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[00:27.42]Kung Fu Panda
[00:37.70]Legend tells of a legendary warrior...
[00:41.20]...whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend.
[00:45.51]He traveled the land in search of worthy foes.
[00:59.92]l see you like to chew. Maybe you should chew on my fist!
[01:05.69]The warrior said nothing,for his mouth was full.
[01:09.30]Then he swallowed. And then he spoke.
[01:13.07]Enough talk. Let's fight!
[01:19.31]He was so deadly in fact,
[01:21.16]that his enemies would go blind from overexposure to pure awesomeness.
[01:24.98]- My eyes! - He's too awesome!
[01:27.25]- And attractive. - How can we repay you?
[01:30.85]There is no charge for awesomeness.
[01:33.32]Or attractiveness.
[01:38.20]lt mattered not how many foes he faced.
[01:40.11]They were no match for his bodacity!
[01:55.54]Never before had a panda been so feared! And so loved.
[02:01.08]Even the most heroic heroes in Ohina,
[02:03.85]the Furious Five,
[02:06.15]bowed in respect to this great master.
[02:09.16]We should hang out.
[02:15.03]But hanging out would have to wait.
[02:17.26]Because when you're facing the 10,000 demons of Demon Mountain,
[02:21.77]there's only one thing that matters and that's...
[02:24.59]Po! Get up!
[02:26.42]You'll be later for work!
[02:36.08]Po! Get up!
[02:53.70]Po. What are you doing up there?
[03:02.04]Monkey! Mantis! Orane! Viper! Tigress!
[03:12.25]Po! Let's go! You're late for work.
[03:28.57]Sorry doesn't make the noodles.
[03:31.47]What were you doing up there? All that noise.
[03:33.91]Nothing. l just had a crazy dream.
[03:36.48]About what?
[03:37.78]What were you dreaming about?
[03:39.45]What was l...?
[03:41.16]l was dreaming about...
[03:47.32]Noodles? You were really dreaming about noodles?
[03:51.06]Yeah. What else would l be dreaming about?
[03:53.69]Oareful! That soup is sharp.
[03:56.23]Oh,happy day!
[03:58.62]My son,finally having the noodle dream!
[04:03.07]You don't know how long l've been waiting for this moment.
[04:07.46]This is a sign,Po.
[04:09.48]A sign of what?
[04:11.40]You are almost ready to be entrusted with the secret ingredient
[04:15.65]of my Secret lngredient Soup.
[04:17.98]Then you will fulfill your destiny and take over the restaurant!
[04:23.19]As l took it over from my father,who took it over from his father...
[04:26.76]...who won it from a friend in mahjong.
[04:29.50]Dad,Dad,Dad,it was just a dream.
[04:32.27]No,it was the dream.
[04:34.63]We are noodle folk. Broth runs through our veins.
[04:38.27]But,Dad,didn't you ever want to do something else?
[04:42.24]Something besides noodles?
[04:44.18]Actually,when l was young and crazy,
[04:47.18]l thought about running away and learning how to make tofu.
[04:51.32]Why didn't you?
[04:52.52]Because it was a stupid dream.
[04:55.05]Oan you imagine me making tofu?
[05:01.06]No! We all have our place in this world.
[05:04.53]Mine is here,and yours is...
[05:07.17]l know,is here.
[05:08.47]No,it's at tables 2,5,7,and 12
[05:11.91]Service with a smile.
[05:43.04]Well done,students... if you were trying to disappoint me.
[05:47.75]Tigress,you need more ferocity! Monkey,greater speed.
[05:50.59]Orane,height. Viper,subtlety. Mantis...
[05:53.61]- Master Shifu. - What?!
[05:55.51]lt's Master Oogway. He wants to see you.
[06:08.86]Master Oogway,you summoned me? ls something wrong?
[06:18.64]Why must something be wrong for me to want to see my old friend?
[06:23.14]So,nothing's wrong?
[06:25.81]Well,l didn't say that.
[06:46.43]You were saying?
[06:47.80]l have had a vision.
[06:50.94]Tai Lung will return.
[06:58.61]That is impossible! He is in prison.
[07:01.25]Nothing is impossible.
[07:05.95]Fly to Ohorh-Gom prison and tell them
[07:08.35]to double the guards,double their weapons,double everything!
[07:12.23]Tai Lung does not leave that prison!
[07:14.11]Yes,Master Shifu!
[07:17.03]One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.
[07:22.27]We must do something! We can't let him march on the valley,take his revenge!
[07:27.41]Your mind is like this water,my friend.
[07:29.78]When it is agitated,it becomes difficult to see.
[07:34.11]But if you allow it to settle...
[07:36.78]...the answer becomes clear.
[07:42.79]The Dragon Scroll.
[07:45.42]lt is time.
[07:47.06]But who? Who is worthy to be trusted with the secret to limitless power?
[07:51.86]To become the Dragon Warrior?
[07:56.67]l don't know.
[07:59.81]Excuse me. Pardon me. Sorry.
[08:02.81]Watch it!
[08:03.85]- Sorry. - Suck it up!
[08:06.85]- Sorry. - A thousand pardons.
[08:12.75]Master Oogway's choosing the Dragon Warrior! Today!
[08:16.09]Everyone! Get to the Jade Palace! One of the Five is gonna get the Dragon Scroll!
[08:20.76]We've waited 1,000 years for this! Take the bowl!
[08:23.90]This is the greatest day in kung fu history! Just go!
[08:28.10]Po! Where are you going?
[08:31.00]To the Jade Palace.
[08:33.41]You're forgetting your noodle cart.
[08:35.77]The whole valley will be there,and you'll sell noodles to all of them.
[08:40.41]Selling noodles?
[08:44.52]But,Dad,l was thinking,maybe l...
[08:46.99]- Yeah? - l was thinking maybe l...
[08:52.96]...could also sell the bean buns. They're about to go bad.
[08:57.60]That's my boy!
[08:59.31]l told you that dream was a sign.
[09:01.67]Yeah. Glad l had it.
[09:08.84]- l'm a kung fu warrior! - Me,too!
[09:11.26]- There's spots at the top. - Let's go.
[09:48.35]Oome on. Oome on!
[09:51.18]Almost there.
[09:54.35]No! Oh,no!
[09:59.36]- Sorry,Po. - We'll bring you back a souvenir.
[10:07.37]No. l'll bring me back a souvenir.
[10:16.08]lt is an historic day.
[10:17.54]lsn't it,Master Oogway?
[10:19.38]Yes,and one l feared l would not live to see.
[10:24.32]Are your students ready?
[10:26.39]Yes,Master Oogway.
[10:29.32]Know this,old friend.
[10:31.12]Whomever l choose will not only bring peace to the valley...
[10:35.72]...but also to you. Let the tournament begin!
[10:41.97]Let the tournament begin!
[11:02.83]l'm coming! Wait,wait!
[11:08.89]Hey! Open the door!
[11:13.17]Let me in!
[11:16.28]Oitizens of the Valley of Peace,
[11:19.51]it is my great honor to present to you...Tigress!
[11:22.26]Viper! Orane! Monkey! Mantis!
[11:26.98]The Furious Five!
[11:41.09]Yeah,the Furious Five!
[11:46.27]Wait. No. Oh,peeky-hole.
[11:50.90]- Ready for battle! - Yeah.
[11:52.30]The Thousand Tongues of Fire.
[11:56.61]Look at that.
[11:57.81]Hey! Get out of the way!
[12:32.95]And finally Master Tigress!
[12:37.78]And believe me,citizens,you have not seen anything yet.
[12:42.25]l know!
[12:43.59]Master Tigress! Face lron Ox and his Blades of Death.
[13:01.11]l sense the Dragon Warrior is among us.
[13:10.68]Oitizens of the Valley of Peace,
[13:13.79]Master Oogway will now choose the Dragon Warrior!
[13:19.29]Oh,no! No,no,wait!
[13:41.85]What are you doing?!
[13:43.85]What does it look like l'm doing?! Stop!
[13:45.97]l'm going to see the Dragon Warrior!
[13:51.72]But l don't understand. You finally had the noodle dream!
[13:56.73]l lied. l don't dream about noodles,Dad.
[14:02.57]l love kung fu!
[14:18.25]Oome on,son. Let's get back to work.
[14:59.19]What's going on?
[15:05.93]What are you pointing...?
[15:10.23]OK. Sorry.
[15:12.30]l just wanted to see who the Dragon Warrior was.
[15:14.84]How interesting.
[15:16.84]Master,are you pointing at me?
[15:20.21]- Him. - Who?
[15:24.28]- You. - Me?
[15:26.52]The universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior!
[15:32.26]- What? - What?!
[15:33.76]- What?! - What?!
[15:45.34]Stop,wait! Who told you to...?
[15:56.71]Master Oogway,wait.
[15:59.05]That flabby panda can't possibly be the answer to our problem.
[16:03.32]You were about to point at Tigress and that thing fell in front of her!
[16:07.13]That was just an accident!
[16:08.63]There are no accidents.
[16:26.51]Forgive us,Master. We have failed you.
[16:29.35]No. lf the panda has not quit by morning
[16:32.75]then l will have failed you.
[16:53.37]Wait! Wait,wait,wait! l bring a message...
[16:56.18]... from Master Shifu
[17:04.35]''Double the guard?!''
[17:05.75]''Extra precautions?!''
[17:07.62]''Your prison may not be adequate?!''
[17:13.06]You doubt my prison security?!
[17:16.60]Absolutely not.
[17:18.53]Shifu does. l'm just the messenger.
[17:21.73]l'll give you a message for your Master Shifu.
[17:26.00]Escape from Ohorh-Gom prison is impossible!
[17:34.38]lmpressive,isn't it?
[17:37.28]lt's very impressive.
[17:39.15]lt's very impressive.
[17:40.66]One way in,one way out.
[17:43.46]One thousand guards and one prisoner.
[17:47.57]Yes,except that prisoner...
[17:50.23]...is Tai Lung.
[17:56.00]Take us down.
[18:03.24]What are you doing?
[18:21.69]Behold Tai Lung.
[18:26.43]l'm just gonna wait right here.
[18:29.57]lt's nothing to worry about. lt's perfectly safe.
[18:33.94]Orossbows! At the ready!
[18:38.14]Hey,tough guy,did you hear?
[18:40.79]Oogway's giving someone the Dragon Scroll,and it's not gonna be you.
[18:45.72]Don't get him mad.
[18:47.51]What's he gonna do about it? l've got him completely immobilized.
[18:56.13]Did l step on the wittle kitty's tail?
[19:00.20]l'm good. l've seen enough.
[19:02.03]l'll tell Shifu he has nothing to worry about.
[19:04.54]No,he doesn't.
[19:05.84]l'll tell him that.
[19:08.14]Oan we please go now?
[19:25.59]Dragon Warrior! Dragon Warrior!
[19:29.06]Dragon Warrior! Dragon Warrior!
[19:34.73]Wait a second!
[19:41.17]l think there's been a slight mistake. Everyone seems to think that l'm...
[19:48.78]The Sacred Hall of Warriors! No way!
[19:53.08]Look at this place.
[19:56.69]Master Flying Rhino's armor,with authentic battle damage!
[20:03.40]The Sword of Heroes!
[20:05.40]Said to be so sharp you can cut yourself just by looking.
[20:10.44]The lnvisible Trident of Destiny!
[20:14.77]l've only seen paintings of that painting.
[20:27.15]The legendary Urn of Whispering Warriors.
[20:29.99]Said to contain the souls of the entire Tenshu Army.
[20:37.73]Have you finished sight-seeing?
[20:40.08]Sorry,l should have come to you first.
[20:42.29]My patience is wearing thin.
[20:44.29]Well,l mean,it's not like you were going anywhere.
[20:47.24]- Would you turn around? - Sure.
[20:49.67]How's it going?
[20:50.72]How do you get 5,000... Master Shifu!
[20:55.81]Someone... broke that.
[20:57.60]But l'll fix it. Do you have some...
[21:05.19]A splinter.
[21:06.26]So you're the legendary Dragon Warrior?
[21:09.33]- l guess so. - Wrong!
[21:11.83]You are not the Dragon Warrior. You will never be the Dragon Warrior until...
[21:16.33]...you have learned the secret of the Dragon Scroll.
[21:21.46]So,how does this work?
[21:23.98]Do you have a ladder,or a trampoline,or...?
[21:28.21]You think it's that easy? That l'll just hand you the secret
[21:32.32]- to limitless power? - No,l...
[21:34.24]One must first master the highest level of kung fu.
[21:37.33]And that is impossible if that one is someone like you.
[21:41.53]Someone like me?
[21:42.63]Yes,look at you! This fat butt! Flabby arms!
[21:47.37]Those are sensitive in the flabby parts.
[21:49.90]And this ridiculous belly.
[21:52.80]And utter disregard for personal hygiene.
[21:56.14]Now,wait a minute. That's uncalled for.
[21:58.38]Don't stand that close. l can smell your breath.
[22:01.01]Listen,Oogway said l was...
[22:02.91]The Wuxi Finger Hold. Not the Wuxi Finger Hold!
[22:05.68]Oh,you know this hold?
[22:08.49]Developed by Master Wuxi in the Third Dynasty.
[22:11.22]Then you know what happens when l flex my pinky.
[22:14.86]- No,no! - You know the hardest part of this?
[22:17.60]The hardest part is cleaning up afterwards.
[22:21.53]OK,OK,take it easy.
[22:23.74]Now listen closely,panda.
[22:26.24]Oogway may have picked you,but when l'm through with you,
[22:29.44]l promise you,you're going to wish he hadn't! Are we clear?
[22:34.51]Yeah,we're clear. We're so clear.
[22:39.52]l can't wait to get started.
[23:21.06]- Let's begin. - Wait,wait,wait.
[23:26.50]- Now? - Yes,now.
[23:29.03]Unless the great Oogway was wrong and you are not the Dragon Warrior.
[23:34.98]l don't know if l can do all of those moves.
[23:39.11]Well,if we don't try,we'll never know,will we?
[23:41.95]Yeah,it's just,maybe we can find something more suited to my level.
[23:45.85]What level is that?
[23:47.43]Well,l'm not a master,but...
[23:50.52]...let's just start at zero. Level zero.
[23:53.36]No. There is no such thing as level zero.
[23:57.53]- Maybe l can start with that. - That?
[24:00.40]We use that for training children and propping the door open when it's hot.
[24:05.50]But if you insist...
[24:06.94]The Furious Five!
[24:09.77]You're bigger than your action figures. Except,you,Mantis. You're the same.
[24:17.33]Go ahead,panda. Show us what you can do.
[24:21.75]Are they gonna watch,or should l wait till they get back to work?
[24:25.19]Hit it.
[24:26.29]OK,yeah. l mean,l just ate. So l'm still digesting.
[24:31.00]So my kung fu might not be as good as... later on.
[24:34.83]Just hit it.
[24:36.80]All right.
[24:38.90]What you got? You got nothing,'cause l got it right here.
[24:42.12]You picking on my friends? Get ready to feel thunder.
[24:45.48]l'm coming at you with crazy feet.
[24:47.75]Oome on. l'm a blur. You've never seen bear style.
[24:50.82]You've only seen praying mantis.
[24:52.68]Or monkey style.
[24:55.34]Or l could come at you snickety-snake.
[24:57.69]Would you hit it!
[25:00.16]All right. All right.
[25:08.00]Why don't you try again? A little harder.
[25:12.84]How's that?
[25:24.88]That hurts.
[25:33.39]This will be easier than l thought.
[25:35.62]I'm feeling a little nauseous!
[25:38.96]Those are hard!
[25:44.64]My tenders.
[26:14.17]How did l do?
[26:15.93]There is now a level zero.
[26:19.90]- There's no words. - No denying that.
[26:22.27]What was Master Oogway thinking?
[26:24.68]The poor guy's gonna get himself killed.
[26:27.05]He is so mighty!
[26:29.61]The Dragon Warrior fell out of the sky on a ball of fire!
[26:34.52]When he walks,the very ground shakes!
[26:38.36]One would think Master Oogway would choose someone who knew kung fu.
[26:42.69]Yeah,or could at least touch his toes.
[26:44.80]Or even see his toes.
[27:37.38]Hi. You're up.
[27:39.68]l am now.
[27:41.25]l was just...
[27:42.72]Some day,huh?
[27:44.69]That kung fu stuff is hard work,right? Are your biceps sore?
[27:50.13]l've had a long and rather disappointing day,so...
[27:55.67]Yeah,l should probably get to sleep now.
[27:59.10]- Yeah,yeah,yeah. Of course. - OK,thanks.
[28:01.57]lt's just... Man,l'm such a big fan!
[28:04.51]You guys were amazing at the Battle of Weeping River.
[28:07.28]Outnumbered a thousand to one,but you didn't stop. You just...
[28:13.55]Sorry about that.
[28:15.95]Look,you don't belong here.
[28:20.16]l know. l know. You're right.
[28:22.82]I don't have... I just...
[28:25.12]My whole life l dreamed of...
[28:27.30]No,l meant you don't belong here. l mean,in this room. This is my room.
[28:33.54]Property of Orane.
[28:35.67]OK. Right,right.
[28:37.56]So,you want to get to sleep.
[28:40.21]- Yeah. - l'm keeping you up.
[28:42.08]We got big things tomorrow.
[28:44.28]All right. You're awesome. Last thing l'm gonna say. Bye-bye.
[28:52.32]What was that?
[28:53.56]l didn't say anything.
[28:55.06]OK. All right. Good night.
[28:57.24]Sleep well.
[29:01.30]That seemed a little awkward.
[29:05.14]Master Tigress! l didn't mean to wake you.
[29:07.71]- You don't belong here. - Yeah,of course.
[29:10.48]This is your room.
[29:11.84]l mean,you don't belong in the Jade Palace.
[29:15.21]You're a disgrace to kung fu,and if you have
[29:17.65]any respect for who we are and what we do,
[29:21.62]you will be gone by morning.
[29:29.23]Big fan!
[29:38.27]l see you have found the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom.
[29:44.44]ls that what this is? Sorry. l thought it was just a regular peach tree.
[29:49.56]l understand. You eat when you are upset.
[29:54.22]Upset? l'm not upset. What makes you think l'm upset.
[29:59.49]So why are you so upset?
[30:07.03]l probably sucked more today than anyone in the history of kung fu.
[30:10.64]ln the history of Ohina. ln the history of sucking!
[30:15.51]And the Five! Man,you should've seen them! They totally hate me.
[30:20.34]How is Shifu ever going to turn me into the Dragon Warrior?
[30:26.54]l mean,l'm not like the Five.
[30:28.52]l've got no claws,no wings,no venom.
[30:32.28]Even Mantis has those... thingies.
[30:36.69]Maybe l should just quit and go back to making noodles.
[30:43.27]Quit,don't quit.
[30:45.50]Noodles,don't noodles.
[30:49.61]You are too concerned with what was and what will be.
[30:54.35]There's a saying:
[30:56.28]Yesterday is history,
[30:58.82]tomorrow is a mystery,
[31:01.29]but today is a gift.
[31:04.49]That is why it is called the present.
[31:37.29]- Oh,no! - What's happening?!
[31:39.72]To your battle stations! Go! Go! Go!
[31:50.97]Fire crossbows!
[32:05.32]Tai Lung is free! l must warn Shifu.
[32:08.09]- Not going anywhere! Neither is he! - Let go of me!
[32:10.99]Bring it up!
[32:14.86]Wait! Bring it back!
[32:35.15]- He's coming this way! - He won't get far. Archers!
[33:46.88]We're dead. So very,very dead.
[33:50.82]Not yet we're not. Now!
[34:40.57]- Oan we run now? - Yes.
[35:04.13]l'm glad Shifu sent you.
[35:07.80]l was beginning to think l'd been forgotten.
[35:10.70]Fly back there and tell them...
[35:12.80]...the real Dragon Warrior is coming home.
[35:28.52]Good morning,Master!
[35:34.59]Wake up!
[35:39.33]He's quit.
[35:42.57]What do we do now,with the panda gone? Who will be the Dragon Warrior?
[35:47.71]All we can do is resume our training and trust that in time,
[35:50.88]the true Dragon Warrior will be revealed.
[35:55.01]What are you doing here?!
[35:57.48]Hi! Good morning,Master!
[35:59.58]l thought l'd warm up a little.
[36:03.59]You're stuck.
[36:04.66]Stuck? Nah. What? Stuck?
[36:08.03]Nah. This is one of my... Yeah,l'm stuck.
[36:12.07]- Help him. - Oh,dear.
[36:13.96]Maybe on three. One,two...
[36:20.47]- Thank you. - Don't mention it.
[36:22.21]- No,really,l appreciate... - Ever.
[36:25.21]You actually thought you could learn to do a full split in one night?
[36:29.58]lt takes years to develop one's flexibility!
[36:33.02]And years longer to apply it in combat!
[36:46.20]Put that down!
[36:47.80]The only souvenirs we collect here are bloody knuckles and broken bones.
[36:52.37]Yeah! Excellent.
[36:56.11]Let's get started.
[36:59.61]- Are you ready? - l was born re...
[37:03.45]l'm sorry,brother. l thought you said you were ready.
[37:06.52]That was awesome! Let's go again!
[37:36.18]l've been taking it easy on you,panda. But no more.
[37:39.18]Your next opponent will be me.
[37:41.59]All right! Yeah,let's go!
[37:45.86]Step forth.
[37:47.99]The true path to victory is to find your opponent's weakness...
[37:51.53]...and make him suffer for it.
[37:54.87]To take his strength and use it against him...
[37:58.30]...until he finally falls......or quits...
[38:01.94]A real warrior never quits.
[38:04.01]Don't worry,Master. l will never quit!
[38:17.59]lf he's smart,he won't come back up those steps.
[38:20.86]But he will.
[38:22.26]He's not going to quit,is he?
[38:24.63]He's not going to quit bouncing,l'll tell you that.
[38:39.28]l thought you said acupuncture would make me feel better.
[38:42.41]Trust me,it will.
[38:43.51]lt's just not easy finding the right nerve points under all this...
[38:47.22]- Fat? - Fur. l was going to say fur.
[38:49.95]Sure you were.
[38:51.02]Who am l to judge a warrior based on his size? Look at me.
[38:56.26]l'm over here.
[38:58.36]Maybe you should look at this again.
[39:06.10]Stop it. Stop!
[39:09.27]l know Master Shifu is trying to inspire me and all...
[39:12.54]...but if l didn't know better,
[39:14.75]l'd say he was trying to get rid of me.
[39:21.15]l know he can seem kind of heartless...
[39:24.19]...but he wasn't always like that.
[39:26.22]According to legend,
[39:27.62]there was once a time when Master Shifu actually used to smile.
[39:32.23]- No! - Yes.
[39:34.23]But that was before.
[39:35.57]Before what?
[39:37.63]Before Tai Lung.
[39:39.07]We're not really supposed to talk about him.
[39:41.71]Well,if he's going to stay here,he should know.
[39:44.78]Guys,guys,l know about Tai Lung.
[39:46.78]He was a student. The first ever to master the thousand scrolls of kung fu.
[39:52.32]And then he turned bad,and now he's in jail.
[39:56.55]He wasn'tjust a student.
[40:03.03]Shifu found him as a cub...
[40:07.50]...and he raised him as his son.
[40:12.80]And when the boy showed talent in kung fu...
[40:16.97]...Shifu trained him.
[40:19.31]He believed in him. He told him he was destined for greatness.
[40:25.15]lt was never enough for Tai Lung.
[40:29.62]He wanted the Dragon Scroll.
[40:31.29]But Oogway saw darkness in his heart and refused.
[40:35.93]Outraged,Tai Lung laid waste to the valley.
[40:42.10]He tried to take the scroll by force.
[40:44.20]And Shifu had to destroy what he had created.
[40:50.77]But how could he?
[41:06.49]Shifu loved Tai Lung like he had never loved anyone before.
[41:18.90]Or since.
[41:28.65]And now he has a chance to make things right.
[41:31.58]To train the true Dragon Warrior.
[41:33.88]And he's stuck with you.
[41:36.99]A big fat panda who treats it like a joke.
[41:41.76]That is it!
[41:42.83]Wait! My fault! l accidentally tweaked his facial nerve.
[41:48.40]And may have also stopped his heart.
[41:54.54]lnner peace.
[41:57.37]lnner peace.
[42:05.65]lnner peace.
[42:10.52]Would whoever is making that flapping sound quiet down?!
[42:27.97]l could use some good news right now.
[42:37.68]Master! Master!
[42:39.72]l have... lt's... lt's very bad news.
[42:46.49]There is just news. There is no good or bad.
[42:49.96]Master,your vision. Your vision was right.
[42:53.70]Tai Lung has broken out of prison. He's on his way.
[42:58.57]That is bad news...
[43:01.37]...if you do not believe that the Dragon Warrior can stop him.
[43:05.78]The panda? Master,that panda is not the Dragon Warrior.
[43:10.11]He wasn't meant to be here! lt was an accident.
[43:13.48]There are no accidents.
[43:17.02]Yes,l know. You've said that already.
[43:20.22]- Twice. - Well,that was no accident,either.
[43:25.66]My old friend,
[43:27.36]the panda will never fulfill his destiny,nor you yours,
[43:32.04]until you let go of the illusion of control.
[43:37.11]Yes. Look at this tree,Shifu.
[43:40.18]l cannot make it blossom when it suits me,
[43:43.28]nor make it bear fruit before its time.
[43:46.62]But there are things we can control.
[43:50.22]l can control when the fruit will fall.
[43:54.39]And l can control...
[43:57.16]...where to plant the seed.
[43:59.66]That is no illusion,Master.
[44:05.47]But no matter what you do
[44:07.94]that seed will grow to be a peach tree.
[44:10.94]You may wish for an apple or an orange,but you will get a peach.
[44:15.88]But a peach cannot defeat Tai Lung!
[44:19.58]Maybe it can.
[44:22.32]lf you are willing to guide it.
[44:25.19]To nurture it.
[44:27.12]To believe in it.
[44:28.59]But how? How?
[44:31.13]l need your help,Master.
[44:33.16]No,you just need to believe.
[44:37.57]Promise me,Shifu.
[44:40.47]Promise me you will believe.
[44:43.24]l will try.
[44:51.31]My time has come.
[44:55.59]You must continue yourjourney without me.
[44:59.97]What are you...? Wait!
[45:06.00]You can't leave me!
[45:11.33]You must believe.
[45:45.50]- That was scary. - Yeah,so I'm like... "Fine,you may be a wolf,
[45:49.67]you may be the scariest bandit in Haijin Province...
[45:52.94]...but you're a lousy tipper.''
[45:54.85]Really? So how did you get out of there alive?
[45:58.65]l mean,l didn't actually say that...
[46:01.28]...but l thought it...
[46:02.82]...in my mind.
[46:04.65]lf he could read my mind,he'd be,like,''What?''
[46:08.29]Order up! Hope you like it.
[46:12.36]- This is really good! - No,come on.
[46:15.67]Try my dad's Secret lngredient Soup. He actually knows the secret ingredient.
[46:20.04]What do you mean? This is amazing!
[46:22.51]- You're a really good cook. - l wish my mouth was bigger.
[46:25.51]Tigress,you've got to try this.
[46:27.48]lt is said that the Dragon Warrior can survive for months
[46:31.18]on nothing but the dew of ginkgo leaf and the energy of the universe.
[46:37.35]l guess my body doesn't know it's the Dragon Warrior yet.
[46:41.32]l'm gonna need a lot more than dew and universe juice.
[46:50.73]- What? - Nothing... Master Shifu.
[46:56.61]Never be the Dragon Warrior unless you lose 500 pounds and brush your teeth!
[47:01.88]What is that noise you're making? Laughter? l never heard of it!
[47:05.38]Work hard,panda,and maybe someday...
[47:08.29]...you will have ears like mine.
[47:11.79]That's good.
[47:13.79]Ears. lt's not working for you? l thought they were pretty good.
[47:17.53]lt's Shifu!
[47:18.73]Of course it's Shifu. What do you think l'm doing?
[47:23.37]Master Shifu!
[47:28.00]You think this is funny?
[47:29.77]Tai Lung has escaped and you're acting like children!
[47:32.67]- What? - He is coming for the Dragon Scroll,
[47:35.18]and you are the only one who can stop him.
[47:41.22]And l was saying you got no sense of humor.
[47:43.92]l'm gonna... stop Tai Lung.
[47:46.29]What? You're serious? And l have to...?
[47:50.99]Master Oogway will stop him,like he did before.
[47:54.03]Oogway cannot!
[47:56.07]Not anymore.
[47:58.97]Our only hope is the Dragon Warrior.
[48:01.74]- The panda? - Yes,the panda!
[48:03.44]Master,let us stop Tai Lung. This is what you've trained us for.
[48:07.11]No! lt is not your destiny to defeat Tai Lung.
[48:10.75]lt is his!
[48:12.42]Where'd he go?
[48:20.89]You cannot leave! A real warrior never quits.
[48:24.26]Watch me.
[48:28.43]Oome on.
[48:29.60]How am l supposed to beat Tai Lung? l can't even beat you to the stairs.
[48:33.50]You will beat him because you are the Dragon Warrior.
[48:37.31]You don't believe that. You never believed that.
[48:40.64]From the beginning,you've tried to get rid of me.
[48:43.71]Yes! l was.
[48:46.12]But now l ask you to trust in your master as l have come to trust in mine.
[48:52.32]You're not my master. And l'm not the Dragon Warrior.
[48:56.13]Then why didn't you quit?! You knew l wanted you gone,yet you stayed.
[49:00.56]Yeah,l stayed.
[49:02.63]l stayed because every time you threw a brick at my head
[49:06.47]or said l smelled,it hurt,but it could never hurt more
[49:09.76]than it did every day of my life just being me.
[49:15.15]l stayed because l thought,if anyone could change me...
[49:19.82]...could make me... not me...
[49:22.95]...it was you.
[49:24.55]The greatest kung fu teacher in all of Ohina!
[49:27.59]But l can change you!
[49:29.26]l can turn you into the Dragon Warrior! And l will!
[49:32.86]Oome on. Tai Lung is on his way here right now.
[49:36.93]Even if it takes him a hundred years to get here,how are you...
[49:40.40]...gonna change this into the Dragon Warrior?
[49:53.65]- How?! - l don't know!
[50:03.89]l don't know.
[50:12.04]That's what l thought.
[50:52.91]This is wha


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