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[00:10.01]Ingonyama nengw' enambala
[00:14.14]Ingonyama nengw' enambala
[00:17.81]-Ingonyama nengw' enambala -( Elephant Trumpeting )
[00:22.52]-Ingonyama nengw' enambala -( Monkeys Chattering )
[00:29.93]And the spirit of life
[00:34.13]-Calling -Oh, oh, iyo
[00:37.97]-Mamela -Oh, oh, iyo
[00:42.74]Uhu khosi bo khokho We ndodana ye sizwe sonke
[00:50.08]There's no mountain too great
[00:54.25]-Hear the words and have faith -Oh, oh, iyo
[00:58.35]-Oh, oh -Oh, oh, iyo
[01:02.29]-Have faith -Hela, hey mamela
[01:06.00]Hela, hey mamela Hela, hey mamela, hela, hey mamela
[01:11.20]-He lives in you -Hela, hey mamela
[01:15.10]-He lives in me -Hela, hey mamela
[01:19.04]-He watches over -Hela, hey mamela
[01:23.35]-Everything we see -Hela, hey mamela
[01:27.15]-Into the water -Hela, hey mamela
[01:31.72]-Into the truth -Hela, hey mamela
[01:35.56]-In your reflection -Hela, hey mamela
[01:40.03]-He lives in you -Ingonyama nengw' enambala
[01:45.94]Ingonyama nengw' enambala
[01:52.17]( Animals Calling, Roaring, Trumpeting )
[02:02.25]( Singing In African Language )
[02:05.29]-He lives in you -( Woman Chanting In African Language )
[02:11.19]-Hey, oh,yeah -He lives in you
[02:15.30]Hela, hey mamela
[02:17.80]-He lives in me -Hela, hey mamela
[02:21.64]-He watches over -( Animals Cheering )
[02:25.31]-Everything we see -Hela, hey mamela
[02:30.11]-Into the water -Hela, hey mamela
[02:33.95]-Into the trees -Hela, hey mamela
[02:38.45]In your reflection
[02:42.22]He lives in you
[02:45.03]Ingonyama nengw' enambala
[02:48.66]-Ingonyama nengw' enambala -He lives in you
[02:56.14]Ah, Pumbaa, look at that little guy!
[02:58.67]A chip off the old block!
[03:01.04]And ya gotta know who's gonna raise him.
[03:03.25]-His parents? -Okay, sure. Get technical.
[03:06.55]But who's gonna teach him the really important stuff?
[03:09.49]Like how to belch. ( Belches )
[03:11.85]And dig for grubs.
[03:13.56]I'm tellin' ya, buddy, it's gonna be like old times--
[03:17.29]You, me, and the little guy.
[03:19.80]-( Chuckling ) It is a girl. -Girl.
[03:24.07]-Girl? Oy. -Girl? Oh.
[03:45.72]-( Grunts ) -Whoa.
[03:49.89]-( Laughing ) -Where do you think you're going in such a hurry?
[03:53.56]( Giggling ) Daddy! Let go.
[03:58.40]Well, I just want you to be careful.
[04:00.57]( Childish Growling )
[04:03.14]Kiara, are you listening? Accidents can happen.
[04:07.14]-You could easily get hurt-- -'' Hurt, or stepped on, or even get lost.''
[04:13.08]( Sighs ) And remember--
[04:15.15]-I want you to stay in sight of Pride Rock at all times. -'' all times.''
[04:17.65]I know. ''And if I see any strangers, don't talk to them.
[04:21.92]Come straight home.'' Okay, okay. Can I go now?
[04:26.16]-Please? -Mm-hmm.
[04:28.20]-Very funny. -( Laughs ) Mind your father, Kiara.
[04:32.37]-( Giggles ) Yes, Mom. -And stay away from the outlands.
[04:36.31]Nothing there but a bunch of backstabbing, murderous outsiders.
[04:41.31]Zazu's right. You can't turn your back on them.
[04:44.88]Really? How come?
[04:47.22]( Sighs ) Never mind.Just run along now.
[04:51.05]-But, Dad, I-- -You'll understand someday. Go on.
[04:54.72]-Dad! -( Purring )
[05:01.90]And stay on the path I've marked for you.
[05:04.73]( Chuckles ) Simba. Who does she remind you of, hmm?
[05:09.24]Huh? What? Who?
[05:12.91]She's just like you were when you were young.
[05:15.58]Exactly! Do you realize the dangers we put ourselves in?
[05:19.55]-Uh! -You mean the dangers you put us in.
[05:22.79]( Chuckling )
[05:27.92]( Laughs ) She'll be fiine.
[05:36.00]( Whispering ) Hey, Timon! Pumbaa! Come here.
[05:39.37]( Timon ) Good morning, mon capitaine!
[05:41.44]I want you to keep a close watch on Kiara.
[05:43.81]You know she's bound to run off.
[05:46.24]Don't worry, Simba, we're on her like stink on a warthog.
[05:49.24]-Hey! -It's a hard truth, Pumbaa. Live with it.
[05:51.78]Guys, I'm counting on you.
[05:54.02]Danger could be lurking behind every rock.
[05:57.62]-Aha! -Hm! Hm! Hmm.
[06:03.03]( Growling )
[06:05.76]Hey! Wait! Come back.
[06:08.93]( Feeble Growling ) I just want to play.
[06:12.37]( Panting )
[06:14.30]( Sighing )
[06:16.31]The mighty hunter...
[06:18.31]has cornered her prey.
[06:21.38]( Childish Growling, Roaring )
[06:30.15]Whoa! Cool.
[06:34.16]The outlands.
[06:37.86]I wonder what's out there.
[06:39.90]( Rustling Grass )
[06:48.10]( Twig Snapping )
[06:50.77]-( Screaming ) -( Screaming )
[06:56.21]-( Screaming ) -( Splashing )
[07:00.28]Oh, don't worry, Kiara. Uncle Pumbaa's comin'.
[07:04.22]Oh, no! Oh! Uh, uh--
[07:07.46]Let's see. ''Gee, Simba, the good news is we found your daughter.
[07:11.76]The bad news is we dropped a warthog on her.
[07:14.26]Is there a problem with that?''
[07:16.30]-( Gurgling ) -Kiara? Kiara?
[07:18.63]Pumbaa! Let me defiine ''baby-sitting.''
[07:22.77]( Coughing, Choking )
[07:25.71]( Spitting )
[07:30.05]Now, Princess Kiara, as Simba's daughter,
[07:33.78]you know better than to go off all alone.
[07:36.62]-You could have been hurt. -Bu-But--
[07:39.05]Hurt? Oh, Simba would kill us!
[07:42.39]-You didn't slip a disk, did ya? -Bu-Bu--
[07:44.39]-Catch a fever? Get a hangnail? -Aah! Timon--
[07:47.93]-I had one once. -Very painful.
[07:52.27]Darling, with your complexion, you should stay out of the sun.
[07:56.34]What? Do you wanna wrinkle?
[07:58.61]Will somebody please just listen to me?
[08:01.08]I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. Did you say something, Princess?
[08:04.35]I'm not just a princess, you know. That's only half of who I am.
[08:08.92]-Oh, uh, who's the other half? -Oh, well, I, uh, um--
[08:14.12]Well, while you're fiiguring it out,
[08:16.93]let's eat!
[08:18.29]( Snaps Fingers ) Here we are! Grubs.
[08:22.26]The other white meat.
[08:24.83]-And so high in protein. -Eww! Gross!
[08:29.27]No? How 'bout you, big boy?
[08:32.34]-( Sniffiing ) Ah! Love grubs. -Not ''like.''
[08:37.51]-Love! -Love!
[08:39.52]( Crunches, Hiccups, Spits Out )
[08:42.35]Oh! You always do that.
[08:44.62]You take a bite out of every one, and then put it back. It drives me crazy.
[08:48.52]But you can't tell from the outside which are the real slimy ones.
[08:53.30]Slimy? Pumbaa, my corpulent compadre,
[08:56.73]it's the crunchy ones that make the meal.
[08:59.00]-Slimy. -Crunchy.
[09:01.54]-Slimy! Slimy! Slimy! -Crunchy! Crunchy! Crunchy!
[09:05.24]-Slimy! Slimy! Less fiilling. -Crunchy! Crunchy! Tastes good.
[09:08.01]-Less fiilling. Less fiilling. -Tastes good. Tastes good.
[09:10.41]( Arguing Continues )
[09:15.45]( Laughing )
[09:27.93]( Grunting )
[09:31.23]( Snarling )
[09:33.77]Who are you, pride lander?
[09:37.44]-( Panting ) -( Snarling )
[09:43.55]-What are you doing? -My father says to never turn your back on an outsider.
[09:48.28]-You always do what Daddy says? -No!
[09:51.15]Bet ya do! Bet you're Daddy's little girl. ( Scoffs )
[09:56.79]An outsider doesn't need anybody.
[09:59.46]I take care of myself.
[10:02.00]-Really? -( Growling )
[10:04.80]-Cool! -( Water Splashing )
[10:07.70]( Screaming )
[10:09.50]-( Both Screaming ) -( Kiara ) Run!
[10:15.61]This way!
[10:20.32]( Both Gasping )
[10:23.82]-( Laughing ) That was a close one. -( Sighing )
[10:27.22]( Laughing ) Yeah.
[10:29.22]-( Growling ) -( Lions Screaming )
[10:35.93]-Whoa! -Hey, wh-what about me?
[10:39.07]I-I'll distract him! Run! Whoops!
[10:49.04]( Choking )
[10:51.98]-( Screaming ) -( Crocodile Growling )
[10:55.15]-Look out! -( Whimpering )
[10:57.25]-( Screaming ) -( Grunting ) Move it!
[11:04.56]( Laughing ) Whoa!
[11:07.56]( Grunting )
[11:09.60]( Both Gasping )
[11:12.53]( Roaring )
[11:15.90]( All Roaring )
[11:17.91]I did it! I did it! ( Blows Raspberry )
[11:23.11]-( Laughing ) -Ha! ( Laughing )
[11:26.05]Ho, man, did you see the size of those teeth?
[11:29.52]They were going, '' Rr, rr, rr, rr.''
[11:32.12]( Laughing ) He just totally ate me up right there,
[11:35.46]and I jumped on his head, and I popped him so good!
[11:38.63]We make such a good team!
[11:40.96]And you-- You were really brave.
[11:45.43]Yeah? You were pretty brave too.
[11:48.77]-My name's Kovu. -( Giggles ) I'm Kiara.
[11:52.07]( Growling )
[11:55.78]( Giggling ) Tag! You're it!
[12:00.55]Tag! You're it! You're it! ( Laughing )
[12:06.66]Hello? You run, I tag. Get it?
[12:12.16]What's the matter? Don't you know how to play?
[12:15.70]Oh. ( Growls Playfully )
[12:19.13]-( Laughing ) -Ah. ( Growls )
[12:21.90]( Thunderous Roaring )
[12:24.64]( Roaring )
[12:28.54]-Zira. -Simba.
[12:32.05]( Others Growling )
[12:37.05]-Nala. -Zira.
[12:39.05]Timon, Pumbaa. Great! Now that we all know each other,
[12:43.33]-Get out of our pride lands! -Your pride lands?
[12:47.86]-( Roaring ) -( Panicked Laughing )
[12:51.37]These lands belong to Scar.
[12:54.94]I banished you from the pride lands.
[12:57.37]Now, you and your young cub, get out!
[13:01.68]Oh, haven't you met my son, Kovu?
[13:06.25]He was hand-chosen by Scar to follow in his paw prints,
[13:11.95]and become king.
[13:15.19]-( Growling ) -( Whimpering )
[13:18.76]Pfft! That's not a king. That's a fuzzy maraca.
[13:22.63]Kovu was the last born...
[13:25.23]before you exiled us to the outlands,
[13:28.80]where we have little food, less water.
[13:33.61]You know the penalty for returning to the pride lands.
[13:36.75]But the child does not!
[13:39.15]However, if you need your pound of flesh, here.
[13:44.52]( Whimpering )
[13:49.62]Take him and get out.
[13:51.93]We're fiinished here.
[13:56.03]-( Kiara ) Oh! -( Zira ) Oh, no, Simba.
[13:59.03]We have barely begun. ( Chuckling )
[14:08.78]( Gasps )
[14:12.25]( Whispering ) Bye.
[14:16.38]( Whispering ) Bye.
[14:29.10]-Simba? -( Clears Throat )
[14:40.94]( Giggles )
[14:43.95]-( Sighs ) -Kiara, what did you think you were doing?
[14:47.32]You could have been killed today.
[14:49.32]But, Daddy, I-I didn't mean to diso--
[14:51.82]I'm telling you this because I love you.
[14:54.92]-I don't want to lose you. -I know. ( Sighs )
[14:57.93]If something happened to you, I don't know what I'd do.
[15:02.76]One day, I won't be here,
[15:04.77]and I need you to carry on in my place.
[15:07.44]-You are part of the great circle of-- -''Circle of life.'' I know.
[15:12.74]Exactly. And you need to be careful.
[15:15.64]-As future queen-- -What if I don't wanna be queen?
[15:18.98]It's no fun.
[15:20.98]That's like saying you don't wanna be a lion.
[15:23.59]It's in your blood, as I am.
[15:26.76]-We are part of each other. -Hmph.
[15:30.96]Oof!. ( Blowing )
[15:42.00]( Purring )
[15:44.51]As you go through life you'll see
[15:47.51]There is so much that we
[15:51.55]Don't understand
[15:53.72]( Chirping )
[15:56.02]And the only thing we know
[15:59.35]Is things don't always go
[16:03.53]The way we planned
[16:06.93]But you'll see every day
[16:09.83]That we'll never turn away
[16:13.23]When it seems all your dreams come undone
[16:17.67]-( Man Chanting In African ) -We will stand by your side
[16:21.74]-Filled with hope and flilled with pride -( Bleating )
[16:25.95]We are more than we are
[16:29.25]-We are one -One
[16:33.25]-( Singing In African Language ) -We are one
[16:38.76]-( African ) -We are one
[16:45.43]If there's so much I must be
[16:48.90]Can I still just be me
[16:52.61]-The way I am -( African )
[16:57.41]Can I trust in my own heart
[17:00.92]Or am I just one part
[17:05.12]-Of some big plan -( African )
[17:08.82]Even those who are gone
[17:11.43]Are with us as we go on
[17:14.83]-Your journey has only begun -( African )
[17:20.34]Tears of pain tears of joy
[17:23.44]One thing nothing can destroy
[17:26.64]-( African ) -Is our pride deep inside
[17:31.05]-We are one -One
[17:32.45]-We are one -One
[17:33.95]( African )
[17:37.45]We are one
[17:40.66]( African )
[17:43.66]-We are one -We are one, you and I
[17:48.66]We are like the earth and sky
[17:52.23]-One family under the sun -( African )
[17:57.84]All the wisdom to lead
[18:01.58]-All the courage that you need -( African )
[18:05.25]You will fiind when you see
[18:09.05]-We are one -One, one, one
[18:14.89]( Chorus Fading )
[18:20.23]As long as you live here,
[18:22.73]-it's who you are. -( Chorus Continues )
[18:27.70]You'll understand someday.
[18:34.11]( Bird Tweeting )
[18:36.11]( African Chorus Continues )
[19:03.61]( Ends )
[19:14.15]( Snarling )
[19:22.96]Kovu, Kovu, Kovu. Scar wasn't even his father.
[19:26.49]-He just took him in. -( Growling )
[19:28.50]Oh, hey, Vitani, where's the little termite Kovu--
[19:33.54]''the Chosen One''?
[19:36.34]( Laughing )
[19:39.47]Nuka, where's Kovu?
[19:41.51]Did you leave him out there on his own again?
[19:44.45]Hey! It's every lion for himself out here.
[19:47.35]-( Insects Buzzing ) -That little termite's gotta learn to be on his own.
[19:49.85]Mother's gonna be mad. She told you to watch him.
[19:53.19]Oh, who cares? I shoulda been the Chosen One.
[19:55.99]I'm the oldest. I'm the strongest. I'm the smartest--
[19:58.69]Oh, these termites! ( Yelping )
[20:03.97]I could be a leader, if she'd just give me a chance.
[20:08.47]( Scoffs ) Yeah, right. Why don't you tell that to her?
[20:12.04]Yeah? Don't think I won't.
[20:14.54]Oh, yeah? ( Chuckles ) Here's your chance.
[20:17.31]-What? Oh! Mother. Mother! Hi! -( Growling )
[20:20.48]( Giggling ) Mother, I caught some fiield mice for your dinner.
[20:23.59]I left 'em by the, um-- by the--Okay.
[20:28.16]( Vitani ) Hey, Kovu,
[20:30.16]wanna fiight? ( Growling )
[20:33.83]-You were supposed to be watching him. -( Gasps )
[20:37.23]I-It's not his fault. I went off on my own.
[20:40.74]-What were you doing? -( Whimpering ) Nothing.
[20:42.90]-Who has made us outsiders? -Simba.
[20:45.54]-Who killed Scar? -Simba!
[20:48.41]What have I told you about them?
[20:53.01]I'm sorry, Mother. Oh, I-- She didn't seem so bad.
[20:57.22]Oh, I-I-I-I-- I thought we could be--
[20:59.42]Friends? You thought you'd get to the daughter,
[21:04.76]and Simba would welcome you with open arms?
[21:07.73]What an idea.
[21:11.47]What an idea!
[21:15.30]-You brilliant child. I'm so proud of you. -( Gasps )
[21:21.14]-You have the same conniving mind... -( Whimpering )
[21:24.48]that made Scar so... powerful.
[21:27.92]-Ugh. Yuch. -( Roaring )
[21:30.99]( Weak Laughter)
[21:35.82]( Groaning )
[21:40.96]Bah. ''Chosen One.''
[21:49.20]( Grunts )
[21:52.27]I now see the path...
[21:54.64]to our glorious return...
[21:58.55]to power!
[22:00.78]-But I don't want-- -Hush!
[22:03.15]Hush, my little one.
[22:06.35]You must be exhausted.
[22:11.16]Sleep, my little Kovu
[22:14.73]Let your dreams take wing
[22:18.40]One day when you're big and strong
[22:22.50]You will be a king
[22:27.01]-Good night. -Good night, my little prince.
[22:30.21]Tomorrow your training intensifiies.
[22:35.08]I've been exiled, persecuted
[22:37.59]Left alone with no defense
[22:39.59]When I think of what that brute did
[22:42.52]I get a little tense
[22:44.93]But I dream a dream so pretty
[22:47.46]That I don't feel so depressed
[22:50.10]'Cause it soothes my inner kitty
[22:52.90]And it helps me get some rest
[22:55.27]The sound of Simba's dying gasp
[22:57.87]( Mock Screaming )
[22:59.87]His daughter squealing in my grasp
[23:02.71]His lioness's mournful cry
[23:06.78]That's my lullaby
[23:10.62]Now, the past I've tried forgetting
[23:12.79]And my foes I could forgive
[23:15.39]Trouble is I know it's petty
[23:17.96]But I hate to let them live
[23:20.90]So you found yourself somebody
[23:22.90]Who'll chase Simba up a tree
[23:25.33]Oh, the battle may be bloody
[23:28.00]-But that kind of works for me -( Screaming )
[23:30.81]-The melody of angry growls -( Growling )
[23:34.78]-A counterpoint of painful howls -( Howling )
[23:38.61]A symphony of death Oh, my
[23:41.85]That's my lullaby
[23:46.22]Scar is gone But Zira's still around
[23:50.53]To love this little lad ( Slurps )
[23:54.30]Till he learns to be a killer
[23:57.53]With a lust for being bad
[24:05.04]Sleep, ya little termite I mean, precious little thing
[24:10.18]One day when you're big and strong
[24:12.88]You will be a king
[24:15.48]( Pounding Drums )
[24:18.39]The pounding of the drums of war
[24:21.86]The thrill of Kovu's mighty roar
[24:24.49]-The joy of vengeance -Testify!
[24:27.56]I can hear the cheering
[24:29.70]-Kovu--what a guy -Kovu--what a guy
[24:31.43]Payback time is nearing
[24:33.27]And then our flag will fly
[24:36.27]Against a blood-red sky
[24:40.78]That's my lullaby
[24:46.78]( Cackling )
[25:01.63]Oh, Mufasa. Every day Kiara grows more beautiful,
[25:06.43]into a queen that will someday make us all very proud.
[25:11.81]But this cub, Kovu, grows stronger,
[25:15.48]and Zira fiills his heart with hate.
[25:18.31]I'm very worried, Mufasa.
[25:20.98]Things are not going well, no.
[25:26.42]Hmm? You have a plan?
[25:37.20]Kovu? Kiara?
[25:43.80]This is the plan?
[25:46.37]Are you crazy? This will never work.
[25:49.34]Oh, Mufasa, you been up there too long. Your head is in the clouds.
[25:52.65]-( Wind Gusting ) -Okay, okay, okay. Okay, all right, okay!
[25:58.22]I don't think this is going to work, but I trust you.
[26:01.49]I just hope you know what you are doing!
[26:13.40]You are ready! ( Chuckling )
[26:17.00]Mm, nice.
[26:20.21]Very... nice.
[26:23.41]( Chuckling )
[26:25.45]-You have the same blackness in your soul that Scar had. -( Growling )
[26:29.85]What is your destiny?
[26:31.92]I will avenge Scar.
[26:34.46]-Take his place in the pride lands. -Yes! What have I taught you?
[26:39.09]Simba is the enemy.
[26:41.36]And what must you do?
[26:44.97]I must kill him.
[26:47.74]( Snarling )
[26:59.15]( Chattering )
[27:02.22]-( Female #/ Murmuring ) This is Kiara's fiirst hunt. -( Sighing )
[27:07.09]-( Female #2 ) There she is! -Kiara.
[27:13.39]-Aha! -( Female #/ ) You can do it.
[27:15.90]( Female #2 ) It's your day.
[27:17.90]( Excited Chattering, Indistinct )
[27:19.90]My, how you've grown.
[27:26.31]Hmm. You'll do just fiine.
[27:29.91]Daddy? You have to promise to let me do this on my own.
[27:37.99]All right. I promise.
[28:08.58]Make sure she doesn't get hurt.
[28:11.22]-Ah! Mm. -( Humming )
[28:19.49]-( Twig Snaps ) -( Gasps )
[28:34.74]Eww. This place is even creepier since the hyenas ran off.
[28:39.41]Oh, sheesh.
[28:41.42]-( Scoffs ) I'm not scared, okay? -( Hissing Sound )
[28:44.69]( Whimpers )
[28:47.35]I just don't know why we have to be here, that's all.
[28:51.09]If Kovu is so special, why does he need us?
[28:53.96]-( Hissing ) -I never even had a chance!
[28:56.73]( Screaming, Whimpering )
[29:02.47]That's it! Well, come on.
[29:05.61]Kiara has started her hunt. We have to move quickly.
[29:08.31]( Whimpering )
[29:11.08]Ow, fiire!
[29:14.12]( Laughs Hysterically )
[29:25.53]Hut! Hut!
[29:27.80]( Grass Rustling )
[29:44.81]Tango Charlie Alpha. What's your position?
[29:47.25]Uh... upright? Head turned slightly to the left, tail erect.
[29:52.85]Why do I bother?
[30:01.03]-Ooh. -( Stone Rattles )
[30:08.57]( Gasps )
[30:18.98]( Both Screaming )
[30:21.72]( Timon ) This must be where the deer and the antelope play.
[30:25.12]-( Screaming ) -( Panting )
[30:27.92]-( Laughing Uneasily ) -Timon, what are you doing here?
[30:31.49]Uh, shopping! We thought a nice pelt for the den,
[30:34.80]some throw pillows, a little potpourri--
[30:36.90]My father sent you. After he promised to let me do this on my own, he lied.
[30:41.17]No. He just doesn't want you to get hurt.
[30:44.10]I should have known he'd never give me a real chance.
[30:47.78]I'll do this on my own! Away from the pride lands.
[30:51.78]Hey! Wait! Come back! Ah!
[30:54.35]-( Pumbaa ) Look behind you! -( Timon ) Kiara! Come back!
[30:57.65]Oh-ho! She's gone again.
[31:00.32]Somebody's gotta get a beeper for this kid.
[31:06.93]( Panting )
[31:13.83]( Nuka ) Let's light fiires!
[31:16.67]( Chuckling )
[31:19.17]( Yelling, Laughing )
[31:22.31]Roasty-toasty princess roasty-toasty princess
[31:26.88]Hey, is it hot in here, or is that just me?
[31:30.22]Fire! ( Screaming )
[31:33.32]-( Laughing ) -Come on.
[31:54.51]( Gasps )
[32:04.59]The plan is in motion. Go!
[32:14.03]Don't worry, Simba. She'll be fiine!
[32:17.73]What could happen?
[32:19.83]( Gasps ) No! No! Kiara!
[32:23.24]-( Gasps ) -Zazu! Fly ahead! Find her!
[32:27.24]-( Growling ) -( Frightened Neighing )
[32:31.75]( Panting ) Oh!
[32:35.15]( Screams )
[32:38.32]( Coughing )
[32:51.67]( Panting, Grunting )
[32:56.50]( Grunting, Sighing )
[33:04.68]-( Deep Growling ) -( Moaning )
[33:11.25]( Growling )
[33:13.25]( Sighing )
[33:23.10]( Snarling )
[33:46.52]( Kovu Grunting )
[33:50.76]( Gasps )
[33:58.53]( Gasps )
[34:01.67]I must tell Simba!
[34:09.58]( Coughing, Gasping )
[34:14.35]-Where am I? -You're safe. In the pride lands.
[34:19.25]The pride lands? No!
[34:22.46]Why'd you bring me here? Who do you think you are?
[34:25.06]( Gasps ) I think I'm the one that just saved your life.
[34:28.46]Look, I had everything under control.
[34:31.00]-Not from where I'm standing. -Then move downwind.
[34:34.10]( Growls )
[34:37.94]( Grunts, Sighs, Growls )
[34:44.34]What are you doing?
[34:50.02]Kiara! ( Snarling )
[34:53.35]Kiara, you're all right.
[34:55.62]Father, how could you break your promise?
[34:57.62]It's a good thing I did. I almost lost you.
[35:00.03]No more hunts for you. Not ever.
[35:02.03]But I was doing just fiine! Even before Kovu--
[35:04.87]-Kovu? -( Both Snarling )
[35:08.17]-Simba! -( Growling )
[35:10.54]Hey! You!
[35:12.64]How dare you save the king's daughter?
[35:16.34]You saved her? Why?
[35:19.15]-I humbly ask to join your pride. -No!
[35:22.65]You were banished with the other outsiders.
[35:25.05]I have left the outsiders. I am a rogue.
[35:28.26]Judge me now for who I am. ( Sighing )
[35:31.99]Or am I to be blamed for a crime I didn't commit?
[35:36.60]( Growling )
[35:39.60]Simba,you owe him your daughter's life.
[35:44.10]Hmm, yes, sire. Clearly we are in his debt.
[35:46.91]And royal protocol demands that all debts be paid.
[35:50.41]Though in this case, you might want to make an exception.
[35:58.35]My father's law will prevail.
[36:01.42]For now, I reserve judgment.
[36:04.32]We'll see who you really are.
[36:09.83]Hmph! Riffraff.
[36:16.87]( Growling )
[36:29.65]( Gasps )
[36:33.29]( Growls )
[37:00.15]Hey, uh, thanks for saving me today.
[37:04.32]( Laughs ) What kind of hunter are you, anyway... Princess?
[37:07.85]You almost got yourself killed out there.
[37:10.16]-What? -You wouldn't last three days on your own.
[37:14.06]Oh, and I suppose you could teach me?
[37:17.53]( Laughs ) Oh. Yeah.
[37:19.67]-( Simba ) Kiara! -Coming.
[37:24.17]All right! Impress me.
[37:27.37]We start at dawn.
[37:31.55]( Chuckling ) I look forward to it.
[37:38.39]( Sputtering ) Did you see that?
[37:42.56]-He let her go! If that were me, I-- -Hush.
[37:45.86]The fiire rescue worked perfectly,
[37:47.86]and Simba fell for it.
[37:49.86]Now, the closer Kovu gets to the daughter,
[37:53.20]the closer he gets to Simba!
[37:58.11]And once he has Simba alone-- ( Snarls )
[38:08.65]( Panting, Grunting )
[38:12.02]( Male Voice, Echoing ) Simba! Simba!
[38:15.62]-Help me! -Father!
[38:19.43]( Evil Laughing, Echoing )
[38:23.83]No! Dad!
[38:26.93]Just a little farther.
[38:31.67]-( Scar ) Gotcha! -( Screams )
[38:33.67]-Trust me. -Simba!
[38:41.18]-Scar. -( Laughing )
[38:47.05]-Kovu? -Hyah!
[38:53.69]( Panting, Gasping )
[39:32.23]( Growling )
[39:38.77]Good morning. ( Laughing )
[39:41.04]I'm ready for my fiirst lesson. Surprised ya, huh?
[39:46.55]Hey, come on. ( Laughing ) Let's go.
[39:53.29]( Growling )
[39:59.69]-( Grass Rustling ) -( Panting ) Ow.
[40:07.20]Ow! Ow.
[40:09.20]( Sighing )
[40:11.94]Three, two, one.
[40:17.84]You could hear me, huh?
[40:20.51]Only a lot.
[40:24.12]You're still breathing too hard.
[40:26.12]Relax. Feel the earth under your paws,
[40:29.62]so it doesn't shift and make noise.
[40:32.23]-( Sighs ) -( Birds Calling )
[40:36.03]Shh! Watch the master and learn.
[40:44.84]-( Roaring ) -( Screaming )
[40:47.74]Don't eat me, please.
[40:49.74]I-I-I never really met your tyrant-- I mean, uh, Scar. Scar.
[40:53.15]Oh, heck of a guy. A little moody, but--
[40:55.15]Timon, what are you doing here?
[40:58.49]Kiara! Thank goodness!
[41:00.89]Oh! Hey, for once, we're not followin' ya.
[41:03.86]This just happens to be the best smorgasbord in the pride lands.
[41:07.36]Bugs everywhere!
[41:10.00]But, you don't call for a reservation, and--Yeesh!
[41:13.03]Get outta here, ya scavengers. Go on! Shoo!
[41:15.94]-Shoo! Ow! -( Swallowing )
[41:18.21]( Crying ) Oh-ho-ho. Oh!
[41:21.81]( Screaming Wildly )
[41:24.61]( Laughing, Screaming Wildly )
[41:27.81]-( Laughing ) -Oh, Timon! I'm gettin'tired.
[41:32.62]I gotta lose some pounds.
[41:35.36]Shoo! Go on! Shoo! Shoo!
[41:37.56]-( Laughing ) -Hey, maybe he could help.
[41:40.26]-Do you think? -Shoo!
[41:42.26]Oh, yeah, there's an idea. Right. Let the vicious outsider--
[41:45.93]Hey! Wait! I have an idea.
[41:50.14]-What if he helps? -What?
[41:52.47]You want to lend a voice? Hah?
[41:55.78]Grr. Gr-- Roar! Work with me!
[41:59.15]-Uh, huh? -Like this. ( Roaring )
[42:02.35]-( Roaring Continues ) -( Birds Chirping )
[42:04.42]Whoo-hoo! Come on. Do it again. Do it again.
[42:07.45]-( Louder Roaring ) -( Timon ) Yee-ha! ( Blows Raspberry )
[42:10.96]Why are we doing this? What's the point of this training?
[42:14.43]( Laughing ) Training? This is just for fun!
[42:19.60]-Fun? -( Laughing )
[42:21.67]Yeesh, kid. Ya gotta get out more often.
[42:24.04]Fun! Yee-ha!
[42:26.47]( Laughing )
[42:29.01]Woo-hoo! Yee-ha!
[42:31.51]-Yee-ha! -( Laughing )
[42:33.51]-Yee-ha! -( Birds Twittering )
[42:37.28]( Timon ) Whoa-oh-oh! ( Laughs )
[42:39.95]-Yee-ha! -( Kiara ) Yee-ha!
[42:42.46]( All Laughing )
[42:44.86]( Screaming )
[42:47.89]-Uh-oh. -( Blowing Raspberry )
[42:50.63]-( Bellowing ) -Wow!
[42:53.47]( All ) Yee-ha!
[42:59.81]-Whoa! -Whoa!
[43:01.81]( Timon ) Hey, rhino!
[43:06.88]( Laughing )
[43:11.15]-What a blast! -Oh. Sorry.
[43:14.65]-( Kovu, Kiara Laughing ) -Aha! You're okay, kid.
[43:17.19]-Hey! -You're okay.
[43:19.23]-Kid. -Excuse me. Pardon me. Pardon me.
[43:22.40]-( Groaning ) -That's it. That's it. That's it. Ooh--
[43:25.60]-A-Ahem. ( Laughing ) -( Laughing )
[43:29.47]-Um--S-Sorry. Uh-- -( Stammering )
[43:34.94]-( Timon ) Hey, are you two coming or what? -( Kiara Giggling )
[43:43.58]( Kovu ) Did you see that? Did you see that? Watch.
[43:46.42]-Oh, wow. Look at that. It's really pretty. -What? Oh, yeah.
[43:50.12]You're right. Oh, look!
[43:53.56]There's one that looks like a baby rabbit. See the fluffy tail?
[43:57.23]Yeah. Hey!
[43:59.83]There's one that looks like two lions killing each other for a scrap of meat.
[44:03.30]( Laughs ) Hey, I've never done this before.
[44:06.14]Really? My father and I used to do this all the time.
[44:11.61]He says all the great kings of the past are up there. ( Chuckles )
[44:16.65]( Whispering ) Do ya think Scar's up there?
[44:26.33]He wasn't my father, but he was still... part of me.
[44:32.53]My father said there was a--
[44:35.47]a darkness in Scar that he couldn't escape.
[44:40.01]Maybe there's a darkness in me too.
[44:45.05]( Purring )
[44:54.05]Father, I am lost. Kovu is one of them.
[44:59.36]Scar's heir.
[45:01.73]-How can I accept him? -Simba?
[45:07.83]I was seeking counsel from the great kings.
[45:11.00]-Did they help? -( Sighs )
[45:13.51]( Simba ) Silent as stars. My father would never--
[45:16.51]Oh, my Simba.
[45:18.51]You want so much to walk the path expected of you.
[45:21.92]-Perhaps Kovu does not. -What? How do you know--
[45:25.75]( Laughing ) I can see them down there just as easily as you can.
[45:30.96]Get to know him and see.
[45:45.44]-( Clea


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