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[01:23.82]Alex! Do not interrupt me when I'm daydreaming!
[01:27.09]When the Zebra is in the zone, leave him alone.
[01:29.79]Come on Marty, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!
[01:32.50]Hey man thanks.
[01:37.37]I got something stuck in my teeth. It's driving me crazy!
[01:41.20]Can you help me out here? Please?
[01:43.40]You came to the right place, my friend.
[01:45.21]Doctor Marty tedious is in the house!
[01:48.25]Please hop on top of my sterilized examination table, if you may.
[01:54.79]I don't see anything.
[01:58.97]Okay, just don't talk with your mouth open.
[02:02.69]Right here.
[02:04.41]-What a hack is this doing in there? -Happy birthday!
[02:08.44]Thanks man. It was behind the tooth! You're all right.
[02:13.31]It's hardly on a shelf yet. Here, check it out.
[02:15.68]Look at that, look at that.
[02:18.37]Look at that, it's snowing.
[02:20.46]Ten years old, ha! A decade!
[02:23.76]Double digits. A big 10.
[02:28.70]-You don't like it? -No, no. It's great!
[02:31.37]You hate it. I should have gotten you the Alex alarm clock.
[02:34.19]-That's the one,that's the big seller. -No.The present is great,really.
[02:39.29]It's just that another year's come and gone
[02:41.29]and I'm still doing the same old thing.
[02:44.08]Stand over here, over there. Eat some grass. Walk back over here.
[02:49.46]-I see your problem. -Maybe I should go to law school.
[02:51.96]You just need to break out of that boring routine.
[02:54.44]-How? -Rock the old that
[02:56.46]get out there, who knows what you're gonna do!
[02:58.18]Make it up as you go along! Add limb, improvise, on the fire!
[03:02.49]-Really? -You know, make it fresh!
[03:05.00]-Fresh? Okay. I could do fresh. -Works for me.
[03:13.29]Here come the people Marty. Oh, I love the people!
[03:15.45]It's fun people fun time!
[03:17.59]Let's go Gloria! Up and down and open!
[03:22.11]-What day is it? -It's Friday! Feel tricky.
[03:25.79]Yes, it's future day, let's get up and go!
[03:29.59]Ten more minutes.
[03:32.93]Come on Melman, Melman, Melman!
[03:37.00]Wake up! Rise and shine!
[03:38.73]It's another fabulous morning in the Big Apple! Let's go!
[03:42.88]-Not for me. I'm going in sick. -What?
[03:45.68]I found another brown spot on my shoulder. Right here!
[03:49.59]-See? Right there! You see? -Melman, you know it's all in your head.
[04:09.64]Phil. Wake up, you funky monkey.
[04:16.71]I'm gonna be fresh. Straight up the ground.
[04:19.78]Tasting fresh. Freshelicious.
[04:24.35]Zip lock fresh!
[04:25.72]Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages.
[04:28.38]The Central Park Zoo proudly presents
[04:31.61]Show them the cat! Who's the cat!
[04:32.91]The King of New York city, Alex the Lion! Alex the Lion!
[04:38.72]It's showtime!
[04:56.84]Gather around people, big show about to start!
[05:00.23]Check out the Zebra take a cannon, that's right!
[05:38.34]Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.
[05:42.41]-Kowalski, target report. -We're only 500 feet from the main zoo line.
[05:47.13]-And the bad news? -We've broken our last shovel.
[05:50.49]Right. Rico, you're on lead of patrol.
[05:54.27]We need shovels and five more popsickle sticks.
[05:57.54]We don't want to rescue another cadet.
[06:00.08]-And me, Skipper? -I want you to look cute and cuddly, private.
[06:04.31]Today we're gonna blow this dam.
[06:13.67]You don't see that on animal planet!
[06:18.46]Well show's over, falks! Thanks for coming!
[06:22.11]I hope you thought it was fresh! I'll be here all week.
[06:26.17]In fact I'll be here for my whole life 365 days a year,
[06:31.61]including Christmas, Hanaka, Halloween!
[06:35.50]Please don't forget to never stay on a pet.
[06:39.75]And tip your cabman, cause it's gross.
[06:49.51]You, quadropaint. Sprecken Sie English?
[06:53.28]-I sprecken. -What county is this?
[06:56.53]-Manhattan. -Damn! We're still in New York.
[07:00.87]-Aboard! Dive, dive, dive! -Hey! You on the docks! Wait a minute!
[07:06.12]-What are you guys doing? -We're digging to Antarctica.
[07:10.64]-Anhootica? -Can you keep a secret, my monochromatic friend?
[07:18.84]Do you ever see any penguins running free around New York city?
[07:23.18]Of course not. We don't belong here, it's just not natural.
[07:28.02]This is all some kind of wackdown conspiracy.
[07:31.63]We're going to the wide open spaces of Antarctica.
[07:35.38]To the wild!
[07:38.90]-The wild? You could actually go there? -It sounds great.
[07:45.22]Hey! Hold up! Where is this place?
[07:47.87]-Tell me where it is! -You didn't see anything.
[07:53.76]-Right? -Yes, sir.
[07:56.44]Sorry. No, sir.
[08:00.28]And now appearance of the day.
[08:02.90]The King of New York city, Alex the Lion!
[08:13.31]Thank you! Thank you very much!
[08:15.40]You guys are great. You're great prowl.
[08:17.47]Give me something here. Thank you.
[08:20.23]Thank you! Oh well, thank you!
[08:29.14]Everybody get home safe.
[08:43.74]This is the life.
[08:45.58]That's the spot. Oh, I'm in heaven.
[08:59.46]-Whoo, it's Marty's birthday! -Open it, just open it!
[09:01.77]-What is it? What is it? -Come on, open it up!
[09:04.36]Yeah! Thermometer! Thanks.
[09:08.32]I love it. Melman, I love it!
[09:12.02]Yeah, I wanted to give you something personal.
[09:13.89]You know that was my first rectal thermometer.
[09:23.79]Happy birthday to you!
[09:25.56]You live in a zoo.
[09:27.62]You look like a monkey.
[09:30.40]And you smell like one too.
[09:34.97]I say
[09:38.48]Well done, you guys are just embarrassing me! And yourself!
[09:42.46]What are you talking about? We've worked on that whole week.
[09:44.66]Let's go, let's make a wish baby cakes.
[09:53.71]-Come on, what did you wish for? -No, can't tell you that.
[09:56.35]-Come on, tell! -No sirrey, I'm telling you!
[09:59.08]It is bad luck! You want some bad luck?
[10:01.06]I'll blow it out, but if you wanna be safe
[10:03.50]Ah, Marty would you just tell us?
[10:06.12]-I mean really, what could happen? -Okay.
[10:09.21]-I wished I could go to the wild! -The wild!
[10:18.75]I told you it was bad luck!
[10:22.27]The wild? Are you nuts? That is the worst idea I've ever heard.
[10:29.63]-Sounds amatory. -The penguins are going, so why can't I?
[10:34.03]The penguins are psychotic.
[10:36.00]Come on, just imagine going back to nature.
[10:39.03]Back to your roots, clean air, wide open spaces!
[10:43.03]Well, I hear they have wide open spaces in Connecticut.
[10:46.30]-Connecticut? -Yeah, what you got to do
[10:47.95]is you gotta go over Grand Central.
[10:49.40]And then you gotta take the metro north train. North?
[10:52.70]So one could take the train? Just hypothetically.
[10:56.87]Marty, come on! What would Connecticut have to offer us?
[11:00.19]-Lion disease. -Thank you, Melman.
[11:01.82]No, no, really. I just wanna
[11:02.90]You certainly don't have this in the wild
[11:04.78]this is highly refined food. Thing that you do not find in the wild.
[11:10.46]You ever thought it might be more than life and stake, Alex?
[11:14.03]He didn't mean that, baby. No, no, no.
[11:16.87]Doesn't it bother you guys that
[11:17.98]you don't know anything about life outside of the zoo?
[11:24.84]-Naa. -Nope.
[11:26.04]Well, I mean come on, that's just one subject.
[11:30.19]You have a little smutz right there in your mouth.
[11:38.23]Thanks guys. Thanks for the party.
[11:41.30]It was great! Really.
[11:51.94]-What's eating him? -Maybe you should talk to him, Alex.
[11:54.71]You know go off for there and get him a little pep talk.
[11:57.14]Hey, I don't get snow globe, I can't talk that.
[12:00.88]-Alex. -I can see where this is going.
[12:05.02]It is getting late. I guess I'm gonna
[12:18.41]-Come on, he's your best friend. -All right, all right. Okay.
[12:23.15]-Good night, Marty! -Good night, Gloria.
[12:48.77]What a day.
[12:51.07]I mean it just really, really I mean I tell you,
[12:52.88]just doesn't get any better than this, you know.
[12:57.23]It just did! Even the star's out.
[13:01.27]I bet if I could find a star like that in the wild.
[13:08.59]Marty body, listen. Everybody has days when they think
[13:12.31]the grass might be greener somewhere else.
[13:14.44]Alex, look here.
[13:18.55]I'm ten years old, my life is half over.
[13:21.38]And I don't even know if I'm black with white stripes
[13:24.87]or white with black stripes
[13:33.07]-Marty, I'm thinking of a song. -Alex please, not now.
[13:39.89]Yes, it's a wonderful song. I think you're familiar with it.
[13:45.27]Oh no!
[13:47.73]I'm not listening.
[13:51.36]-Start spreading on new. -I don't know you.
[13:54.34]-I'm leaving today. -He's funny.
[14:02.74]Come on, you know, you know the words.
[14:05.33]-Two little words. -New York.
[14:11.53]Shut up! Shut up! I am sleeping here!
[14:13.89]We're not all that turtle you know!
[14:15.20]I'm not give turtle right off, pal!
[14:24.71]See? Mr. Grumpy Stripes.
[14:27.15]-We make a great team. Two of us. -We sure do. No doubt about it!
[14:32.71]What are you gonna do? Just going running off to the wild by yourself?
[14:36.10]-No. -Good.
[14:37.14]-You and me! Let's go. -What?
[14:39.28]The wild! Come on, you and me together!
[14:42.37]It's a straight shot down Fifth avenue to Grand Central.
[14:46.01]We'll grab a train, we'll head north!
[14:48.67]-We'll be back by morning,no one will ever know! -You're joking,right?
[14:56.03]Yeah! I'm joking, of course I'm joking! Give me a break!
[15:00.95]How do you think we're gonna get a train?
[15:04.31]Don't do that, you really had me worried there.
[15:07.14]Well, I guess I'll hit the sack.
[15:09.60]Yeah, me too. I'll need the rest of my voice for tomorrow.
[15:14.27]It's seniours day, you know. I have to roar extra loud.
[15:17.78]Give them a little jaw! You know what I'm talking about?
[15:22.26]Good night, Alex.
[15:33.98]-They forgot to turn off the ambience again! -Don't worry, that's cool.
[15:39.12]You know, I got it.
[15:48.74]Much better.
[16:13.96]Come on now baby. My little fillet.
[16:18.16]My little fillet with a little fat around the edges, I like that.
[16:22.06]I like a little fat on my stake, my sweet juicy stake.
[16:28.15]-You are a rare delicacy. -Alex? Alex. Alex!
[16:32.47]-What? -You suck your thumb?
[16:35.54]-What is it, Melman? -Okay, okay.
[16:38.82]You know about the blood infection,
[16:39.37]and I have to get up every two hours.
[16:41.40]Well I got up to pee, and I looked over in Marty's bed,
[16:45.05]which I usually don't do,
[16:46.29]I don't know why but I did, and this time I looked over
[16:48.32]-What Melman, what's going on? -It's Marty. He's gone.
[16:52.94]What do you mean, gone?
[16:54.17]How long has he been working on this?
[16:56.97]Marty? Marty?
[16:59.65]-He wouldn't fit down there. -Marty? Marty? Marty?
[17:03.64]This doesn't make any sense. Where would he go?
[17:08.17]-Connecticut! -He wouldn't.
[17:10.87]Oh no! What are we gonna do?
[17:12.69]We gotta, we gotta call somebody!
[17:20.70]Hello? Get me missing animals! And hurry! We've got a lost Zebra,
[17:24.66]probably on the way to Connecticut by now, and we're gonna need
[17:29.22]-Hello? Hello? -Wait a second. We can't call the people.
[17:36.80]They'll be really mad! They'll get Marty transported for good!
[17:39.77]-You don't bite the hand that feeds you. -I know that's right.
[17:42.91]-We gotta go after him. -Go after him?
[17:44.49]He's not thinking straight.
[17:45.49]We gotta stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life!
[17:49.17]He's probably out there lost and cold. Confused.
[17:54.98]Poor little guy.
[18:18.95]-Melman, come on! -You know, maybe one of us should wait here,
[18:21.20]-in case he comes back. -Oh no, not now.
[18:23.12]This is an intervention Melman, we all gotta go!
[18:25.57]-What's the fastest way to Grand Central? -You should take Lexington.
[18:29.20]-Melman! -Okay. We should take Lexington.
[18:32.56]What about the park?
[18:33.14]No, park goes two ways, you can't time the lights
[18:36.96]I heard Tom Wolf is speaking at Linkoln's Center.
[18:42.65]Well, of course we're going to throw a poo at him!
[18:55.08]I knew we should have taken park.
[18:56.58]Are you sure this is the fastest way to Grand Central station?
[18:59.21]I don't know, that's what Melman said!
[19:01.24]Hey you guys! That room has little things you can wash up and look!
[19:06.44]Free mint!
[19:08.51]This isn't a feel trip, Melman! This is an urgent mission
[19:11.49]to save Marty from throwing his life away! Where's the train?
[19:15.74]Here it comes.
[19:20.93]What did Marty say to you? I asked you to talk to him!
[19:24.06]I did! I don't understand! He said: Let's go!
[19:28.00]And I said: What are you crazy? And he says: I'm ten years old!
[19:30.73]And then that he has black and white stripes
[19:40.23]What you gotta do, is you go straight back down West 42nd.
[19:43.16]It's now on your left after Vander building.
[19:45.46]You hit the Chrysler building, you've gone too far.
[19:48.45]Thanks a lot, officer.
[19:52.22]Hey! Wait for the light! Freak.
[19:57.68]-Yeah, that's right. Zebra. -Right in front of me.
[20:01.58]-Can I shoot it? -Negative.
[20:03.61]Than I'm gonna need some back up.
[20:16.91]-Oh! Next loss of the game. -I don't know what even to do.
[20:20.39]Did that just say Grand Central station? Or Grand Constipation?
[20:23.98]This is it!
[20:27.46]Grand Central station! It's grand and it's central.
[20:51.94]This is an emergency situation! Don't panic!
[20:55.35]Chill out! It's not that big emergency.
[21:00.48]How do you like that!
[21:04.60]Lady, what is wrong with you?
[21:07.89]-Get a grip on yourselves people! -What a bad kitty!
[21:12.77]Damn, I missed the express!
[21:15.96]Looks like I'm gonna have to take the Stanford local.
[21:18.90]-I got him! -He's got him!
[21:21.96]He's got him! He's got him!
[21:24.67]I got something for you!
[21:29.87]I'm okay, I'm okay.
[21:32.54]What are you guys doing here?
[21:33.68]-Oh, I'm so glad we found you. -We were so worrying about you!
[21:37.60]Don't worry, I'm fine, I'm fine. Look at me, I'm fine.
[21:41.04]You're fine? Oh, he's fine! Oh, great.
[21:43.78]Hey, you hear that, Marty's fine. That's good to know.
[21:46.63]Cause I was just wondering
[21:48.44]How could you do this to us, Marty? I thought we were your friends!
[21:51.81]What's a big deal! I was gonna back in the morning!
[21:54.52]Don't you ever do this again. Do you hear me?
[21:56.31]-Do you hear him? -Guys, we're running out of time!
[21:59.14]-Melman, you broke their clock? -Don't you ever ever do this again!
[22:04.43]Come here!
[22:12.15]We've been randed up, boys.
[22:22.85]Cute and cuddly boys. Cute and cuddly.
[22:29.80]If you have any poo, fling it now!
[22:34.00]It's the men.
[22:37.26]-Good evening, officers! -No, no, you don't talk now, okay?
[22:42.00]You're not so good with the putting the words together
[22:43.12]and their coming out,good thing.
[22:45.15]You can thss!
[22:47.32]Hey! How you're doing?
[22:49.15]You know what, everything's cool, we just have a little situation here.
[22:52.89]Little internal situation. Actually my friend just went a little crazy.
[22:56.43]It happens to everybody. The city gets to us all.
[22:59.37]Just went a little cuckoo in the head.
[23:00.71]Don't be calling me cuckoo in the head
[23:02.75]Just shush! I will handle this!
[23:07.45]I got him!
[23:09.88]Would you get a kind of break?
[23:13.40]We're just gonna take my little friend to your home
[23:15.47]and forget this ever happened.
[23:17.51]All right? No harm no ballet.
[23:20.00]Oh, no, no, no. Hey, it's cool! It's me, Alex. Lion from the Zoo.
[23:30.47]What's the matter with him?
[23:40.26]I feel really really weird.
[23:45.14]Hey! I love you guys.
[23:49.81]I love you so much.
[24:13.93]Last night event at Central Grand station
[24:16.37]was an example of animal rights have been shouting for years.
[24:20.16]The animals clearly don't belong in captivity.
[24:23.33]Now they're to be sent back to their natural habitat,
[24:25.91]where they will live their lives in the freedom
[24:27.80]they used to freely desire.
[24:29.83]-Hey, little help. -He's awake! He's awake!
[24:35.62]Oh, man!
[24:49.28]Oh my head!
[24:55.32]Where? What? I'm in the box!
[24:59.23]Oh no! No no! Not the box!
[25:02.22]Oh no, they can't transfer me! Not me!
[25:06.49]I can't breathe. I can't breathe.
[25:08.38]Darkness creeping in.
[25:10.85]Can't breathe. I can't breathe!
[25:12.67]Walls closing in around me!
[25:16.28]-So alone, so alone. -Alex!
[25:19.51]-Alex are you there? -Marty?
[25:21.70]-Yeah! Talk to me, body! -Marty! You're here!
[25:25.25]-What's going on? Are you okay? -This doesn't look good, Marty.
[25:27.71]-Alex? Marty? Is that you? -Gloria! You're here too!
[25:30.89]-I am loving the sound of your voice! -What is going on?
[25:34.34]-We're rolling in crates. -Oh, no!
[25:36.34]-Oh, sleeping just knocks me out. -Melman!
[25:40.37]-Is that Melman? -Are you okay?
[25:42.31]Yeah,I'm fine. I often doors off while I'm getting a hemorrhoid.
[25:47.40]Melman, you're not getting a hemorrhoid.
[25:48.86]-Cat skin? -No! No cat skin!
[25:51.26]-It's a transfer! It's a zoo transfer! -Zoo transfer! Oh, no.
[25:55.83]I can't be transferred,I have an appointment with doctor Goldberg at 5.
[26:00.01]-Melman. -My prescriptions have to be filled.
[26:01.95]-Calm down, Melman. -No other zoo can afford my medical care!
[26:04.31]-Melman! -I am not going nowhere.
[26:06.73]Easy Melman. It's gotta be okay, we are going to be okayze.
[26:12.32]No Marty, we're not gonna be okayze.
[26:13.86]Now because of you we're ruined!
[26:16.00]Because of me? I feel to see how this is my fault.
[26:20.04]-You're kidding, right Marty? -You! You kicked off the people!
[26:23.25]You bit the hand Marty, you bit the hand.
[26:26.04]I don't know who I am, I don't know who I am.
[26:27.99]-I gotta go find myself in a wild! -I did not ask you to come after me.
[26:33.06]-Did I? -He does have a point.
[26:35.14]-What? -I did say we should stay at the zoo,
[26:37.95]-but you guys! -Melman, just shut it!
[26:40.35]You're the one that suggested this whole idea to
[26:41.96]happen in the first place
[26:42.99]-Alex, leave Melman out of this please.
[26:44.20]Thank you, Gloria. Besides Alex,
[26:46.12]-it is not my fault that we're transferred! -Melman, shut it.
[26:49.16]-Does anybody feel nauseous? -I feel nauseous.
[26:51.96]Melman, you always feel nauseous.
[27:00.51]-Progress report. -It's an older code Skipper, I can't make it out.
[27:04.65]You, higher mammal.
[27:06.88]-Can you read? -No, Phil can read though. Phil!
[27:15.69]Ship to Kenya. Wildlife preserve Africa!
[27:22.95]Africa. That ain't gonna fly. Rico!
[28:09.11]I was the star in the greatest city on earth!
[28:11.62]-A King loved by my people! -Let's just be simple!
[28:15.19]-And you ruined everything! -Love? If the people loved you
[28:19.43]it's only because they didn't know the real you!
[28:22.43]Don't make me come up there, I'd get the wooping on both of you!
[28:25.51]-I thought I knew the real you! -Let's talk about this calm!
[28:29.07]-They cancel each other right after you! -Stop it! Stop it!
[28:32.38]Hey listen! You're gonna have to be patient!
[28:36.47]-Status. -This time, Skipper
[28:39.22]-I don't know the codes! -Don't give me excuses! Give me results!
[28:48.10]All right, let me think. And shut him up!
[28:55.09]I did it!
[28:56.03]Let's get this tin can turn around!
[29:29.01]Gloria! Melman! Marty!
[29:34.12]-Alex! -Marty?
[29:37.25]-Alex! -Marty!
[29:41.14]No! Wait! Come back, Marty!
[29:44.23]Don't go.
[30:31.60]Marty? Melman? Gloria?
[30:41.90]Marty! Melman! Gloria!
[30:51.55]Melman! Gloria!
[30:54.68]Hey anyone! Hello!
[31:01.60]Marty, Melman, Gloria.
[31:06.26]Marty, Melman, Marty.
[31:07.89]Marty, Melman, Gloria, Marty, Melman, Marty, Marty, Melman.
[31:15.00]Hey! Help!
[31:18.72]Get me out of this thing, somebody! Hello?
[31:22.08]Get me out of this thing right now!
[31:25.65]-Hello? Somebody? -Melman!
[31:29.02]-Alex? Is that you? -Melman, I got you!
[31:32.12]Hang on, hang on, I got you.
[31:40.01]Melman! I got you, body!
[31:48.48]Wait a second. Wait right there.
[31:50.76]Alex, what are you doing?
[31:52.62]Getting you out of the box!
[31:55.36]-Relax. -Alex?
[31:58.80]Giraffe quarterback!
[32:01.95]-Wait! Wait! Come on! Wait! -Here comes Alex!
[32:04.12]-Hold still! -Wait! Wait! Wait!
[32:06.08]-Hold still! -No! Come on! Come on!
[32:09.37]-Here I come! -Look! Look!
[32:10.62]Look, look! It's Gloria! It's Gloria!
[32:15.74]Oh hey, it is Gloria.
[32:35.51]All righty boys, fun is over.
[32:37.88]-Gloria! -Alex!
[32:43.68]-Marty? -Marty!
[32:57.04]You know, I don't really have anything on me right now.
[32:59.19]I'll have to get you later.
[33:04.09]To you too!
[33:07.92]Marty! Marty!
[33:17.32]-Marty! -Alex!
[33:21.07]-Marty! -Alex!
[33:23.77]-Marty! -Alex?
[33:28.33]-Marty! -Oh shoot, we were nice team.
[33:34.07]-Marty! I'm gonna kill you! -Hey! Hold on! Hold on!
[33:44.01]Look at us! We're all here together safe and sound.
[33:49.10]Yeah, here we are.
[33:51.96]Where exactly is here?
[34:07.53]-San Diego. -San Diego?
[34:10.78]White sandy beaches, cleverly simulated natural environment,
[34:15.21]wide open enclosures, I'm telling you this could be the San Diego zoo.
[34:19.98]Complete with fake rocks. Wow! That looks real.
[34:24.10]San Diego? What could be worse than San Diego?
[34:28.06]I don't know, this place is crack I like it!
[34:31.37]Oh, I could hang here, I could hang here.
[34:35.30]-I'm gonna kill you, Marty! -Take it easy! Take it easy!
[34:37.27]-And then string you! -Calm down!
[34:38.74]Then take you up and clone you! And kill all your clones!
[34:41.91]-Can we take a time out? -And then, I'll never talk to you again.
[34:44.69]Stop it! Look, We're just gonna find the people
[34:47.11]get checked in and have this mess straighten out!
[34:52.49]Oh great, this is just great. San Diego.
[34:55.23]How I have to compete with Shamu. And a smug little grin!
[34:59.32]I can't top that. Can't top it!
[35:01.38]I'm ruined! I'm gone! I'm out of the business!
[35:04.99]It's your fault, Marty! You've ruined me!
[35:08.03]Come on, Alex. Do you honestly think
[35:11.37]I intended all of this to happen? You want me to say that I'm sorry?
[35:15.33]Is that what you want? Okay, I'm
[35:19.05]-He just shushed me! -Marty look, just gotta be just a little bit more
[35:22.84]-Shush! -Don't you shush me!
[35:25.40]Do you hear that? Don't you hear that?
[35:30.84]-I hear it now! -When there's music, there's people.
[35:33.72]-We go right to the head. -A sidewalk will be nice.
[35:36.26]-Yeah, what a dump! -We shall call it the San Dilemo zoo!
[35:40.35]First they tell you hey! We gotta this great open plan thing.
[35:43.69]Let me handle it for a while! Next thing you notice
[35:46.63]close in your hair, and everybody's plugging everybody.
[35:49.27]This boy has got a gross on it! This way guys, come on!
[35:52.33]Oh, no!
[36:20.27]Okay, let's make a good impression on the people.
[36:22.93]Smiles everyone, let's get it together.
[36:25.10]Is that the best you can do, Melman?
[36:28.10]Oh, I'm not smiling, it's gas.
[36:30.11]Okay well great. Let's make gas look good.
[36:39.41]-It's not people. It's animals! -California animals!
[36:44.55]This is like a puppy party!
[36:46.78]I like to move it move it! I like to move it move it!
[36:50.82]You like to
[36:52.11]Move it!
[36:52.94]I like to move it move it! I like to move it move it!
[36:56.41]-I like to move it move it! -You like to
[36:59.36]Move it!
[37:00.24]I like to move it move it! You like to move it move it!
[37:03.80]She likes to move it move it! We like to
[37:06.73]Move it!
[37:07.62]Hi there, Julian with the word!
[37:09.80]Original King Julian, what a des man!
[37:13.41]I like my jam, I love to move my body!
[37:16.96]When you move your body,
[37:17.99]you move it nice and sweet and sassy.
[37:21.40]What kind of zoo is this?
[37:23.45]I just saw 26 blink hoco violations
[37:27.49]-I'm loving San Diego, this place is off to Shizam! !
[37:38.32]What kind the bad chimps at it?
[37:41.00]Wait, where's Alex? What happened to him,
[37:45.32]he was right behind us. Were he right behind us?
[37:47.32]I don't know where he's at, but he's missing one hack of a party!
[37:49.39]The Foosa! The Foosa! The Foosa are attacking!
[38:07.29]I hate spider webs. Yeah, thanks a lot, guys.
[38:11.68]Thanks for waiting up. I really appreciate it.
[38:18.14]Hey hi. We just got in from New York and we're looking for a supervisor,
[38:21.87]because we've been sitting on that beach back there for hours.
[38:25.37]And nobody's even bothered to show up.
[38:27.39]I don't know how things normally run around here,
[38:31.48]but obviously there's been some sort of major screw up, which is cool.
[38:34.26]been straight to offices, or just
[38:38.41]Well how do you do?
[38:47.76]Spider! Spider on my back!
[38:49.40]-Maurice, did you see that? -He scared the Foosa away.
[38:58.64]Get it! Get it! Get it!
[39:02.23]Where did he go?
[39:04.48]Where did he go?
[39:05.52]King Julian, what are they? What are they!
[39:09.21]They are aliens. Savage aliens from the savage future.
[39:14.28]They've come to kill us! And take our women!
[39:16.84]And our precious meadows!
[39:19.81]Get up, Mort. Do not be near the King's feet, okay?
[39:23.36]Shh! We're hiding. Be quiet everyone. Including me.
[39:27.71]Shh! Who's making that noise? Oh, it's me again.
[39:31.87]-Come on boys! -Stop it! Enough!
[39:35.01]-I think you got it. -I think she got it.
[39:36.97]-Is it still on me? I hate spiders. -That's okay, he's gone.
[39:41.49]They are savages! Tonight we die.
[39:45.64]The feet! I told you! Didn't I tell you about the feet?
[39:51.08]He did tell you about the feet.
[39:55.36]-Wait. I have a plan! -Really?
[39:58.31]I have devised a gunning test.
[40:00.65]To see whether these are savage killers.
[40:10.76]-Hi there! -You let me handle it.
[40:13.64]Alex handles it. Marty does nothing.
[40:21.29]Hi there!
[40:27.78]-Oh, sorry. No, no! -Oh Alex, what did you do?
[40:30.81]Stop, stop. It's okay.
[40:32.59]It's okay. I'm just a silly, just a silly lion.
[40:39.79]Oh, you poor little baby, did that big mean lion scare you?
[40:45.95]He did? He's a big bad old puddy tad, isn't he?
[40:50.06]Come on, mama hold you.
[40:53.29]They are so cute from a reasonable position.
[40:56.04]You're sweetest little thing, I just wanna dump him in my coffee.
[41:00.52]-They are just a bunch of pansies. -I don't know,there's still something
[41:05.69]about that one with the crazy hairdo that I find suspicious.
[41:10.00]Nonsense, Maurice! Come on everybody! Let's go and meet the pansies!
[41:27.58]Presenting your royal highness our illustrious
[41:29.21]King Julian the 13 self proclaimed
[41:31.25]Lord of the Lemur etc. etc. Hurray everybody.
[41:41.41]He's got style!
[41:49.89]What's he like, King of the kiwi pigs?
[41:54.02]I think it's a squirrel.
[41:55.57]Welcome, giant pansies! Please feel free to bask in my glow!
[42:01.85]-Definitely a squirrel. -Yep, a squirrel.
[42:03.57]We thank you with enormous gratitude for chasing away the Foosa.
[42:08.62]-The Hoosa? -The Foosa.
[42:10.66]They're always annoying us by trespassing,interrupting our parties,
[42:14.57]-and ripping our limbs off. -Yes, sounds good. Look, we're just
[42:17.15]We're just trying to find where the people are.
[42:18.80]Oh, my! What big teeth you have! Man!
[42:22.17]Shame on you, Maurice! Don't you see that you've insulted the freak?
[42:27.02]-You must tell me, who the hack are you? -I'm Alex. The Alex.
[42:31.78]-And this is Gloria, Marty and Melman.
[42:34.01]Say just where are you giants from?
[42:37.14]-We're from New York and we -All hail the New York Giants!
[42:42.20]New York Giants!
[42:46.39]What are we doing, some sort of inbreeding program?
[42:48.59]I say we just gotta ask these bozos where the people are.
[42:51.93]Excuse me, we bozos have the people of course.
[42:56.03]-Hey, the bozos have the people! -Oh. Well. Great! Good!
[43:01.95]They're up there.
[43:07.09]Don't you love the people?


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