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[00:38.45]- Fire! - Get the buckets!
[00:40.08]- To the ocean! - What happened?
[00:46.46]The wind is shifting! Fire brigade, move in!
[00:49.55]- Bring the Nadders in from the south! - I'm on it!
[00:52.76]Gronckles, aim for the roof!
[00:56.47]Good work! Just a few hot spots left.
[00:58.89]- Got it! - Where's Gobber? Is he still inside?
[01:01.35]No. Can't find him.
[01:02.98]I'm right here.
[01:04.14]That beast will pay for this.
[01:06.56]Gobber, what happened?
[01:08.15]What's it look like? A dragon set my home on fire.
[01:12.48]You pushed me too far this time, you ugly bag of bones!
[01:16.82]Dad, what's he talking about? Our dragons don't do that anymore.
[01:20.20]He doesn't mean one of yours. Gobber, for the last time,
[01:24.50]- there is no such thing as a... - Boneknapper?
[01:27.62]A boneknapper...?
[01:31.17]A disgusting, foul beast, wearing a coat of stolen bones,
[01:35.17]like a giant, flying skeleton.
[01:38.22]The dragon manual says that the Boneknapper will stop at nothing
[01:41.68]to find the perfect bone to build its coat of armor. It's awesome.
[01:45.60]Come on! It's a myth. It doesn't even exist.
[01:49.48]I'm telling you, it's real. I've been running from him my whole life.
[01:54.23]He's the one who started this fire.
[01:56.20]Stoick, we found Gobber's underpants hanging by the stove.
[01:59.49]They must've started the fire.
[02:01.87]You still think it's the Boneknapper, or just your underpants?
[02:04.87]I don't think! I know! Somehow he found me again.
[02:08.96]This dragon is pure evil.
[02:11.46]Gobber, it's late and we're too tired for your stories.
[02:15.34]Now, get some rest.
[02:16.63]You rest. I'm putting an end to this.
[02:21.51]Come on, Phil, let's go.
[02:24.01]I don't need their help, anyway.
[02:31.27]I can't let him go by himself.
[02:33.44]All right, Vikings, grab your shields.
[02:35.69]- Yes! - Yeah!
[02:36.86]There's no way I'm getting on a boat to go after a fake dragon.
[02:40.57]Come on! Put your backs into it, you lazy dogs! Stroke!
[02:45.08]- You're not even trying! Stroke! - How fun is this? Right?
[02:48.71]We got the team back together, another adventure...
[02:51.71]This is pretty cool, huh?
[02:53.50]Yep, nothing cooler than rowing until your hands bleed.
[02:56.76]Just want you kids to know that it touches my heart,
[02:59.26]you helping me slay the Boneknapper. True Vikings, you are.
[03:03.85]- Gobber, are we there yet? - Oh, you'll know we're close
[03:06.81]when your ears explode from the piercing screams.
[03:09.10]Legend says this dragon's roar is so fierce,
[03:11.94]it can melt the flesh right off your bones.
[03:13.77]Not so, Fishlegs.
[03:15.23]The Boneknapper has no roar at all. That's why he's terrifying.
[03:19.11]He's a silent killer.
[03:21.41]Wait. So if we don't hear anything, we're dead?
[03:26.45]I don't hear anything.
[03:30.79]Good one, Phil!
[03:33.83]Did I ever tell you about the first time I met the dreaded Boneknapper?
[03:39.17]I was a young lad, about your age, on summer vacation with my family,
[03:44.14]when I heard the call of nature.
[03:46.14]Oh! Dad, pull the boat over!
[03:48.68]Didn't I tell ya to go before we left?
[03:59.07]I saw an army of Vikings, frozen in battle!
[04:03.49]Clutched in the fingers of one of the Vikings
[04:05.57]was a small treasure chest. I had to have it.
[04:14.83]I reached in and pulled out the chest.
[04:17.79]It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
[04:22.34]But the frozen Viking was alive!
[04:24.13]He started punching me in the face!
[04:26.68]My tooth!
[04:30.06]And there it was. I never even heard it coming.
[04:32.98]The Boneknapper!
[04:36.86]It crashed into the glacier, causing an avalanche of frozen Vikings!
[04:46.20]The treasure!
[04:50.79]I reached into the water...
[04:53.66]...only to find the frozen Viking punching me in the face again!
[04:57.21]Hey, hey, hey, hey!
[05:04.05]The Boneknapper wanted that treasure, but I wanted it more!
[05:12.43]What took you so long?
[05:19.56]You expect us to believe that a frozen Viking punched you in the face?
[05:23.24]Yeah, twice.
[05:24.90]Hey, it could happen.
[05:26.82]What do you mean, "It could happen?" It did!
[05:29.45]But I outsmarted the silent beast.
[05:31.87]Gobber, I hate to be a stickler for details,
[05:35.41]but Boneknappers are not silent.
[05:37.25]Fishlegs, I know what I didn't hear.
[05:39.92]- But I could feel it... - Guys?
[05:42.00]- Are there supposed to be...? - ...had a sixth sense for danger.
[05:44.59]- I can smell anything... - We're gonna hit these...
[05:46.26]...taste the oncoming doom...
[05:52.39]I'm tasting rocks.
[05:55.73]We're here.
[05:57.69]Now, we're stuck in the middle of nowhere
[06:00.44]and no one even knows where we are.
[06:02.52]Except the Boneknapper. Legend says...
[06:05.03]Hey, you know what legend also says? Stop talking!
[06:07.61]- OK, just hold on one darn second. - No need to panic, kids.
[06:10.57]- I've been shipwrecked many times. - Well, that's comforting.
[06:15.58]You never forget your first shipwreck.
[06:18.33]I was stranded on an island with only my broom.
[06:21.71]It was a very small island.
[06:23.30]It's no wonder the Boneknapper found me again.
[06:25.30]He never forgave me for taking that treasure.
[06:29.89]There was another island, my only escape.
[06:32.76]But I was surrounded by bloodthirsty hammerhead sharks!
[06:38.81]I only had one chance.
[06:40.60]So I ran across the shark-infested waters.
[06:43.61]Take that! Watch it! Night-night, fatty!
[06:47.78]Someone forgot to brush.
[06:52.78]I didn't think I was gonna make it.
[06:54.79]But then, from the depths of the ocean, leapt forth
[06:57.50]a giant hammerhead whale!
[07:02.13]And the hammerhead whale ate the Boneknapper?
[07:04.00]Almost, but he got away.
[07:06.05]Years later, the dragon hunted me down again and chased me into the jungle.
[07:10.38]All I had was my trusty egg beater.
[07:13.10]I carved through that thick brush as fast as a jungle cat.
[07:17.47]Still, the Boneknapper was right behind!
[07:25.57]I ran up the side of a volcano
[07:27.28]and courageously leapt across the fiery crater.
[07:30.49]Then, deep within the burning volcano,
[07:32.61]burst forth a giant hammerhead yak!
[07:36.33]OK, wait a minute. Now you're saying a giant hammerhead yak
[07:41.04]leapt out of a fiery volcano and ate the Boneknapper?
[07:45.79]You would've thought so, wouldn't you? But the dragon got away again!
[07:49.17]I knew that boney scoundrel would keep coming after me.
[07:52.72]So I set up a gauntlet of traps and waited for the beast.
[08:02.89]And when he was ready...
[08:05.56]...he charged!
[08:07.86]And then I ran like the wind!
[08:10.78]But the traps failed!
[08:17.91]Then, captured,
[08:19.74]I did what any brave Viking would do...
[08:21.75]- Help! - The gods must have heard my prayer.
[08:25.83]It was Thor!
[08:28.04]He tossed a mighty thunderbolt.
[08:32.47]- You missed! - Wait for it...
[08:35.43]Then, from the center of the earth, blasted forth...
[08:38.68]...the hammerhead yak riding the hammerhead whale!
[08:42.60]Deploy the yak.
[08:58.74]Yes! Oh, my back!
[09:02.16]Whoa! The whale saluted you?
[09:05.29]Can you believe it? But the Boneknapper got away again.
[09:08.88]- He found me on... - Are you kidding?
[09:10.63]- I don't believe any of this. - You totally made everything up!
[09:13.13]- It's time to get out of here. - We need to get home.
[09:14.63]You don't even have any proof that that thing exists.
[09:16.76]Of course I have proof. I still have the treasure.
[09:19.60]This stunning belt buckle.
[09:21.64]It was in the Viking's treasure chest. It's kept my pants up for years.
[09:24.81]- It is stunning. - Listen, Gobber?
[09:29.06]Instead of chasing down an imaginary dragon,
[09:32.15]maybe we should figure out how to get home.
[09:34.36]Say no more! I hear you loud and clear. I've got a plan.
[09:38.32]All right. Who'd like to be dragon bait?
[09:49.29]Gobber, are you sure this is safe?
[09:52.13]Safety's overrated.
[09:55.13]OK, here's the plan. The Boneknapper wants me, right?
[09:58.55]He comes down that trail, sees Fishlegs, thinks it's me,
[10:01.89]rushes Fishlegs, causing Phil to trip that rope,
[10:04.85]dropping that ribcage and then we rush in and finish him off, once and for all!
[10:10.44]It's sad when they get old.
[10:12.19]Gobber, you're taking this way too far, OK?
[10:14.99]You need to face it. There is no such thing as the Boneknapper.
[10:18.78]Wormsquat! Now, get into position.
[10:21.07]Way to go, Fishlegs! You're doing fine!
[10:23.70]No wonder the entire village thinks you're crazy.
[10:25.87]Hello? He sees dead Vikings.
[10:28.04]- Yeah, especially that thing about... - Guys?
[10:30.38]- This is a waste of time. - Guys!
[10:32.88]Turn around! Guys, guys!
[10:37.72]It's right behind us, isn't it?
[10:47.73]Well, what do you know? No roar.
[10:53.90]OK, Gobber, we believe you!
[11:10.42]Find a happy place, find a happy place.
[11:15.88]No, no, please! Please!
[11:17.26]He wants my head!
[11:18.42]I swear he wants my head!
[11:20.76]Bring it on! You wait till I get out there...
[11:23.18]Wait. It searches for the perfect bone to build its coat of armor.
[11:27.93]The treasure! Gobber, take off your pants.
[11:32.35]- No! - Wait, listen to me.
[11:34.61]I think Fishlegs was right.
[11:36.52]The Boneknapper is supposed to have a roar.
[11:39.49]But maybe he can't because the bone he needs is your belt buckle.
[11:43.03]Gobber, please, you have to give it back.
[11:45.12]No way. It's mine!
[11:50.96]Give him back his bone!
[11:54.54]- Give him back his bone! - No!
[11:58.96]No... All right.
[12:29.12]All right, you've got me. Make it fast.
[12:39.80]That's gonna give me nightmares.
[12:42.51]Well, at least we have a ride home.
[12:46.14]Aren't you cute? Yes, you are! Yes, you are.
[12:56.69]All right!
[12:58.19]You know, I never doubted him. I was always like, "He's right."
[13:01.07]This tailbone is hurting my tailbone.
[13:04.53]He sure seems happy to have that bone back.
[13:07.28]Well, legend says the Boneknapper's roar is its mating call.
[13:10.70]Oh, that's just a myth!
[13:17.17]I think Stoick will believe me now, eh?


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