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[00:47.42]My name's Ralph, and I'm a bad guy.
[00:54.88]Let's see.
[00:55.56]I'm nine feet tall. I weigh 643 pounds.
[00:57.64]Got a little bit of a temper on me.
[01:02.97]My passion bubbles very near the surface,
[01:05.27]I guess, not gonna lie.
[01:08.77]Anyhoo, what else?
[01:11.86]I'm a wrecker. I wreck things. Professionally.
[01:16.45]I'm very good at what I do. Probably the best I know.
[01:20.83]The thing is, fixing is the name of the game.
[01:23.83]Literally, Fix-It Felix, Jr.
[01:29.00]So, yeah, naturally,
[01:30.59]the guy with the name Fix-It Felix is the good guy.
[01:33.25]He's nice enough as good guys go.
[01:35.34]Definitely fixes stuff really well.
[01:38.51]But if you've got a magic hammer from your father,
[01:41.43]how hard can it be?
[01:43.77]If he was a regular contractor carpenter guy,
[01:46.89]I guarantee you would not be able
[01:49.06]to fix the damage that I do as quickly.
[01:52.86]And when Felix does a good job, he gets a medal.
[01:55.90]But are there medals for wrecking stuff really well?
[01:59.32]To that I say, "Ha!"
[02:03.20]And, no, there aren't.
[02:08.50]Thirty years I've been doing this
[02:10.38]and I've seen a lot of other games come and go.
[02:13.25]Kind of sad. I think about all those guys from Asteroids.
[02:16.51]Boom! Gone.
[02:18.30]Centipede? Who knows where that guy is, you know?
[02:21.43]Look, a steady arcade gig is nothing to sneeze at.
[02:23.89]I'm very lucky.
[02:26.47]It's just, I got to say,
[02:28.81]it becomes kind of hard to love yourjob
[02:31.19]when no one seems to like you for doing it.
[02:37.15]All clear! The arcade is closed!
[02:41.45]Whoo! What a day! You want to head to Tappers, Ken?
[02:45.58]If you're buying, buddy.
[02:50.96]Quitting time!
[03:04.26]I don't know.
[03:05.93]Maybe I wouldn't be feeling this way
[03:07.60]if things were different after work.
[03:10.31]But it is what it is.
[03:12.15]Good job, everyone!
[03:13.31]Felix and the Nicelanders go hang out in their homes
[03:16.86]which he's just fixed, and everyone, you know...
[03:21.70]They go to their homes, I go to mine
[03:24.49]which happens to be a dump.
[03:27.45]And when I say "A dump,"
[03:29.12]I don't mean like a shabby place.
[03:30.54]I mean an actual dump,
[03:33.21]where the garbage goes
[03:35.38]and a bunch of bricks and smashed building parts...
[03:39.80]That's what I call home.
[03:42.13]I guess I can't bellyache too much.
[03:44.30]I got my bricks, I got my stump.
[03:49.39]It looks uncomfortable. It's actually fine. I'm good.
[03:56.98]But if I'm really honest with myself...
[04:02.15]I see Felix up there getting patted on the back,
[04:06.66]people are giving him pie and thanking him
[04:10.83]and so happy to see him all the time.
[04:14.00]Sometimes I think...
[04:16.25]Man, it sure must be nice being the good guy.
[04:25.22]Nice share, Ralph.
[04:27.01]As fellow bad guys,
[04:28.26]we've all felt what you're feeling
[04:29.85]and we've come to terms with it.
[04:31.35]- Really? - Right here. I am Zangief. I am bad guy.
[04:34.89]- Hi, Zangief! - Hi, Zangief.
[04:37.36]I relate to you, Ralph. When I hit bottom,
[04:40.40]I was crushing man's skull
[04:41.94]like sparrow egg between my thighs.
[04:46.03]And I think, "Why do you have to be so bad, Zangief?
[04:49.03]"Why can't you be more like good guy?"
[04:51.70]Then I have moment of clarity.
[04:54.54]If Zangief is good guy,
[04:56.37]who'll crush man's skull like sparrow's egg between thighs?
[05:00.71]And I say, "Zangief, you are bad guy,
[05:02.96]"But this does not mean you are 'bad' guy."
[05:09.22]Right. I'm sorry. You lost me there.
[05:12.47]- Zombie! Bad guy! - Hi, Zombie.
[05:14.14]Hi, Zombie.
[05:15.77]Zangief saying labels not make you happy.
[05:19.06]Good! Bad!
[05:22.61]You must love you.
[05:24.90]- Yeah! Lnside here! - Yes.
[05:27.32]Okay. All right, I get you.
[05:29.32]Watch out. It's dripping.
[05:30.49]Question, Ralph.
[05:31.58]We've been asking you to Bad-Anon for years now
[05:34.25]and tonight you finally show up.
[05:37.83]- Why is that? - I don't know.
[05:39.25]I just felt like coming.
[05:40.75]I suppose it has something to do with the fact that...
[05:45.42]Well, today is the 30th anniversary of my game.
[05:48.43]Well, happy anniversary, Ralph.
[05:50.47]Thanks, Satan.
[05:51.76]It's Sateen, actually.
[05:54.43]Got it. But here's the thing.
[05:59.44]I don't want to be the bad guy anymore.
[06:04.28]You can't mess with the program, Ralph.
[06:06.61]You're not going Turbo, are you?
[06:09.45]Turbo? No, I'm not going Turbo! Come on, guys!
[06:13.12]Is it Turbo to want a friend? Or a medal?
[06:15.83]Or a piece of pie every once in a while?
[06:17.83]Is it Turbo to want more out of life?
[06:21.75]Ralph, Ralph, we get it.
[06:23.04]But we can't change who we are.
[06:25.13]And the sooner you accept that,
[06:27.34]the better off your game and your life will be.
[06:30.39]Hey. One game at a time, Ralph.
[06:33.85]Let's close out with the Bad Guy Affirmation.
[06:40.69]I'm bad, and that's good.
[06:43.48]I will never be good, and that's not bad.
[06:47.32]There's no one I'd rather be than me.
[06:50.99]Okay, gang, see you next week.
[06:52.66]Listen, I can't do snacks next week.
[06:54.70]Hang in there, Ralph.
[06:57.16]Hey, Zombie, don't forget your hatchets.
[06:58.83]There you go.
[07:34.03]Pac-manorail now arriving in Outlet 7.
[07:37.39]Welcome to Game Central Station.
[08:01.39]Step aside, sir. Random security check.
[08:03.40]Random my behind! You always stop me.
[08:05.56]I'm just a surge protector doing my job, sir.
[08:07.90]- Name? - Lara Croft.
[08:09.65]- Name? - Wreck-It Ralph!
[08:11.32]And where are you coming from?
[08:12.82]Pac- Man.
[08:14.28]Did you bring any fruit with you?
[08:15.78]No! No. No fruit.
[08:17.41]Okay, then. Where are you heading?
[08:18.79]Fix-It Felix Jr.
[08:19.91]- Anything to declare? - I hate you.
[08:21.83]I get that a lot. Proceed.
[08:28.29]Bad guy coming!
[08:31.46]If you leave your game,
[08:33.13]stay safe, stay alert,
[08:35.18]and whatever you do, don't die.
[08:37.64]Because if you die outside your own game
[08:39.93]you don't regenerate.
[08:41.52]Ever. Game over.
[08:53.15]Here you go, buddy.
[08:55.45]It's fresh. Straight from Pac- Man's.
[08:58.99]Hang in there, guys.
[09:37.36]"Happy 30th Anniversary"?
[09:40.83]They're having a party without me.
[09:44.91]Pac- Man? They invited Pac- Man?
[09:48.00]That cherry-chasing dot-muncher
[09:50.50]isn't even part of this game!
[09:52.55]Great party, Felix.
[09:53.88]Why, thank you, friend.
[09:55.59]Felix. You're needed on the dance floor!
[10:04.22]Fix-It Felix! Fix-It Felix!
[10:08.90]I'll bet that's Mario.
[10:10.11]Fashionably late, per the norm.
[10:12.69]I'll get it, Felix.
[10:19.91]It's Ralph!
[10:22.20]- He'll wreck the party! - Hide the stemware!
[10:24.24]Get rid of him, Felix.
[10:25.37]Oh, right. I'll go talk to him.
[10:28.12]Carry on, everyone.
[10:31.63]Ralph, can I help you?
[10:33.80]Hey, Felix. Just wanted to check on you.
[10:35.63]I saw a big explosion
[10:37.72]or something go over the building there.
[10:40.39]Those were just fireworks.
[10:42.93]Fireworks. Okay. Phewf.
[10:44.81]Somebody's birthday, or...
[10:46.43]Well, it's more of an anniversary.
[10:50.56]The 30th anniversary of our game, actually.
[10:53.23]What? Is that today?
[10:55.40]I know!
[10:56.48]I'm such a dummy with dates.
[10:58.07]Anyway, congratulations.
[11:00.49]Thank you, Ralph. And to you, too.
[11:11.08]Just a heads- up, Felix.
[11:12.58]They're bringing out the cake in a few shakes.
[11:14.25]- Hey, Glen. - Ralph.
[11:17.59]Cake? Heard about this cake stuff.
[11:20.97]Never had it.
[11:22.09]No one ever seems to throw it out
[11:23.51]so it never ends up in the dump.
[11:25.01]I never actually tasted it.
[11:28.02]I've always wanted to try cake.
[11:31.10]I don't suppose you'd like to come in and have a slice, would you?
[11:34.94]Hey-o, everybody!
[11:43.28]I'm okay. I'm okay. Fit as a fiddle.
[11:47.70]- Now, you all know Ralph. - Evening.
[11:50.83]Evening, Nell, Lucy, Don, Dana...
[11:54.29]- Deanna. - Big Gene!
[11:56.29]Why is he here?
[11:57.80]He's just here for a slice of cake.
[11:59.96]And I'm a big part of the game, technically speaking.
[12:03.64]Why are you here, Gene?
[12:05.30]Oh, look! The cake!
[12:08.72]Well, I'll be dipped. You've really outdone yourself, Mary.
[12:13.19]Oh, and look! There's all of us at the top.
[12:16.02]Each apartment is everyone's favorite flavor.
[12:19.15]Norwood's is red velvet.
[12:22.32]And lemon for Lucy, rum cake for Gene,
[12:25.70]- and for Felix... - Hey, Mary.
[12:28.54]What's the flavor of that mud that I'm stuck in there?
[12:31.87]Oh. Chocolate.
[12:35.04]I've never been real fond of chocolate.
[12:37.38]Well, I did not know that.
[12:39.34]One other little thing.
[12:40.55]I hate to be picky, but this angry little guy here...
[12:44.18]- My cake! - ...Might be a lot happier
[12:46.22]if you put him up here with everyone else.
[12:48.68]See that? Look at that smile.
[12:51.02]No, no. You see, Ralph,
[12:53.10]there's no room for you up here.
[12:56.52]What about this? We can make room.
[12:59.02]Here. We could take turns. Easy.
[13:02.78]How about we just eat the cake?
[13:04.61]Hang on. Felix needs to be on the roof
[13:07.07]because he's about to get his medal!
[13:09.24]Then how about we just take that medal
[13:11.54]and give it to Ralph for once?
[13:12.91]Would that be the end of the world, Gene?
[13:14.66]Now you're just being ridiculous.
[13:16.54]Only good guys win medals,
[13:18.25]and you, sir, are no good guy.
[13:20.96]I could be a good guy if I wanted to,
[13:22.42]and I could win a medal!
[13:23.59]And when you do, come and talk to us.
[13:26.63]Then would you finally
[13:27.54]let me be on top of the cake with you guys?
[13:29.43]If you won a medal,
[13:30.56]we'd let you live up here in the penthouse!
[13:32.56]But it will never happen
[13:34.73]because you're just the bad guy who wrecks the building.
[13:37.90]No, I'm not.
[13:39.40]Yes, you are!
[13:40.69]No, I'm not!
[13:52.12]Yes, you are.
[13:55.87]All right, Gene. You know what?
[13:58.42]I'm going to win a medal.
[14:00.09]Oh, I am going to win a medal!
[14:02.42]The shiniest medal this place has ever seen!
[14:05.42]A medal that will be so good
[14:07.93]that it will make Felix's medals wet their pants!
[14:12.18]And good night! Thank you for the party.
[14:15.52]- Is he serious? - Oh, please!
[14:17.44]Where's a bad guy going to win a medal?
[14:19.60]Of course he's not serious.
[14:21.94]I've never been more serious about anything in my life.
[14:25.24]That's why I came straight here, Tapper.
[14:26.95]You've never given me a bum steer.
[14:28.53]Now, come on. Where can a guy like me go and win a medal?
[14:32.45]I don't think such a game exists, Ralph.
[14:34.91]Oh, come on. You know people. There's got to be...
[14:37.41]Tapper, I need a root beer.
[14:38.71]Coming! Hold that thought.
[14:47.47]- Okay. As you were saying. - I was saying,
[14:49.05]I was saying, I can't spend another 30 years
[14:52.18]living alone in the garbage.
[14:53.60]I'm not going back without a medal.
[14:55.64]Well, I don't know what to tell you.
[14:57.10]Maybe somebody left a medal here.
[14:59.60]You're welcome to dig through the lost and found.
[15:01.90]Okay, let's see what we got here.
[15:04.61]Go on, get out of here.
[15:09.28]Mushroom? No.
[15:11.70]What is this? No.
[15:14.08]Come on, Zangief! Gross.
[15:19.83]What am I doing?
[15:23.00]- Hey, excuse you! - We are humanity's last hope.
[15:25.38]Our mission? Destroy all Cy-Bugs.
[15:28.76]We are humanity's last hope.
[15:32.18]You okay there, space cadet?
[15:33.68]We've only been plugged in a week
[15:35.56]and every day it's, "Climb the building, then fight bugs.
[15:39.14]"Climb the building, fight more bugs!"
[15:41.64]Yeah, yeah. Right. Look.
[15:42.90]Easy on the overalls, spaceman.
[15:45.07]It's tough all over, all right?
[15:46.40]And all for what? A lousy medal?
[15:50.11]Medal? You win a medal?
[15:52.16]Yeah, Medal of Heroes.
[15:54.20]Is it shiny?
[15:56.45]Pretty shiny.
[15:58.79]- And it says "Hero" On it? - Oh, yeah.
[16:00.87]And you say you win it by climbing a building?
[16:03.38]- And fighting bugs! - Right, bugs.
[16:05.09]Is there any chance I could go with you to your game
[16:07.75]and maybe get one of those medals?
[16:09.92]- Negatory. - Does that mean maybe?
[16:11.93]No! Look, only the bravest
[16:14.39]and the best serve in our corps.
[16:27.07]We are humanity's last hope.
[16:35.70]Attention! The arcade will open in five minutes.
[16:39.54]Please report to your games.
[16:42.66]I can't feel my legs. What is all this stuff?
[16:48.21]Smells like Ralph in here.
[16:51.13]Okay. All right. What was it called again?
[16:53.88]Hero's... Hero's something.
[16:55.93]Hero's... Duty. Hero's Duty.
[16:57.30]There it is.
[17:02.89]Sorry, Q- bert. It's me, Ralph.
[17:11.78]The wall.
[17:21.58]Morning, kids. Come on in.
[17:23.12]Good to see you.
[17:23.83]Good to see you. You, too, little fella.
[17:30.92]Quarter alert! Quarter alert!
[17:33.09]This is not a drill.
[17:34.17]Ooh! Sweet golden medal!
[17:42.68]On a planet with no name
[17:44.56]a top- secret experiment has gone horribly wrong.
[17:48.61]You are humanity's last hope.
[17:53.99]Rooting- tooting, ready for shooting!
[17:56.36]All right.
[17:57.95]Now listen up, because I'm only going to say this once.
[18:00.99]Fear is a four- letter word, ladies.
[18:03.58]If you want to go pee- pee in your big- boy slacks,
[18:06.16]keep it to yourself.
[18:07.54]It's make your mamas proud time!
[18:10.09]I love my mama!
[18:11.67]Heads up! First- person shooter, coming through!
[18:14.30]Ooh, robot!
[18:18.18]Game play in three, two, one.
[18:23.35]We are humanity's last hope.
[18:25.31]Our mission?
[18:27.10]Destroy all Cy-Bugs.
[18:29.40]You ready, rookie? Let's find out.
[18:34.19]Sweet Mother Hubbard!
[18:40.37]No, no, no! Wait a second!
[18:46.71]Cy-Bug, twelve o'clock. Take it, newbie.
[18:52.00]No, no! Wait, wait!
[18:56.92]Watch it, rookie! These monsters become what they eat.
[19:02.51]My gun! Give me that back.
[19:08.44]Shoot the eggs before they hatch!
[19:10.73]Oh, no!
[19:11.81]Something's coming out of their bottom!
[19:15.36]- Oh, gross! - Markowski!
[19:17.44]Get back in formation!
[19:19.82]All right, ladies,
[19:21.07]the kitten whispers and tickle fights stop now.
[19:23.70]The entrance to the lab is straight ahead.
[19:25.54]- I'll meet you guys inside! - No!
[19:27.45]Sanctuary! Sanctuary!
[19:32.75]I thought this was going to be like Centipede!
[19:34.92]When did video games become so violent and scary?
[19:38.05]Please, get me out of here!
[19:41.59]Take her!
[19:46.89]What a rip- off!
[19:48.89]Get off me! It's game over. Stop it!
[19:55.23]Beacon up! Beacon up!
[20:00.61]Cease fire! Cease fire!
[20:08.75]Attention! Return to start positions.
[20:11.50]Return to start positions.
[20:14.83]Here, let me help you. Sorry about that.
[20:17.80]Yeah, you must be upset.
[20:19.59]- Markowski. - Who?
[20:21.51]Yeah, me. I'm Markowski.
[20:25.30]What's the first rule of Hero's Duty?
[20:27.51]No cuts, no butts, no coconuts?
[20:30.39]Never interfere with the first- person shooter.
[20:34.15]Our job is to get the gamers to the top of that building
[20:36.90]so they can get a medal, and that's it!
[20:39.82]So stick to the program, soldier!
[20:41.70]Right. Right. Aye, aye.
[20:42.78]Quarter alert! Quarter alert!
[20:44.49]All right, pussy willows. Back to start positions!
[20:49.37]Yeah, right. No way I'm going through that again.
[20:54.46]So that's where they keep the medal, huh?
[21:01.30]"New racers daily."
[21:03.80]Sweet! I got next game.
[21:05.80]Go away, kid!
[21:07.14]We're going to play all nine of today's racers!
[21:25.99]Where's the wrecking guy?
[21:28.53]Where's Ralph? He should be wrecking the building.
[21:31.70]Stick with the program.
[21:34.37]Fix it, Felix!
[21:44.30]Ralph! Quarter alert! Game on!
[21:55.10]Do something, Felix!
[21:56.77]Just act natural. I'll fix it.
[22:03.57]Ralph! Ralph!
[22:05.15]What the...
[22:06.82]Ralph? Ralph!
[22:10.91]Oh, my land! Where is he?
[22:14.70]Mr. Litwak!
[22:16.37]What's the trouble, sweetheart?
[22:17.87]The game's busted.
[22:19.96]I can fix it! I can fix it!
[22:23.00]Oh, boy.
[22:24.13]Looks like the game's gone cuckoo, like my nana.
[22:27.68]Sorry, sweetie. Here's your quarter back.
[22:30.05]But what about the game?
[22:31.60]I'll have someone look at it tomorrow...
[22:33.47]But if he can't fix it, it might be time
[22:35.73]to put old Ralph and Felix out to pasture.
[22:38.14]Like my nana.
[22:49.99]Ladies and gentlemen, we're out of order.
[22:53.45]Sweet mercy! Without Ralph, we're doomed!
[22:56.33]They're going to pull our plug!
[22:59.54]Okay, everybody, calm down.
[23:03.67]Ralph probably fell asleep in the washroom of Tapper's again.
[23:07.63]See? There he is now.
[23:14.97]Why, it's Q- bert. What brings you here, neighbor?
[23:20.02]What's he saying, Felix?
[23:21.56]Stand by. My Q*bert- ese is a little rusty.
[23:39.62]Ralph's gone Turbo!
[23:58.73]Attention! The arcade is now closed.
[24:01.64]Did you get a load of Markowski?
[24:03.69]Shut your chew holes.
[24:16.99]Taste it!
[24:25.38]Slick Tiddlywinking, pint- size.
[24:27.59]I'm Fix-It Felix, Jr. , ma'am.
[24:29.26]From the game Fix-It Felix, Jr.
[24:33.26]Jiminey jaminey!
[24:35.72]Look at that high definition. Your face!
[24:40.18]It's amazing!
[24:42.64]Flattery don't charge these batteries, civilian.
[24:46.06]Now, state your business.
[24:47.82]I'm looking for my colleague, Wreck-It Ralph?
[24:50.74]Never heard of him.
[24:52.32]Well, Q*bert saw him come in here.
[24:54.95]lmpossible. Nothing gets past me.
[24:59.54]That came from the tower.
[25:20.27]Nice eggs. Nice eggs!
[25:23.69]Okay. That was easy.
[25:30.57]Congratulations, soldier.
[25:32.28]It is my honor to bestow upon you
[25:34.99]the Medal of Heroes.
[25:53.63]No way!
[25:54.97]Ten- hut!
[26:01.26]History will long revere your courage and sacrifice.
[26:04.23]Well, thank you!
[26:05.31]You have etched in the rock of virtue
[26:07.23]a legacy beyond compare.
[26:09.44]Thanks, guys. At ease!
[26:12.07]You are the universe's greatest hero.
[26:18.74]The living embodiment of all this corps represents.
[26:23.29]Bravery. Lntegrity. Grace under pressure.
[26:27.79]And above all, dignity.
[26:29.83]Escape pod activated.
[26:35.30]Get off my face!
[26:49.40]- Ralph! - Cy-Bug!
[27:04.41]Oh, no!
[27:45.12]Sayonara, sucker!
[27:58.30]"Sugar Rush"?
[28:06.18]Oh, no!
[28:08.81]This is that candy go- cart game over by the Whac- A- Mole.
[28:12.44]I got to get out of here.
[28:14.23]Oh, no! My medal!
[28:19.36]No, no, no, no, my medal!
[28:25.70]No, no, my medal!
[28:48.56]Hi, mister.
[28:53.31]Man, you scared me, kid. I nearly soiled myself.
[28:58.40]What's your name?
[29:00.24]Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph.
[29:01.86]You're not from here, are you?
[29:03.82]No, well, yeah. I mean, not from right in this area.
[29:07.24]I'm just doing some work here.
[29:08.62]What kind of work?
[29:09.79]Some routine candy tree trimming.
[29:12.00]You probably want to stand back.
[29:13.42]In fact, this whole area
[29:15.42]is technically closed while we're trimming.
[29:16.88]- Who's "We"? - Candy tree department.
[29:18.92]Where is everybody else?
[29:20.92]It's just me today.
[29:22.34]So you just meant like the royal "We"?
[29:24.84]Yep. That's right.
[29:26.93]Hey, are you a hobo?
[29:29.60]No. I'm not a hobo, but I am busy.
[29:33.02]Okay? So you go home.
[29:35.44]What's that? Didn't hear you.
[29:37.31]Your breath is so bad it made my ears numb.
[29:39.65]Listen, I tried to be nice.
[29:40.98]I tried to be nice.
[29:42.86]- You're mimicking me. - You're mimicking me!
[29:46.91]That is rude, and this conversation is over.
[29:49.49]And this conversation is over.
[29:52.41]I wouldn't grab that branch if I were you.
[29:55.29]I'm from the candy tree department, so I know what...
[29:57.17]It's a double stripe.
[30:00.71]Double stripes break.
[30:04.13]Why are your hands so freakishly big?
[30:06.68]I don't know. Why are you so freakishly annoying?
[30:09.72]Why are you so freakishly...
[30:12.10]Sweet mother of monkey milk! A gold coin!
[30:14.73]Don't even think about it. That is mine.
[30:16.39]Race you for it!
[30:18.02]I don't have to race for it because it's mine!
[30:20.61]- Double stripe! - Come back here!
[30:22.90]- The winner! - Give it back! Give it!
[30:28.95]Double stripe.
[30:33.45]Thank you!
[30:35.54]Wait! Let me talk to you for one second.
[30:38.42]Okay. Here's the thing.
[30:40.63]I'm not from the candy tree department.
[30:42.30]Lying to a child. Shame on you, Ralph.
[30:46.38]But I wasn't lying about the medal. That is my medal!
[30:49.26]That's why I was climbing the tree. It's mine!
[30:51.93]It's precious to me.
[30:53.56]That thing is my ticket to a better life.
[30:56.31]Yeah, well, now it's my ticket.
[30:58.60]- What the... - See you, chump!
[31:00.73]Come back! I'll find you!
[31:03.36]I will find you!
[31:05.15]Double stripe!
[31:07.95]Nowhere to hide!
[31:11.20]Yeah, he banged around in here like some kind of hot shot,
[31:14.79]then he went barreling down into that sweet little game
[31:17.41]like a crazy person.
[31:19.17]"Sugar Rush."
[31:21.21]Cy-Bugs would chew up that game
[31:23.04]faster than a chicken hawk in a coop of crippled roosters.
[31:26.80]- What was that, now? - What are you, thick?
[31:29.18]There was a Cy-Bug on that shuttle!
[31:32.39]Do you even know what a Cy-Bug is?
[31:34.81]I can't say that I do, ma'am.
[31:36.52]Cy-Bugs are like a virus.
[31:38.39]They don't know they're in a game.
[31:39.98]All they know is eat, kill, multiply.
[31:43.11]Without a beacon to stop them,
[31:44.90]they'll consume Sugar Rush.
[31:46.99]But do you think they'll stop there?
[31:48.53]- Yes! - Wrong!
[31:50.07]Viruses do not stop!
[31:52.87]Once those Cy-Bugs finish off Sugar Rush,
[31:55.58]they'll invade every other game until this arcade
[31:58.66]is nothing but a smoking husk of forgotten dreams.
[32:04.50]Kohut! My cruiser.
[32:09.26]Jeepers. Is she always this intense?
[32:12.34]It's not her fault.
[32:14.14]She's programmed with the most tragic back- story ever.
[32:17.39]The one day she didn't do a perimeter check...
[32:21.10]Her wedding day.
[32:37.95]Wait, ma'am! I'm going with you.
[32:40.75]Like fun you are, short stack.
[32:42.75]If you die outside your game, you don't regenerate.
[32:45.84]Well, neither do you, ma'am.
[32:48.34]And it is my job to fix what Ralph wrecks.
[32:51.38]And I cannot ask you to risk your life cleaning up his mess.
[32:55.39]No flex on this one, ma'am. I am coming along with you.
[33:36.97]Citizens of Sugar Rush...
[33:40.47]Just in time.
[33:42.77]...all hail our rightful ruler, King Candy.
[33:47.77]Hello, my royal subjects!
[33:50.90]Have some candy!
[33:55.49]Thank you for that stirring introduction, Sour Bill.
[34:00.24]And thank you to today's avatars.
[34:03.29]It was a wonderful day of racing. It was.
[34:06.17]But now the arcade is closed,
[34:07.96]so it's time to wipe the slate clean
[34:10.30]and race to decide our new roster.
[34:14.80]The first nine racers across that finish line
[34:17.89]will represent Sugar Rush as tomorrow's avatars!
[34:22.18]Race! Race! Race!
[34:24.14]Okay, calm down.
[34:26.27]Listen! This event is pay- to- play. We all know this.
[34:30.19]The fee to compete is one gold coin
[34:32.78]from your previous winnings,
[34:34.94]if you've ever won, which I have.
[34:38.16]Let me go first!
[34:45.25]King Candy!
[34:54.84]Taffyta Muttonfudge!
[34:56.09]Stay sweet!
[34:58.72]Adorabeezle Winterpop.
[35:01.85]Gloyd Orangeboar!
[35:05.35]Little stealer! Wait till I catch that brat.
[35:09.31]Minty Zaki. Snowanna Rainbeau.
[35:13.11]Rancis Fluggerbutter. Jubileena Bing- Bing.
[35:17.82]Swizzle Malarkey.
[35:29.62]Sour Bill, who's that last one?
[35:35.30]Vanellope von Schweetz!
[35:37.51]Yippee! I'm in the race!
[35:42.01]The Glitch!
[35:45.18]Now, now!
[35:47.56]Everything is all right! Security!
[35:51.35]Come here, kid!
[35:52.52]We're not going to hurt you, you little freak!
[35:57.24]Get back here!
[35:58.40]Slow down! Slow down a little bit.
[36:04.24]You! Give me back my medal right now!
[36:07.66]- Ah, boy! - Go!
[36:09.62]What is that?
[36:10.92]Come on! Go! Roll!
[36:24.97]Careful! What are you doing?
[36:37.11]Come back here!
[36:41.03]I can't move!
[36:42.20]Now we got him!
[36:44.03]Oh, good, the cops. She went that way!
[36:46.49]- Hold still! - Take that!
[36:48.12]What are you doing?
[36:49.25]Okay, folks.
[36:51.08]Calm down! Everything's all right.
[36:53.96]The monster's been caught!
[36:56.17]We'll repair all the damage.
[36:59.09]Don't worry. We will have our race before the arcade opens.
[37:02.55]And I'm in it. Yes!
[37:09.72]There's no way that I am racing with a glitch.
[37:13.02]Rancis, Candlehead, come on.
[37:15.06]Sour Bill, that glitch cannot be allowed to race!
[37:19.69]And bring that thing to my castle.
[37:22.15]Guys! She took...
[37:29.16]Or-e-oh Ore-o!
[37:33.46]Or-e-oh Ore-o!
[37:46.01]Sour Bill, de- taffify this monster
[37:49.10]so we can see what we're up against here.
[37:50.89]Mm- kay.
[37:54.56]Milk my duds! It's Wreck-It Ralph?
[37:57.11]Yeah. Who are you, the guy that makes the donuts?
[38:00.19]Please. No. I'm King Candy!
[38:04.24]I see yo


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