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[00:48.75]Boing! Boing! Boing!
[00:55.76]-There you go. -Thanks.
[01:13.74]I'm gonna be a dad!
[01:15.70]l just talked to my wife. My baby's gonna be delivered any minute.
[01:19.07]-Hey, get out of the way. -Hey, l'm gonna be a dad.
[01:22.49]Congratulate me.
[01:28.00]Good for you, Herb.
[01:30.59]Don't even think about it.
[01:36.01]Sorry. How are you? Nice to see you. l'm gonna be a dad!
[01:41.72]Hey, Mr. Nuts, did you hear the news?
[01:43.77]-Yeah. -Beautiful day, isn't it?
[01:47.56]l'm here. l'm here.
[01:49.86]-l'm here. -Oh, honey, l'm so sorry.
[01:53.19]You missed the delivery.
[01:56.32]lt's okay. Making the baby's the fun part.
[02:20.34]Honey, l think you've got the wrong...
[02:23.10]No, l don't need to see the directions.
[02:40.70]Push, push.
[02:57.88]Twelve hours of labor.
[03:00.30]Oh, but it was worth it.
[03:02.47]Look at him. Look at him.
[03:04.93]Rodney Copperbottom.
[03:07.35]He's got your mom's eyes and my dad's nose.
[03:09.94]l knew we were smart to save those parts.
[03:12.52]This Copperbottom will do great things for the world, l can feel it.
[03:15.69]-Honey? -What?
[03:17.15]What's that extra piece?
[03:19.99]Oh, no, they always put in an extra...
[03:24.12]We did want a boy, right?
[03:29.04]This won't hurt a bit, son.
[03:38.84]Got your nose. Got your nose.
[03:40.72]Got your... Woop!
[04:03.74]-Hi, son. -Are those my big-boy parts?
[04:05.91]They sure are.
[04:10.41]They're not shiny.
[04:12.46]Well, they're not brand-new. They're preowned. So...
[04:16.21]They're hand-me-downs from your cousin Jeffrey.
[04:20.17]And they're only for a year.
[04:43.74]Ow! Ow!
[04:48.37]Hey, Dad, who's that?
[04:50.54]That, Rodney, is Bigweld.
[04:52.96]The greatest robot in the world.
[04:55.29]l thought you were the greatest robot in the world.
[04:58.54]No, besides me.
[05:00.38]He's the head of Bigweld lndustries.
[05:02.21]He invents things that make everyone's life better.
[05:05.55]-Could l meet him? -Sure, maybe someday.
[05:08.76]-Dad? -Yeah?
[05:10.22]-What do you do? -Me? l work in a big, fancy restaurant.
[05:14.27]l'm a dishwasher.
[05:21.65]And now, live from Robot City, it's The Bigweld Show.
[05:27.41]Oh, yeah!
[05:29.41]Come on, Dad, you're missing it.
[05:32.41]All right, Rodney. All right, l'm coming. l'm coming.
[05:35.08]l had to bring work home with me again, l'm sorry.
[05:37.58]Mr. Gunk has really been piling it on.
[05:39.75]And now, the host of our show, Bigweld.
[05:43.84]Welcome. This week l thought you'd like to take a look around Bigweld lndustries.
[05:48.59]This here is the front gate. Kind of cute, ain't it?
[05:54.68]-Good morning, Tim. -Good morning, Mr. Bigweld, sir.
[05:58.02]Tim, who closed the front gate?
[06:00.40]Well, l just thought since...
[06:02.77]Oh, we never shut the gate, Tim.
[06:06.11]Shutting this gate means shutting out fresh ideas.
[06:09.16]See, every day, robots come here from hither and yon...
[06:11.83]...bringing us new ideas.
[06:15.58]And l listen to every single one of them.
[06:23.30]So remember, whether a bot is made of new parts, old parts or spare parts...
[06:28.68] can shine no matter what you're made of.
[06:31.64]He's talking to me, Dad.
[06:33.81]He sure is, son. He sure is.
[06:36.93]Okay, folks, let's get to inventing.
[06:44.52]You know, I Iove to tinker...
[06:46.32]...but all the tinkering in the world isn't useful unless it starts with a good idea.
[06:53.66]So look around for a need and start coming up with ideas to fill that need.
[06:59.37]One idea will lead to another, and before you know it...
[07:04.84]'ve done it. See a need, fill a need.
[07:08.76]That's it, Dad. l have to look for...
[07:14.89]...a need.
[07:29.32]Easy, now.
[07:46.00]-Hey there, sport. -Oh, hi.
[07:49.21]These are your 1 2-year-old parts. They're...
[07:52.47]Hand-me-downs. l know, Dad.
[07:55.35]-l don't mind. -They are from your cousin...
[08:00.18]You know how popular she is.
[08:44.02]Oh, hey. Hey.
[08:46.65]Soon as you reach the age where your warranty expires, you start falling apart.
[08:50.69]Pretty soon there's gonna be more duct tape than me.
[08:52.78]-Can l try it now, Dad? -Oh, Rodney...
[08:56.87]-Have you worked all the kinks out of it? -This is gonna make yourjob easy.
[09:01.12]l invented it for you.
[09:06.12]Okay. Let's try it.
[09:08.17]Great. Okay, this is it.
[09:10.96]Wonderbot, go to work.
[09:28.23]Yeah, yeah.
[10:11.36]-Mr. Gunk. -What is that?
[10:12.94]-Oh, that. My son made it. -What's it doing?
[10:16.03]Mr. Gunk, please, you're making it nervous.
[10:20.07]lt's wrecking my kitchen!
[10:23.79]-l'll stop it. -No!
[10:29.87]Your son, huh?
[10:31.42]lt wasn't his fault. He had nothing to do with it.
[10:33.42]Yes, sir, he's a brilliant boy. An inventor.
[10:37.05]You, clean up this mess. And, you, get out.
[10:42.22]You're the hand-me-down son of a dishwasher, and that's all you'll ever be.
[10:46.47]Somebody scrape this crud off of me. And serve it to the customers.
[10:52.19]Roundtrip or one-way?
[10:58.15]There you are. l told you l'd find him.
[11:02.03]-lt's a mother's instinct. -lnstinct? He left us a note:
[11:05.58]"l'm leaving. l'll be at the train station."
[11:08.20]Never mind. Pick up that suitcase. You're coming home.
[11:11.12]No, Mom. l have to do this. l'm going to Robot City tonight.
[11:15.59]l'm gonna get a job and l'm gonna help Dad pay back Mr. Gunk.
[11:18.76]Talk to him.
[11:20.26]-Ro... -Robot City? You're just a kid.
[11:23.26]l'm never gonna be someone here.
[11:25.60]l wanna be an inventor. l wanna meet Bigweld.
[11:28.35]l wanna be somebody.
[11:29.98]You are somebody.
[11:31.69]Somebody who's not getting on that train.
[11:34.11]-Yes, l am. -Talk to him.
[11:40.74]-One ticket for Robot City. -Where are you going?
[11:43.70]-Not me. Him. -But...
[11:47.20]Rodney, did you know that when l was your age, l wanted to be a musician?
[11:52.12]l played pretty well too...
[11:54.71]...but my dad was worried l wouldn't be able to make a living.
[11:57.63]So l got refitted to be a dishwasher. Now, l'm not complaining.
[12:01.80]But l've always said to myself...
[12:05.51]...if l could do it over again, l would follow my dream.
[12:11.35]You've got greatness in you, Rodney.
[12:13.81]Never doubt it.
[12:15.31]You go to Robot City.
[12:17.36]You go meet Bigweld, and you show him your big ideas.
[12:21.99]And, Rodney...
[12:42.67]All aboard.
[13:02.69]l won't let you down, Dad.
[13:05.36]l'll make you proud.
[13:10.08]l know you will.
[14:03.30]Excuse me, l wonder if...
[14:05.17]-Gave at the office. -l wonder if you...
[14:06.76]Could you direct me to Bigweld lndust...?
[14:09.30]-What? -Perfect. That will be 50 bucks.
[14:11.76]Fifty bucks? For what?
[14:13.31]A beautiful picture of your first moment in Robot City.
[14:15.93]There. Your second moment. That's another $50.
[14:18.48]Are you keeping track?
[14:20.90]Come on, work with me, work with me. More pout, less pose.
[14:24.19]Great. lnside of you is a fashion model waiting to throw up.
[14:27.32]Give me those eyes. Big eyes, big eyes. Give me big anime eyes.
[14:31.95]-Yeah! Loving it, loving it, loving it! -l don't want any pictures.
[14:35.50]-You don't? -No.
[14:36.96]That's all right. There's no film. Would you like a map to the stars' homes?
[14:41.00]Where did he go?
[15:01.85]-Buddy, wanna buy a watch? -Don't buy us, we're fakes.
[15:17.50]Excuse me, how do l get to Bigweld lndustries?
[15:20.16]Oh, great...
[15:25.55]Never mind.
[15:39.02]Hi, excuse me. How do l get to Bigweld lndustries?
[15:50.03]Oh. Yeah, thanks.
[15:53.03]Cross-town express to Foundry District...
[15:55.45]...with stops at BigweId Industries and Battery Park.
[15:59.54]PIease tighten aII spooIs, nuts, boIts and detachabIe appendages.
[16:03.75]Riders with high oiI pressure are advised to take the local.
[16:08.05]Thank you, and have a nice day.
[16:23.06]No, no.
[16:32.45]-Say, are you following me? -No.
[16:35.11]-First time on the cross-town express? -Well, actually, l...
[16:37.78]Oh, boy.
[16:39.45]Good luck in the big city. lf you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.
[16:43.25]And if you can't make it here, welcome to the club.
[16:55.97]-Oh, no. -What? What is it?
[16:57.43]We're going off the track. We're gonna crash!
[16:59.43]-What? -l don't wanna die.
[17:12.32]l was just kidding. Just put your head between your legs.
[17:29.29]There goes my stop.
[17:50.15]l tell you, the things that fall off me... lt's embarrassing.
[18:27.77]lt used to be a lot worse. They had this giant hammer...
[18:31.69]Oh, they brought it back.
[18:56.76]Stick with me. l know this town like the back of my hand.
[18:59.38]Hey, that's new.
[19:23.49]Excuse me. Can l help you?
[19:26.16]Sorry, l...
[19:28.08]-Hey, you're Tim from the TV show. -That's me.
[19:33.25]Well, hey, Tim.
[19:34.75]Who closed the gate? lt's never supposed to be...
[19:37.76]Yeah, okay, what do you want?
[19:41.01]l'd like to see Mr. Bigweld.
[19:43.55]l'm an inventor.
[19:47.27]Oh, why didn't you say so?
[19:50.06]Stand back.
[20:09.79]Thanks. What?
[20:13.46]l got you. You see, because you were all excited and then, boom!
[20:18.55]All right, l had my laugh. Go on in.
[20:26.97]Now, that's funny.
[20:29.64]The second time.
[20:32.02]You really think l'm gonna let you in. But l'm not.
[20:36.81]Sorry, kid, nobody gets in. Company rules.
[20:39.48]Company ru...? Well, then how do they hire new inventors?
[20:42.95]They don't. Those days are over.
[20:45.45]My advice: Come back two years ago. Then the job is yours.
[21:03.05]So remember, whether a bot is made of new parts...
[21:06.30]...old parts or spare parts...
[21:08.35] can shine no matter what you're made of.
[21:12.18]My goodness, what a remarkable legacy.
[21:15.60]Concern for the common robot.
[21:18.65]You don't come across old-fashioned values like that anymore, friends.
[21:23.19]And for good reason.
[21:24.70]There's no money in it!
[21:26.95]Hello? Memo to Bigweld: We're not a charity.
[21:30.87]That's why old fat face no longer sits in the big chair.
[21:34.08]He's a relic.
[21:35.79]So l don't wanna hear another, "Where's Bigweld?"
[21:42.05]We'll see him next month at the Bigweld Ball. He always goes to that.
[21:48.97]Now, let's get down to the business of sucking every loose penny...
[21:52.56]...out of Mr. and Mrs. Average-Knucklehead.
[21:56.31]What's our big-ticket item?
[22:04.57]Upgrades, people. Upgrades.
[22:07.32]That's how we make the dough.
[22:08.78]lf we're telling robots that no matter what they're made of, they're "fine"...
[22:13.87] can we expect them to feel crummy enough about themselves...
[22:17.42] buy our upgrades and make themselves look better?
[22:20.29]Therefore, l've come up with a new slogan.
[22:23.96]"Why be you when you can be new?"
[22:30.43]l gotta tell you, l think it's brilliant...
[22:33.10]...but, honestly, l'd like to hear what you employees think about this.
[22:39.60]-Hear, hear. -Out of the ballpark, Ratchet.
[22:48.36]Just don't look down.
[23:04.13]Get off.
[23:06.63]Go on, get off.
[23:09.84]Get it off me!
[23:12.05]Cappy, you haven't said a word.
[23:14.56]-lt gave me chills. -Thank you, thank you.
[23:18.64]-But... -But?
[23:21.02]l'm just wondering, why would robots buy new upgrades...
[23:25.07]...if parts are so much cheaper?
[23:27.82]Oh, right. Well, that's easy.
[23:30.20]Because as of today, we are no longer making spare parts.
[23:35.41]Do you know what l call robots who can't afford upgrades? Scrap metal.
[23:39.71]You see them on the streets, misshapen and rust-covered.
[23:43.17]They turn your insides out. You wanna run home and scrub yourself.
[23:48.17]Now, Cappy, l want your department to push our new slogan.
[23:51.05]ln fact, l'm moving you into the office right next to mine.
[23:54.01]We'll be working very, very closely together on this one.
[23:57.89]-Won't that be fun? -Oodles.
[24:12.20]-Oh, so sorry, l... -What the...?
[24:14.62]Sir, l am a young inventor, and it has been my dream to come to Robot City...
[24:21.04]...and to present my ideas to Mr. Bigweld.
[24:24.75]Who doesn't seem to be here.
[24:26.84]Gee, no, no. But while he's away, he left me in charge.
[24:31.38]Oh, well, then let me show you what this can do.
[24:34.64]l have a better idea. Why don't you let me show you what it can do.
[24:40.22]lt can do this!
[25:03.58]So how did it go?
[25:08.25]What the heck is going on around here?
[25:11.88]Some highly polished jerk is sitting in Bigweld's chair.
[25:17.30]And you're sitting on the sidewalk, magnetized.
[25:21.27]Listen, l'll be back, and l'm gonna get to the bottom of this.
[25:25.64]When you pick a lost cause, you really commit.
[25:29.02]Where do they make dreamers like you? Get lost, freak!
[27:40.07]All right, break time.
[27:45.53]All right, break time's over.
[27:51.75]Look who's here.
[27:53.75]-Hi, Mom. -Hi, sweetie. How's my boy?
[27:57.50]Great. l did just what you told me. No more spare parts.
[28:01.97]ln a couple of weeks, those broken-down losers out there will be scrap metal.
[28:06.43]You will be up to your bloomers in broken-elbowjunk.
[28:09.48]Such a good boy.
[28:11.27]And after you finish off Bigweld...
[28:13.19]...there will be nobody out there to fix them.
[28:17.65]You wanna swing that one by me again?
[28:19.90]ldiot! Those outmodes look up to him.
[28:23.41]-Suppose he decides to come back? -Oh, come on, Mom.
[28:27.12]-He's not gonna be trouble where he is. -What are you afraid of?
[28:30.79]Grow some bolts.
[28:32.29]Or do you want to end up like your father?
[28:35.13]Hey, son. Good to see you.
[28:37.46]Think what it would mean.
[28:39.34]Not Bigweld lndustries, Ratchet lndustries.
[28:44.30]Keep talking.
[28:45.64]Ratchet City!
[28:48.64]Yes, everything shiny.
[28:51.85]No more Bigweld, no more outmode.
[28:55.81]Let's do it!
[28:57.94]That's my boy!
[29:07.91]Are you hungry? Can l get you something?
[29:10.24]-You look thin. -No, no, no, Mom. l gotta go. Bye.
[29:14.83]Bye, Pop.
[29:15.92]So long, son. Good luck with your dastardly plans.
[29:45.36]Hi there.
[29:47.03]Listen, if l seem to be getting smaller, it's because l'm leaving.
[29:53.37]Foot, don't fail me now.
[29:55.04]Stop! Hey, you got my foot!
[30:41.63]Oh, great. Happy now?
[30:44.51]Not until you give me back my foot, you mugger.
[30:47.88]l am not a mugger. l happen to be...
[30:51.76]...a scrounger.
[30:53.14]l didn't know you were at the end of that foot.
[30:55.60]Here, let me help you with that.
[30:58.02]No, no, no, l'll do it myself.
[30:59.73]l have my pride, you know. Over here.
[31:01.98]Oh, no. No, not that close. Hold on, hold on.
[31:05.69]No. No, no.
[31:10.61]What's the use? There's nothing left.
[31:13.33]Hey, Diesel, l found you a voice box.
[31:26.88]Here's another one.
[31:29.84]That's no good. Give me that.
[31:35.51]l can never find parts in my size.
[31:40.77]What is it, boy?
[31:43.48]Hey, Fender, have you lost weight?
[31:46.23]Lost weight?
[31:48.32]Look at where you're looking. He's a head in a basket.
[31:51.86]We're doomed, l knew it. We're doomed.
[31:54.24]Yeah, will you shut up, you neurotic nut? Why, l'd smack you if l had a hand.
[32:00.08]Wow, speak of the devil, here l come.
[32:06.04]Check this out.
[32:07.34]Who would throw away such a cute little doodad?
[32:11.30]-Don't be scared. -Hey, that's mine.
[32:14.43]That's him. That's the guy. l would know that face.
[32:17.68]l know that face, and l know that foot.
[32:21.23]He's over there, moron.
[32:23.19]That's the perpetrator. He knocked my head off.
[32:25.52]-You want another piece of me? -All right, buster.
[32:28.23]lf you think you can mess with my big brother, you're... You're kind of cute.
[32:33.03]Piper, would you behave yourself.
[32:35.37]Now, come on, let's get Fender fixed. Again.
[32:38.54]Here's your thingamabob.
[32:41.20]By the way, the name's Piper.
[32:43.62]Rhymes with "viper."
[32:46.92]See you around.
[32:53.43]We've told you a hundred times:
[32:55.72]"Don't talk to strange men." Thank you, Manuel.
[32:58.14]l talk to you. Who's stranger than that?
[33:08.44]l got good news, and l got bad news.
[33:11.90]-What's the bad news? -l checked the stock book.
[33:14.53]And as of today, they are no longer making parts for your model.
[33:17.99]You have been officially outmoded.
[33:20.66]Outmoded? Well, that's fine.
[33:22.41]What's the good news?
[33:24.16]Well, when we had your parts, they were on sale.
[33:34.09]How could this happen to me? l'm practically a kid.
[33:38.47]Look, pull yourself together. All you need is an upgrade.
[33:42.64]-Whoa! -Wow.
[33:44.18]That new-upgrade smell.
[33:46.81]Just came in, fully loaded. Look.
[33:49.61]lt's got cup-holders, standard.
[33:51.82]Does it come in plus sizes?
[33:53.44]Sure, take a look at the new Bigweld spring collection.
[33:59.83]l can't afford that fancy stuff. All l need is one stinking neck joint.
[34:04.16]No. Why did this happen to me?
[34:10.34]l'm hurting me. ldiot.
[34:12.67]Sorry, pal, it's either upgrade or the chop shop for you.
[34:16.38]The chop shop?
[34:19.14]l'm fine, l'm fine. Look, no hands.
[34:26.10]Ta-da! l'm back. Miss me?
[34:28.65]-No one's going to the chop shop. -That's right.
[34:31.48]What do you think we can get for him?
[34:33.69]Will you stop? Listen, shiny pants...
[34:36.32] get back there and find a part for my brother.
[34:38.91]We are not junk, we are not scrap, and we will not be treated this way.
[34:45.33]l'm sorry. l don't have the parts.
[34:47.25]Well, do you have two washers, an S-spring and some Fastweld?
[34:50.50]l can fix you easy.
[34:54.38]The Force is strong with this one.
[35:08.85]When was the last time you got oiled?
[35:10.85]l can't answer that with my kid sister here.
[35:13.36]Can it, Fender.
[35:14.86]Hold still. This might tickle.
[35:17.40]We haven't been properly introduced.
[35:19.57]l'm Fender. Used to be Bumper...
[35:21.70]...but had to change it when we came in to the country.
[35:24.37]Copperbottom, Rodney Copperbottom.
[35:26.24]Riddle me this: Why did l meet you among the garbage?
[35:29.54]Well, today l tried to get in to see Bigweld.
[35:33.54]Well, if you find him, tell him we really need him to come back.
[35:37.21]He cared about bots like us.
[35:39.13]l heard they've done him in and left the rest of us to fall apart.
[35:43.05]Well, that ought to do it.
[35:45.43]Look at that! And he fixed my neck.
[35:49.23]-Sweeper! -Sweeper?
[35:51.90]Make yourself scarce.
[36:00.07]What's the big deal?
[36:01.49]-Well, if you're an outmode like Fender... -Hey.
[36:05.58]They sweep you up and take you to the chop shop.
[36:08.08]Where they melt you down and turn you into something else.
[36:12.96]You mean...?
[36:17.00]Sweepers. Sweepers.
[36:19.09]Help. Here's one outmode you're not gonna get.
[36:29.93]Fender, run!
[36:37.69]That was close.
[36:39.94]When in Robot City, guests of the Rusties... That's us.
[36:42.45]...stay at Aunt Fan's boarding house, where our motto is:
[36:45.32]"Beats rusting outside."
[36:48.16]Let me just let her know you're here. Aunt Fan!
[36:52.46]-We brought someone. -l'm in the kitchen.
[36:55.33]-Are you sure your aunt won't mind? -Relax, she's not my aunt.
[36:58.38]She just takes in bots who are broke. Bless her little heart.
[37:02.55]Well, then why is she called Aunt Fan?
[37:04.51]We couldn't call her Aunt Booty.
[37:10.14]Oh, crap.
[37:11.81]She's a little artsy-fartsy.
[37:13.64]The artsy's okay, but when she gets fartsy...
[37:16.73]Look at... Oh, right on my shoes.
[37:19.61]l'm so clumsy.
[37:21.19]Well, hello there. What's your name?
[37:24.49]l'm Rodney Bigbottom...
[37:25.91]No, l'm Rodney Copperbottom. Copperbottom.
[37:29.53]That's a wonderful name, Bigbottom.
[37:35.00]Well, l just...
[37:36.79]-What happened to your friend? -He's been rear-ended.
[37:41.50]Oh, there you are.
[37:44.67]Aunt Fan, he needs a place to stay.
[37:47.51]Well, just make yourself at home.
[37:50.43]Thank you. That's very kind of you.
[37:52.52]My pleasure.
[37:54.23]See a need, fill a need.
[37:56.02]Hey, just like Bigweld.
[37:58.15]Bigweld. That's a lot of robot.
[38:03.86]Come on. You can bunk with me.
[38:06.28]We'll ignore the gossip.
[38:14.54]You missed a spot.
[38:16.41]Fender, get out of my room!
[38:18.71]l'm not in your room.
[38:20.21]l am now. Now l'm not. l am. Not. Am...
[38:22.59]Get out of my room.
[38:27.63]Oh, man, this is my third oil change today. Something's wrong with me.
[38:34.60]Here we are. Home sweet home.
[38:37.81]What's mine is yours.
[38:40.40]-Oh, dear. -l'll get them.
[38:42.36]Look at that. Now they're arm-wrestling.
[38:47.28]Could you separate them? Hurry, my backside itches.
[39:15.27]l know that sounds bad, but l'm just doing musical arm farts.
[39:21.27]You know how to do those?
[39:22.65]They're hard to do, because we're metal, but that's where the skill comes in.
[39:26.19]l'm real close. Listen.
[39:28.40]No, wait.
[39:29.95]No, wait, wait.
[39:32.62]You can't tell me that didn't sound like a... Like an old man.
[39:36.95]You know, l'm a little tired. Maybe tomorrow.
[39:40.50]Kind of a rough day, huh?
[39:42.71]Kind of. My dad's probably sitting by the phone...
[39:45.46]...waiting for his brilliant son to call...
[39:47.80]...and tell him what a big success my first day was.
[39:51.63]l know it's not your problem.
[39:53.22]lf you burden your friends, you won't have any.
[39:55.81]What are you, a fortune cookie?
[39:57.64]"That's what friends..."
[40:00.81]You consider me a friend?
[40:02.15]Sure, what else would l consider you?
[40:04.23]An embarrassment, a way to rebel against your parents...
[40:07.19]...a desperate cry for help. The list is endless.
[40:09.90]Let's just stick with friend.
[40:11.49]You know, even though you had a discouraging day, remember...
[40:14.57]...there's another one coming tomorrow.
[40:16.66]You know, my last roommate jumped out that window.
[40:20.16]Hey, Fender.
[40:24.25]Yeah, baby. Let it rip!
[40:31.38]Guys, come on, what are you, 3 years old?
[40:33.43]This is how a man does it.
[40:35.72]You guys are so gross.
[40:37.85]Besides, this is how you do it.
[40:41.52]Hey, kids, get a load of this.
[40:48.86]Aunt Fan...
[40:53.57]Oh, excuse me.
[40:55.95]Lady, please...
[40:59.29]...see a doctor.
[41:14.72]This will perk everyone up.
[41:16.51]Some ofAunt Fan's fresh-brewed grease.
[41:20.43]Careful, it's hot.
[41:29.48]So, what are you guys doing today?
[41:32.07]-We're doing it. -What about you?
[41:34.40]Bigweld's disappeared, and you're sitting here.
[41:36.57]That's already been established.
[41:38.49]-l gotta find out what happened to him. -Hey, you want my advice?
[41:41.79]-Sure. -Forget it.
[41:43.96]"Never try, never fail." Those are the words l live by.
[41:47.58]Crank, the idol of millions is gone, and no one seems to care.
[41:50.92]There should be an angry mob out there.
[41:53.38]What the...?
[41:58.09]Wow, that was great, psychic friend.
[42:00.43]Now say, "Money should be falling from the sky."
[42:03.93]Say it. Say it.
[42:08.27]Sorry, folks, all sold out.
[42:10.65]Nothing but upgrades from here on in.
[42:13.32]But l like myselfjust the way l am.
[42:16.11]-We can't afford upgrades! -Let's get him!
[42:18.78]Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing? Don't throw me.
[42:22.87]lsn't that the guy that fixed Fender's neck?
[42:24.95]Yeah, that guy fixes bots.
[42:26.79]Yeah, that kid can help you.
[42:28.83]Brace yourself. You're about to get popular.
[42:32.30]Only those with insurance.
[42:34.17]Oh, l forgot. Everybody, come on.
[42:37.72]Parts, man. l need parts.
[42:40.18]You don't look that...bad.
[42:44.31]-Hey, everybody, spare parts! -Yeah!
[42:46.89]Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What's wrong with you robots?
[42:50.31]You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
[42:52.69]Why do you have two noses?
[42:54.36]One's for showing, one's for blowing.
[42:57.65]-Sorry. -Hey, could you look at my arm?
[43:01.49]-Nice grip. -Like iron.
[43:03.87]-l can't get rid of this spare tire. -l am losing my mind.
[43:07.66]Back off, back off.
[43:09.33]He's got his own dreams that won't come true.
[43:17.34]See a need, fill a need.
[43:23.05]Who wants to get fixed?
[44:07.39]Thanks, Rodney. You're number one.
[44:26.83]Rodney! Rodney! Rodney!
[44:39.30]Oh, yeah.
[44:41.42]l have never felt so relaxed.
[44:44.64]Say, do you mind giving me a little scratch between the shoulder blades?
[44:49.43]There you... Ah! Easy, tiger.
[44:52.35]Oh! Hey! Take it easy.
[44:54.19]Hey, what are you trying to do, kill me?
[44:56.94]Relax. lt's me, your mommy.
[44:59.61]-How did you get in here? -l came up the air shaft.
[45:02.70]l know you don't like anybody here to see me.
[45:05.45]-Well, what do you want? -Someone's fixing them.
[45:08.45]-What? -Someone is repairing outmodes...
[45:11.66]-...and they are laughing at you. -Who?
[45:14.50]And are you sure they're not laughing with me?
[45:19.00]So what if one crazy fanatic repairs a few outmodes? Who cares?
[45:22.97]Think. Use those brains l stole for you. Today, it's one.
[45:26.84]What about tomorrow, when everybody gets the idea this is okay?
[45:29.89]"We can fix ourselves. We don't need upgrades.
[45:32.98]"We want Bigweld."
[45:34.48]Then what happens to you?
[45:36.65]Okay, okay. Take it easy.
[45:38.73]We've got to find out who this is and stop him.
[45:41.98]Not stop him, crush him, destroy him.
[45:45.82]And by the way, l brought you a little something for your desk.
[45:57.83]-ls there anyone else waiting? -Let me look.
[46:02.84]-Afew. -"A few"?
[46:05.09]What did you expect, Rodney? Bigweld was gone.
[46:08.59]Sweepers were on the loose, but then came Copperbottom.
[46:13.22]l'm getting all static-y just thinking about it.
[46:15.94]l'm not Bigweld. These robots need parts.
[46:19.06]Mail call. Mail call.
[46:21.77]Copperbottom, this one's from your mom.
[46:24.36]Oh, is there anything for me?
[46:26.57]Oh, l got something for you.
[46:29.53]That's from my sister.
[46:31.41]l recognize the handwriting.
[46:33.54]ls anything wrong?
[46:35.37]l'll say. His father's got one foot in the junkyard...
[46:39.04]...and if they can't find new parts for him, he's only got a few miles left.
[46:43.21]Rodney, are you really worried about your dad?
[46:46.13]Do you wanna go home?
[46:47.93]Well, if l go home, l still can't help him.
[46:50.09]We're out of parts. We've gotta get to Bigweld.
[46:53.01]He's the only one that can fix this.
[46:58.10]He's trying to tell us something. What is it, boy? What's wrong?
[47:01.90]Bigweld is going...
[47:06.74]Of course, the Bigweld Ball.
[47:09.91]You can't have the Bigweld Ball without Bigweld.
[47:12.95]Well, that's it, then. l'm going to the Bigweld Ball.
[47:15.91]What? That's the fanciest party of the year.
[47:18.12]You'll never get past the gate.
[47:30.93]Can l help you?
[47:32.05]l think maybe you can.
[47:34.26]This is Count Roderick von Brokenzipper.
[47:37.35]Formerly Count Velcro.
[47:39.60]-Uh, the... -Where are the trumpets?
[47:42.10]We were promised trumpets to announce the count's arrival.
[47:45.11]Sorry, Your Grace. Beat me until you're happy.
[47:48.49]He's happy. And l'm not feeling too bad myself.
[47:52.49]-Let me... You're not on the list. -We're what?
[47:56.12]Once again.
[47:58.62]Thank you. Fine, we will go.
[48:02.04]You'll explain to your superiors...
[48:03.88]...why we were not able to attend your little luau, barn dance, whatever it is.
[48:08.38]But we're leaving in a huff.
[48:10.63]No, no. No. Please, go right in.
[48:13.55]ln fact, would the count like to hit me?
[48:16.81]The count hit you? The arrogance


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