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[00:32.48]Oh, no!
[00:34.80]Oome on!
[00:52.52]Oome on, baby.
[00:55.32]Grab it!
[01:06.16]All right.
[01:31.00]No, no, bad idea. Bad idea!
[02:50.04]Just take what you need.
[02:51.72]Just take what you need.
[03:47.64]The moon's not full.
[03:49.84]You woke me up a week early?
[03:54.96]Oh, no.
[03:57.04]Don't tell me you're dumb enough to actually try and steal my stuff.
[04:02.00]RJ, I'm gonna have to kill you.
[04:04.88]Please, I'm just a desperate guy trying to feed his family.
[04:07.88]- You don't have a family. - I meant a family of one.
[04:10.68]OK, wait, wait, wait, wait! Look, it's still in the cave.
[04:14.08]So, technically, not stolen.
[04:17.20]Oh, no!
[04:32.24]That was close.
[04:41.08]Vincent, wait! I can get it all back!
[04:44.28]That's right! If you eat me, you'd have to do it.
[04:47.16]But I can get it. All of it!
[04:49.56]- My red wagon? - Redder!
[04:52.64]- The blue cooler? - Blue cooler. On my list!
[04:55.52]- Gotta be blue? - Yes!
[04:56.88]And I want my Spuddies. I love those things.
[04:59.76]Oos with a Spuddie, enough just isn't enough.
[05:03.52]So true. Painfully true. And I'll tell you what.
[05:06.20]I'm gonna get you the giant picnic pack, family-fun size.
[05:09.08]- They have that? - I'm pretty sure.
[05:12.84]All right, RJ. I'm going back to sleep.
[05:15.88]When that moon is full, I'm waking up.
[05:18.52]And all my stuff had better be right back where it was.
[05:23.00]But that's just one week! That's impossible for one guy!
[05:26.44]A week's perfect. I'll get some helpers.
[05:28.52]Full moon, all my stuff. And don't even think about running away.
[05:32.80]Because if you do, I will hunt you down and kill you.
[05:40.52]OK! OK, buddy! You just rest easy, all right, 'cause I'm on it.
[05:44.20]Hey, in a week from now, we're gonna be laughing about this thing.
[07:19.72]Oh, boy, that's cold! That's cold!
[07:22.24]The one place I didn't have a shell.
[07:45.28]That means there's only 274 days left till winter.
[07:47.88]Everybody, wake up! Hibernation's over.
[07:50.64]Oh, morning!
[07:52.16]- Morning, Hammy. - I gotta go wee-wee!
[07:54.76]Not in the lake we drink from!
[07:57.00]Let's go, all right, the rest of you. It's spring!
[07:59.56]That means we gotta get to work.
[08:01.40]Finished. No, wait!
[08:04.40]Oome on, everybody. Wake up. Don't make me come in there.
[08:07.36]Ya'll better listen.
[08:08.76]I've been holding something in all winter, and I'm about to let it out.
[08:12.60]- I'm up, I'm up! - She means it. Let's go!
[08:15.84]Thank you, Stella.
[08:16.92]Oh, I can clear a room, Verne. Oome on, that much I can do.
[08:20.12]- Good morning. - Good morning, everyone!
[08:22.36]- How'd you guys sleep? - Just a super-duper morning.
[08:25.52]Oh, jeepers.
[08:26.92]Whoa, not lookin' so good around the eyes there, hon.
[08:30.20]Bucky and Quillo were up every three or four weeks.
[08:32.72]And Spike kept poking me.
[08:34.04]Yeah. Well, he's kinda pokey.
[08:36.00]He's the sharpest of the bunch there.
[08:37.88]You know what? How 'bout I take the day shift?
[08:40.28]Oh, Lou, that'd be just super.
[08:42.08]All right, kids, you heard your mother,
[08:44.12]and now you listen to me. Shape up there.
[08:47.68]Oh, boy.
[08:49.00]This is what I was afraid of.
[08:50.96]Where's the food? Is there any left? I'm hungry, so is there any left?
[08:54.24]We ate all the food, Hammy. During the winter? We gotta go get some more now.
[08:58.44]Oh, right! I buried some nuts in the woods.
[09:00.64]I know where they are. I'll be right back. Bye!
[09:07.72]- That's enough. - Dad, it was just snow.
[09:10.20]But it could have been a predator.
[09:12.40]Isn't playing dead a little... weak?
[09:14.72]Heather, how many times must I say it?
[09:17.16]Playing possum is what we do.
[09:19.68]We die so that we live!
[09:22.08]I'm the boss of you, OK? So calm down.
[09:24.20]That's what we need to find you this year, don't you know? A good fella.
[09:27.64]- A good fella? A good fella? - Jeepers, here we go.
[09:31.20]Why does everyone think I need a man?
[09:33.12]I look like a nest and smell like a swamp.
[09:35.52]So when you find a fella who's decent,
[09:37.80]good with kids and has no sense of smell, call me.
[09:48.64]- Hello? - I don't care who started it.
[09:53.28]Oh, look, food.
[09:54.52]Well, I think you know what this means.
[09:57.80]- Verne. - Just a minute, Hammy.
[10:00.16]This means we were nine berries away from starvation.
[10:04.32]Sorry. That was a little intense.
[10:06.20]I meant really serious hunger pains.
[10:10.24]- Not finished, Hammy. - Morning, Lou, Penny.
[10:13.12]- Thanks. - Hey, kids.
[10:15.16]- What I want to tell you is... - Verne!
[10:17.12]I'm not done, Hammy. If you have to go again, just go.
[10:20.28]OK. So all I'm saying is we cut it a little close.
[10:23.08]So this year we need to make sure that we fill the log...
[10:25.84]- All the way to the top. - Exactly. All the way to the top.
[10:29.08]- Because what are we? - Foragers!
[10:31.32]- And what do we forage? - Food!
[10:34.40]- Right. - Super, Verne, really super.
[10:36.76]OK, Hammy.
[10:38.60]- What is it? - What is what?
[10:40.00]What is it you want to tell me?
[10:42.92]What was it, what was it, what was it, what was it?
[10:45.36]Wait. Right on the tip of my tongue. Oh, yeah!
[10:47.60]There's a weird thing I've never seen before.
[10:49.92]It's really scary. Follow me.
[10:53.76]OK. Meeting called on account of weird scary thing.
[10:57.12]Let's go.
[11:03.56]Hammy, what weird thing?
[11:05.40]Oh. That weird thing.
[11:35.36]It never ends!
[11:44.20]It never ends that way too!
[11:46.48]- Jeepers, Lou. - Whoa.
[11:48.24]Yeah, jeepers is the word there, hon.
[11:50.40]- I've never seen anything like this. - Man, that's big.
[11:56.60]- What is this thing? - Heather, no!
[11:58.84]- I'm scared. - Me too, Mama.
[12:02.00]It's OK, it's just a... What is this thing, Lou?
[12:04.88]I... Well, it's a... It's... Verne?
[12:08.28]Well, it's... it's obviously...
[12:10.84]...some kind of bush?
[12:12.32]I'd be less afraid of it if I just knew what it was called.
[12:14.96]- Let's call it Steve! - Steve?
[12:16.88]- It's a pretty name. - Steve sounds nice.
[12:19.00]- I'm a lot less scared of Steve. - Oh, great and powerful Steve!
[12:23.56]- What do you want? - I don't think it can speak.
[12:26.84]I heard that, young man!
[12:30.04]- You get over here right now! - OK.
[12:31.88]Hammy, get back here.
[12:33.20]- Steve is angry! - It came from the other side of Steve.
[12:36.00]I mean the bush. I mean... Jeez!
[12:40.68]There's only one way we're gonna find out what this thing is,
[12:43.80]and what this is all about. I'm gonna go check it out.
[12:55.84]Steve ate Verne!
[12:57.64]All right, Steve, you brought this on yourself.
[13:00.60]Stella, don't! I'm not eaten, I just tripped.
[13:05.80]I'm gonna go over there. Just don't anybody move.
[13:19.08]Kids, come on, hurry up! You'll be late!
[13:34.92]What is this place?
[13:47.28]Oh, hey there, little...
[14:10.32]Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
[14:29.24]Operator. Oan I help you?
[14:33.60]No, I can talk. I'm just driving.
[14:52.28]Verne's back.
[14:53.36]- Verne! - Jeepers!
[14:54.44]- You OK? - Help him up.
[14:56.32]- What was over there? - Freaky pink primates!
[14:59.28]They must have come while we were hibernating. It was awful.
[15:02.28]They had wheels on their feet and these sticks, and they were
[15:05.32]whacking me with these sticks like it was some sort of sick game.
[15:08.56]You should have died! You should have laid down and died.
[15:12.04]- Dad. - That's not the worst part.
[15:14.00]Half the forest is gone.
[15:16.68]The oak trees and the berry bushes,
[15:18.96]they're just... they're just gone.
[15:23.32]What'll we do for food?
[15:24.76]How are we gonna live?
[15:28.52]I don't know. But here's what I do know.
[15:30.92]We will be fine as long as no one goes over Steve again.
[15:34.60]It's called a hedge, and it is not to be feared, my amphibious friend.
[15:39.28]It is the gateway to the good life.
[15:42.32]I'm a reptile, actually.
[15:44.24]But, you know, it's a common mistake.
[15:46.28]And you are?
[15:48.08]Where are my manners. I'm RJ.
[15:51.44]Don't think I'm prying, but I couldn't help overhearing,
[15:54.44]and I can shed a little light on what this whole hedge situation is about.
[15:58.48]You see, what was once mere wilderness
[16:00.80]is now 54 acres of man-made, manicured, air-conditioned paradise.
[16:05.12]Except for that little-bitty speck. You are here.
[16:08.80]No, no, that's a good thing. You're hibernators, right?
[16:11.80]You gather food, store it for the winter?
[16:14.20]- We fill the log! - Hammy.
[16:16.12]Really? This log? This cave-like log?
[16:19.16]- All the way to the top. - Ozzie.
[16:21.96]Let me ask ya, how long's it take?
[16:23.84]- You know, to fill the log? - Two hundred and seventy-four days.
[16:28.48]- Ever done it in a week? - That's impossible.
[16:30.68]Not if we work together.
[16:31.96]You've got the food gathering skills, I've got the know-how,
[16:35.08]- and they have the food! - How much food?
[16:37.28]Loads of food. Heaps of food. Food out the wazoo!
[16:40.68]Well, whatever kind of food comes out of a wazoo,
[16:43.08]I don't think we're interested in eating.
[16:45.20]I don't know, the guy's making a lot of sense to me.
[16:47.64]- I think we should listen. - Yeah, I'm OK with wazoo food there.
[16:50.76]No, you're not. The tail is tingling.
[16:53.68]- Why didn't you say so? - Hold on, hold on. The what is what?
[16:57.16]When something doesn't feel right, my tail tingles. Let me tell you,
[17:00.32]everything you've said so far is driving my tail crazy.
[17:03.04]Listen. Verne, right? This isn't something you need to be afraid of.
[17:06.92]Well, I am. And for good reason.
[17:10.36]This is not a birthmark.
[17:11.76]That's because you went over there without a guide.
[17:14.44]Thanks for stopping by. We're not interested.
[17:16.88]Not interested in the most delicious food you've ever tasted?
[17:20.24]- No! - Oome on.
[17:21.32]Not interested!
[17:24.28]OK. I get it.
[17:27.04]I understand. This is something that you're just not open to.
[17:41.08]- Oh, my! - Jeepers.
[17:42.88]What is that?
[17:45.00]That, my friend, is a magical combination of corn flour,
[17:47.84]dehydrated cheese solids, BHA, BHT and good old MSG,
[17:52.36]a.k.a., the chip. Nacho cheese flavour.
[17:56.60]- Over here! Toss me one of those! - More please! More.
[17:59.32]Yeah, Verne, those were good!
[18:01.48]It's all good. And we're going over there. Tonight!
[18:07.00]Welcome to suburbia.
[18:07.08]Welcome to suburbia.
[18:09.40]- Wow! - Look at that!
[18:14.28]Hey, Mom, look at us! Look at us!
[18:16.84]Oh, my! Hon, look at this.
[18:21.32]How's that tail, Verne?
[18:22.60]Listen, if anybody in this family gets hurt, I'm holding you responsible.
[18:26.80]They're having a good time. I'll take responsibility for that.
[18:30.84]- This is neat. - Look at that.
[18:32.32]- Hey, Spike, look at that. - Hey, Verno,
[18:34.32]I took a few clippings out of my quills to do a little comparison.
[18:37.48]Look at this, the grass seems to be greener over here.
[18:40.64]Verne, are you certain you came to the same place?
[18:43.16]Yeah, cos the raccoon says...
[18:44.96]OK, enough about him. I get it.
[18:47.28]So he can do a couple of tricks. I mean, it's not like he can walk on water.
[18:50.88]Hey, everybody! This way to the food!
[18:55.84]- That thing's huge! - What is that?
[18:57.68]That is an SUV. Humans ride around in it
[19:00.64]because they are slowly losing their ability to walk.
[19:03.44]- Jeepers, it's so big! - How many humans fit in there?
[19:06.68]Usually? One.
[19:09.40]Hi, this is Gladys Sharp. Your president?
[19:12.80]Of the homeowner's association? Right.
[19:14.88]- Jeepers. - What is that?
[19:16.24]Easy, easy, don't worry. That's just a human being.
[19:19.60]And they are just as scared of us as we are of them.
[19:22.36]Now, if a human does happen to see you, just lay down,
[19:25.52]roll over and give your privates a good licking. They love it.
[19:29.28]The charter, which you signed, says the grass is supposed to be two inches,
[19:33.00]and according to my measuring stick, yours is 2.5.
[19:36.32]Oould we just get the food and go? Really, do they have it or not?
[19:40.40]Didn't you see it? It was in the box. They've always got food with them.
[19:44.16]We eat to live, these guys live to eat.
[19:48.00]Let me show you what I'm talking about.
[19:50.04]The human mouth is called a "pie hole."
[19:52.60]The human being is called a "couch potato."
[19:55.16]That is a device to summon food.
[19:57.68]That is one of the many voices of food.
[20:00.92]That is the portal for the passing of the food.
[20:03.40]That is one of the many food transportation vehicles.
[20:06.68]Humans bring the food, take the food,
[20:09.00]ship the food, they drive the food,
[20:11.28]they wear the food! That gets the food hot. That keeps the food cold.
[20:15.48]That... I'm not sure what that is.
[20:19.48]What do you know? Food!
[20:21.88]That is the altar where they worship food.
[20:25.44]That's what they eat when they eat too much.
[20:27.76]That gets rid of guilt so they can eat more food.
[20:30.24]Food! Food! Food! Food!
[20:34.68]So you think they have enough?
[20:37.84]Well, they don't. For humans, enough is never enough!
[20:42.64]And what do they do with the stuff they don't eat?
[20:45.36]They put it in gleaming, silver cans,
[20:49.56]just for us.
[20:55.28]Dig in!
[20:59.08]- Good, isn't it? - OK.
[21:01.56]- Wow. - Share there, everyone, share.
[21:06.44]That's a diaper. And that does come out of a wazoo.
[21:11.72]So, what do you think? Was I right or was I right?
[21:14.92]And these things are just the scraps!
[21:16.96]Wait'll you see what comes in the boxes, packages and cans!
[21:20.04]I'm telling you, stick with me, and in one week
[21:22.56]we will gather enough food to...
[21:24.96]- To feed a bear. - What?
[21:27.40]Just a figure of speech.
[21:32.16]Halt! Intruders! Intruders! Get out, all of you.
[21:35.52]What is it, baby?
[21:39.28]- What are you doing? - You said to lick our...
[21:41.52]No! Nix that! Run!
[21:44.08]- Run! - Get outta here!
[21:48.04]- Shoo! - To the hedge!
[21:49.44]Get out of here! I just mopped this patio!
[21:52.32]Filthy vermin!
[21:58.28]Verne's right, that was horrible.
[22:00.04]- You kids OK? - Stay close.
[22:01.68]- We'll find other food, right? - See? That's what I was talking about!
[22:05.56]These humans don't want us around.
[22:07.60]So we scared her, and she overreacted. No biggie.
[22:10.76]No biggie? That is what we call a biggie.
[22:13.88]Oome on, think about the food. It was worth it for that food, huh?
[22:17.04]That stuff is to die for!
[22:20.60]Let me rephrase that.
[22:21.96]No, to die for. You nailed that part.
[22:24.92]Look, maybe our little forest life looks primitive to a guy with a bag.
[22:28.76]- What? - But I think I speak
[22:30.24]for the whole family when I say we want nothing
[22:32.68]to do with anything that's over that hedge.
[22:36.48]- Oh, come on! - I'm done.
[22:38.72]You haven't even tried doughnuts yet! You wanna store fat?
[22:42.00]That is the way to store some fat. You'll be sweatin' through the winter!
[22:46.36]- We'll eat the bark, right? - OK, all right, you guys sleep on it!
[22:50.40]Good idea. I'm gonna check back with you.
[22:56.92]Almost had 'em.
[23:05.08]- Good night, Heather. - Good night.
[23:06.88]- Good night, Ozzie. - Good night.
[23:08.44]- Good night, Lou. - Good night.
[23:09.92]- Night, Penny. - Good night.
[23:11.32]- Good night, Hammy. - Good night.
[23:12.88]- Night, Bucky. - Good night.
[23:14.24]- Good night, Spike. - Good night, Uncle Verne.
[23:16.40]- Good night, Quillo. - Night, Uncle Verne.
[23:18.48]When we wake up, only 273 days left till winter.
[23:20.88]- That's enough, Verne. - Good night, 273.
[23:28.48]Oooler... Wagon... Redder wagon.
[23:33.20]Time's up, RJ.
[23:35.44]But I have six more days! No!
[23:41.40]OK. Four paws, fur.
[23:44.36]Still alive, still alive.
[23:47.52]So, what are you saying? You want me to take 'em to his house?
[23:50.44]- No. - Then what are you saying?
[23:52.08]Jimmy was pushing me on the bus.
[23:53.92]- He likes you. - No way, he's a creep.
[23:56.28]Next time he shoves you, beat him up.
[24:03.80]OK, kids, dive in. There it is. Bark for breakfast!
[24:07.68]- I want a doughnut! - I want pizza.
[24:10.48]No, you don't.
[24:28.28]OK. This is great.
[24:36.36]Granted, it takes some time to chew.
[24:39.20]But that...
[24:41.80]That was very satisfying.
[24:43.92]And, by the way, lots of fibre in there too.
[24:48.92]- Lots. - I gotta admit, that does look tasty.
[24:53.24]What are you doing here?
[24:54.48]I'm here to help you with your... foraging thing.
[24:58.32]Look, Verne, you said a word yesterday about your little gang here.
[25:02.68]It starts with an F, do you remember what it was?
[25:05.92]- Family? - Right, right, that.
[25:07.88]You know, that got me right here.
[25:10.12]You see, Verne, I used to have all of that.
[25:12.32]My own place, surrounded by loved ones,
[25:16.00]universal remote.
[25:17.72]But then all that went away with...
[25:20.16]...the weed hacker incident.
[25:22.12]Oh, God.
[25:23.20]Oh, come here.
[25:25.88]Yeah, that feels good, doesn't it?
[25:28.48]- Oh, brother. - Jeepers, Verne.
[25:30.48]We could always use the extra hand there, you know.
[25:33.04]The weed hacker, Verne. The weed hacker.
[25:38.68]Not your problem. I'll just go.
[25:43.04]This is me...
[25:46.32]- Been nice. - Don't hit.
[25:47.72]Really nice getting to know you.
[25:49.44]Hey, I'm sure I'll see you around the forest.
[25:52.08]- Take care. - All right, all right.
[25:54.48]Hey, RJ?
[25:57.20]You can... you can stay.
[26:00.44]- Oome here, ya big lug! - No.
[26:02.04]I knew beneath this hard, crispy outside
[26:04.32]there was a soft, nougat-y centre in there.
[26:06.48]- Do you mind if I call you Uncle Verne? - With every bone in my body.
[26:10.04]Great. Hey, can I work with Hammy?
[26:13.08]Wanna help me find my nuts?
[26:15.04]Very tempting, Hammy, very tempting. But first, I want to show you this.
[26:20.60]You like this cookie?
[26:23.24]- Well, this cookie's junk! - I like a cookie.
[26:25.68]Easy, easy. Don't worry.
[26:27.12]I know where we can get some cookies so valuable
[26:29.56]that they are hand delivered by uniformed officers.
[26:34.36]- The Doyles' is the yellow house. - They only ordered one box.
[26:37.36]There they are. America's most coveted cookies.
[26:39.68]Love Handles, Skinny Mints, Neener Neeners and Smackeroons.
[26:43.36]And guess what? They're all yours!
[26:46.40]Whoa, Hamilton. Hold on there, fella.
[26:49.48]I love your energy, but you can't take 'em.
[26:51.60]- You said they're mine. - They will be,
[26:53.60]if we successfully marry your manic energy to my brilliant plan!
[26:57.72]- You with me, kid? - I... I... I...
[26:59.52]The I's have it! Let's ride.
[27:01.28]Mrs Johansson was allergic to chocolate.
[27:03.76]- Really? - Yeah, if she eats it,
[27:05.76]- her face explodes or something. - That is, like, so unfair.
[27:09.60]- Wait, wait. How many boxes of...? - Hey!
[27:11.68]You stay away from those cookies. They're mine!
[27:15.76]This guy's not coming, is he? I don't want him to.
[27:18.48]Oh, we have so much work to do.
[27:21.04]Oome on, step into my office. Now, listen up.
[27:23.60]What we're going for here is a vicious, man-eating, rabid squirrel.
[27:27.20]- Oan you handle that? - Excuse me?
[27:29.08]Yes... Hammy.
[27:31.28]OK. Rabbits aren't vicious. They're all cute and cuddly, so...
[27:35.16]Rabid, not rabbit.
[27:37.52]Oh... What?
[27:39.64]OK. So first we're gonna muss the hair.
[27:42.88]That's looking good. All right, now we're gonna...
[27:45.56]We're gonna mat the fur a little bit.
[27:47.52]A little puff on the tail... Stop it! Puffier.
[27:50.12]Liking that a lot.
[27:51.40]Show me that wild look in your eye. Oome on!
[27:55.24]- I can burp my ABOs! A, B, O. - Hammy!
[27:59.88]I just really need you to focus right now, OK?
[28:03.64]- OK. - Thank you.
[28:04.72]Let's see. There we... Hang on a minute.
[28:06.92]Not that, not that. No, no.
[28:09.28]Aha! Nice!
[28:19.80]Done! Now, come on. I'll be right behind you.
[28:22.36]Go on, get out there. Shoo, shoo!
[28:25.44]I am a crazy rabid squirrel! I want my cookies!
[28:31.20]I'm rabid! I'm foaming at the mouth.
[28:35.08]I'm foaming, very scary rabid squirrel.
[28:40.20]- Hey, it's working! - Behind you!
[28:42.00]I know. You're right behind me...
[28:44.68]Got it! Stand back!
[28:46.40]- No, no, no, no! Oh, no! - Take that!
[28:49.68]- Walk it off! Walk that one off! - What's going on? Is that Hammy?
[28:52.80]- Everything's under control. Go back. - You call that under control?
[28:56.08]- He's under attack! - He's working!
[28:57.88]- I'm coming, Hammy! - Verne! No!
[29:00.08]What are you doing? Watch out!
[29:08.44]- Hold still! I got it! Stay still. - Help me! Get off of me!
[29:12.60]- Yuck! - Gross!
[29:14.84]- Nasty! - Oh, my God, this is so gross!
[29:18.56]That was great! You, my friend, are a natural.
[29:21.88]Or, should I say, au naturel.
[29:30.20]Hammy, you were awesome, my man!
[29:32.72]You had me scared. I was about to come out and beat you with a book myself.
[29:36.56]You're all right, aren't ya? Of course you are. You are Hammy!
[29:40.00]Those bruises are gonna heal. You know what? Ohicks dig scars.
[29:43.20]- There! - Over there!
[29:45.24]That's where the squirrel attacked us! He has rabies or something.
[29:48.52]There was this gross, naked, amphibian thing.
[29:50.88]- Reptile. - It's OK, girls.
[29:53.80]Go inside, have a cookie, turn on the TV and calm down.
[29:56.76]Thanks, Mom.
[29:57.84]I'm sorry, Janis, did I just hear them say "rabid squirrel"?
[30:01.72]I think they mightjust be overreacting.
[30:03.80]What if they're not? What if we have a potential pandemic on our hands?
[30:07.20]Vermin running loose, spreading disease
[30:09.48]and lowering our property values?
[30:12.92]Yeah. I have a casserole in the oven. Gotta run.
[30:16.16]Fine. Worry about your casserole,
[30:18.16]and I'll worry about the end of suburban peace and tranquillity!
[30:24.64]That's right. Don't push. Plenty for everybody.
[30:27.56]Got a box right over here for ya, Penny.
[30:29.76]That is good. Eat up! Anything that tastes this good has to be good for you.
[30:34.32]Feel buzzing in the back of your skull? That's called a sugar rush.
[30:37.56]It's what keeps humans going, why they don't hibernate. Add a little of this...
[30:41.88]...and what usually takes you all summer will take us a week.
[30:45.72]I like it! I like it!
[30:47.20]Hold on, Hamsquad. The last thing you need is caffeine.
[30:53.20]That's right. Oome on, dig in.
[30:54.92]Because this, my friends, is just the beginning.
[31:20.56]- Up, down! Up, down! - He's getting away!
[31:23.28]Oh, yeah!
[31:53.92]Read it and weep.
[32:16.68]Hello? I need every business listing you have under "exterminator."
[32:52.12]- Whoa, Mom! You hit a possum. - Oh, my goodness.
[32:54.76]Do you think it's dead?
[32:56.00]Oh, no.
[32:57.92]- Wow! - Touch it.
[32:59.76]- Oan I poke him? - No!
[33:01.60]These poor little creatures.
[33:03.68]- What's going on? - Oome check it out.
[33:06.24]Debbie? I don't remember seeing a permit app for a gathering.
[33:09.88]Groups of more than one who wish to get...
[33:12.44]Timmy, get the shovel from the car.
[33:19.20]Lights fading, limbs growing cold.
[33:22.44]- I see a tunnel. - Oh, no.
[33:29.08]Mother, is that you beckoning me into the light?
[33:32.36]Must move toward the light.
[33:34.88]- What do you think he's doing? - Maybe we knocked his brains loose.
[33:38.72]You went too far. Let's get out of here and leave this...
[33:43.56]- Nice catch, Verne. - Yes! Yes!
[33:46.48]- You're dangerous. You're insane! - Sweet music, I'm going home!
[33:52.36]Goodbye, cruel world!
[34:05.92]- Now can I poke him? - No!
[34:08.12]You see? This is exactly why I called the exterminator.
[34:11.52]To kill them before they get hurt like this.
[34:13.92]Everybody, get out of here right now!
[34:15.88]Right! Kids, grab those handles. Get the stuff.
[34:18.32]- What? - Here we go. I threw out my back.
[34:24.52]- Let's go. - Get down.
[34:42.48]Oh, no.
[34:49.12]I believe someone phoned about an animal problem?
[34:53.16]The solution is standing before you.
[34:55.84]Dwayne LaFondont is here.
[34:59.20]Where have you been? I'm throwing a "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" party,
[35:03.04]and so far Debbie's car has killed more animals than you have.
[35:06.24]Stand down, sister.
[35:08.36]I personally guarantee that there will not be a living thing at this party.
[35:12.88]The Verminator is on the job.
[35:16.32]Leave it. Leave it!
[35:18.20]What do we have here?
[35:20.60]Didelphis marsupialis virginianus.
[35:23.92]Approximately ten pounds.
[35:29.04]- I think he's dead. - Oh, really?
[35:30.92]Do you, in fact, have an associates degree from Vermtech?
[35:34.36]I think he wants you to think he's dead.
[35:36.28]- Go! Go! - Move, move!
[35:37.92]- That's it! Run! Go! ...voluntary shock state.
[35:40.52]Look at him closely. You can see him breathing.
[35:43.12]I certainly hope he's not in any pain.
[35:46.12]What the...?
[35:47.44]Kill it! Kill it!
[35:48.92]Thank you all for coming! You were a great audience!
[35:51.52]Oh, man!
[35:54.60]All right, what am I up against here?
[35:58.32]Possum, porcupine, skunk, squirrel,
[36:01.44]raccoon, amphibian.
[36:04.48]- Reptile. - No.
[36:12.76]That's what I call a super-duper performance there.
[36:15.68]- I wanna do it again! - Beyond super.
[36:17.48]They were riveted. You were awesome!
[36:19.36]All right!
[36:21.88]Dad. I just gotta say, that was... that was pretty good.
[36:27.04]Props for the Ozman!
[36:29.08]- Ozman! - Yeah! Yeah!
[36:31.24]But let's not forget our brilliant leadership:
[36:38.64]RJ, come this way. We wanna show you something.
[36:42.08]- Yeah, sure. - Sweet.
[36:44.28]- What a team! - That raccoon knows what he's doing.
[36:46.76]You're my hero there, fella.
[36:53.08]- Over here, this way. - RJ, come on!
[36:54.84]Yeah, we wanna show you something. Oome on, hurry!
[36:57.32]Oheck it out.
[37:02.24]Your new home!
[37:08.48]And look, we got a place for you right here!
[37:11.72]That's for me?
[37:13.00]Yeah, is this anything like what you had, RJ?
[37:17.52]This isn't anything like what I had, Lou.
[37:20.68]- Here, I'm not supposed to drink this. - Thanks.
[37:25.92]- Is that my bag? - Yeah, we brought it in here
[37:28.08]so you wouldn't have to sleep in that tree.
[37:30.08]Really? Wow.
[37:32.48]Hey, RJ, check this out! We totally hooked up the TV.
[37:35.36]- I hot-wired the HD converter. - We get a thousand channels!
[37:39.64]Oan you take the remote before my dad does?
[37:41.80]Wow. A universal remote?
[37:46.36]This is nice, guys. Really nice.
[37:50.68]We now return to A Scoundrel Among Us.
[37:53.84]You should be ashamed of yourself.
[37:55.68]We let you into our family, and you've deceived us.
[37:58.28]I gave you my heart, and you ripped it into a million pieces.
[38:02.32]Get real, Kevin. When you feel like a dirtbag, it's because you're a dirtbag.
[38:07.16]Right? So just own it, just say it out loud. "I am a dirtbag."
[38:11.88]Dirtbag. I don't think that guy's a real doctor.
[38:15.40]What do you think there, RJ? RJ?
[38:21.48]Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, who


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