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[00:51.13]The moon star is shinning bright.
[00:56.90]So make a wish and hold on tight.
[01:03.08]There's magic in the air tonight.
[01:09.27]And anything can happen.
[01:15.10]Just in that moment, the ugly little frog
[01:18.73]Looked up with his sad round eyes and pleaded,
[01:22.34]"Oh please, dear Princess,
[01:25.01]Only a kiss from you can break this terrible spell
[01:28.93]that was inflicted on me by a wicked witch."
[01:32.45]Here comes my favourite part.
[01:35.18]And the beautiful princess was so moved
[01:39.20]by him desperately that she stooped down,
[01:43.49]picked up the slippery creature, leaned forward,
[01:48.67]raised him to her lips and kissed that little frog.
[01:56.41]Then, the frog was transformed into a handsome prince.
[02:01.18]They were married and lived happy ever after.
[02:05.32]The end.
[02:09.06]Read it again, read it again.
[02:10.92]Sorry Charlotte. Stanford would be at home.
[02:13.89]Say good night. Tiana.
[02:15.15]There is no way in this whole wide world,
[02:18.23]I would ever ever ever, I mean never, kiss a frog.
[02:23.68]Is that so?
[02:26.06]Well, here's your Prince Charming, Tiana.
[02:27.98]Come on, kiss him!
[02:30.02]Kiss him!
[02:30.55]Stop it!
[02:31.11]Kiss kiss kiss it!
[02:32.13]I won't! I won't! I won't!
[02:33.91]I will do it.
[02:34.81]I will kiss a frog.
[02:36.42]I would kiss a hundred frogs so far
[02:38.77]to meet a prince and to be a princess.
[02:45.84]You girls, stop tormenting that poor little kitty.
[02:50.47]Poor thing.
[02:56.46]Evening, Eudora.
[02:57.55]Daddy! Daddy! Look at my new dress.
[03:00.21]Isn't it pretty?
[03:01.59]Haha. Look at you!
[03:02.89]Well, I expect nothing less from
[03:04.54]the finest suit cuisine of New Orleans.
[03:06.89]Oh, I want that dress.
[03:09.39]Not now, sugar palm.
[03:10.41]I want that one, please, please, please, please...
[03:13.24]Eudora, you suppose you can web something up like that?
[03:16.70]Anything for my best customer.
[03:19.41]Come along, Tiana.
[03:20.86]Your dad should be home from work by now.
[03:23.04]Okay, right now, princess.
[03:24.17]You're getting that dress but that's it!
[03:26.96]No Bouff has to pushover.
[03:29.31]Now who wants the puppy?
[03:30.78]Puppy...I do. I do.
[03:32.04]Puppy is so cute!
[03:59.29]Gumbos smell good, Tiana.
[04:01.58]I think it's done, daddy.
[04:03.15]Yeah, you sure?
[04:05.10]Absolutely positive?
[04:07.25]Okay, I'm about to put this spoon in my...
[04:21.35]Well, sweetheart.
[04:23.33]This is the best gumbo I've ever tasted.
[04:27.04]Come here.
[04:27.78]Eudora, our girl got a gift.
[04:30.48]I thought I told you that.
[04:31.78]A gift that's best just gotta be shared.
[04:35.26]Hey, everybody. I made gumbo.
[04:37.83]Oh, that smells good.
[04:39.61]I've got some house puppies, Tiana.
[04:41.67]You know the thing about good food...
[04:44.15]it brings folks together from all walks of life.
[04:47.63]It warms them right up
[04:48.95]and it puts a smile on their faces.
[04:52.18]And, and when I open my own restaurant,
[04:54.62]I take a bid people gonna line up,
[04:56.80]for miles around just to get a taste of my food.
[04:59.70]Our food.
[05:01.27]That's right, baby.
[05:03.97]Our food.
[05:11.48]Daddy, look.
[05:13.08]Where are you going?
[05:13.96]Charlotte's fairytale book said,
[05:16.15]If you make a wish on the evening star,
[05:18.65]it sure would come true.
[05:21.59]Well, you wish on that star, sweetheart.
[05:23.67]Yes, you wish and you dream with all your little heart.
[05:27.41]But you remember, Tiana, that...
[05:29.58]that odd star can only take you part away.
[05:32.84]You gotta help along with some hard work of your own.
[05:35.96]And then, yeah, you can do anything you set your mind to.
[05:42.47]Just promise your daddy one thing.
[05:45.27]That you'll never ever lose sight of what's really important,
[05:54.26]See you in the morning, baby. Kiss.
[05:57.87]Get some sleep.
[06:12.75]Please. Please. Please.
[06:49.87]Well, Miss Tiana. Rough night for tips
[06:53.93]but every little penny counts.
[07:01.98]Don't you worry, daddy.
[07:04.23]We'll be there soon.
[07:18.10]Good night, cows.
[07:19.47]Good morning, dukes.
[07:23.26]In the South Land, there's a city.
[07:28.51]Way down on the river.
[07:32.53]Where the women are very pretty and all the men deliver.
[07:39.36]They got music.
[07:40.93]It's always playing.
[07:43.40]Start in the day time, go all through the night.
[07:47.63]When you hear that music playing,
[07:51.19]Hear what I'm saying and make it feel alright.
[07:55.54]Grab somebody, come on down.
[07:59.61]Bring your paintbrush, we're painting the town.
[08:03.57]Oh, there's some sweetness going around.
[08:07.36]Catch it down in New Orleans.
[08:18.45]We got magic, good and maze.
[08:21.82]Make it happen, make it real, say.
[08:25.77]If everything you want is lose what you have.
[08:29.81]Down here in New Orleans.
[08:34.07]Hey partner, don't be shy.
[08:37.82]Come on down here and give us a try.
[08:41.28]You wanna do some living before you die.
[08:45.61]Do it down in New Orleans.
[09:04.33]Stale homes and mansions
[09:07.38]Of the sugar darns and cotton candies.
[09:11.86]Rich people, poor people all got dreams.
[09:17.09]Dreams do come true in New Orleans.
[09:31.58]Order up!
[09:33.27]Another coffee here, chief.
[09:34.69]Coming right up for you.
[09:35.95]Hey, Tiana.
[09:37.05]Morning, Georgia.
[09:38.02]Hey, how are you doing, Tiana?
[09:38.77]Hey, yo.
[09:39.48]We are going out dancing tonight.
[09:41.99]You can join us?
[09:42.65]Come on, Tiana.
[09:43.41]You can dance with me.
[09:44.58]You know I've got two left feet.
[09:46.06]Besides, I... you need napkins, sweetheart.
[09:48.15]I'm gonna work for a double shift to...
[09:49.39]Here, your hot cakes.
[09:50.30]You know, so I...
[09:51.23]So you can save for your restaurant.
[09:52.96]I know, I know.
[09:54.41]Girl, all you ever do is work.
[09:56.83]Order up!
[09:58.10]Maybe next time.
[09:59.71]I told you, she wouldn't come.
[10:03.50]Are you talking about the damn restaurant again?
[10:05.09]Buford, your eggs are burning.
[10:07.23]You ain't never get enough for that damned payment.
[10:09.65]I'm getting close.
[10:10.78]Yeah, how close?
[10:12.87]Where's my Flapjacks?
[10:15.37]You gotta forget about the motive of
[10:16.56]getting that restaurant,
[10:17.75]as I do in winning The Kentucky Derby.
[10:20.80]Settle me up, yo.
[10:27.35]Morning Mr. La Bouff.
[10:28.43]Good morning, Tiana.
[10:29.88]Congratulations on you,
[10:30.88]being voted to be King of Mardi Gras.
[10:32.80]It caught me completely by surprise
[10:35.43]for the fifth year in a row.
[10:39.69]Now, how about I celebrate with...
[10:41.83]Your eggs.
[10:42.88]I got the first batch, just waiting for you.
[10:44.64]Well, keep them coming till I pass out.
[10:47.35]Tiana Tiana Tiana
[10:49.96]Did you hear the news?
[10:50.92]Tell her. Oh, tell her, Big Daddy.
[10:52.73]Oh yeah, Prince Naveen...
[10:55.10]Prince Naveen of Maldonia is coming to New Orleans.
[11:00.12]Oh, he even meets me.
[11:01.73]Oh, tell her what you did, Big Daddy.
[11:03.51]Tell her!
[11:05.91]Well, I invited...
[11:06.89]Big Daddy invited the Prince Charming
[11:08.86]to a masquerade ball tonight.
[11:11.07]Oh, tell her what else you did, Big Daddy.
[11:14.13]Go on.
[11:15.51]And he stays in...
[11:16.64]And he stays, oh...
[11:17.51]And he stays in our house as my personal guest.
[11:22.25]Oh, Lotte. That's swell.
[11:24.06]Other word for advice.
[11:25.27]My mama always said that
[11:26.54]the quickest way to a man's heart,
[11:28.31]is through his stomach.
[11:31.65]That's it.
[11:33.23]What just happened?
[11:34.06]Oh, Tiana. You're a born out genius.
[11:37.42]I would need about 500
[11:38.88]of your men catching Binayas for my ball tonight.
[11:42.71]Excuse me, daddy.
[11:43.65]This is my coverage.
[11:45.14]Well, this coverage's just fine, Lotte.
[11:48.87]This is it.
[11:50.23]I'm getting my restaurant.
[11:52.79]Tonight my prince's finally coming.
[11:55.43]And I swear I won't let him go.
[12:06.23]Everything looks pretty clean, Mr. Fenner.
[12:08.69]And Mr. Fenner...
[12:10.13]We'll have all the paperwork ready to sign.
[12:12.25]First thing after the morning glow.
[12:14.10]I'll do you one better.
[12:15.40]Why don't I sign them tonight
[12:16.58]when I see you all at the La Bouff's great ball?
[12:18.97]You drive a hot pot, Tiana.
[12:23.23]Table for one, please.
[12:24.66]Oh, mama.
[12:26.52]Here's a little something to help you get started.
[12:29.82]Oh, daddy's gumbo pot.
[12:36.19]I know.
[12:38.28]I missed him too.
[12:41.82]Well now, hurry up and open the door.
[12:45.74]Look at it, mama.
[12:47.21]Doesn't it just make you wanna cry?
[12:52.79]We'll make the deals on right at where you're standing.
[12:54.79]Oh, and over here, a gourmet kitchen.
[12:57.49]And, and here from the ceiling,
[12:59.18]a big all crystal chandelier here.
[13:02.19]You're your daddy's daughter, alright.
[13:04.19]Used to go on and on about this old sugar mill too.
[13:07.88]Petite cakes.
[13:08.66]I'm sure this place is gonna be just wonderful.
[13:11.63]But it's a shame you're working so hard.
[13:13.94]But how can I let up now when I am so close.
[13:16.60]I've gotta make sure all daddy's
[13:18.33]hard work means something.
[13:19.67]Tiana, your daddy may not have gotten the place
[13:22.94]you always wanted but he had something better.
[13:26.81]He had love.
[13:29.86]That's all I want for you, sweetheart.
[13:32.34]To meet your Prince Charming
[13:34.09]and dance off into your happily ever after.
[13:36.95]Mama, I don't have time for dances.
[13:41.06]That's just gonna have to wait a while.
[13:43.52]How long are we talking about here?
[13:44.91]Ain't got time for messing around.
[13:49.16]And it's not my style.
[13:50.95]I want some grandkids.
[13:52.52]This whole town can slow you down.
[13:56.09]People taking the easy way.
[14:00.31]But I know exactly where I'm going to get.
[14:03.91]And getting closer, closer, everyday.
[14:06.33]And I'm almost there, I'm almost there.
[14:12.60]People down here think I'm crazy but I don't care.
[14:18.64]Traps and tribulations have had my share.
[14:24.78]There ain't nothing gonna stop me now
[14:27.46]cause I'm almost there.
[14:35.16]I remember Daddy told me: "Fairytales can come true."
[14:42.20]You gotta make 'em happen, it all depends on you."
[14:46.82]So I work real hard each and every day.
[14:50.48]Now, things, for sure are going my way.
[14:54.31]Just doing what I do.
[14:56.69]Look out boys, I'm coming through.
[14:59.57]And I'm almost there.
[15:03.43]I'm almost there.
[15:06.01]People gonna come here from everywhere.
[15:08.71]And I'm almost there.
[15:11.65]I'm almost there.
[15:26.01]There has been traps and tribulations.
[15:30.47]You know I have had my share.
[15:33.09]But I've climbed the mountain.
[15:35.20]I've crossed the river.
[15:36.83]And I'm almost there.
[15:39.44]I'm almost there.
[15:42.35]I'm almost there!
[16:02.67]Excuse me.
[16:04.42]You need a hand there, buddy?
[16:14.09]Oh... yes!
[16:22.27]Well, he's dancing.
[16:25.08]Sir, I've been looking for you everywhere.
[16:28.34]Oh, what a coincidence, Lawrence.
[16:30.39]I've been avoiding you everywhere.
[16:32.36]We're going to be late for the masquerade.
[16:34.97]Listen, Lawrence. Listen.
[16:36.69]Oh... yes. Jazz music.
[16:40.38]It was boring here.
[16:43.39]It's beautiful, you know.
[16:45.76]No hope.
[16:47.96]Oh, dance with me, fat man.
[16:50.54]Stay loose, bro.
[16:51.55]You should be in the ball right now.
[16:54.35]Yes. Yes. Yes.
[16:55.46]But first, I'll buy everyone here a drink.
[17:00.33]With what?
[17:02.11]At this point, you have two choices.
[17:05.13]You would marry a rich lady or...
[17:08.95]get a job!
[17:15.25]But first, we dance!
[17:18.45]For someone who cannot see his feet.
[17:20.06]Come on, you lie on this.
[17:25.27]This is perfect.
[17:26.55]You've finally got into the music.
[17:29.15]Do you get my joke?
[17:30.38]Because your head is... it's in a tuba.
[17:32.94]Get me out!
[17:33.80]Alright then.
[17:34.50]Hold on.
[17:39.68]You're grinning?
[17:40.80]I've never been something agitated.
[17:50.85]A tip of the hat from Dr. Facilier.
[17:54.68]How are you doing?
[17:56.93]Tarot readings.
[17:58.12]Charms, potions, dreams made real.
[18:03.62](speaks Maldonian)
[18:04.92]What? Were I a betting man?
[18:05.96]And I'm not, I stay away from games of chance.
[18:08.85]Ah, I'd wager I'm in the company of visiting royalty.
[18:14.86]Lawrence Lawrence
[18:16.14]This remarkable gentleman has just read my palm.
[18:20.00]Or this morning's newspaper.
[18:22.54]Sire, this cat is obviously a Satan.
[18:26.30]And I suggest we move on to a less...
[18:28.79]Don't you disrespect me, little man!
[18:32.50]Don't you derogate or deride.
[18:36.00]You're in my world now, not your world.
[18:39.98]And I got friends on the other side.
[18:44.12]He's got friends on the other side...
[18:48.55]That's an echo, gentlemen.
[18:49.87]Just a little something we have here in Louisiana.
[18:51.75]A little parlour trick. Don't worry.
[18:54.54]Sit down at my table.
[18:57.40]Put your minds at ease.
[19:00.06]If you relax it will enable me to do anything I please.
[19:05.97]I can read your future.
[19:08.45]I can change it around some, too.
[19:11.03]I'll look deep into your heart and soul.
[19:14.53]You do have a soul, don't you, Lawrence?
[19:16.43]Make your wildest dreams come true.
[19:19.65]I got Voodoo.
[19:20.41]I got hoodoo.
[19:21.24]I got thing I hadn't even tried!
[19:23.78]And I got friends on the other side.
[19:27.16]He's got friends on the other side...
[19:31.19]The cards, the cards, the cards will tell.
[19:35.79]The past, the present and the future as well.
[19:38.98]The cards, the cards, just take three.
[19:44.30]Take a little trip into your future with me.
[19:51.20]Now you, young man are from across the sea.
[19:56.27]You come from two long lines of royalty.
[20:01.50]I'm a royal myself on my mother's side.
[20:04.54]Your lifestyle's high but your funds are low.
[20:10.58]You need to marry a little honey whose daddy got dough.
[20:15.07]Mommy and daddy cut you off, huh, playboy?
[20:17.06]Eh, that's the truth.
[20:18.61]Now you all gotta get hitched,
[20:20.12]But hitching ties you down.
[20:21.91]You just wanna be free.
[20:23.09]Hop from place to place.
[20:24.81]But freedom takes green!
[20:28.80]It's the green.
[20:29.78]It's the green.
[20:30.59]It's the green you need.
[20:33.15]And when I looked into your future,
[20:34.98]It's the green that I see.
[20:37.32]On you little man, I don't want to waste much time.
[20:40.58]You've been pushed around all your life.
[20:44.10]You've been pushed around by your mother
[20:46.59]And your sister and your brother.
[20:49.05]And if you was married,
[20:51.46]You'd be pushed around by your wife.
[20:55.11]But in your future, the you I see,
[20:59.25]Is exactly the man you always wanted to be.
[21:04.15]Shake my hand.
[21:06.31]Come on, boys.
[21:07.77]Won't you shake the poor sinner's hand?
[21:17.20]Are you ready?
[21:18.74]Are you ready?
[21:20.09]Are you ready?
[21:23.61]Transformation central.
[21:25.10]Transformation central.
[21:26.46]Reformation central.
[21:29.19]Transmogrification central.
[21:32.00]Can you feel it?
[21:34.43]You're changing, you're changing,
[21:35.99]You're changing, alright.
[21:38.22]I hope you're satisfied.
[21:42.14]But if you ain't, don't blame me.
[21:45.94]You can blame my friends on the other side.
[21:52.59]You got what you wanted, but you lost what you had.
[22:19.07]Ah, Senator Johnson.
[22:21.40]Hey, Genie.
[22:22.19]I hope you'll leave some of your bean eggs
[22:23.65]For your constituents.
[22:24.86]Here you go. Piping hot.
[22:26.51]S...Stella. Excuse us.
[22:27.55]Stella, no. No.
[22:30.38]Okay, but just one.
[22:33.60]But Miss Charlotte, you said "later" two hours ago.
[22:38.12]Travis, when a woman says "later",
[22:40.88]She really means "not ever".
[22:43.51]Now run along.
[22:44.44]There are plenty of young belles done for you
[22:46.98]to walk them into a stooper.
[22:49.43]Give me those napkins quick.
[22:50.56]What do you use that for?
[22:51.52]I sweat, I'm sweating like a sinner in church.
[22:54.21]Oh dear, it's getting a bit so late.
[22:56.42]There are still a few chevaliers.
[22:58.06]This is not fair.
[22:59.64]My prince is never coming.
[23:01.47]No, Lotte
[23:02.09]I'll never get what I wish for.
[23:04.42]Lotte, wait!
[23:05.99]Just calm down.
[23:07.09]Take a deep breath.
[23:07.84]Maybe I've just gotta wish harder.
[23:09.72]Please, please, please, please...
[23:13.44]Lotte, you can't just wish on the star, expect things...
[23:16.49]Ladies and gentlemen, the Royal Highness, Prince Naveen.
[24:07.89]Evening, Tiana.
[24:09.57]Marvellous party.
[24:11.12]Evening, Mr. Fenner.
[24:12.83]And Mr. Fenner...
[24:14.30]I smell of bean eggs.
[24:16.02]Gotta be the house specialty
[24:17.75]once I sign those papers you all brought.
[24:19.48]Yes. About that, erm...
[24:22.81]You won't be in.
[24:25.75]A fellow came in and offered the whole amount in cash.
[24:29.15]Unless you could top his offer about on Wednesday.
[24:31.80]You can kiss that place goodbye.
[24:34.34]You, you know how long it took me to save that money?
[24:38.47]Which is why a little woman of your background,
[24:42.00]wouldn't have the hands full,
[24:43.50]trying out a big business like that.
[24:45.60]Now, you better off, will you?
[24:47.70]No, wait a minute...
[24:48.24]No, no bean eggs though.
[24:49.70]Now, now hold on there.
[24:50.98]You guys come back here...
[24:57.53]Tiana, time to hit Prince Charming
[24:59.58]with those men kitchen bean you've...
[25:02.13]What happened?
[25:03.23]I...I... I just...
[25:04.43]Oh, you poor dear.
[25:06.51]Oh, Prince Naveen.
[25:08.37]I'll be right back, sugar.
[25:10.58]I've got just the dress for you.
[25:13.11]Oh, Tia, honey. Did you see the way he danced with me?
[25:17.68]A marriage proposal can't be far behind.
[25:20.75]Thank you, Evening Star!
[25:23.60]You know, I was taught to think
[25:25.57]that wishing on a star was just for babies and crazy people.
[25:33.54]Look at you!
[25:35.56]Oh, aren't you just as pretty as a Magnolia on May?
[25:40.72]Seems like only yesterday we were both little girls
[25:44.10]dreaming our fairytale dreams.
[25:47.27]And tonight they're finally coming true.
[25:50.72]Well, back into the fray.
[25:54.76]Wish me luck. Oh Prince Naveen!
[26:14.67]Almost there.
[26:18.69]People would have come from everywhere.
[26:23.03]I was almost there...
[26:42.26]I cannot believe I'm doing this.
[26:47.52]Please, please, please.
[26:59.97]Oh, very funny.
[27:03.12]So, what now?
[27:04.85]I reckon you want a kiss?
[27:07.56]Kissing would be nice, yes?
[27:13.02]I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
[27:15.02]I didn't... I didn't mean to scare you.
[27:16.72]I... No, no, no, no...
[27:17.76]Wait. Hold on.
[27:20.14]You have a very strong arm, princess.
[27:22.26]Okay, please.
[27:23.25]Put the monkey down.
[27:26.06]Stay back or I'll... I'll...
[27:27.47]Please, please, please, please...
[27:29.47]Well, allow me to introduce myself.
[27:32.38]I am Prince Naveen...
[27:37.53]... of Maldonia.
[27:40.44]But I didn't wish for any...
[27:43.20]Hold on, if... if... if you're the prince,
[27:46.76]then... then who was that waltzing with Lotte
[27:50.80]on the dance floor?
[27:52.85]All I know is one minute I am a prince,
[27:55.49]charming and handsome,cutting-a-rug.
[27:57.66]And the next thing I know, I'm tripping over these.
[28:02.23]Wait... wait... wait...
[28:03.49]Wait, I know this story.
[28:06.54]The Froggie Printo!
[28:08.43]- The Frog Prince? - Yes.
[28:09.82]Yes, my mother had the servants
[28:12.51]read this to me every night.
[28:15.61]Yes, yes, yes!
[28:17.83]This is exactly the answer.
[28:19.63]You must kiss me.
[28:22.87]Excuse me?
[28:24.03]You will enjoy it, I guarantee.
[28:26.01]All women enjoy the kiss of Prince Naveen.
[28:29.35]Come, we pucker.
[28:33.87]That's new.
[28:35.30]Look. I'm sorry.
[28:37.19]I'd really like to help you.
[28:38.85]But I just do not kiss frogs!
[28:42.99]But on the balcony, you asked me.
[28:46.45]I didn't expect you to answer!
[28:48.21]Oh, but you must kiss me.
[28:49.75]Look, besides being unbelievable handsome,
[28:52.67]I also happen to come from a fabulously wealthy family.
[28:56.04]Surely I can offer you some type of reward
[28:58.56]or a wish I could grant, perhaps?
[29:04.04]Just one kiss?
[29:07.07]Just one.
[29:08.65]Unless you beg for more.
[29:23.61]Okay, Tiana. You can do this.
[29:25.03]You can do this.
[29:26.15]Look. Just look here. Okay.
[29:41.46](speaks Maldonian)
[29:45.89]Well, you don't look that much different.
[29:47.64]But how did you get way up there?
[29:50.03]And how did I get way down here, in all these...
[29:55.44]Easy, Princess.
[29:56.19]Princess, do not panic!
[29:57.06]What did you do to me?
[29:58.45]I'm green and... and I'm... I'm slimy!
[30:01.46]No... That's not slime.
[30:03.73]- What? - You're security mucus.
[30:29.78]Hey Stella!
[30:32.40]Get that frog!
[30:34.48]I can't run.
[30:35.44]I'm a frog!
[30:37.09]Then hop!
[30:40.10]Run boy!
[30:41.28]Monster dog!
[30:44.31]I got this!
[30:46.48]- Look out! - Look out!
[30:48.01]Out of the way!
[30:48.54]Where are we going?
[30:49.16]Excuse me.
[30:50.43]I can't see a thing.
[30:51.37]Neither can I...
[30:58.31]Wait, Stella.
[30:59.19]Going up.
[30:59.99]Stella, wait!
[31:00.69]It's me, Tiana.
[31:05.63]Stella was talking to me.
[31:06.85]The dog.
[31:07.53]He just talked to me.
[31:08.45]You know, if you're going to
[31:09.94]let every little thing bother you,
[31:11.42]it's going to be a very long night!
[31:23.71]Oh dear.
[31:25.06]Oh... you're so quiet.
[31:27.05]You let him go?
[31:28.55]The bottle was so disgusting.
[31:30.38]So I've loosened the lid.
[31:32.26]And this is like... ouch!
[31:37.07]How did I ever get tangled up in
[31:39.67]all these voodoo madness?
[31:41.27]I can't get through with this.
[31:48.63]You wear this, this disgusting thing!
[31:51.38]Careful with that!
[31:53.24]Anything happens to this, I'm gonna be...
[31:58.42]The funny fact about voodoo, Larry.
[32:01.79]Can't control a sin for myself.
[32:04.54]Besides, you and I both know
[32:06.88]the real power in this world ain't magic.
[32:10.42]It's money.
[32:12.41]Buck yourself in.
[32:14.66]That's true.
[32:15.50]Aren't you tired of living on the margins?
[32:17.88]While all those fat cats in their fancy cars
[32:20.01]don't give you so much on the sideways glance.
[32:23.02]Yes, I am.
[32:25.59]All you gotta do is marry Big Daddy's little princess.
[32:28.86]He will be splitting that juicy La Bouff fortune
[32:31.50]right down the middle.
[32:33.01]60, 40, like I said.
[32:36.78]But, what about Naveen?
[32:39.41]Your little slip-up would be a minor bumping the road.
[32:43.57]So long we've got the prince's blood in this.
[32:54.86]You mean to tell me these all happened
[32:56.58]cause you were messing with the Shadow Man?
[32:58.31]He was very charismatic.
[33:01.16]It serves me right for wishing on stars.
[33:03.02]The only way to get what you want in this world
[33:05.00]is through hard work.
[33:06.32]Hard work?
[33:07.68]Why... why would a princess need to work hard?
[33:10.54]Huh? Oh. I'm not a princess.
[33:12.87]I'm a waitress.
[33:14.32]A waitress?
[33:15.63]Well, no wonder the kiss didn't work.
[33:17.82]You lied to me.
[33:18.80]No, I... I never said I was a princess.
[33:20.98]You never said that you were a waitress!
[33:23.34]You, you... you were wearing a crown!
[33:25.02]It was a costume party, you spoiled little rich boy!
[33:28.96]Oh, oh yes. Well, the egg is on your face, alright.
[33:32.05]Because I do not have any riches!
[33:34.45]- What? - I am completely broke.
[33:55.11]You said you were fabulously wealthy!
[33:58.28]No. My parents are fabulously wealthy.
[34:00.95]But they cut me off for being a...
[34:02.54]Leech! Leech!
[34:03.76]You're broke?
[34:04.99]And you have the gall to call me a liar?
[34:10.55]It was not a lie.
[34:11.69]I fully inte...
[34:16.03]I fully intent to be rich again.
[34:18.41]Once I marry Miss Charlotte La Bouff
[34:20.37]and she will help me.
[34:21.16]You're a prince?
[34:22.76]She'll help you!
[34:30.68]Alright then, when you two are married,
[34:33.22]you are gonna keep your promise
[34:34.68]and get me my restaurant, right?
[34:36.33]Not so fast.
[34:37.10]I make that promise to a beautiful princess,
[34:39.37]not a cranky woman.
[34:40.33]Why are those logs moving?
[34:44.99]Those aren't logs.
[34:49.51]I've got bits on the big wood.
[35:02.75]Wait... where, where did they go?
[35:03.93]Come here!
[35:05.32]One taste of the muscle.
[35:07.03]Ouch! That's my tail!
[35:12.19]Know where they'll find?
[35:13.67]Find you own dream
[35:16.20]There he is.
[35:16.78]That's him! That's him!
[35:17.65]Help me out of this one,
[35:19.77]once I marry Charlotte, I should get your restaurant.
[35:22.42]You gonna taste so good. Tasted better than fly.
[35:26.82]Quick, quick. Pull me up!
[35:28.16]You can hop, but you can't hide.
[35:30.21]We've got all night.
[35:33.34]Alright, waitress.
[35:34.32]Looks like we are going to be here for a while.
[35:36.40]So we may as well get comfortable.
[35:40.94]Get your slimy self away from me.
[35:42.95]I told you, it is not slime!
[35:45.36]It is mucus!
[35:56.87]Rise and shine, sleeping beauty.
[35:59.03]Gators are gone.
[36:01.45]We gotta get back to New Orleans
[36:02.82]and undo this mess you've got us into.
[36:05.34]That was just the one parading around
[36:07.71]with the fully baloney, Tiana.
[36:10.16]Music to paddle back.
[36:12.82]I could use a little help.
[36:15.71]I will play a little louder.
[36:21.04]How about a little less picking and...
[36:26.43]I know that tune!
[36:28.30]"Jipper my blues"
[36:34.76]Play it, brother.
[36:38.95]Oh yeah!
[36:45.86]I've waited you for all my life.
[36:47.34]How did you learn to play like that?
[36:49.31]Well, in the Bayou,
[36:49.87]it's the best jazz school in the world.
[36:51.64]All the greats play the river boats.
[36:53.41]Oh, Louis will give anything
[36:55.43]to be up there jamming with the big boys.
[36:58.49]So, why don't you?
[36:59.34]Oh, I tried once.
[37:11.86]It didn't end well.
[37:14.23]It has been a real pleasure meeting you.
[37:16.78]Louis, and thank your kindness for not eating us.
[37:19.61]But we'd best to be on our way.
[37:21.31]Where... where are you going?
[37:23.30]To find somebody to break this spell.
[37:25.45]What spell?
[37:26.40]Brace yourself, my scaly friend.
[37:29.28]We are not frogs.
[37:31.65]We are humans.
[37:37.55]You are serious?
[37:38.48]I am Naveen, Prince of Maldonia.
[37:41.16]And she is Tiana, the waitress.
[37:44.12]Do not kiss her.
[37:45.95]Now, just a second.
[37:47.85]This groom here got himself turned
[37:49.66]into a frog by a voodoo man.
[37:50.80]- And now... - Voodoo?
[37:52.00]Like the kind Mama Odie do?
[37:54.39]Mama Odie?
[37:55.45]Mama Odie. She's the voodoo queen of the bayou.
[37:58.94]She got magic and spells, all kind of voodoo.
[38:03.38]Could you take us to her?
[38:05.39]To the deepest, darkest part of the bayou?
[38:08.23]Facing razors, sharp backup machines
[38:10.31]that trap us and hunt us with guns?!
[38:17.94]Watch and learn.
[38:21.71]It's too bad we cannot help you with your dre


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