Don't get involved with anything called highly dangerous.
[30:35.21]I will never violate my core beliefs.
[30:37.50]Do not ask me to violate my core beliefs, You are talking to the pigeon.
[30:42.29]Sir, point of clarification, please,
[30:44.89]regarding the highly dangerous mission.
[30:47.43]-I have a doctor's note that... -Zip it, stinky.
[30:50.64]Yeah, sure, I understand.
[30:52.32]I truly regret that I have but one life to give for my country.
[30:57.67]I'd love to die, love to.
[30:59.83]-But not Sunday, bad for me. -Are you finished?
[31:02.63]Not quite, listen, maybe I'm not that conscientious.
[31:06.04]-But I do object. -Get back to the barracks!
[31:14.06]-Do I still have to go on the dangerous mission? -Now!
[31:17.08]-Yep, I take that as "yes, I do". -Now!
[31:30.22]Hey, where are you going?
[31:33.50]Keep it down, mate.
[31:35.64]-Got some serious flying ahead. -Flying? What do you mean, flying?
[31:39.35]-Flying to where? -Back to Trafalgar Square, son.
[31:42.40]-You are not leaving? You'll break up the team. -Team?
[31:45.57]I'm not a team player, old Bugbuster plays solo.
[31:49.36]The real question is not why I am leaving, but why are you staying?
[31:51.78]Why? Because it's my duty, it's our duty.
[31:55.27]Whoa, whoa, hold on, sorry, have I missed something?
[31:58.94]I mean, did we start this? No.
[32:01.58]Did we make those?
[32:03.30]Or those?
[32:04.83]I've seen them fall, mate, and it's not a pretty sight.
[32:07.98]The truth is,
[32:10.35]I'm scared, all right?
[32:13.82]Don't tell them that 'cause I'll deny it.
[32:17.17]Well, I'm scared too.
[32:19.58]Then come with me.
[32:21.17]Trafalgar Square will be ours. Come on.
[32:23.68]But we didn't make Trafalgar Square either.
[32:26.32]Where do we go when they start dropping bombs there?
[32:29.57]No, I'm staying, I'm doing my bit.
[32:32.92]Yeah, they're lucky to have you, mate.
[32:37.74]Anyway, keep your wings dry, yeah?
[32:44.30]-What's happening? -What's going on?
[32:48.01]It's time for me to fly the coop, so...
[32:51.50]-I guess this is farewell. -Where are you going?
[32:55.93]You can't leave, Bugsy.
[32:59.52]Look, I have urgent business to take care of.
[33:05.94]I'd better catch the wind while it's blowing.
[33:10.93]Look me up when you get back, yeah?
[33:13.24]You know where I'll be.
[33:30.86]Gentlemen, take your places.
[33:35.23]Our mission is to be dropped behind enemy lines
[33:38.48]in occupied France,
[33:40.14]to make contact with the French Resistance,
[33:42.47]to get a vital top secret message
[33:44.86]and bring it back here by sundown tomorrow, good luck.
[33:48.86]The fate of the freedom loving world depends on us.
[34:42.48]-Bugsy! -You can't go without me.
[34:45.76]I can't let you get all the glory.
[35:09.79]Good luck, lads.
[35:23.03]Bugsy, thanks for coming back.
[35:26.35]I'll tell you the truth. It's the first worthwhile thing I've ever done.
[35:30.22]We're going to be fine, right, Lofty?
[35:32.20]Oh, yes, I...
[35:34.49]Indubitably, birds of a feather and all that.
[35:39.12]Right, Lofty, old mate, we stick together.
[35:41.64]Tailfeather, can you believe we are the ones they picked to send
[35:45.62]on the most important mission in World War II?
[35:48.01]-Yeah! -Me too!
[35:56.13]Truthfully, I'm not a good singer anyway.
[35:58.46]Always off-key.
[36:01.10]Enough already! You've been jabbering for days.
[36:04.82]Who gave me the serum? You wanted talk, Okay, I'm talking.
[36:08.51]Truth be told, I'm glad you did. This homing pigeon racket is all well and good,
[36:12.62]but it's the stiff upper beak rubush all the time, and I have feelings.
[36:15.88]I want to express them, like
[36:17.65]I always used to think my favorite colour was blue, cause it's for boys. But now I realize....
[36:23.71]Shut up!
[36:26.96]I demand better treatment, I mean the mice don't treat me like this.
[36:30.17]Those charming resistance chappies with the fabulous view over the harbour.
[36:34.10]The attic in Saint Pierre...
[36:38.40]Saint Pierre.
[36:42.77]The truth serum is genius.
[36:47.47]Cover his cage.
[36:49.80]I'm curious, what is your favourite colour?
[36:56.15]Not like a hot pink or a pastelly pink.
[36:59.68]Just a kind of, well, a pink pink.
[37:02.05]None of them rinky dinky pinks.
[37:07.11]Excuse me?
[37:09.62]I like pink too.
[37:21.70]Come on, chin up, Valiant.
[37:24.57]Stiff upper beak.
[37:26.43]Gentlemen, get ready to drop!
[37:29.33]-Are you ready to drop? -I think I've dropped already.
[37:38.64]It's okay to be scared, I'd be worried if you weren't.
[37:42.38]It won't get better, but you'll get used to it.
[37:47.69]Go, go, go!
[37:59.58]It's jammed!
[38:02.59]Sir, let me help you.
[38:04.41]No, go now, that's an order!
[38:07.71]Yes, sir.
[38:24.18]Come on, Gutsy, get out of there!
[38:28.76]Come on.
[38:47.21]Hello? Hello?
[38:49.02]-A little help, chaps. -Hold on there, we'll get you out there now.
[38:52.41]Cheers, bit of a tenuous landing that.
[38:54.69]But I guess it could've been worse.
[38:57.17]-Look out! -Oh, my.
[39:00.72]-Sorry, Lofty. -Not to worry, old chap.
[39:04.62]Bit of a muddle, this.
[39:07.52]-At least we're all in one piece. -Not quite all.
[39:11.50]-Where's Gutsy? -He was still in the plane.
[39:14.35]-What do you mean in the plane? -His cage got stuck.
[39:17.40]-I don't think he got out. -That's it, we're dead.
[39:21.60]We're finished. It's benn a good run. Nice knowing you.
[39:24.38]You're quite mistaken, old boy, I'm sure he made it out.
[39:26.95]Gusty always makes it out.
[39:28.31]He'll going to come and find us in any minute now and give us the plans for the mission.
[39:39.23]-Who has the back up plan? -You want the back up plan?
[39:42.19]We die, that's the back up plan.
[39:45.08]-But I'm not ready to die. -Am I ready? No one's asked me.
[39:49.29]So many books to read.
[39:51.26]-Regrets, why? -Brilliant, that's it, all dead.
[39:55.14]-Thank you very much. -Everyone be quiet, quiet!
[39:59.19]We need a plan.
[40:03.13]The plan is
[40:04.35]to find a safe location to plan the next move.
[40:09.87]-You heard the bird. -So, our plan is...
[40:13.47]To make a plan?
[40:17.03]Come on.
[40:27.70]France is spooky.
[40:29.74]-"Vive La France!" -Quiet.
[40:32.48]Did you hear that? There's someone in there.
[40:35.68]Somebody better go and have a look.
[40:45.34]All right, I'll go.
[41:05.72]Right, you turkeys, let's go.
[41:09.09]Valiant, just pull yourself together.
[41:12.13]-There's nothing in here. -Unless you are counting guns, bombs
[41:15.58]and falcons.
[41:16.98]-Pigeon-eating falcons. -Pigeon-eating falcons!
[41:23.70]Come on, Tailfeather, Let's get you out of the grail.
[41:26.21]Please, I'm frightened.
[41:31.14]-Thanks, guys. -"Vive La France".
[41:37.68]Pardonnez-moi, pigeon friends.
[41:40.16]You are the RHPS, no?
[41:42.42]Yes, sir.
[41:43.46]French Resistance, Mouse Division.
[41:46.28]Well, am I glad to see you.
[41:49.03]-How did you lot find us? -Well, the plane, the explosion,
[41:52.87]the screaming and the pleading.
[41:56.04]More screaming, the begging, the crying,
[41:58.56]the whining, whinging, yelling, boo-hooing...
[42:02.31]-Enough about that. -Absolutely. Definitely, definitely.
[42:06.00]Allow me to introduce myself.
[42:08.28]I am Charles De Girl.
[42:11.31]De Girl, why do they call you De Girl?
[42:14.01]Because I am a girl.
[42:15.82]The one and only girl.
[42:19.94]I like France.
[42:21.77]-Do you speak French? -Well, "mais oui".
[42:24.90]Does "oo la la" mean anything to you?
[42:28.05]Or "va va voom", oh, yeah.
[42:30.86]-Does "bonjour"... -We don't have time for this.
[42:34.85]-Little, but pushy. -You have the message, we have a mission.
[42:38.37]Not so fast, "monsieur".
[42:40.03]This is Rollo.
[42:42.71]He is an expert in sab...
[42:46.10]-In sabotage. -Sabotage!
[42:52.84]No, no, Rollo, no, no.
[42:56.49]Not now, Rollo, stop!
[43:05.93]"Monsieur", before you continue on your mission,


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