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[00:48.79]Hello, everybody. Thanks for coming.
[00:53.42]I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.
[00:57.14]And I'd like to say a few words, if you please.
[01:00.10]Regarding the story that you're about to see
[01:02.81]it actually happened. Just take it from me.
[01:05.94]But there's more to this story than what's on the page,
[01:09.15]so please pay attention while I set the stage.
[01:13.61]We open in Thneedville,
[01:15.42]a city they say that was plastic and fake,
[01:18.82]and they liked it that way!
[01:20.95]A town without nature, not one living tree.
[01:25.00]So, what happened to them?
[01:26.83]Cue the music! Let's see.
[02:03.74]In Thneedville, it's a brand new dawn
[02:11.17]With brand new cars and houses and lawns
[02:15.09]Here in Got-all-that-we-need-ville
[02:18.34]In Thneedville, we manufacture our trees
[02:25.68]Each one is made in factories
[02:30.60]And uses 96 batteries
[02:33.94]In Thneedville, the air's not so clean
[02:41.11]So we buy it fresh
[02:42.95]It comes out this machine!
[02:45.20]In Satisfaction's- guaranteed-ville
[02:48.46]In Thneedville, we don't want to know
[02:55.75]Where the smog and trash and chemicals go
[02:59.72]I just went swimming, and now I glow
[03:03.97]In Thneedville, we have fun year round
[03:07.72]We surf and snowboard right in town
[03:11.23]We thank the Lord for all we've got
[03:15.07]Including this brand new parking lot!
[03:18.90]Parking lot!
[03:28.50]Oh, look, it's Aloysius O'Hare
[03:32.08]Aloysius O'Hare
[03:35.71]The man who found a way to sell air
[03:40.30]And became a zillionaire
[03:46.68]In Thneedville, we love living this way
[03:50.43]It's like living in paradise
[03:53.94]It's perfect! And that's how it will stay
[03:58.11]Here in Love-the-life-we-lead-ville
[04:04.78]We love it here in...
[05:07.34]Oh, hi, Ted.
[05:09.68]Oh, hey, Audrey. Hi.
[05:12.18]Did your ball land in my backyard again?
[05:14.98]What? No.
[05:16.69]A model airplane, this time.
[05:19.52]Hey, do you want to see something cool?
[05:22.07]Come on.
[05:37.96]Did you...
[05:39.79]Did you paint this?
[05:41.80]- Do you like it? - What?
[05:44.01]Are you kidding? This is amazing!
[05:47.84]What are those?
[05:49.01]Those are trees. Real ones.
[05:52.43]They used to grow all around here.
[05:56.43]And people said that the touch of their tufts
[05:59.40]was softer than anything, even silk.
[06:02.19]And they smelled like butterfly milk!
[06:04.86]Wow! What does that even mean?
[06:07.36]I know, right?
[06:10.95]Oh, yeah.
[06:12.12]What I want more than anything in the whole world is to see
[06:16.08]a real living tree
[06:18.87]growing in my backyard.
[06:20.42]So if, say... I'm just thinking out loud here.
[06:23.25]If a guy somehow got you one...
[06:26.21]I'd probably marry him on the spot.
[06:28.84]I bet that sounds crazy. Does that sound crazy?
[06:31.47]No! Not crazy.
[06:33.76]Not crazy at all.
[06:42.90]Ted, honey, don't play with your food.
[06:45.78]You, either, Mom.
[06:51.11]So, Mom, do you happen to know if there's any place
[06:56.87]where I could get a real tree?
[06:59.46]Ted, we already have a tree.
[07:01.63]It's the latest model.
[07:02.46]Yeah, but I mean a real one
[07:04.75]that grows out of the ground or whatever.
[07:07.92]You know, a real tree.
[07:10.72]You would rather have some dirty, messy
[07:13.80]lump of wood that just sticks out of the ground?
[07:16.22]And it does what? I don't even know what it does.
[07:17.68]What's its purpose?
[07:18.89]Look at what we've got.
[07:20.27]It's the Oak-amatic. The only tree with its own remote.
[07:23.94]Summer, autumn, winter,
[07:26.78]and disco!
[07:32.82]- Mom? - Come on, Ted. Get into it.
[07:34.53]Dance with the tree.
[07:35.70]Oh, it hurts, Mom. Please stop.
[07:38.29]So, anyway...
[07:40.41]Let's just say I need a tree.
[07:42.33]Where would I go? What do I do?
[07:44.13]Then you know what? You need to find the Once-ler.
[07:48.17]The what?
[07:49.30]Mom, it's not really the
[07:51.20]time for one of your magical fables, okay?
[07:54.84]That's right, I forgot.
[07:57.14]I'm old and can't even remember to put my teeth in.
[08:00.85]Stand down. That's not what I meant.
[08:02.73]No, really, I forgot my teeth.
[08:04.98]Would you be a dear and go get them for me?
[08:07.65]Sure, Mom.
[08:16.16]Okay, here's the deal.
[08:17.53]The Once-ler is the man who knows what happened to the trees.
[08:20.66]You want one, you need to find him.
[08:23.08]The Once-ler?
[08:25.83]Okay. Grammy, is this a real thing
[08:28.34]that we're talking about now?
[08:29.84]Oh, he's real all right.
[08:31.84]Well, where can I find him?
[08:36.30]Far outside of town where the grass never grows
[08:40.64]and the wind smells slow and sour when it blows.
[08:46.52]And no birds ever sing, excepting old crows.
[08:53.86]Quit doing that.
[08:55.16]That's the place where the Once-ler lives.
[08:57.66]Wait, outside of town?
[09:00.91]People used to say if you brought him 15 cents,
[09:04.71]a nail
[09:06.00]and the shell of a great, great, great grandfather snail,
[09:11.88]he would tell you everything.
[10:17.65]Mr. O'Hare, what we've got for you
[10:19.82]is something that is going to take O'Hare Air
[10:22.28]to the next level.
[10:24.16]Now, Mr. O'Hare, I know what you're thinking.
[10:26.12]One, " I've gotten rich selling people air that's
[10:28.33]"Fresher than the stinky stuff outside. "
[10:30.50]Two, and here is the important one,
[10:32.21]"How can I possibly make even more money?"
[10:34.84]We can tell you, sir! We can tell you.
[10:36.80]Check out this commercial?
[10:42.01]Well, here goes another lame Saturday.
[10:45.02]Dude, I don't think so!
[11:05.20]O'Hare purified air. Freshness to go.
[11:08.08]Please breathe responsibly.
[11:10.71]Oh, my goodness. Yeah! Love it.
[11:13.00]You got to be kidding me.
[11:15.05]You really think people are stupid enough to buy this?
[11:18.30]Our research shows that if you put something in a plastic bottle,
[11:21.84]people will buy it.
[11:23.09]Exactly. And...
[11:24.30]And what's more, when we build a new factory
[11:26.39]to make the plastic bottles,
[11:28.10]the air quality is just going to get worse.
[11:30.77]Which will make people want our air even more,
[11:32.85]and drive sales where?
[11:34.94]Through the roof!
[11:36.27]So, in other words, the more smog in the sky,
[11:42.57]The more people will buy.
[11:46.24]See, that's why he's the genius!
[11:48.22]It even rhymes!
[11:50.50]I'm aware it rhymes.
[11:53.42]Coats. Big.
[11:54.63]What do you two knuckleheads want?
[11:56.21]I'm in the middle of a meeting!
[12:02.05]Why is he leaving town?
[12:03.64]No one ever leaves town!
[12:05.85]See what he's up to.
[13:19.84]Oh, man.
[14:22.98]All right.
[15:16.54]Who are you?
[15:17.87]Who are you and what are you doing here?
[15:20.29]I'm Ted. I'm Ted.
[15:22.96]I can't breathe. Are you the Once-ler?
[15:25.71]Oh, man. Didn't you read the signs?
[15:28.21]No one is supposed to come here.
[15:30.63]Get out of here and leave me alone!
[15:32.72]And don't let the boot hit you on the way out.
[15:34.80]The boot?
[15:39.06]Listen! People say that if someone brings you this stuff
[15:42.40]that you will tell them about trees.
[15:44.65]No, no, no!
[15:49.74]Yeah, real ones.
[15:51.20]You know, that grow out of the ground?
[15:56.62]Sorry, it's just...
[15:58.24]Well, I didn't think anyone still cared about trees.
[16:00.79]Well, that's me. The guy who still cares. I'm here.
[16:04.46]Hey! What?
[16:07.84]Do you want to know about trees?
[16:09.30]About what happened to them?
[16:11.80]Why they're all gone? It's because of me.
[16:15.80]Wait, what?
[16:22.69]It's because of me!
[16:26.98]And my invention, the Thneed.
[16:30.99]It was an amazing product that could do the job of a thousand.
[16:36.53]All right.
[16:38.03]Sounds ridiculous, but I mean, that's cool.
[16:40.04]You're darn right it was cool!
[16:43.16]It all started a long time ago.
[16:46.67]Can we start not so long ago, maybe?
[16:48.50]Do you want a tree?
[16:49.84]Yes, yes.
[16:51.55]Then it all started a long, long time ago.
[16:57.80]I was a young man leaving home.
[17:00.60]Well, here I go, Mom. Off to change the world with my Thneed.
[17:06.31]I'm actually doing it!
[17:07.90]Yes, but just remember, Oncie,
[17:10.73]if somehow your invention ends up a failure
[17:13.57]instead of a success,
[17:15.91]oh, it wouldn't surprise me at all!
[17:20.20]Nice wheels.
[17:25.21]Yeah, "Burn!"
[17:26.54]But you will see, okay? I'm going to prove you all wrong.
[17:29.88]Come on, Melvin!
[17:31.71]So, there I was at the very bottom.
[17:34.34]With nothing but a wagon, a mule,
[17:36.93]and a completely irrational sense of optimism.
[17:45.73]I was searching the globe,
[17:47.35]obsessed with finding the perfect material for my Thneed.
[17:53.07]But I'd had absolutely no success.
[17:56.40]Until one day, I found paradise.
[18:02.49]We're going to be there soon, I'm sure.
[18:15.26]This is the most beautiful place,
[18:20.14]okay, I have ever seen.
[19:02.89]This is it
[19:07.14]This is the place
[19:10.65]These Truffula trees are just what I need
[19:15.32]Gonna chop one down and make my Thneed
[19:21.53]But first...
[19:27.66]Now you!
[19:31.42]That's great!
[19:44.05]So now our friendship can begin
[19:46.72]Hand in hand, and wing and fin
[19:49.10]There's nothing you and I can't do
[19:51.85]So let's all make my dreams come true
[20:16.38]Hey, guys!
[20:18.21]Come on, where is my back-up chorus?
[21:04.84]Hey, hey, wait. Wait a minute.
[21:08.26]Excuse me?
[21:09.93]Yeah, that's awesome.
[21:12.14]Feeding junk food to forest animals? That's great.
[21:15.48]But, uh, is there a musical number
[21:17.52]where you show me how to get a tree?
[21:19.19]Because I would love to hear that one.
[21:20.65]Oh, yes. Right after the musical number about the kid
[21:23.61]who kept interrupting the story,
[21:25.45]and was never heard from again.
[21:27.87]Right, got it. Proceed.
[21:31.54]All right, here we go.
[21:33.54]About to make a Thneed, about to change the world.
[22:09.32]Check it out, guys...
[22:12.08]Where did everybody go?
[22:19.79]Little did I know that by chopping down that tree
[22:23.21]I had just summoned a mystical creature as old as time itself.
[22:28.89]The legendary, slightly annoying
[22:32.76]guardian of the forest.
[22:35.68]The Lorax.
[24:37.39]Did you chop down this tree?
[24:42.35]Who did it?
[24:43.85]What's that?
[24:47.19]I think he did it.
[24:50.86]Leave! Vacate the premises!
[24:52.53]Take your ax and get out!
[24:54.82]And who are you?
[24:57.83]I'm the Lorax! Guardian of the forest.
[25:01.54]I speak for the trees.
[25:05.21]So you're telling me, you just didn't see me
[25:07.67]magically appear out of that stump?
[25:09.71]With all the lightning and thunder and stuff.
[25:11.72]You didn't see any of that?
[25:12.92]No, but that sounds amazing.
[25:14.65]Can I see some of that?
[25:15.97]Uh, yeah, I could show you. But that's not how it works.
[25:21.93]Didn't really happen.
[25:23.23]Oh, I know what you want!
[25:25.90]I've got one of these for the cutest little guy I ever saw!
[25:32.44]Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy...
[25:35.36]How dare you! Give me that!
[25:40.99]I'm going to eat this,
[25:42.50]but I am highly offended by it.
[25:50.13]What are you... Hey, Mustache! Will you stop that?
[25:55.43]What's your deal, man?
[25:57.26]Time for you to go, Beanpole!
[25:58.83]Pull them right out.
[25:59.76]Just going to put them right back in.
[26:00.72]We can do this all day.
[26:08.10]Stop right there! Stop it!
[26:10.98]So you would hammer one of nature's innocent creatures?
[26:17.57]What? No!
[26:18.99]I would never hit this little guy. You, on the other hand,
[26:22.04]I would gladly pound you
[26:23.33]and your mustache into the ground!
[26:25.29]Behold! The intruder and his violent ways.
[26:30.17]Shame on you. For shame!
[26:34.46]All right, you know what? That's it!
[26:36.51]You listen to me, you furry meatloaf.
[26:38.51]I'm going to chop down as many trees as I need. Okay?
[26:41.14]Newsflash! Not going anywhere!
[26:44.85]End of story.
[26:47.44]Then you leave me no choice.
[26:52.02]If you're not gone by the time the sun sets on this valley,
[26:56.28]all the forces of nature will be unleashed upon you
[27:00.82]and curse you until the end of your days!
[27:05.33]You have been warned.
[27:15.96]Thanks. Yeah, okay.
[27:17.59]You have been warned.
[27:20.93]But I didn't listen to his warning.
[27:23.43]And you won't believe what happened that night.
[27:26.89]If you want to hear more, come back tomorrow.
[27:29.64]Hey, wait, wait! Tomorrow?
[27:34.90]Are you serious right now?
[27:36.11]Ah! You live in the middle of nowhere!
[27:39.03]It stinks out here. Don't make me come back!
[27:41.66]I guess you don't really want to hear the rest of the story.
[27:49.96]No, no.
[27:51.42]I do. I really do. I want to hear the story. I just...
[27:54.17]Nah! You don't have what it takes.
[27:57.42]Wait, wait! I have what it takes.
[28:03.60]It's all right. It's okay, I'll come back.
[28:05.81]It's no problem.
[28:07.14]See, here I am, leaving. Walking away now.
[28:11.27]I'll see you tomorrow.
[28:15.23]Maybe. Just maybe.
[28:27.91]What did you wish for, Audrey?
[28:29.62]Well, I would love to tell you,
[28:30.91]but, sadly, according to the universal wish laws, I cannot.
[28:36.50]I know what she wished for.
[28:50.52]Was it, perhaps...
[29:03.91]Ted, you didn't.
[29:05.99]Oh, no. I totally did.
[29:09.37]Happy birthday, Audrey.
[29:13.33]Kiss him! Kiss him!
[29:29.60]Ted. Tedster.
[29:31.02]- You're kissing the cereal again, hon. - What?
[29:34.44]I just... I like this cereal.
[29:37.36]What one is this? Yeah!
[29:40.48]Well, I'll make sure to buy extra next time for you.
[29:43.36]All right, cool. Hey, I got to run. I got to go do a thing.
[29:46.11]So, I'll see you guys.
[29:50.04]You're not going anywhere, young man.
[29:52.00]It's Sunday. You know what that means?
[29:54.46]Family time, and we're all playing board games!
[30:03.67]Oh, man.
[30:05.26]Mom, seriously, every turn?
[30:07.05]Hey, back off!
[30:11.56]- No. - Okay! Family time is over.
[30:14.89]It is now personal time. I'll be in my room.
[30:19.52]Okay, dear. Have fun.
[30:24.69]I knew I could break her.
[30:27.11]- Go. - Huh?
[30:28.28]Go see him!
[30:29.53]Oh, yeah!
[30:32.79]You rule! Thank you, Grammy.
[30:55.85]Hey! Ted, right?
[30:58.98]Mr. O'Hare?
[31:01.52]So, I hear you have become interested in trees.
[31:04.90]What's that all about?
[31:09.24]Where did you hear that?
[31:11.87]Teddy, there's not much that goes on in Thneedville
[31:13.70]that I don't know about.
[31:15.58]Here's the deal, I make a living selling fresh air to people.
[31:19.58]Trees? They make it for free.
[31:22.29]So, when I hear people talking about them
[31:25.13]I consider it kind of a threat to my business.
[31:29.47]I don't even know what you're talking about.
[31:31.64]You listen to me, boy.
[31:33.85]Don't go poking around in things you don't understand
[31:37.48]or I'll be your worst nightmare.
[31:39.73]I'm Frankenstein's head on a spider's body!
[31:45.94]Okay, my mom is expecting me. So, I'm just going to...
[31:48.78]Of course, of course. Now, go back to your family game time.
[31:53.49]Grandma just finished her turn.
[31:56.66]How did you know?
[31:58.71]Please. I have eyes everywhere.
[32:06.92]You got a beautiful town here, Ted.
[32:09.47]Lots of fun stuff to occupy your short attention span.
[32:13.22]Why, I can't think of any reason
[32:15.39]you would ever want to go outside of town again.
[32:26.94]Okay! Good talk. Really good talk.
[32:56.51]Oh, no.
[32:58.56]Look out!
[33:02.89]Hey, man? You know, you need to change that door bell.
[33:07.11]- Oh, you missed me. - What?
[33:09.61]You're already back. Clearly, you missed me a little. Right?
[33:14.03]No, I didn't. I'm just here to hear the end of the story.
[33:17.87]Why are you so interested in trees anyway?
[33:19.66]Why aren't you like other kids
[33:21.20]break dancing and wearing bell-bottoms,
[33:23.62]and playing the Donkey Kongs?
[33:25.88]Yeah, right, right. I don't know.
[33:30.13]Uh, I just thought it
[33:31.50]would be kind of cool to have one, you know?
[33:35.84]It's a girl, isn't it?
[33:37.72]What? No!
[33:39.72]Really? Because when a guy does something stupid once
[33:42.48]well, that's because he's a guy.
[33:44.19]But if he does the same stupid thing twice
[33:46.81]it's usually to impress some girl.
[33:49.86]Hey, she is not some girl!
[33:51.65]She's a woman, in high school.
[33:54.86]And she loves trees. And I'm going to get her one.
[33:59.45]How nice to see someone so undeterred by things like reality.
[34:03.58]Thank you.
[34:04.75]All right, but where did we leave off?
[34:28.15]Now that's a Thneed.
[34:30.69]Nothing unmanly about knitting. No, sir.
[34:55.72]Look at that...
[34:59.26]Who taught you guys how to steal a bed?
[35:27.58]Okay, nice and easy.
[35:36.67]Nice work, you guys. Couldn't have done it without you.
[35:42.35]You got to be kidding me. Can he swim?
[35:46.47]Of course he can't swim!
[35:47.93]Hang on, Pipsqueak! I'm coming to get you!
[35:55.73]Hey, you fishies! Stop that bed!
[36:09.12]Jump, jump!
[36:11.17]Come on, get up there. Come on.
[36:13.42]Go, go! A little bit more! A little bit more!
[36:18.92]Now what?
[36:24.30]Get up there.
[36:28.52]Okay, Pipsqueak, give me your hand.
[36:30.14]Come on, reach out for the Lorax.
[36:35.02]Where did you go?
[36:49.50]Oh, that's bad.
[36:55.17]Hey, Beanpole, wake up!
[37:06.14]What's happening? Where am I?
[37:08.18]Hey! We got trouble, and it's coming up fast!
[37:15.40]We're in a river!
[37:40.63]Oh, no.
[37:45.01]Just do something!
[37:47.60]Help is on the way!
[37:52.23]No, no!
[37:55.48]Just a minute!
[38:18.21]Oh, no!
[38:23.05]Wake up! Wake up!
[38:38.10]I was heading into the light
[38:39.73]and you pulled me right back and here I am!
[38:41.94]You saved my life!
[38:43.36]Yeah, I know. Well, no, it's not that big a deal.
[38:46.36]It is a big deal!
[38:47.74]Look, I almost went over that waterfall! Wait...
[38:52.49]On my bed. How did my bed get in the river?
[38:55.37]About that...
[38:58.79]Actually... I put your bed in the water.
[39:03.42]I didn't mean you any harm.
[39:05.01]I just wanted to calmly float you away.
[39:08.51]Look, everyone here needs the trees
[39:11.05]and you're chopping them down!
[39:13.89]So, we've got a big problem.
[39:23.40]All right, look.
[39:24.65]I hereby swear that I will never chop down another tree.
[39:30.07]I promise.
[39:32.16]Thank you. But I'm going to keep my eye on you.
[39:35.83]Good. Now, I've got a big day tomorrow
[39:37.96]so I'm going to get some sleep.
[39:42.79]Right after I find my bed.
[40:06.99]Okay, what are you...
[40:10.86]Question, what are they doing here?
[40:13.53]And follow up, if I may, what are you doing here?
[40:18.62]Well, after the incident last night
[40:21.04]we found one of your socks and came here to return it.
[40:24.00]- But when we got here, you were asleep. - What?
[40:28.05]Exactly. And sleeping is the body's way
[40:30.59]of telling other people to go away.
[40:33.09]I know, but you looked so cozy.
[40:36.18]And it was cold outside, and we just fell asleep. No harm done.
[40:40.10]"No harm done"? "No harm done"? Okay.
[40:44.61]Okay, I put my lips on those. Well, I used to, anyway.
[40:51.95]Did you just... In my bowl!
[40:57.83]Why do you have one of these?
[40:59.29]You don't even have a mustache.
[41:03.33]Okay, that's it!
[41:04.92]What? I thought we made a deal last night.
[41:07.25]Yes, we did.
[41:08.38]And I said I wouldn't chop down any more trees.
[41:10.84]And I said I was going to keep an eye on you.
[41:13.05]I'm starving. What's for breakfast?
[41:17.76]Breakfast is overrated.
[41:21.52]You know what? I got work to do. Yeah.
[41:24.44]I got to go into town and sell my Thneed.
[41:30.03]You chopped down one of my trees
[41:31.74]to make that piece of garbage?
[41:33.66]Look at that...
[41:35.07]"Garbage"? Oh, no. Oh, no! You do not get it.
[41:39.70]This is a revolutionary product
[41:42.16]that will change the world as we know it.
[41:45.21]It has a million uses!
[41:47.38]Look at this. It's a swimsuit!
[41:50.59]Mud tracked all over your floor by uninvited guests?
[41:53.22]Well, the Thneed sure comes in handy for that!
[41:57.39]But wait, there's more!
[41:58.85]Thanks to its all-natural microfibers
[42:00.52]the Thneed is super-absorbent!
[42:03.14]It also works as a hat.
[42:06.23]Of course, you probably want to wring it out first.
[42:07.94]Go ahead, knock yourself out.
[42:10.90]But nobody is going to buy that thing.
[42:12.82]Good to know.
[42:14.45]Well, fortunately, you are not the target market, weirdo.
[42:19.08]You're bringing a guitar?
[42:20.62]Oh, yeah. I got a little jingle.
[42:22.54]I'm gonna blow some minds, gonna sell some Thneeds!
[42:28.50]Everybody needs a Thneed
[42:32.13]A fine thing that all people...
[42:36.09]Sit down, go on.
[42:38.22]Unfortunately, I didn't sell it the first day.
[42:40.85]The Thneed is good
[42:43.02]The Thneed is great...
[42:49.69]Or the second day.
[42:53.57]Or the third, or fourth, or fifth day.
[42:56.70]Okay, that one hit the tender spot.
[43:00.70]Until finally...
[43:01.83]That's it! You know what?
[43:03.45]I'm done with this thing.
[43:08.25]My family was right. I quit!
[43:19.01]Hey. Cool hat.
[43:20.97]Oh, my gosh! I totally want one.
[43:23.47]That thing makes me like you more.
[43:34.90]Hey! Where's your Thneed, did you sell it?
[43:37.40]Hey yeah. No, no. Didn't sell it.
[43:40.62]Turns out, it's ahead of its time, I guess.
[43:43.24]Hey, you gave it your best shot. Right? What more can you do?
[43:46.75]Come on, take a seat, we'll deal you in.
[43:49.42]What are we playing?
[43:50.58]I'm playing poker. He's playing Go Fish. And I think he's hungry.
[44:00.72]Pancake, the pancake
[44:09.19]Who is up for ninths?
[44:16.86]All right, pass them over.
[44:18.65]Yeah, see?
[44:20.41]What's going on?
[44:30.42]Oh, no. That's a lot of people.
[44:40.47]Everybody needs a Thneed
[44:44.05]A fine thing that all people need
[44:47.56]The Thneed is good The Thneed is great
[44:51.23]Let's hope we're not too late
[44:57.69]It's a super trendy hat
[45:00.28]It's a tightrope for an acrobat
[45:04.37]A net for catching butterflies
[45:08.29]A thing we use for exercise
[45:14.71]Everybody needs a Thneed
[45:18.30]A fine thing that all people need
[45:21.88]Everybody needs a Thneed
[45:24.51]Oh, yeah! We're in business, baby!
[45:27.51]We need a Thneed
[45:30.23]Mom? Hey, it's me! I told you I was going to be a success!
[45:34.69]You need to bring the whole family here right now.
[45:37.48]We're going to be rich!
[45:40.32]What? I'm going to need all the help I can get. Don't worry.
[45:45.82]So, has he told you how to get a tree yet?
[45:48.87]Actually, no.
[45:50.45]But I think he's going to get to that part really soon.
[45:55.00]- Here we are. - What?
[45:57.79]I'll just be a minute.
[46:01.76]Oh, wow. Hey, Audrey!
[46:04.68]Oh, hi, Ted! What's up?
[46:06.89]You know me, just cruising. Putting out the vibe.
[46:10.06]Just me and my thoughts.
[46:13.23]Oh, is this the girl you're always talking about?
[46:15.69]Grandma! Stop making things up.
[46:17.23]- She's even prettier than... - Okay, got to run! Bye.
[46:22.40]Okay, Grammy, let's get you home!
[47:00.94]I'm so sorry. So sorry.
[47:04.28]Did not wanna see that.
[47:30.18]Hey, I'm back.
[47:31.39]What have you got there?
[47:41.69]Thank you, Ted.
[47:46.65]Now, picture this.
[47:48.36]Sun shining, a blue sky, a perfect day.
[47:57.33]It was all downhill from there.
[48:32.28]What a dump.
[48:34.16]Hey, Aunt Grizelda!
[48:38.25]Hey, Chet, check this out!
[48:40.37]Go long!
[48:42.13]No, Brett, that's actually not a...
[48:45.21]Go long! Go long!
[48:46.96]I got it! I got it!
[48:51.18]Got it!
[48:53.55]He totally ran into that tree!
[48:58.52]Oncie, is that you?
[49:01.98]There he is! There's my big, suddenly successful son!
[49:08.65]We always knew you would make it, Oncie. Right?
[49:12.11]Hey! I love this guy!
[49:14.91]But you always said I wouldn't amount to anything, remember?
[49:18.16]Hush your mouth. I was just trying to motivate you!
[49:21.25]I am really glad that you clarified that
[49:23.17]because it actually hurt my feelings for a really long time.
[49:26.80]Anyway, you're all here, you all work for me, and that's cool.
[49:30.67]So, let's get to work.
[49:32.76]Brett, Chet, set up the RV!
[49:34.84]Would you stop throwing that bear?
[50:06.88]Time out. Back up. Stop. Don't move an inch.
[50:09.38]Nobody's moving in here.
[50:10.92]You got to go. Goodbye.
[50:12.38]So, who invited the giant, furry peanut?
[50:15.80]You calling me a peanut, huh?
[50:17.05]I'll go right up your nose!
[50:21.02]You wouldn't hit a woman.
[50:22.93]That's a woman?
[50:24.81]Okay. Everyone, cool it.
[50:27.31]Let's not get off on the wrong foot here.
[50:29.57]- Um, family, this is my friend... - Acquaintance.
[50:32.82]Yeah, acquaintance. Very good acquaintance, the Lorax.
[50:36.78]- He speaks for the trees. - That's right.
[50:39.49]And on behalf of the trees, get out!
[50:43.50]Will you just be nice! This is my family.
[50:48.25]And I'm going to need their help
[50:49.38]if my company is going to get bigger. Okay?
[50:53.34]Yeah, this isn't some rinky-dink operation anymore.
[50:56.76]I got plans. Big plans!
[50:59.10]A vision of a world filled with Thneeds. It's going to be huge!
[51:05.81]Which way does a tree fall?
[51:09.98]A tree falls the way it leans.
[51:12.94]Be careful which way you lean.
[51:25.83]I mean, look at this. It's amazing.
[51:29.50]I am so proud of me.
[51:32.09]Oncie, we've got us a little problem.
[51:38.30]See, we're not making Thneeds fast enough.
[51:41.68]Harvesting the tufts takes too long!
[51:53.11]Well, what else can we do?
[51:55.11]Well, and this just came to me
[51:59.45]we could always start chopping down the trees.
[52:04.58]Now you're thinking. That would speed things up!
[52:07.66]- But... - No "But" s, Oncie.
[52:09.25]You're running a business now.
[52:10.92]You have to do what's best for the company
[52:12.75]and your momma.
[52:15.96]Well, I guess it couldn't hurt to chop down a few trees.
[52:21.47]You've made me so proud, Oncie. Come here!
[52:24.89]Hey! I love this guy!
[52:37.28]No! No, no, no! Stop it! Please, stop.
[52:41.20]Take that, you stupid tree!
[52:49.21]Where do you think you're going?
[52:51.88]Excuse me, sir. I need to talk with your boss.
[52:56.05]Oh, I'm sorry
[52:58.21]but Mr. Once-ler's not seeing anyone right now.
[53:01.59]Yeah, well, he'll see me. So...
[53:02.97]Hey, keep your paws off me!
[53:04.64]Give me a reason, Shorty.
[53:06.64]Hey, you broke your promise.
[53:08.43]You're better than this.
[53:10.02]You gotta stop! This is bad!
[53:13.10]Have a nice day!
[53:20.49]I'm not bad, I'm the good guy here. He just doesn't get it.
[53:24.37]Do you think I'm bad?
[53:26.20]Thank you!
[53:27.58]I mean, something good finally happens to me
[53:30.58]and he just has to come along and rain on my parade.
[53:34.04]What's his problem?
[53:40.30]Yeah, bad! Right.
[53:54.15]How bad can I be?
[53:56.90]I'm just doin' what comes naturally
[53:59.07]How bad can I be?
[54:01.82]I'm just following my destiny
[54:03.99]How bad can


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