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[01:05.18]Four turtles...
[01:08.12]...four brothers...
[01:12.45]...genetically reborn in the sewers of New York.
[01:17.76]Named after the great Renaissance masters...
[01:21.96]...and trained as ninjas.
[01:30.20]They battled many creatures and foes before defeating their archenemy...
[01:35.28]... the Shredder.
[01:41.01]But now a greater evil is poised to destroy their very brotherhood.
[01:46.29]An evil born 3000 years ago.
[01:59.30]It was in that time
[02:00.27]that a warrior king named Yoatl...
[02:02.80]...led a brotherhood that fought side by side with one purpose:
[02:09.51]To conquer all the kingdoms of the world.
[02:18.19]Nothing could stand in their way...
[02:20.95] they left a trail of destruction behind them.
[02:41.88]In his quest, the warrior learned of a constellation...
[02:45.01]...known as the Stars of Kikan.
[02:47.71]Every 3000 years, the stars would align...
[02:51.75]...opening a portal to a world of unknown power.
[03:00.99]He became immortal...
[03:02.80]...but at a price.
[03:08.57]His brotherhood was turned to stone.
[03:13.17]And upon the portal's opening...
[03:15.48]... 13 monsters were released into our world.
[03:48.78]The warrior king was left to eternally walk the Earth...
[03:53.41]...unable to die or forget his horrible mistake.
[04:08.16]And the monsters that were unleashed...
[04:10.83]...continue to plague mankind to this very day.
[04:45.90]We appreciate the generous donation...
[04:48.60]...for the continued protection of your village.
[04:53.94]After all, the jungle can be a very dangerous place.
[05:00.78]-Mama! -Oh, she is dangerous.
[05:03.32]There's monsters out there.
[05:28.14]Watch where you're going.
[05:33.11]Well, if you're not too busy, remove it.
[05:53.10]Who are you? Show yourself.
[05:56.34]The ghost of the jungle. He punishes those who prey upon the weak.
[06:00.71]He's coming.
[06:04.91]I just remembered I left the stove on. My wife hates that.
[06:07.81]-Coward. Get back here. -You're on your own, jefe.
[06:11.59]Show yourself. Do you realize who you're dealing with?
[06:22.06]What is this?
[06:35.71]I am not afraid of a myth.
[06:38.55]I'm not afraid of a ghost.
[06:47.09]What are you?
[07:06.34]It's a miracle.
[07:17.88]The ghost of the jungle.
[07:24.93]There. That's where I saw him.
[07:29.26]Thank you.
[07:31.10]You'd better get home now.
[07:33.23]Do you know the ghost?
[07:35.87]He wasn't always a ghost.
[08:09.00]Is anyone here?
[08:21.98]It's a long way from the city to just drop in.
[08:32.53]You came all the way down here to look for me?
[08:35.16]Actually, I was already here on business.
[08:37.33]But then the local legend started sounding familiar...
[08:40.00] I decided to snoop around.
[08:41.67]-What kind of business? -Ancient artifacts.
[08:44.84]Some tycoon with too much time on his hands...
[08:47.31]...has his heart set on a collection of 3000-year-old statues.
[08:50.81]Well, you always did run with a strange crowd, April.
[08:54.05]Yeah, well. Our strange crowd hasn't been the same without you.
[08:59.99]Things aren't looking so good back home.
[09:03.46]How bad could it be?
[09:05.43]Donnie's probably got everything under control.
[09:08.26]Sir? Sir. Sir.
[09:11.10]Did you turn the computer on? Have you plugged it in?
[09:14.40]Yeah, that would help.
[09:15.77]No, I'm not playing hard to get.
[09:17.54]I'm telling you, sir, it's not that kind of phone line.
[09:20.37]I'm not your enemy. I'm just Donnie, your friendly IT tech support...
[09:24.11] to help you 24 hours a day, sir.
[09:26.61]Yeah, I'm sorry. Ma'am.
[09:29.85]But Donnie's a genius. Why would he take a job like that?
[09:34.49]At least he's keeping busy.
[09:36.02]Well, if he's doing that, who's keeping an eye on Mikey?
[09:39.26]Mike's gotten into the entertainment business.
[09:46.80]Happy birthday from Cowabunga Carl.
[09:53.37]Take it easy, little dudes. I bruise easily.
[09:56.38]Hey, black-and-blue clashes with green, dudes. Hey, that's-
[09:59.88]He's a big hit.
[10:01.45]All right. Let's hear it. What's Raph doing?
[10:04.95]No one really knows. He just sleeps all day.
[10:09.16]Well, what's he do all night?
[10:24.14]2802, 2802, burglary in progress at 55th and Broadway.
[10:28.94]Suspects considered armed and dangerous.
[10:31.71]Time to punch in.
[10:52.20]Good work, boys. That was easier than I thought it was gonna be.
[10:55.40]Hey, look, guys. I grabbed a toaster.
[10:58.41]I love your work ethic, Tommy. It's an inspiration to us all.
[11:11.42]What was that?
[11:13.12]What's going on, guys?
[11:16.49]What in the-?
[11:24.93]Looks like it's just you and me, shaky.
[11:28.57]Take it easy. I'm not gonna hurt you...
[11:45.99]I love when they play hard to get.
[11:57.46]The Nightwatcher.
[12:00.20]-He's doing our job for us again. -Tommy.
[12:02.30]-Keep your hands to yourself. -Hey, who's tickling me?
[12:06.54]Your training period ended a year ago.
[12:09.24]And Splinter says you don't write anymore.
[12:11.88]Splinter sent me down here
[12:12.90]to become a better leader.
[12:14.71]I can't go back a failure.
[12:17.22]Besides, these people need me more than my brothers do.
[12:21.42]If Master Splinter were here...
[12:23.26]...he would ask you, "What is your heart telling you? "
[12:26.13]I don't know. I just know something's missing.
[12:31.36]Your brothers need you, Leo.
[12:34.90]They're lost without you.
[13:23.08]Why skate a halfpipe when you can skate a sewer pipe?
[13:36.73]Sewer's up, bra.
[14:05.12]Dude. Going down.
[14:20.17]Here's Mikey.
[14:33.05]This place used to be fun.
[14:37.42]And with rocketing interest rates, that's bad news for homeowners...
[14:40.99] the real-estate market continues its downward spiral.
[14:45.53]Coming up, the vigilante known as
[14:47.36]Nightwatcher strikes again.
[14:49.67]Now, I can 't say for sure, but he was definitely an alien.
[14:56.44]-Leave it to the police. -Up next...
[14:59.35]I remember how that used to feel, busting up crime syndicates.
[15:03.38]Sure, they had a bunch of guns, but they weren't like these guns.
[15:07.85]Why do you do this to yourself, Mikey? Those glory days are over.
[15:11.46]Forget about them. Get on with your life. Concentrate on your work.
[15:15.46]Yeah, yeah. Spoken like a true has-been.
[15:19.57]Well, look who woke up.
[15:21.43]I suppose you think the Nightwatcher is some kind of hero.
[15:25.47]Beats sitting around doing nothing while dirtbags run free.
[15:28.78]I would love to know what it is that you do that's so great.
[15:31.88]We're contributing around here. All you do is sleep.
[15:34.71]Yeah, I do nothing. You're right. You got me all figured out.
[15:39.09]I know that your attitude has been a source of contention to this team.
[15:42.76]You think fear is the best way to accomplish things.
[15:45.59]First of all, this team you speak of doesn't exist anymore.
[15:49.06]And second of all...
[15:57.94]I think I made my point.
[15:59.44]That doesn't prove anything.
[16:04.58]Why couldn't you send him away for training?
[16:07.15]Donatello, this home has become like an empty shell.
[16:11.22]Each of your brothers has strengths and weaknesses.
[16:14.99]You must learn to be strong when they are weak.
[16:18.29]If you don't learn to recognize this...
[16:21.13]...then all hope is lost for our family.
[16:41.45]Keep it coming.
[16:50.59]Hey, careful.
[16:52.16]Those aren't souvenirs.
[16:54.29]Sorry about that, ma'am.
[17:00.03]Where are you, Casey?
[17:03.37]Come on. Come on, pick up.
[17:06.84]Don't do this to me again. Not now.
[17:09.21]Casey can't come to the phone right now because we're hardly working.
[17:15.98]This better be good.
[17:17.65]Casey, I am standing on the dock with a priceless statue and no delivery truck.
[17:23.26]-So my question is, where are you? -April.
[17:27.16]Hey, babe. I am so sorry. I set the alarm clock, but...
[17:33.33]It' s broken. The clock...
[17:38.27]It' s bad enough that you ' re out every night playing vigilante...
[17:41.44]-...but we've got a deadline to meet. -I'm sorry.
[17:44.94]Oh, wait, babe, real quick. You left a message saying you found Leo.
[17:48.55]-I mean, is he there with you? -No.
[17:51.72]I found him. He's not coming back.
[17:55.99]But didn't you tell him how weird things have gotten with the Turtles?
[17:59.93]Look, Casey, we're gonna lose the biggest client we have...
[18:02.93]...if you don 't get down here.
[18:04.90]All right. I'm on my way.
[18:14.81]Please tell me we're getting paid by the pound here.
[18:18.14]Is this place a museum or what?
[18:21.82]-That's what I'm telling you.
[18:23.35]They're into everything:
[18:25.25]real estate, technology, pharmaceuticals, hair gel.
[18:27.69]-I don't wear hair gel. -Really?
[18:29.89]I'm the caveman type, au naturel.
[18:33.39]Just make sure you don't touch anything in here.
[18:36.00]Hey, I was born careful.
[18:40.43]Hope that wasn't expensive.
[18:42.80]Oh, wait- Just- I'm-
[18:46.41]-Oh, boy. -Please tell me that wasn't you.
[19:00.72]-Mr. Winters. -Miss O'Neil.
[19:04.32]All the pieces are coming together.
[19:06.63]Oh, my. This is my associate, Casey.
[19:10.03]-Nice to meet you, Kenny. -Boyfriend. It's Casey.
[19:12.53]-So you were successful? -Yes. The fourth general.
[19:15.37]I want to ask you before I go...
[19:17.27]...if I could take one last look?
[19:31.88]I believe this is the one they call General Akeela?
[19:34.49]It's actually "Aguila," but that was a good try.
[19:40.13]These statues may appear to be only stone...
[19:43.40]...but they're like family to me. I didn't choose them.
[19:47.57]Friends you can choose,
[19:48.96]but never your family.
[19:51.50]Okay, then.
[19:55.01]Take care, Mr. Winters.
[20:04.95]If you've come to kill me, could you make it fast?
[20:07.65]I've got a shareholders' meeting at 10. I'd rather miss it.
[20:14.46]If we had come here to hurt you, you'd be hurting already.
[20:19.03]The Foot Clan and l have come to hear your offer.
[20:22.44]Well, it appears that today is my lucky day.
[20:26.91]I must warn you, we do not come cheap.
[20:29.58]Does it look like money is of any concern to me?
[20:32.28]Only time is of the essence, my dear.
[20:35.85]Since you're so rich and powerful...
[20:37.85]...what is it we could possibly have to offer you?
[20:40.95]I need you to be my eyes and ears.
[20:43.16]I have some friends coming to town...
[20:45.56]...that I'd like to roll out the red carpet for.
[20:49.93]Greet them warmly and bring them to me.
[20:54.60]And how will we know these friends?
[20:57.50]Don't worry, they're impossible to miss.
[21:28.73]And you keep them up. Got that?
[21:30.84]And don't let me catch you calling the cops.
[21:33.67]What? Not again.
[21:40.25]Didn't I take care of you last week?
[21:43.15]Hey. Oh, no. Come on, now. Wait.
[21:47.05]I'm very disappointed in you, knucklehead.
[21:50.36]Guess night school's in session.
[21:52.79]Hope I'm not disturbing class.
[21:55.03]Hey, Nightwatcher, need any teaching assistants?
[21:57.80]Oh, no. Casey.
[21:59.93]I got this one covered, pal. Thanks, but no, thanks.
[22:03.97]You think you own these rooftops? I happen to think you could use my help.
[22:09.68]And I could use a sidekick.
[22:11.28]You may have everyone else fooled, but you haven't fooled me, Raph.
[22:14.58]Yeah, well, guess what, pal. Now you...
[22:17.42]Hey, wait a minute. How did you know it was me?
[22:21.55]Wasn't that hard, man. You know, you look like a big, metal turtle.
[22:26.33]It's that obvious, huh?
[22:31.62]-Ain't that cute? He's trying to get away.
[22:38.07]Well, looks like I got a sidekick.
[22:40.04]Yeah, right. You're the sidekick.
[22:51.28]...sit around, wait for Leo to come back and save the day?
[22:54.22]I mean, we haven't heard word one from him...
[22:56.49]...since Splinter sent him away on his little vacation.
[22:59.49]You think these lowlifes take vacations at the first sign of pressure?
[23:03.06]No. The criminal element of this city may be guilty of a lot of things...
[23:07.13]...but being quitters ain't one of them.
[23:10.27]You know, I don't even care about Leo anymore.
[23:12.77]Kind of hope he never comes back.
[23:14.61]Come on, aren't you being a little hard on the guy?
[23:17.61]I don't know. It's possible.
[23:19.51]I guess if I could live anywhere other than the city, I'd go too.
[23:22.72]But I could never leave this place.
[23:25.05]I can't even sleep without the sound of the subway rumbling over my head.
[23:29.36]I guess it comes from growing up with a houseful of brothers.
[23:33.09]I'm not trying to tell you what to do.
[23:35.09]I'm just saying that if it was my brother, I'd find a way to work it out.
[23:39.27]But that's just me.
[23:41.07]I got my own issues, you know? Like back at home, with April.
[23:44.24]There's this whole thing about settling down...
[23:46.81]...that makes me miss the old times.
[23:49.04]I don't know if I can be the grownup she needs me to be.
[23:57.32]Good talk, Raph.
[24:24.34]Arise, my brothers. Arise, dear sister.
[24:28.15]The Stars of Kikan align.
[24:30.35]All ye generals, wake from your stone slumber.
[25:51.20]Kneel, my son.
[25:59.07]I return from my training, master.
[26:02.21]I was so caught up in my own world, I forgot about everyone else.
[26:08.78]I'm sorry I failed.
[26:13.29]On the contrary, my son...
[26:19.49] you are much stronger.
[26:31.60]Your strength is needed here now.
[26:34.24]You owe me no apology, but perhaps you should talk to Raphael.
[26:40.28]Your absence has been particularly difficult for him...
[26:45.05]...though he'll never admit it.
[26:47.62]I'm certain things will be back to normal in no time, master.
[26:51.56]Good. Because until you can act as one, you are forbidden to fight.
[26:58.06]Yes, sensei.
[27:01.17]I have missed you, Leonardo.
[27:04.14]I've missed you too, Father.
[27:09.48]Your brother is home.
[27:16.42]-Hey. -Hey.
[27:21.09]Welcome home.
[27:23.02]Yeah. Thanks.
[27:25.12]Well, I'm going to bed.
[27:31.76]Hey, Leo's back. Better go say hello before he leaves again.
[27:35.43]-What? Leo. -Hey.
[27:38.24]-Hey. -Huh, Leo?
[27:40.64]-Is that really you? -Yeah.
[27:43.21]-I'm, like, dreaming, aren't l? -No, Mikey, you're not dreaming.
[27:47.58]Oh, good. I have nightmares about birthday parties.
[27:55.19]Okay, Leo, I'll bite. What are we doing up here?
[27:58.29]I told Splinter I'd get this team in shape again.
[28:01.53]Hey, I've been training. Since you left,
[28:04.39]my video-game scores have, like, doubled.
[28:06.53]Right, and while you've been playing games, brother...
[28:09.37]...Nightwatcher's come into the neighborhood...
[28:11.70] some kind of vigilante showboat. But his days are done.
[28:14.87]Hey, you went AWOL, Leo...
[28:16.88]...and the Nightwatcher was the only guy to pick up the slack.
[28:20.18]Crime never took a break. You did.
[28:23.38]I heard his bike turns into a plane or, like, a jetpack.
[28:27.39]Hey, Don, you're so smart, why don't we have jetpacks?
[28:30.62]That's good, Mikey. I don't even trust you with a driver's license.
[28:33.96]Have you seen the way this guy behaves-
[28:41.10]Someone's cranky.
[28:46.57]-Okay, jungle boy. Grab a vine. -Raph, wait.
[28:49.34]Splinter told us not to fight.
[28:51.18]"Jungle boy." Good one.
[28:56.82]All right. But remember, we're only up here for training.
[28:59.69]You know what I always say, "Train by doing, dude."
[29:02.82]Mikey, when have you ever said that?
[29:06.53]You smell that? It's like a monkey cage up here.
[29:12.20]Wow, good news is, there's a bunch of Foot ninjas...
[29:22.11]Bad news is, this thing is gonna run out of bodies soon.
[29:25.38]Yeah, so? You think we should help these guys?
[29:28.51]I'd rather enjoy the show. What do you say, fearless leader?
[29:32.08]-We're not- -I say we stop talking.
[29:41.69]Come here, fuzzy wuzzy.
[29:47.37]I think we're getting off on the wrong foot here.
[29:52.84]-We're trying to help you. -Never.
[30:01.68]Wait, the Shredder's dead.
[30:05.08]Who are you working for?
[30:12.39]Hey, a little help, O fearless one.
[30:18.36]That was too easy.
[30:21.50]Like I said, too easy.
[30:26.81]Bad dog.
[30:33.41]Look at me. Found the elevator.
[30:37.65]Oh, my shoulder.
[30:40.35]My spleen.
[30:55.47]This place needed a skylight.
[31:02.71]This is why we need jetpacks.
[31:04.91]-Okay, any more bright ideas? -How about this?
[31:12.75]When this is over, I'm totally calling the architect.
[31:56.23]Wait a minute. How did something that big just disappear? It doesn't-
[32:01.80]Dude, it's the cops.
[32:07.74]Raph. Raph!
[32:17.18]Oh, yeah. The turtles are back, dudes.
[32:21.55]I give us a 10 for style, and eight for skill...
[32:25.66]...and a two for stealth.
[32:37.07]What seems to be the problem?
[32:39.77]The problem is that we were hired to merely patrol the city...
[32:43.48]...and report anything strange to you.
[32:46.31]You never said anything about monsters.
[32:52.88]Now, I'm sorry that your illustrious group have been reduced to hired guns...
[32:59.06]...but I believe we made a deal, Karai.
[33:02.99]And I expect you to honor it.
[33:05.80]You do understand honor, don't you?
[33:12.70]So how did we fare?
[33:19.58]My, my, my. And what is your name?
[33:27.62]Were there any problems, general?
[33:30.16]None, my lord.
[33:32.32]Then show these fools how a true warrior acts.
[33:35.79]Keep them on schedule in completing their task.
[33:38.16]We do not need any help.
[33:40.00]Nevertheless, Karai, I trust my family more than I trust you.
[33:44.67]You may be the eyes and ears, but they are the muscle.
[33:48.84]They will help you gather the remaining 12 of these abominations...
[33:52.18] we can finally see our birthrights fulfilled.
[33:57.02]It's going to be quite a party.
[34:04.49]Dudes, did anyone get the license plate of that thing that hit us last night?
[34:08.79]My head.
[34:10.30]Okay, that was just weird. I mean, first the Foot, then that hideous monster.
[34:14.67]Yeah. It looked like your mom, dude.
[34:18.87]Yeah, that would make her your mom too, doofus.
[34:22.64]Yeah, whatever.
[34:24.34]Keep laughing. Last night was an embarrassment.
[34:26.85]I'll tell you what's embarrassing. You can't follow a single order.
[34:30.28]Oh, how cute. You've been back for five minutes...
[34:33.42]...and now you're schooling us on your master plan?
[34:36.25]Okay, so this is my fault now, huh, Raph?
[34:38.52]I'm the only one that has to be responsible?
[34:40.96]Hey, you're the trained master, not me.
[34:43.06]Dudes, can it. Here comes Splinter.
[34:54.27]Good morning, my sons.
[34:56.21]-Good morning, sensei. -Sup?
[35:02.88]Every ninja's day should start with a healthy breakfast.
[35:06.62]It fills me with pride to see you boys together again.
[35:11.56]If anyone needs me, I'll be watching my stories.
[35:16.60]-Hothead. -Splinter Jr.
[35:20.50]Cody is going to break up with Donna. I just know it.
[35:24.50]We interrupt the Gilmore Girls for this special news report.
[35:27.97]Monsters loose in the city?
[35:29.74]Strange reports are coming in about an incident...
[35:32.31]...that sounds like something out of science fiction.
[35:38.18]Leonardo, I am most disappointed in you.
[35:42.12]You are the eldest of your brothers.
[35:44.76]I was counting on you to bring order to the chaos of this family.
[35:49.86]This is why I have forbidden any surface activity.
[35:54.07]We cannot return to the surface to fight evil...
[35:57.10]...if we continue to fight each other.
[35:59.74]But Master Splinter, how can I be expected to do so-
[36:02.51]There are no excuses when you are the leader, my student.
[36:10.55]We have to go out and find who's responsible for this.
[36:13.22]There ain't no other solution.
[36:14.79]Save the brute-vigilante junk for that Nightwatchman.
[36:17.96]-Nightwatcher. -Nightwatcher.
[36:19.46]Yeah, whatever.
[36:21.53]I'm going out.
[38:23.45]Witnesses say there are holes in the floors...
[38:25.78] if something or someone had just blasted straight down through them...
[38:30.06]...leaving authorities scratching their heads.
[38:34.43]Well, at least some people care about justice these days.
[38:37.26]Hey, Casey.
[38:39.66]-Raph? -Meet me on the roof, okay?
[38:41.87]What is it?
[38:43.64]The roof. You know what the roof is, don't you?
[38:46.67]Pushy sidekick.
[38:48.34]We've gotten this image in from an amateur cameraman...
[38:51.14]...and I do stress "amateur. "
[38:55.21]Casey, come look at this.
[39:02.52]Be safe.
[39:07.66]What's this all about, Raph?
[39:09.23]We got bigger things to worry about than criminals.
[39:11.86]Like what?
[39:17.60]Come on.
[39:36.52]I think we lost it.
[39:38.02]It's gotta be around here somewhere.
[39:40.99]I don't think so.
[39:52.20]What's going on, Raph?
[39:53.51]Did I mention we ran into a monster last night?
[39:55.81]No, you kind of failed to tell me about that one, buddy.
[40:00.85]You do know I only have a wooden bat, don't you?
[40:09.52]The Foot? I thought they were history.
[40:21.20]And now we got walking statues? You got a plan for those?
[40:24.30]Yeah. Hey, those are a first for me too.
[40:27.34]And who knows? These guys might be friendly.
[40:44.79]Wait a second. Those statues look-
[40:59.50]Watch out.
[41:04.08]I don't feel so good.
[41:11.22]That can't be good.
[41:16.12]That's just rude.
[41:20.86]Hey, wait up.
[41:24.03]-Raph? -Come here.
[41:25.76]-What, you never heard of smoke pellets? -Warn me next time.
[41:29.03]I got allergies.
[41:32.57]Come on. That's the second mask this week.
[41:37.14]They'll never find us in here.
[41:39.88]Stay with me, now. We'll be out of here soon.
[41:52.22]And I thought Girl Scouts were pushy.
[41:59.26]Some people just can't take a hint.
[42:02.33]This is the police. You on the roof, put your hands behind your...
[42:08.67]What is that? Tommy, you see this?
[42:14.51]Yeah, you better run.
[42:19.05]I gotta hand it to you, Raph...
[42:20.92] sure know how to show a lady a good time.
[42:27.36]Oh, no. I gotta get you someplace safe, pal.
[42:35.33]My compliments to the chef.
[42:43.78]Anyone for dessert?
[42:45.34]-No. -Yes.
[42:46.94]Cowabunga Carl Party Services. Cowabunga, dude.
[42:51.92]-Slow down, April.
[42:54.46]-I don 't know. He's unconscious.
[42:56.39]We'll be right there.
[43:06.86]Leo. You came back.
[43:11.07]Sorry the reunion isn't under better circumstances.
[43:15.24]Nice pad, kids.
[43:17.94]Oh, hey, Raph.
[43:20.58]Well, his vital signs seem to be okay.
[43:23.75]Pupil dilation is normal.
[43:34.69]Some sort of stone. Probably obsidian, I think.
[43:39.40]Well, is he gonna be all right?
[43:42.23]You're still here? Go back to your jungle.
[43:44.64]Well, at least his personality's still intact.
[43:47.67]And there's an engraving on it. Looks South American.
[43:52.01]That's your department, April.
[43:57.08]Would it help if I told you that those statues you collected for Winters...
[44:00.92]...were shooting these thingsat me and Raph?
[44:04.99]"The legend of Yoatl." It can't be.
[44:10.60]It was just a myth...
[44:12.36]...a scary story the locals told kids around a campfire.
[44:16.07]Whoa, what are you talking about?
[44:19.24]They say 3000 years ago, some great warrior...
[44:24.44]...actually found a portal to another dimension.
[44:35.99]And when the portal opened...
[44:37.89]...the energy from it gave the warrior eternal life.
[44:41.69]But it also turned his generals to stone.
[44:46.30]What if this warrior just kept living forever?
[44:50.03]He would spend the rest of his days in regret...
[44:53.17]...spending all of his riches and all of his power...
[44:57.31]... to find a way to revive his stone generals.
[45:05.52]Maybe, just maybe...
[45:08.49]...he 's built a new empire.
[45:26.50]But, hey, like I said, it' s just a myth.
[45:31.18]If you ask me, guys, this has Winters' name written all over it.
[45:35.08]-How do you figure that, Donnie? -Yeah.
[45:38.08]Because this has Winters' name written all over it.
[45:42.12]Now I know who to thank for this shot in the arm.
[45:44.89]So where do we find this guy and his stone jokers?
[45:47.53]We're not going until we get Splinter's blessing.
[45:50.19]You're gonna quote a rulebook to me that you ain't been following for a year?
[45:53.97]If you got something you wanna get off your shell, now's the time.
[45:57.44]But I'm not gonna stand here and debate Splinter's orders with you.
[46:02.60]Fine, then. I quit.
[46:06.78]Hey, Raph. Don't do it, man.
[46:09.61]Sometimes just taking a breather is the best thing to do.
[46:55.02]To picking up the pieces.
[46:59.29]What is it?
[47:00.93]Two creatures remain, my lord.
[47:04.70]Well, by all means, then, let's finish it.
[47:08.87]And you will finally be free of your stone prison.
[47:13.64]But if the curse is broken, we will no longer be immortal.
[47:19.35]Brother, do not question my command.
[47:28.26]-Here we go, now. -So, what are we looking for?
[47:30.89]Well, according to these star charts, the portal is set to open...
[47:34.23]...directly over Winters Tower in the next 24 hours.
[47:38.30]So the legend is right.Three thousand years.
[47:41.57]And when the portal opens, we'll lose the city to monsters within hours.
[47:45.57]Within days, the country. And within weeks, the world.
[47:52.35]Oh, so it's like Halley's comet, only monsters come out?
[47:58.79]Yes. I guess so.
[48:02.72]I'm smart.
[48:07.66]I'm okay.
[48:09.16]Why do we need Raph, anyway?
[48:10.90]It's his temper that always jeopardizes all our missions.
[48:14.04]Okay, Leo. Whatever you say. Nobody was talking about him.
[48:18.21]Leonardo, this team you are so eager to lead is incomplete.
[48:24.15]You know what you must do.
[48:28.52]Yes, sensei.
[48:40.96]Generals, I think our brother has plans to betray us.
[48:46.24]The 13th monster must not be found.
[48:54.44]Why don 't we take one more call about these monster sightings?
[48:57.71]Suffern, New Jersey, you're on.
[49:01.25]Monster sightings.
[49:23.47]A monster!
[49:26.88]Attention, all on-duty officers:
[49:28.71]Report of a disturbance on 32nd. No units available.
[49:31.41]They're playing my song.
[49:36.72]Where are the cops? How come the cops haven't shown up?
[49:39.59]Just remember what my analyst said, just go to my happy place.
[49:42.76]Everything's gonna be fine. Happy place. I'm feeling good. I'm thin.
[49:46.13]Don't get up. I'll serve myself.
[49:54.54]Look at you. Ain't you cute?
[49:56.77]You want a butt-kicking, little fella? Yes, you do. You do.
[50:00.54]Come on, I'm gonna drop-kick you to hurty town. Come on, little guy.
[50:07.52]Get off of me, you little monster.
[50:15.26]You're scratching the helmet.
[50:19.96]Okay, that was different.
[50:31.37]Hey, this thing ain't rustproof. Get off of me.
[50:47.19]Come on.
[50:58.70]How about a snack, little fella?
[51:18.25]Keep on running, you filthy little hermit crab.
[51:21.06]That spicy meatball's on the house.
[51:24.26]Big guy, please don't hurt me.
[51:26.73]What? I'm not robbing you, I'm helping you.
[51:29.30]Okay, whatever you say, sir. Please, I got kids in college.
[51:32.60]Community college.
[51:34.07]Here you go, pal. Make sure this is safe.
[51:36.14]Take everything. I'm not even looking. Go.
[51:38.31]Why is it everyone's got such a hard time believing I am a good guy?
[51:42.51]I just saved your life.
[51:51.49]This night just keeps getting better and better.
[52:24.82]Get off my car.
[52:57.35]I want you to know that I appreciate your intentions...
[53:00.72]...but you can't change the world like this.
[53:03.59]-The road you're on is a dead end. -Is he kidding?
[53:06.06]-I've tried it. -He's lecturing.
[53:07.96]So I'm gonna give you one chance to just walk away...
[53:10.70]...and stop this vi


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