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[01:58.54]Buzz Lightyear mission log.
[02:00.00]All signs point to this planet as the location of Zurg's fortress,
[02:03.17]but there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.
[03:04.53]Come to me, my prey.
[03:49.18]To infinity and beyond!
[04:03.36]So, we meet again, Buzz Lightyear, for the last time.
[04:04.89]So, we meet again, Buzz Lightyear, for the last time.
[04:07.83]Not today, Zurg!
[04:29.35]You almost had him.
[04:31.32]- I'm never gonna defeat Zurg! - Sure, you will, Rex...
[04:34.02]In fact, you're a better Buzz than I am.
[04:35.49]But look at my little arms!
[04:37.19]I can't press the "fire" button and jump at the same time!
[04:41.43]Where is it? Where is it?
[04:43.50]- Woody? - Huh?
[04:49.84]Hang on, cowboy!
[04:56.01]- Woody, are you all right? - Yeah.
[04:58.88]Yeah, I'm fine, Buzz. OK. Here's your list of things to do while I'm gone.
[05:02.75]Batteries need to be changed.
[05:04.09]Toys in the bottom of the chest need to be rotated.
[05:06.09]And make sure everyone attends Mr. Spell's seminar...
[05:08.69]on what to do if you or a part of you is swallowed.
[05:10.69]OK? OK. Good. OK.
[05:12.33]Woody, you haven't found your hat yet, have you?
[05:14.56]And Andy's leaving for cowboy camp any minute,
[05:17.03]and I can't find it anywhere!
[05:18.33]Don't worry, Woody. In just a few hours,
[05:20.64]you'll be sitting around a campfire with Andy making delicious, hot "sch'moes."
[05:25.47]- They're called s'mores, Buzz. - Right. Right. Of course.
[05:28.31]Has anyone found Woody's hat yet?
[05:30.25]Keep looking, men. Dig deeper! Negatory. Still searching.
[05:34.22]The lawn gnome next door says it's not in the yard, but he'll keep lookin'.
[05:40.76]It's not in Molly's room. We've looked everywhere.
[05:43.76]- I found it. - You found my hat?
[05:45.73]Your hat? No. The missus lost her earring.
[05:48.70]- My little sweet potato! - You found it!
[05:52.53]It's so nice...
[05:54.84]to have a big, strong spud around the house.
[05:59.91]That's just great.
[06:01.11]This'll be the first year I miss cowboy camp, all because of my stupid hat!
[06:04.31]- Woody, look under your boot. - Don't be silly.
[06:06.78]- My hat is not under my boot. - Would you just look?
[06:09.89]No hat. Just the word "Andy."
[06:13.86]And the boy who wrote that
[06:15.69]would take you to camp with or without your hat.
[06:19.76]I'm sorry, Bo.
[06:21.80]It's just that I've been lookin' forward to this all year.
[06:24.63]It's my one time with just me and Andy.
[06:26.70]You're cute when you care.
[06:28.77]- Bo, not in front of Buzz. - Let him look.
[06:34.48]Miss Peep, your sheep!
[06:39.55]This is Al from Al's Toy Barn
[06:41.25]and I'm sittin' on good deals.
[06:42.72]I think I'm feeling a deal hatching right now.
[06:45.79]Let's see what we got. We got boats for a buck Beanies for a buck...
[06:49.63]- Turn it off! Someone's gonna hear! - Which one is off?
[06:52.13]Buck-buck-buck! And that's cheap-cheap-cheap! So hurry on down...
[06:55.63]For cryin' out loud, it's this one.
[06:57.83]- I despise that chicken. - Fellas! Fellas!
[07:01.67]OK, I got some good news, and I got some bad news.
[07:05.11]What news?
[07:06.91]The good news is I found your hat, Woody.
[07:08.98]My hat! Slink, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
[07:12.61]- Where'd you find it? - Well, that's the bad news.
[07:16.99]It's Buster!
[07:18.65]Canine alert! Man your battle stations!
[07:21.02]Let's move, move, move!
[07:24.03]Woody! Hide! Quick!
[07:47.18]OK, OK, OK. OK, OK! You found me!
[07:50.32]Buster, all right. Hey, how did he do, Hamm?
[07:53.36]- Looks like a new record. - OK, boy. Sit.
[07:57.39]Reach for the sky.
[08:02.93]Great job, boy.
[08:04.77]Who's gonna miss me while I'm gone, huh?
[08:07.37]Who's gonna miss me?
[08:08.70]Who's gonna miss me?
[08:10.84]Andy, you got all your stuff?
[08:12.31]Have a good weekend, everybody. I'll see you Sunday night.
[08:14.18]It's in my room.
[08:18.85]Stick 'em up.
[08:22.35]I guess we'll work on that later.
[08:23.99]Hey, Woody. Ready to go to cowboy camp?
[08:25.92]Andy, honey, come on. Five minutes, and we're leavin'.
[08:29.76]Five minutes.
[08:33.03]Help, help! Somebody help me!
[08:35.16]Let her go, evil Dr. Pork Chop!
[08:39.13]You must choose, Sheriff Woody. How shall she die?
[08:42.10]Shark, or death by monkeys?
[08:49.14]I choose Buzz Lightyear!
[08:52.05]What? That's not a choice!
[08:53.72]To infinity and beyond!
[08:57.75]- I'll save you, Miss Peep. - My hero.
[09:02.06]- Thanks, Buzz. - No problem, buddy.
[09:04.63]You should never tangle with the unstoppable duo
[09:06.96]of Woody and Buzz Lightyear!
[09:10.03]Oh, no.
[09:12.67]Andy, let's go! Molly's already in her car seat.
[09:16.04]- But, Mom, Woody's arm ripped. - Oh, no.
[09:19.34]- Maybe we can fix. Him on the way. - No, just leave him.
[09:23.58]I'm sorry, honey, but you know toys don't last forever.
[09:39.80]- What happened? - Woody's been shelved.
[10:09.52]- Woody? - Woody? Honey, are you OK?
[10:32.55]Ride 'em, cowboy!
[10:35.45]He's back? Hey, everybody! Andy's back! He's back early from cowboy camp!
[10:40.06]Places, everybody! Andy's coming!
[10:48.96]Hey, Woody! Did you miss me?
[10:51.13]Giddyap, giddyap, giddyap. Ride 'em, cowboy!
[10:54.94]I forgot. You're broken.
[10:59.04]I don't wanna play with you anymore.
[11:22.46]No, Andy! No. No, Andy! No!
[11:25.37]Andy. Andy.
[11:28.07]Bye, Woody.
[11:31.14]No! No! Andy!
[11:47.22]Wheezy, is that you?
[11:50.19]- Hey, Woody. - What are you doing up here?
[11:52.83]I thought Mom took you to get your squeaker fix. Ed months ago.
[11:56.06]- Andy was so upset. - Nah.
[11:58.27]She just told him that to calm him down
[12:00.60]and then put me on the shelf.
[12:02.67]- Why didn't you yell for help? - Well, I tried squeakin'.
[12:06.21]But I'm still broken. No one could hear me.
[12:11.45]Besides, the dust aggravates my condition.
[12:19.82]What's the point in prolonging the inevitable?
[12:22.86]We're all just one stitch away from here to there.
[12:28.33]Yard sale? Yard sale!
[12:31.20]Yard sale! Guys, wake up, wake up! There's a yard sale outside!
[12:34.97]- Yard sale? - Sarge, emergency roll call!
[12:37.47]Sir, yes, sir! Red alert!
[12:39.64]All civilians fall in position now! Single file! Let's move, move, move!
[12:43.88]- Hamm? - Here.
[12:44.91]- Potato Head, Mr. And Mrs? - Here.
[12:46.51]Troikas. Check, check, check, check, check.
[12:48.35]I hate yard sales!
[12:50.42]Someone's coming!
[12:55.46]OK. Let's see what's up here.
[13:15.64]Bye, Woody.
[13:23.68]Wheezy! Think, think, Woody. Think, think, think.
[13:31.16]Hey. Here, boy. Here, Buster!
[13:33.05]Up here!
[13:37.37]OK, boy. To the yard sale!
[13:39.77]What's goin' on? He's nuts.
[13:41.77]His arm ain't that bad.
[13:43.00]Don't do it, Woody! We love you!
[13:45.49]Careful on the steps, now.
[14:09.99]OK, boy. Let's go. And keep it casual.
[14:19.83]Not that casual.
[14:25.63]Piggy bank coming through, coming through.
[14:27.50]- Is he out there? - There he is.
[14:40.15]He's in the box!
[14:41.82]He's sellin' himself for 25 cents!
[14:44.12]You're worth more than that.
[14:45.72]Hold on. Hold on. He's got something.
[14:48.06]- It's Wheezy! - Wheezy?
[14:50.19]Hey, it's not suicide. It's a rescue.
[14:56.00]Good boy, Buster. Hold still. There. There you go, pal.
[15:00.00]- Bless you, Woody. - All right, now.
[15:02.47]Back to Andy's room.
[15:04.24]Way to go, cowboy.
[15:07.41]- Golly bob howdy! - Woody, I'm slipping!
[15:17.75]Mommy... Mommy, look! Look at this!
[15:20.29]- Mommy, look! It's a cowboy dolly! - Hey, that's not her toy!
[15:23.76]What's that little gal think she's doin'?
[15:26.13]Mommy, Mommy, can we get it? Please? Mommy, please?
[15:28.80]You don't want that toy. It's broken.
[15:31.00]There's a snake in my boot.
[15:36.74]Original hand-painted face. Natural-dyed, blanket-stitched vest!
[15:41.84]Little rip. Fix. Able. If only you had your hand-stitched, polyvinyl...
[15:46.85]A hat! I found him! I found him! I found him!
[15:51.15]Buster! Quiet down!
[15:54.89]- Ex. Cuse me. Can I help you? - Yes.
[15:56.69]You can help take his paws off my pal.
[15:59.13]I'll give you 50 cents for all this junk.
[16:01.66]- Now, how did this get down here? - Hand her the sheriff.
[16:04.47]Nice and easy.
[16:06.77]- Five dollars. - I'm sorry. It's an old family toy.
[16:09.94]Now just walk away.
[16:11.14]- Wait. - The other way.
[16:13.21]- I'll give you 50 bucks for him. - Fifty bucks ain't bad.
[16:16.01]- It's not for sale. - Everything's for sale.
[16:18.68]- Or trade. You like my watch? - Sorry.
[16:21.85]- He's safe. Way to go! - She showed him!
[16:25.35]- Molly, don't touch that, sweetie. - Yeah. Go home, Mr. Fancy Car.
[16:30.93]- Hold on. - What's up?
[16:32.89]What is it, Buzz?
[16:36.46]What's happening?
[16:37.53]What's he doing?
[16:38.63]I can't watch! Can someone cover my eyes?
[16:41.67]- He's stealin' Woody! - What? He can't take Woody.
[16:44.11]It's illegal.
[16:45.51]- Where's he going? - Do something.
[16:50.28]Get him, Buzz.
[16:53.22]Where's the red jacket?
[17:29.32]Why would someone steal Woody?
[18:11.09]All right. Let's review this one more time.
[18:14.33]At precisely 8:32-ish,
[18:16.86]Ex. Hibit A, Woody, was kidnapped.
[18:19.83]Ex. Hibit B, a composite sketch of the kidnapper.
[18:23.94]- He didn't have a beard like that. - Fine. Etch, give him a shave.
[18:28.61]The kidnapper was bigger than that.
[18:30.64]- Picky, picky, picky. - Let's just go straight to Ex. Hibit F.
[18:33.61]The kidnapper's vehicle.
[18:34.98]Now, the vehicle fled the scene in this direction.
[18:37.42]Your eyes are in backwards. It went the other way.
[18:39.52]Hey. Put a cork in it.
[18:40.62]- How do you spell FBI? - My crime scene!
[18:43.12]Why don't you watch where you're going, Godspilla?
[18:45.46]- I didn't know there was a crime scene. - Ex. Cuse me. Ex. Cuse me.
[18:48.13]A little quiet, please. Thank you.
[18:53.77]Lazy toy brain.
[18:57.17]- Lousy try Brian. - What are you doing, Buzz?
[19:01.91]It's some sort of message encoded on that vehicle's I.D. Tag.
[19:04.65]- Liz try bran. - It's just a license plate.
[19:06.71]- It's just a jumble of letters. - Yeah, and there are about
[19:08.62]3.5 million registered cars in the tri-county area alone.
[19:12.42]Lou's thigh burn.
[19:15.69]This can't help. Let's leave Buzz to play with his toys.
[19:19.33]Toy. Toy. Toy. Hold on!
[19:25.60]- Al's Toy Barn. - Al's Toy Barn!
[19:30.70]Etch, draw that man in a chicken suit.
[19:36.41]It's the chicken man!
[19:38.58]That's our guy.
[19:40.08]I knew there was something I didn't like about that chicken.
[19:43.28]Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll be right there.
[19:45.35]And we're gonna do this commercial in one take, do you hear me,
[19:47.92]because I am in the middle of something really important.
[19:52.73]You, my little cowboy friend, are gonna make me big buck-buck-bucks.
[20:31.97]I can't believe I have to drive all the way to work on a Saturday.
[20:36.10]All the way to work!
[21:01.86]Hey! Stop! Horsy, stop! Stop! Sit, boy!
[21:05.57]Stop it! Sit, I said!
[21:15.94]It's you! It's you! It's you! It's you! It's you!
[21:19.61]- It's really you! - What's me?
[21:24.15]There's a snake in my boot.
[21:26.29]- It is you! - Please stop saying that.
[21:28.29]Prospector said someday you'd come.
[21:30.79]Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!
[21:32.83]The Prospector! He'll wanna meet ya!
[21:42.14]Say "hello" to the Prospector!
[21:46.64]- He's mint in the box...
[21:50.44]Never been opened.
[21:52.41]Turn me around, Bullseye, so I can see.
[21:58.75]Why, the prodigal son has returned.
[22:03.96]It's you! It's you!
[22:05.53]You're here! It's you! It's you! It's you!
[22:08.10]OK. I'm officially freaked-out now.
[22:10.73]We've waited countless years for this day.
[22:15.24]- It's good to see you, Woody. - Listen. I don't know wh...
[22:18.54]- Hey, how do you know my name? - Everyone knows your name, Wood-y.
[22:24.55]Why, you don't know who you are, do you? Bullseye?
[22:44.63]That's me.
[23:16.06]Holy cow.
[23:23.80]Cowboy Crunchies
[23:25.31]the cereal that's sugar-frosted and dipped in chocolate
[23:27.84]proudly presents:
[23:29.48]Woody's Roundup Come on it's time to play
[23:33.48]There's Jessie the yodeling cowgirl
[23:36.68]Look it! That's me!
[23:38.62]- Bullseye he's Woody's horse - He's a smart one
[23:42.42]- Pete the old Prospector - Has anyone seen my pick?
[23:46.66]And the man himself Of course it's time for Sheriff Woody
[23:50.13]He's the very best
[23:51.63]He's the rootin'-est tootin'-est cowboy
[23:54.20]In the wild wild west
[23:57.04]Woody's Roundup
[24:02.88]I can't find it! It doesn't seem to be on any of these stations.
[24:06.01]- Keep looking. - You're going too slow.
[24:07.91]Let me take the wheel.
[24:09.52]It's too fast.
[24:12.12]- How can you even tell what's on? - I can tell.
[24:15.99]Stop! Back, back, back!
[24:17.56]Too late. I'm in the 40s. Got to go 'round the horn. It's faster.
[24:21.09]- Back, back! Stop! - And look for the giant chicken!
[24:24.06]Now, Etch!
[24:27.87]That's where I need to go.
[24:30.37]You can't go, Buzz. You'll never make it there.
[24:32.47]Woody once risked his life to save me.
[24:34.81]I couldn't call myself his friend if I weren't willing to do the same.
[24:38.98]So who's with me?
[24:40.98]I'm packing you an extra pair of shoes and your angry eyes just in case.
[24:48.69]This is for Woody when you find him.
[24:54.73]All right,
[24:55.96]but I don't think it'll mean the same coming from me.
[24:58.33]Mr. Buzz Lightyear, you just gotta save my pal Woody.
[25:04.40]I'll do my best, son.
[25:07.37]OK, fellas. Let's roll.
[25:18.42]You'd think with all my video game ex. Perience,
[25:20.99]I'd be feeling more prepared.
[25:25.66]The idea is to let go.
[25:28.53]We'll be back before Andy gets home.
[25:31.23]Don't talk to any toy you don't know!
[25:34.57]To Al's Toy Barn and beyond!
[25:50.32]They don't call this
[25:51.65]the old abandoned mine for nothin' Prospector.
[25:53.45]I reckon we oughta get outta here.
[25:55.52]Where's my gold? Hold on. I'll light me a candle.
[25:58.89]This sure is a fast-burnin' wick.
[26:01.06]Blast us to smithereens! That there's dynamite!
[26:04.50]- Holy tarnation! - I'll call for help.
[26:09.10]Hey critters go get Sheriff Woody. Now scurry!
[26:13.21]Good job Bullseye.
[26:15.01]I reckon the new schoolhouse is finally done.
[26:18.11]What's that?
[26:19.35]Jessie and Prospector are trapped in the old abandoned mine
[26:21.82]and Prospectorjust lit a stick of dynamite thinkin' it was a candle
[26:24.05]and now they're about to be blown to smithereens?
[26:27.09]Ride like the wind Bullseye!
[26:33.09]You're fannin' the flames Jessie! It takes brains to put out that fire.
[26:37.96]My biscuits are burnin'!
[26:44.87]Will Woody and Bullseye land to safety?
[26:47.37]Can they reach Jessie and Stinky Pete in time?
[26:49.98]Tune in net week for the eciting conclusion: "Woody's Finest Hour."
[26:53.85]All right! All right! Next tape!
[26:57.12]Hey, wait. What happened? What happens next?
[26:59.79]- Come on! Let's see the next episode! - That's it.
[27:03.29]The show was canceled after that.
[27:06.63]Wait, wait, wait. What about the gold mine
[27:08.80]and the cute little critters and the dynamite?
[27:11.40]That was a great show! I mean, why cancel it?
[27:14.23]Two words: Sput-nik.
[27:16.74]Once the astronauts went up, children only wanted to play with space toys.
[27:21.74]I know how that feels. But still, my own show.
[27:25.41]- I mean, look at all this stuff! - Didn't you know?
[27:27.85]Why, you're valuable property!
[27:30.82]I wish the guys could see this. Hey-howdy-hey. That's me.
[27:33.85]I'm on a yo-yo.
[27:36.96]Nice teeth. And yet, still a good-lookin' guy.
[27:43.30]It's a bank! Cool.
[27:46.87]What do you do? You push the hat, and out co...
[27:49.87]Out come bubbles. Clever.
[27:53.61]Wow. What's this thing do?
[27:56.51]I get it.
[27:59.28]"There's a snake in my boot."
[28:01.55]Hey, Bullseye. Go long! Go long!
[28:08.12]A record player!
[28:09.66]I haven't seen one of these in ages.
[28:13.96]OK, now. Slow.
[28:16.66]That's funny, Bullseye.
[28:19.63]Hop on, cowgirl! Think fast!
[28:25.17]- Not bad. - It's time for Woody's Roundup
[28:27.87]He's the very best
[28:30.34]He's the rootin'-est tootin'-est cowboy...
[28:33.55]Look at us! We're a complete set!
[28:37.25]- Now it's on to the museum. - Museum?
[28:42.62]- What museum? - The museum.
[28:44.69]We're being sold to the Konishi Toy Museum in Tokyo.
[28:48.80]- That's in japan! - Japan?
[28:51.06]No, no, no, no, no. I can't go to japan.
[28:54.67]What do you mean?
[28:56.17]I've got to get back home to my owner, Andy.
[28:58.37]Hey, look, look. See?
[28:59.91]- He still has an owner. - My goodness.
[29:04.64]No. Can't go.
[29:06.35]I can't do storage again. I just can't!
[29:09.38]- Jessie. - I won't go back in the dark!
[29:11.52]What's the matter? What's wrong with her?
[29:13.45]Well, we've been in storage for a long time
[29:16.09]waiting for you.
[29:18.19]- Why me? - The museum's
[29:20.09]only interested in the collection if you're in it, Woody.
[29:23.26]Without you, we go back into storage.
[29:26.63]- It's that simple. - It's not fair!
[29:29.37]How can you do this to us?
[29:31.17]Hey, look. I'm sorry, but this is all a big mistake.
[29:34.24]- You see, I was in this yard sale... - Yard sale?
[29:37.38]Why were you in a yard sale if you have an owner?
[29:39.65]Well, I wasn't supposed to be there. I was trying to save another toy when...
[29:42.62]Was it because you're damaged? Did this Andy break you?
[29:46.35]Yeah, but... No, no, no, no, no! It was... It was an accident.
[29:50.32]- I mean... - Sounds like he really loves you.
[29:53.03]It's not like that, OK? And I'm not going to any museum!
[29:57.03]Well, I'm not going back into storage!
[30:01.27]Al's coming!
[30:03.00]Go! Go on, jessie.
[30:04.64]Jessie, look at me.
[30:06.07]I promise you'll come out of the box... Now go! Go!
[30:16.78]It's show time!
[30:20.02]Money, baby. Money, money, money.
[30:24.32]And now, the main attraction.
[30:38.99]No! His arm! Where's his arm?
[30:45.59]What am I gonna do? I know. I know.
[30:48.36]Come on! Pick up the phone!
[30:51.86]- Hello? - It's me. It's Al.
[30:53.77]I got an emergency.
[30:54.83]- I'm busy. - Yes, we're all busy.
[30:56.92]Look. It has to be tonight.
[30:59.76]All right. All right. But first thing in the morning.
[31:02.46]It's gone! I can't believe it!
[31:05.55]- My arm is completely gone! - All right. Come here. Let me see that.
[31:08.26]It's just a popped seam, easily repaired.
[31:11.63]- You should consider yourself lucky. - Lucky?
[31:14.06]Are you shrink-wrapped? I am missing my arm!
[31:17.13]Big deal.
[31:20.80]Let him go. I'm sure his precious Andy
[31:24.17]is dying to play with a one-armed cowboy doll.
[31:27.34]Why, jessie, you know he wouldn't last an hour on the streets in his condition.
[31:31.61]It's a dangerous world out there for a toy.
[31:57.71]All right. Nobody look till I get my cork back in.
[32:00.71]Good work, men. Two blocks down and only 19 more to go.
[32:03.95]- What? - Nineteen?
[32:05.35]Are we gonna do this all night? My parts are killing me.
[32:08.12]Come on, fellas.
[32:09.35]Did Woody give up when Sid had me strapped to a rocket?
[32:14.19]And did he give up when you threw him out of the back of that moving van?
[32:17.46]- You had to bring that up. - No, he didn't!
[32:19.96]We have a friend in need, and we will not rest until he's safe in Andy's room!
[32:25.20]Now let's move out!
[32:32.88]And that concludes our broadcast day.
[33:20.46]Bullseye. Bullseye, go, go, go, go.
[33:23.76]Come on. You don't wanna help me. I'm the bad guy.
[33:26.09]You're gonna go back in storage because of me, remember? Just go.
[33:29.86]Bullseye... All right. All right.
[33:32.83]But you have got to keep quiet. Come on.
[33:42.84]Over here. Attaboy.
[33:45.65]OK, Bullseye. Upsy-daisy.
[34:03.70]Bullseye. Cut it out.
[34:05.13]Stop it. Stop it, Bullseye. Stop it. Stop it.
[34:08.04]Stop it.
[34:40.57]Woody's Roundup Come on it's time to play
[34:43.54]No, Officer! I swear. What?
[34:54.92]Get in there. There you go. Cheap case.
[34:58.55]Where is the remote? Where is the remote?
[35:04.89]Why don't I put it in the same place every... Here it is.
[35:19.11]What is your problem?
[35:20.44]Look, I'm sorry I can't help you guys out.
[35:22.48]Really, I am. But you didn't have to go and pull a stunt like that.
[35:25.25]What? You think I did that?
[35:27.88]Right. The TV just happened to turn on,
[35:30.05]and the remote magically ended up in front of you!
[35:32.49]- You calling me a liar? - Well, if the boot fits...
[35:35.42]Say that again.
[35:37.63]If the boot fits.
[35:41.03]OK, cowboy.
[35:48.97]How do you like that? Take it back! Take it back!
[35:53.31]Don't think just 'cause you're a girl, I'm gonna take it easy on you.
[35:55.88]Jessie, Woody, you stop this at once.
[36:00.68]I don't know how that television turned on,
[36:04.09]but fighting about it isn't helping anything.
[36:06.42]- If I had both my arms... - The fact is, you don't, Woody,
[36:09.76]so I suggest you just wait until morning.
[36:12.23]- The cleaner will come, fix. Your arm... - And then I'm outta here!
[36:17.20]Oh, no, no. Bullseye, don't take it that way.
[36:21.44]- It's just that Andy... - Andy, Andy, Andy.
[36:23.57]That's all he ever talks about.
[36:35.78]Hey, Buzz, can we slow down?
[36:37.89]May I remind you that some of us are carrying over six. Dollars in change?
[36:41.82]Losing health units. Must rest.
[36:44.99]- Is everyone present and accounted for? - Not quite everyone.
[36:48.23]- Who's behind? - Mine.
[36:54.77]Hey, guys. Why do the toys cross the road?
[36:58.41]- Not now, Hamm. - I love riddles. Why?
[37:01.44]To get to the chicken on the other side!
[37:06.71]The chicken!
[37:12.95]- Oh, well. We tried. - We'll have to cross.
[37:15.56]What the...
[37:16.89]You're not turning me into a mashed potato.
[37:18.96]I may not be a smart dog, but I know what roadkill is.
[37:23.33]There must be a safe way.
[37:29.34]OK. Here's our chance. Ready. Set. Go.
[37:52.96]Drop! I said "drop"!
[38:42.41]That went well.
[38:50.52]Good job, troops. We're that much closer to Woody.
[38:58.19]Thank goodness you're here.
[39:00.33]Is the specimen ready for cleaning?
[39:34.63]So how long is this gonna take?
[39:36.86]You can't rush art.
[39:54.58]Oh, no. It's closed.
[39:57.15]We're not preschool toys, Slinky. We can read.
[40:04.76]Hey, joe, you're late.
[40:07.19]We've got a ton of toys to unload.
[40:08.80]All right. All right. I'm comin'. I'm comin'.
[40:11.13]All right. Let's go.
[40:12.90]But the sign says it's closed.
[40:19.54]No, no, no, no. All together. Now!
[40:42.63]Whoa, Nelly! How are we going to find Woody in this place?
[40:45.87]Look for Al. We find Al, we find Woody. Now move out!
[40:49.90]- Woody? - Woody.
[42:01.34]There you go.
[42:05.58]He's for display only.
[42:07.85]You handle him too much, he's not gonna last.
[42:10.45]It's amazing. You're a genius. He's just like new.
[42:50.52]I could use one of those.
[42:51.52]I could use one of those.
[43:05.40]You know, they make it so you can't defeat Zurg unless you buy this book.
[43:09.01]It's extortion. That's what it is.
[43:10.98]Hey, I always thought the golden sector was the only...
[43:15.41]I thought we could search in style.
[43:17.72]Nice going there, Hamm. So how about letting a toy with fingers drive?
[43:31.66]Am I really that fat?
[43:41.67]- What are you doing? - You're in direct violation
[43:43.54]of Code 6404.5,
[43:45.38]stating all space rangers are to be in hyper-sleep
[43:48.18]until awakened by authorized personnel.
[43:50.45]Oh, no.
[43:51.48]You're breakin' ranks, ranger.
[43:53.55]Buzz Lightyear to Star Command.
[43:56.29]- I've got an AWOL space ranger. - Tell me I wasn't this deluded.
[44:00.03]No back talk! I have a laser, and I will use it.
[44:03.86]You mean the laser that's a light bulb?
[44:06.47]Has your mind been melded? You could've killed me, space ranger.
[44:11.17]Or should I say "traitor"?
[44:13.74]- I don't have time for this. - Halt!
[44:16.51]I order you to halt!
[44:25.18]Listen to me. Listen. Wait.
[44:28.65]- We've been down this aisle already. - We've never been down this aisle.
[44:31.59]- It's pink. - Face it. We're lost.
[44:34.93]Back it up. Back it up.
[44:39.67]What a great party!
[44:42.20]How low can you go? How low can you go?
[44:48.81]Ex. Cuse me, ladies.
[44:50.28]Does anyone know where we might find the Al of Al's Toy Barn?
[44:53.21]I can help.
[44:56.35]I'm Tour Guide Barbie.
[44:58.78]Please keep your hands, arms and accessories inside the car,
[45:01.75]and no flash photography.
[45:03.66]- Thank you. - I'm a married spud. I'm a married spud.
[45:06.79]- I'm a married spud. - Then make room for the single fellas.
[45:10.10]To our right is the Hot Wheels aisle. Developed in 1967,
[45:13.30]the original series had 16 cars, including the Corvette.
[45:15.93]I beg your pardon, ma'am, but where's Al's office?
[45:18.10]Please hold all questions until the end of the tour. Thank you.
[45:21.27]It says how you defeat Zurg! Look!
[45:23.58]- Ex. Cuse me, sir. - Get this outta here, "geek-osaur."
[45:26.45]- Look out! - Stop, stop, stop!
[45:36.09]Turn into the spin, Barbie!
[45:37.52]My source of power!
[45:41.23]No! Come back! Hey!
[45:45.06]Wait up! Hey! Come on! Slow down!
[45:48.80]Dinosaur overboard! Slow down!
[45:52.57]Remain seated, please.
[45:58.18]Listen to me. Listen to me. You're not really a space ranger.
[46:01.05]You're a toy. We're all toys. Do you hear me?
[46:04.02]Well, that should hold you till the court martial.
[46:06.75]Let me go! You don't realize what you're doing!
[46:10.69]And this is the Buzz Lightyear aisle.
[46:13.46]In 1995, shortsighted retailers did not order enough dolls to meet demand.
[46:18.53]- Hey, Buzz! - Halt! Who goes there?
[46:21.03]Quit clownin' around and get in the car!
[46:23.74]Buzz, Buzz, I know how to defeat Zurg!
[46:26.04]- You do? - Come on. I'll tell you on the way.
[46:29.37]No, no, guys! You've got the wrong Buzz! You've got the wrong Buzz!
[46:34.95]Say, where'd you get the cool belt, Buzz?
[46:37.32]Well, slotted pig, they're standard issue.
[46:52.80]It's like printing my own money.
[46:56.40]Yeah? What?
[46:57.84]Mr. Konishi. Yes, I have the pictures right here.
[47:02.64]In fact, I'm in the car right now on my way to the office to fax. Them to you.
[47:07.05]I'm going through a tunnel! I'm breakin' up!
[47:10.08]Wow! Will you look at me? It's like I'm fresh out of the box!
[47:13.85]Look at this stitching! Andy's gonna have a hard time rippin' this! Hello!
[47:18.12]Hi! Hello!
[47:20.36]Great. Now you can go.
[47:25.50]Well, what a good idea.
[47:37.34]Woody, don't be mad at jessie.
[47:39.98]She's been through more than you know.
[47:42.28]Why not make amends before you leave, huh?
[47:44.85]It's the least you can do.
[47:55.36]All right. But I don't know what good it'll do.
[48:05.27]Hey. Whatcha doin' way up here?
[48:07.84]Thought I'd get one last look at the sun before I get packed away again.
[48:13.85]Look, jessie. I know you hate me for leaving,
[48:16.25]but I have to go back.
[48:18.82]I'm still Andy's toy.
[48:21.65]Well, if you knew him, you'd understand. Andy's a real...
[48:24.66]Let me guess. Andy's a real special kid.
[48:28.36]And to him, you're his buddy, his best friend.
[48:30.86]And when Andy plays with you, it's like even though you're not moving,
[48:36.54]you feel like you're alive, because that's how he sees you.
[48:40.61]How did you know that?
[48:42.88]Because Emily was just the same.
[48:46.28]She was my whole world.
[48:51.88]When somebody loved me
[48:54.99]Everything was beautiful
[48:58.29]Every hour we spent together
[49:02.16]Lives within my heart
[49:06.30]And when she was sad


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