The Croods.疯狂原始人 2013

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[01:01.50]With every sun comes a new day.
[01:04.20]A new beginning.
[01:06.09]A hope that things will be better today than they were yesterday.
[01:10.72]But not for me. My name's Eep.
[01:13.65]And this is my family. The Croods.
[01:16.40]If you weren't clued already, by animal skin
[01:18.95]and sloping forehead, we are cavemen.
[01:22.87]Most days we spend in our cave.
[01:25.80]In the dark.
[01:27.61]Night after night, day after day.
[01:32.16]Yep. Home sweet home.
[01:36.25]When we did go out, we struggled to find food
[01:38.70]in a harsh and hostile world.
[01:42.68]And I struggled to survive my family.
[01:47.01]We were the last ones around.
[01:48.64]There used to be neighbors.
[01:50.54]The Gorts, smashed by a mammoth.
[01:52.68]The Horks, swallowed by a sand snake.
[01:55.98]The Erfs, mosquito bite.
[01:58.15]The Throgs, common cold.
[02:02.40]And the Croods.. That's us.
[02:05.15]The Croods made it, because of my dad.
[02:08.94]He was strong, and he followed the rules.
[02:12.45]The ones painted on our cave walls:
[02:14.97]Anything new is bad. Curiosity is bad.
[02:17.13]Going out at night is bad.
[02:18.77]Basically, anything fun is bad.
[02:21.84]Welcome to my world!
[02:24.12]But this is a story about how all that changed in an instant.
[02:30.17]Because what we didn鈥檛 know, was that our world
[02:33.23]was about to come to an end.
[02:35.77]And there were no rules on our cave walls
[02:38.18]to prepare us for that.
[03:00.76]You're supposed to wait for my signal, Eep.
[03:16.15]We've been in that cave forever.
[03:19.39]Three days is not forever.
[03:22.01]It is with this family.
[03:23.64]Eep, will you come down here?
[03:25.68]You're being so... so dramatic.
[03:28.78]No, no, no, Sandy, come back here!
[03:31.79]Remember the signal. Good girls wait for the signal.
[03:35.17]Ugga! / As soon as I get Sandy, I'll go back in, and you can give the signal.
[03:38.99]No. But you're already out now.
[03:40.87]I am waiting for the signal, Dad!
[03:42.68]Never mind, Thunk. Just come out.
[03:44.37]But if you don't give me the signal, how do I know you're my dad?
[03:48.63]The signal isn't so you know it's me. It's so you know I wasn't eaten by an animal.
[03:52.78]Then why is the signal an animal noise?
[03:55.57]I mean, doesn't that just confuse things?
[03:57.58]I'm still waiting for the signal.
[04:19.23]Mom, we're ready to leave!
[04:26.67]Still alive!
[04:29.27]It's still early.
[04:31.08]And you're still fat.
[04:33.68]Breakfast formation!
[04:37.05]I want to see some real caveman action out there!
[04:39.62]We do this fast. We do this loud,
[04:42.04]we do this as a family,
[04:44.77]and never not be afraid!
[05:05.41]Yay! Breakfast..
[05:23.57]Who's up? We'll flip for it.
[05:26.46]- Call her in the air. - Heads!
[05:30.65]Tails. Thunk's in. Positions!
[05:33.51]Okay. Thunk, go!
[05:39.30]Come on, Thunk.
[05:46.41]Way to go! Take it to the cave!
[05:53.38]Release the baby!
[05:55.92]Get 'em, Sandy, go!
[06:20.53]Get them, Mom!
[06:48.33]Old lady down!
[06:50.32]Eep, avenge me!
[07:12.23]- Eep! - Heads up!
[07:53.30]Hey, Dad, can we eat now?
[07:54.93]Just wait til we get home.
[07:57.53]Eep, put on the brakes!
[08:42.68]Who's hungry?
[08:44.33]Good one, Dad.
[08:45.97]Here you go, Thunk. Drink up.
[08:50.82]- Sorry, dad. - Looks like fast food tonight!
[09:08.79]That's all right. I ate last week.
[09:14.95]Two knuckle warning!
[09:17.36]Go, go, go, go.
[09:22.82]Come on, come on.
[09:24.51]Darkness brings death. We know this.
[09:27.31]The moon is full. Bath night.
[09:29.22]- Run for your life! - You too, Mom.
[09:32.42]I don't want to lose my protective layer.
[09:34.34]Mom, you've got ants.
[09:37.94]See? Sandy doesn't fuss.
[09:45.50]- Is she still out there? - You know she hates the cave, Grug.
[10:14.76]Please come back tomorrow.
[10:16.50]How can she not like the cave? It's so cozy.
[10:20.36]It is a little dark, right?
[10:23.33]It's not that dark.
[10:25.19]Eep! Eep?
[10:51.33]Come on, I gotta close the cave.
[10:58.60]Okay! Okay!
[11:01.47]Come on.
[11:09.84]Eep! Come down!
[11:29.22]- That was too close! - I was watching. I was fine.
[11:32.21]- What were you doing up there, Eep? - I don't know.
[11:34.21]- What were you looking for? - Nothing.
[11:35.91]- Well then, why did you go up there? - I don't know!
[11:37.71]Why don't you know?
[11:39.64]Stop looking for things!
[11:41.52]Fear keeps us alive, Eep.
[11:43.42]Never not be afraid.
[11:45.92]What's the point of all this?
[11:48.61]- What was that? - I mean, why are we here?
[11:51.17]What are we doing this for?
[11:56.09]No one said survival is fun.
[11:58.37]Nothing is fun.
[12:00.04]- Would you come down here? - Grug? - Eep? - Yes?
[12:02.71]- Off! - Yes. Okay... - Off!
[12:04.90]I just don't see why she needs her own ledge.
[12:07.20]That's all. That's what this is about.
[12:08.60]She's working through some things and needs some her own space.
[12:11.15]What things? How long is this going to take?
[12:14.08]Really? I mean, she already doesn't listen to me. Hey!
[12:16.88]See? She's listening.
[12:18.95]If she wants to survive, she has to follow our rules.
[12:21.53]- How about a story? Eep loves those. - That's a good idea.
[12:24.75]- How about a story, huh? - Yeah, tell us a story.
[12:29.80]Okay. Can I borrow that? Thank you.
[12:32.29]Eep! Your old favorite!
[12:35.06]I haven't played with that thing in years.
[12:37.25]Tonight we'll hear the story of Krispy Bear.
[12:40.96]A long time ago, this little bear was alive.
[12:44.02]She was alive because she listened to her father
[12:47.01]and lived her life in routine and darkness and terror.
[12:50.93]So she was happy.
[12:53.10]But Krispy had one terrible problem.
[12:57.21]She was filled with...
[13:02.07]- Grug! - Yes, yes.
[13:04.08]And one day, while she was in a tree,
[13:06.72]the curious little bear wanted to climb to the top.
[13:10.30]What? / And no sooner had she climbed to the top,
[13:12.70]she saw something new and..
[13:16.19]- ..died! - Just like that?
[13:18.14]Yes! Her last moments of terror still frozen on her face.
[13:23.27]Same ending as every day.
[13:25.08]I get it, Dad. I get it. I will never do anything new or different.
[13:27.89]Good man, Thunk.
[13:28.89]All right, everyone sharpen your teeth
[13:30.63]and let's pile up.
[18:05.87]- Air.. - You talk?
[18:10.09]I'm person, like you.
[18:14.02]Sort of... like you.
[18:19.16]Okay, okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Could you, could you mind not..
[18:25.78]That tickles. Hey, hey, hey. Hey!
[18:32.03]Quiet! I am not supposed to be out here.
[18:47.53]- Eep's gone. - What? Grug!
[18:49.94]Stay in the cave.
[19:01.91]Wow, you're really strong.
[19:08.30]- No! It's mine! - Please.. - No! No!
[19:10.42]- But it is dying! - I caught it. - I can fix it. Please...
[19:13.42]Please. I hate the dark.
[19:26.14]Come on, come on...
[19:29.44]It does what you tell it?
[19:32.79]Well, yeah, sort of.
[19:35.19]- Sun? - No, no. Fire.
[19:40.33]- Hi, Fire. - It's not alive.
[19:47.03]But you said it was dying.
[19:49.63]- Sorry. Uh.. - It comes from where you came from?
[19:53.47]- No. No, I make it. - Make some for me.
[19:57.15]- Okay! - Make! It doesn't come out of me. - Make!
[19:59.19]Make! Make it!
[20:03.54]You do this a lot.
[20:07.17]Are you dead?
[20:08.97]Can I have your fire if you're dead?
[20:16.89]Hey, those are cold!
[20:18.69]You think? Listening shells, activate.
[20:22.49]I concur. Tiger girl, we need to leave immediately.
[20:26.11]I don't even know you.
[20:29.69]- I'm Guy. - Guy?
[20:32.34]And this is Belt. Cook, conversationalist, navigator.
[20:35.35]Also keeps my pants up.
[20:37.81]- What are 'pants up'? - Who are you?
[20:42.29]Let me clarify, Eep. The world is ending.
[20:44.82]- What? - I'm calling it... "The End."
[20:51.27]- How do you know? - I've seen it. It's coming this way.
[20:54.19]First, the ground is gonna shake. Then it breaks open.
[20:56.71]Everything falls in.
[20:58.13]Fire. Lava. I don't mean to sound too dramatic, but...
[21:03.10]Believe me, everything we're standing on, all this right here, will be gone.
[21:06.49]We've got to get to high ground. I know a mountain.
[21:08.99]That way. It's our only chance.
[21:11.57]Come with me.
[21:15.19]- I can't. - Okay. Okay.
[21:25.77]If you survive, call me.
[21:34.10]Thank you.
[21:43.01]Are you hurt? What took you?
[21:44.94]Nothing. I left on my own.
[21:47.25]- You.. what? - Dad, let me explain.
[21:59.26]You never let me talk.
[22:01.05]You're grounded.
[22:09.18]- Eep! - Mom!
[22:12.19]Grug! What happened?
[22:13.92]You know what, I am so mad right now that I can't talk to her.
[22:17.25]- Eep? - You'll never believe it.
[22:19.41]I found something new.
[22:21.66]- New? - New is a big problem.
[22:23.96]Wait. Wait. / Eep, stay inside the family kill circle.
[22:26.94]- It wasn't bad. - New is always bad.
[22:29.10]- No. He was nice. - What? Excuse me? He?
[22:32.54]Well, I thought he was a warthog,
[22:34.56]but then he turned into a boy.
[22:37.16]Strange. Usually it鈥檚 the reverse.
[22:39.72]Eep鈥檚 got a boy hog! Eep鈥檚 got a boy...
[22:42.74]There was a boy. Watch, okay? I'm gonna call him.
[23:02.64]What is wrong with you?
[23:05.16]- It was dangerous. - It was beautiful!
[23:08.41]You want to see dangerous? Here!
[23:11.59]- Ow! My sniffer! - Okay, Eep, that鈥檚 it.
[23:14.38]We鈥檙e going back to the cave and you鈥檙e going to stay in there until you鈥檙e older than...
[23:19.20]- You know.. her! - What?
[23:22.66]You can鈥檛 keep me inside forever!
[23:37.32]He said this would happen.
[23:44.65]Get to the cave!
[24:19.75]Look out!
[25:02.79]- Is everyone okay? - Yes.
[25:06.03]Grug, the cave. It鈥檚 gone.
[25:50.64]You really need to see this.
[26:10.23]- We should go there! - No. No.
[26:12.52]No one is going anywhere.
[26:16.94]What else did that boy say?
[26:44.15]Come on, Gran!
[26:46.15]Just go. Go! Go!
[27:08.22]One, two, three, four, five...
[27:17.44]- Where are we? - I don鈥檛 know. I'm not sure.
[27:21.99]Down. In a lower place.
[27:25.80]But, one thing鈥檚 for sure, we can鈥檛 go back the way we came.
[27:31.12]Sandy? What is it?
[27:35.06]No, no. Wait. Come back, Sandy.
[27:44.60]We can鈥檛 be out in the open like this.
[27:49.07]We need a cave.
[27:51.04]Now step where I step
[27:54.32]Okay. Stay quiet.
[27:56.12]Hopefully nothing big knows we鈥檙e here yet.
[28:08.38]Wait! Okay.
[28:11.96]Wait! Okay.
[28:25.56]Okay. Wait!
[28:43.09]So Dad, just to be clear, are we looking for the exact same cave?
[28:48.44]Okay. If it was me... I was throwing this out there. If it was me choosing the cave,
[28:55.93]I would go with a smaller cave.
[29:05.10]- Dad? - I鈥檒l take care of this.
[29:17.68]All right, Dad, get 'em! Go get 鈥檈m!
[29:23.29]Hah! I鈥檓 loving this.
[29:25.52]Dad, I got this. Just stop running to their fists!
[29:29.23]Grug, when you鈥檙e done, we should get going.
[29:37.19]That鈥檚 right! You can鈥檛 get past this!
[30:00.76]Climb! Climb! Climb!
[30:11.63]Cave! Go! Go!
[30:14.07]Come on, hurry up! Let鈥檚 go! Come on!
[30:18.89]Hey, look! This cave has a tongue! Awesome!
[30:37.94]Okay. That's one, two, three, four, five...
[30:43.23]Six. / And seven, if we鈥檙e counting Chunky the Death Cat.
[30:59.56]He鈥檚 scared of the dark!
[31:01.43]Wait, we鈥檙e scared of the dark.
[31:41.54]Kill circle!
[33:16.31]- Cavies! - Cavies?
[33:18.13]Cavemen! Stand back! They鈥檙e practically animals.
[33:21.02]- See their bony, sloping foreheads? - Yeah!
[33:23.55]- The huge primitive teeth? - Yeah?
[33:27.67]The excessive body hair?
[33:29.71]- That one鈥檚 even got a tail! - Yeah.
[33:31.92]All right. Close your eyes. I鈥檓 going to have to take their lives.
[33:34.92]No! It won鈥檛 help. They鈥檙e my family.
[33:40.66]- The sun is in his hands! - No, no, it鈥檚 fire.
[33:44.82]- Where did it come from? - He made it.
[33:48.25]- Make some for me! - It doesn鈥檛 come out of him.
[33:50.45]Make! Make it!
[33:53.48]You know, you鈥檙e a lot like your daughter.
[33:55.84]Oh, great, now he鈥檚 broken.
[33:58.09]Oh, it鈥檚 a baby sun!
[33:59.39]Whoa! Hey! Stay back! We don鈥檛 know what it wants.
[34:02.95]Now we鈥檒l all sit here and wait for the sun to come back.
[34:06.25]And tomorrow we鈥檒l find a new cave
[34:08.10]and pretend today never happened.
[34:10.85]Isn鈥檛 this fun, Eep?
[34:12.57]Eep, don鈥檛 touch him! Goodness knows where he鈥檚 been.
[34:15.43]Dad, Sandy鈥檚 hurting fire!
[34:17.23]Sandy! No! Fire is not a plaything.
[34:20.80]- What a cute little guy. - Hey, stay back!
[34:26.37]No, no, no, wait!
[34:31.55]It likes me! Hey! It鈥檚 biting me!
[34:35.69]Thunk! Try hiding from it in the tall, dry grass!
[34:43.96]Stop, please! I鈥檓 only nine! It鈥檚 biting me!
[34:49.95]Fire babies!
[34:52.87]- Hi. - So, your dad, he鈥檚 trying to kill me.
[34:56.66]Yeah. But I won鈥檛 let him.
[35:00.07]Hold on, son, come back!
[35:03.43]It won't stop. Stop touching me!
[35:05.91]Get out!
[35:08.41]Eat up, babies!
[35:17.94]I win!
[35:25.65]They鈥檙e not so scary once you get to know them.
[35:29.72]- Who are you people? - Oh, I鈥檓 sorry. We鈥檙e the Croods!
[35:36.04]And you are?
[35:37.68]- Uh, Guy? - Hai, Guy.
[35:55.63]Looks like magic!
[35:57.67]And smells like food.
[36:05.12]No, don't eat it, it's new!
[36:12.27]Still alive!
[36:14.04]Come on, keep eating!
[36:19.69]Hey, where's Guy?
[36:28.79]Going somewhere?
[36:29.85]The Mountain. High ground. End of the world, remember?
[36:32.85]That already happened. It destroyed our cave.
[36:35.65]No. That was just the beginning of the end.
[36:38.27]The end of the end is still coming.
[36:40.57]Eep! Drop it.
[36:46.20]We can't let him go!
[36:48.22]What if we don鈥檛 find a cave before sunset?
[36:51.20]What if it takes a few days?
[36:54.12]What if the birds come back?
[36:57.59]We need his fire, dummy!
[37:01.53]Fine. You鈥檙e staying with us until we find a cave.
[37:05.07]What? No, I鈥檓 not! Don鈥檛 make me part of this!
[37:08.41]Stay here if you want, but let me go.
[37:10.64]I鈥檝e got a dream, a mission, a reason to live!
[37:13.54]Not anymore!
[37:14.88]Umm, I鈥檝e got an idea. Let鈥檚 go to that Mountain!
[37:18.93]- It's too far. - Dad really has his heart set on a cave.
[37:24.06]There are caves on that Mountain.
[37:26.55]Have you been there?
[37:27.84]It's a mountain. Mountains are safe. Mountains have caves...
[37:31.93]..water. Sticks.
[37:33.93]Mom, did you hear that? I can get my own stick!
[37:36.55]Yes! Sticks. And caves. Caves and sticks. Crazy sticks. Let's go!
[37:53.46]That thing is weird.
[37:56.70]No. No. No. It's okay, Sandy.
[37:58.89]That's just a belt.
[38:03.86]I鈥檝e made a decision. We鈥檙e going to.. that mountain!
[38:08.52]Don鈥檛 ask me why. It鈥檚 just a hunch.
[38:11.04]- It just feels right. - I don鈥檛 know, Grug.
[38:13.72]We鈥檝e never really walked that far.
[38:15.85]I don鈥檛 think my feet can do that.
[38:18.13]I鈥檒l never live long enough to get there.
[38:21.75]Let's do it.
[38:23.99]Oh, come on, just think.
[38:26.15]Our whole family, packed together on a long, slow trip across country?
[38:30.39]Days and nights with just each other?
[38:32.35]We鈥檒l tell stories. We鈥檒l laugh.
[38:35.75]We鈥檒l become closer as a family.
[38:40.79]Get her off! Get her off!
[38:41.92]If you鈥檙e not ready to challenge her, then don鈥檛 look her in the eye.
[38:44.15]Could you keep your big giant arms on your side of the trail?
[38:47.75]Isn鈥檛 this fun? We鈥檙e taking our first trip together.
[38:51.24]Stop shoving, or I will pull out your tongue!
[38:53.63]Do you want me to turn this family around? Do you?
[38:55.95]Because I will turn this family around so fast!
[38:58.40]- Dad, I gotta go! - Come on, you can hold it.
[39:01.62]- I don't think so. - Sandy, take that out of your mouth.
[39:04.34]- I don't touch it. - Gran!
[39:06.37]I still gotta go!
[39:07.92]- Fine, just look around and make it fast. - Quit it!
[39:11.11]- Something bit me! - I don鈥檛 blame it!
[39:13.11]- Dad, can I take a turn carrying him? - No.
[39:16.58]- How about now? - No! - Now? - No!
[39:20.04]- Now? - I can do this all day long.
[39:23.16]No, no, no, and still no!
[39:26.63]I鈥檓 not dying on an empty stomach.
[39:29.15]Grug, we鈥檙e all pretty tired!
[39:31.31]- We鈥檒l eat when we get there. - It's taking too long!
[39:34.58]I'm grabbing a snack.
[39:36.98]Don't do that! He will cut you. That's not food, he's a pet.
[39:40.32]- My pet. - What's a pet?
[39:42.72]An animal you don't eat.
[39:44.22]We call those children.
[39:47.63]No man should have a pet. It's weird. And wrong.
[39:51.49]- It's, it's food! - No, no, please!
[39:54.01]Not that. That!
[39:57.25]Food fixes everything. All right, show me your hunting face.
[40:02.77]Not you! You're still grounded.
[40:04.54]Come on, Thunk.
[40:06.21]My feet hurt.
[40:14.04]- You look tense. - I'm not tense.
[40:16.32]Angry girl wants to do what they're doing.
[40:20.20]I wasn't ready.
[40:22.30]Hang on, Thunk. I'm coming.
[40:24.26]Why are you doing this?
[40:27.48]- What are they doing? - Hunting.
[40:30.78]You stay away from me!
[40:32.70]No, seriously, what are they doing?
[40:34.40]You鈥檝e got a ton of eggs. Just make another egg!
[40:52.05]Now you鈥檙e just rubbing it in.
[40:54.84]There. Who is hungry for scorpion?
[41:00.35]What happened to the egg and the bird?
[41:03.28]You know, we lost 'em.
[41:05.09]But when the bird stepped on me and pushed me into the ground,
[41:07.63]the scorpion grabbed a hold of me, and you know, one thing led to another
[41:10.96]and here we are, eating him.
[41:12.52]- So, win-win. - Not enough.
[41:14.46]- Not enough. I need more. I need more! - Oh, look at that.
[41:20.67]She鈥檚 not gonna eat me, right?
[41:22.47]You鈥檙e too skinny. If she was going to eat anyone, it would be...
[41:26.57]Mom! She locked her jaw!
[41:29.27]I could use stick! Get her stick!
[41:33.47]Stay away! You sick old monster!
[41:36.42]Hurry! Put the stick in her mouth!
[41:39.09]Hold her still. Use a rock.
[41:43.79]Would you just hit her legs?
[41:46.16]Why are you rolling away?
[41:47.79]I just want something to eat!
[41:50.03]You had bug for dinner. Plenty of bug!
[41:53.10]Please! I'll let you help me hunt.
[41:56.58]- Really? - Don't wait on me!
[42:00.89]Tell my story.
[42:09.47]- Okay. - What do you call this?
[42:13.25]- A trap. - What does it do?
[42:25.55]How long have you been alone?
[42:32.04]So what do we do?
[42:35.61]How's your acting?
[43:02.62]You're good at this.
[43:09.32]- Sorry. No. Okay. - Excuse me.
[43:13.93]- That鈥檚 my arm! - Okay, I'm moving it...
[43:29.57]- It didn鈥檛 step on your trap-y thing. - Yeah, I noticed!
[43:39.09]Where's Eep?
[43:46.84]She's awesome.
[43:49.61]- Eep! - Dad, no!
[44:04.54]It鈥檚 an avalanche of flavor!
[44:34.40]Looks like we won鈥檛 have any leftovers.
[44:36.37]What are leftovers?
[44:38.18]You know, when you have so much food to eat you have some left over.
[44:40.71]Well, we never have that much food.
[44:56.00]Grug, how about a story?
[44:57.99]That鈥檚 a good idea. How about a story, huh?
[45:00.69]Yeah, a story! Tell us a story!
[45:05.22]Once upon a time there was a little tiger
[45:09.14]who lived in a cave with her family.
[45:12.15]There were a lot of rules, but the big, simple one
[45:15.45]was to never leave the cave at night.
[45:18.09]And the door was so heavy, you鈥檇 think it would be easy to remember.
[45:23.36]- So easy to remember! - I know.
[45:27.11]But while everyone was asleep,
[45:29.45]- ..she went out anyway. - No! - Yes!
[45:32.42]And no sooner than she did her cave was destroyed
[45:35.60]and everyone had to go on this long, sucky walk,
[45:38.50]with some weirdo they met,
[45:40.49]and died!
[45:43.89]The end.
[45:46.45]I did not see that coming. Twist ending!
[45:49.75]My stories never end like that.
[45:51.69]Yes! Two stories in one night!
[46:02.17]Okay, but it won鈥檛 be as good as Grug鈥檚.
[46:09.44]Once upon a time, there was a beautiful tiger.
[46:14.05]She lived in a cave with the rest of her family.
[46:16.97]Her father and mother told her: "You may go anywhere you want,
[46:20.89]but never go near the cliff, for you could fall."
[46:24.72]And die. Good story.
[46:27.96]But when no one was looking,
[46:32.16]she go near the cliff.
[46:34.64]For the closer she came to the edge, the more she could hear,
[46:38.30]the more shecould see, the more she could feel.
[46:44.44]Finally she stood at the very edge,
[46:49.04]and she saw a light. She leaned out to touch it.
[46:54.40]- And she slipped. - And she fell.
[46:57.84]And she flew.
[47:01.89]Where did she fly?
[47:03.60]- Tomorrow. - Tomorrow?
[47:06.47]A place with more suns in the sky than you can count.
[47:09.42]- It would be so bright. - A place not like today, or yesterday.
[47:13.69]A place where things are better.
[47:18.48]Tomorrow isn鈥檛 a place. It's, It's, It's..
[47:21.32]- You can鈥檛 see it! - Oh, yes. Yes, it is. I鈥檝e seen it.
[47:29.09]That鈥檚 where I鈥檓 going.
[47:41.04]Well, we are going to shut our eyes and sleep.
[47:45.39]And when we wake up,
[47:46.19]we鈥檙e going to find the place that has everything we want.
[47:48.89]- Tomorrow? - A cave.
[48:30.55]That was too close. It almost caught us.
[48:32.69]- I was watching. We were fine. - We gotta move faster.
[48:35.52]Do you people have any other speed aside from 'wander'?
[48:38.80]- I鈥檒l take 'shamble' at this point. - Hey, um, do you have a minute?
[48:42.92]- How did the tiger fly? - I only share when I鈥檓 outside the log.
[48:47.55]- I鈥檓 funny that way. - Leave this to me.
[48:53.28]Hey, Thunk, you have a spider on your face.
[49:00.44]He's loose!
[49:06.52]Do not step on those weird, pointy rocks!
[49:10.00]You mean these rocks?
[49:12.34]- Do not step on these rocks! - Step aside, girl.
[49:18.63]Hello? Nobody's listening! No one is listening!
[49:21.43]You cannot walk on those!
[49:36.49]Come back here now! Come back here now!
[49:39.27]Well, there goes out chance for survival.
[49:41.97]And our log!
[50:06.24]Jumping doesn't help. I mean, just briefly, but it doesn't get any better!
[50:13.18]Okay. Do not walk on your hands. The hands do not help at all!
[50:27.58]I can help you, but we're going to have to make a few changes around here.
[50:31.91]The log ride is over. Drop the log.
[50:39.68]Now kick it away.
[50:50.94]- Really? - Okay, smart Guy.
[50:55.97]Now what?
[51:12.57]Good fish, good fish.
[51:17.64]Okay, now you can look.
[51:24.52]- I love them! Where are my feet? - They're still there.
[51:32.97]- You're really heavy. - Really?
[51:35.34]Thank you.
[51:38.01]Hey, wait! Whoa!
[51:43.58]Okay, she's up. We're good. I'm good.
[51:46.05]These shoes are great! Where do you get these ideas?
[51:53.91]I'm calling it a brain.
[51:55.90]I'm pretty sure it's where ideas come from.
[51:58.12]Dad, I don't have a brain.
[52:01.78]We've gotten along just fine without brains until now.
[52:05.03]Cavemen don't need brains.
[52:06.63]We have these.
[52:10.01]That's I'm talking about! Ideas are for weaklings!
[52:12.67]Now let's get to that mountain!
[52:18.48]- Wow, I love those. - Good fish, don't eat my feet.
[53:00.39]How did the tiger fly?
[53:02.69]She jumped on the sun and rode it to Tomorrow.
[53:08.54]No, no, no, no!
[53:42.52]Hi, Dad!
[53:45.27]Bye, Dad!
[53:52.22]- You've seen rain before, right? - We don't get out much.
[54:17.54]- Eep, looks dangerous. - Ugghh..
[54:20.04]Dad, you say that about everything.
[54:22.46]- Careful. - Really? Okay.
[54:58.95]No, no, no! Not cool! Not cool!
[55:01.75]Not cool!
[55:22.62]The bear says: "Your cave?
[55:24.50]I've been dumping my bones here since last week."
[55:28.73]- That's a funny story! - It's not a story, it's a joke.
[55:32.27]- What's a joke? - You know, just making something up,
[55:35.70]to make you laugh.
[55:41.68]- Here you go. - Thanks. - One for you, and this one's for you...
[55:47.06]Okay. Okay. That's enough.
[55:51.60]I don't see why the kids need their own shells.
[55:53.47]So if anyone gets in trouble, we can call the others.
[55:55.97]Wait, you're saying we should split up?
[55:58.76]We can try more paths at once.
[56:00.76]- It's the fastest way through. - The Croods stick together.
[56:03.28]- Your way isn't safe. - They can handle it.
[56:05.94]- We can do it, Dad. - No, no, no, no, no.
[56:09.14]It鈥檚 my job to keep you safe. I鈥檓 still in charge,
[56:11.99]and we are not splitting up.
[56:15.65]Except for you two. And that's final.
[56:38.26]Hello? Hello? Is everyone all right?
[56:42.00]- We're okay, Grug! - Dad? I'm freaking out a little bit.
[56:45.58]Just tell me what to do. Just what do I do? What do I do right now?
[56:48.28]- Stay where you are! I'll find you. - No! Too slow.
[56:52.13]Everybody, keep moving forward and we'll get out.
[56:58.28]Yeah. Okay.
[57:01.25]Remember, never not be afraid.
[57:04.34]You can do this!
[57:06.29]It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. I'm gonna pass out.
[57:12.27]Sandy! Sandy!
[59:03.90]Give me another one.
[59:08.85]You dropped these.
[59:43.68]Come with me.
[59:48.16]Here, boy, catch!
[60:11.07]I'll go get him.
[60:19.07]Oh, good boy. Who's my good boy?
[60:21.59]You are. Yes, you are. Look at you. You need a name? You want a name?
[60:25.64]I'm gonna call you Douglas. Can you do tricks?
[60:28.96]Roll over. Come on, Douglas. Roll over.
[60:37.00]Good boy, Douglas!
[60:42.81]I was in love once. He was a hunter.
[60:45.87]I was a gatherer. It was quite a scandal.
[60:50.55]We fed each other berries. We danced.
[60:54.11]Then my father smashed him with a rock and traded me to your grandfather.
[61:02.55]Croods, get down here!
[61:05.45]Grug, they're okay. Guy's with them.
[61:08.27]Oh, Guy's with them. Oh, okay.
[61:11.91]Well, thank you, thank you for bringing me that interesting Guy update.
[61:16.60]Oh, okay. I'm gonna go up,
[61:18.92]..and why don't you join us when you stop being a big drag!
[61:31.75]Sleep pile?
[61:37.51]How about a story, huh?
[61:45.80]And then Thork said: "Know it, I drew it."
[61:55.05]I know it was hard for you to bring us along, but,
[61:58.66]they had the best days in their lives.
[62:02.91]Thank you for that.
[62:27.37]I wanna show you something.
[63:10.01]More suns in the sky than you can count.
[63:13.24]Every sun that crosses our sky comes to rest up there.
[63:17.91]- Tomorrow. - That鈥檚 where we鈥檒l be safe.
[63:22.18]I鈥檓 going with Guy.
[63:24.23]No, not my little girl.
[63:31.24]- Come with us. - I can't go without Grug.
[63:35.04]Well, that makes one of us. Count me in!
[63:38.00]Really? Mom? Now?
[63:39.44]Grug has no idea how to protect us. In fact, he has no ideas at all!
[63:44.20]No. That's not true. What about that one time he.. uh..
[63:47.94]- He.. - Oh, face it.
[63:50.90]If he actually had an idea of his own,
[63:53.73]I'd have, I'd have a heart attack and die!
[64:01.74]- Grug? - Dad? - Dad!
[64:04.30]He's a big guy. How can he just disappear like that.
[64:07.89]Hey! Hey, wait. Let's ask that ugly lady if she's seen Dad.
[64:12.64]- I haven't seen him. - Whoah!
[64:14.86]- What are you doing? - Yeah. Wow. I was up all night.
[64:18.15]'Cos I got all these ideas kept coming to me.
[64:22.02]- Is that a snake? - Belt! New and improved!
[64:27.34]It's even self-tightening.
[64:30.14]What is that on your head?
[64:32.77]It's called desperation.
[64:34.97]I call it a 'rug'. Rhymes with Grug.
[64:37.63]And this one, I call it a 'ride'. Rhymes with Grug.
[64:41.60]That doesn't rhyme.. / It's gonna get us places faster than shoes.
[64:46.22]Yeah! Try to keep up!
[64:54.36]I wish I had a 'ride'.
[64:56.16]Painting is a thing of the past.
[64:58.95]I call this a 'snapshot'.
[65:02.82]Let's do it again. I think I blinked.
[65:05.89]I call them 'sha


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