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[00:27.43]When you wish upon a star
[00:32.23]Makes no difference who you are
[00:37.44]Anything your heart desires will come to you
[00:47.45]If your heart is in your dreams
[00:52.25]No request is too extreme
[00:57.04]When you wish upon a star
[01:02.67]As dreamers do
[01:07.89]Fate is kind
[01:12.27]She brings
[01:13.53]To those who love
[01:17.07]The sweet fulfilment
[01:20.16]Of their secret longing
[01:27.71]Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
[01:32.09]Like a boat out of the blue
[01:37.72]Fate steps in and sees you through
[01:45.43]When you wish upon a star
[01:51.90]Your dreams come true
[02:02.71]Pretty, huh?
[02:05.84]I'll bet a lot of you folks don't believe that --
[02:09.38]about a wish coming true -- do you?
[02:12.10]Well, I didn't, either.
[02:13.76]Of course, I'm just a cricket
[02:15.64]singing my way from hearth to hearth,
[02:17.73]but let me tell you what made me change my mind.
[02:31.54]One night a long time a--
[02:35.42]pardon me.
[02:36.76]Wait till I fix this thing here.
[02:40.30]One night a long time ago,
[02:43.56]my travels took me to a quaint little village.
[02:47.06]It was a beautiful night.
[02:49.02]The stars were shining like diamonds
[02:51.41]high above the roofs of that sleepy old town.
[02:54.24]Pretty as a picture.
[03:00.79]As I wandered along the crooked streets,
[03:03.29]there wasn't a soul to be seen.
[03:05.38]The only sign of life was a Iighted window
[03:08.47]in the shop of a woodcarver named Geppetto.
[03:11.80]So, I hopped over...
[03:19.31]...and looked in.
[03:21.19]It was a shame to see a nice, cheerful fire going to waste.
[03:25.77]So what do I do?
[03:29.69]I go in.
[03:34.87]I looked around.
[03:39.26]Of course, being in a strange place like that,
[03:42.26]I didn't know what to expect.
[03:44.55]A cricket can't be too careful, you know.
[03:50.23]Soon as I saw there was no one about,
[03:52.89]I made myself at home.
[04:13.54]As I stood there warming my... myself,
[04:16.00]I took a look around.
[04:17.88]Well, sir, you never saw such a place --
[04:20.38]the most fantastic clocks you ever Iaid your eyes on,
[04:24.55]and all carved out of wood.
[04:27.05]And cute, little music boxes -- each one a work of art.
[04:31.15]And shelf after shelf of toys and...
[04:33.65]and then something else caught my eye --
[04:37.16]a puppet.
[04:38.87]You know -- one of those marionette things.
[04:41.33]AII strings and joints.
[04:49.29]Cute little fella.
[04:53.26]going up?!
[04:58.18]Good piece of wood, too.
[05:00.68]Well, now.
[05:03.39]It won't take much longer.
[05:06.48]Just a little more paint, and he's all finished.
[05:12.19]I think he'll be alright, don't you, Figaro?
[05:52.62]Beg pardon.
[05:59.00]See? That makes a big difference.
[06:05.47]Very good.
[06:07.77]Very, very g--
[06:13.11]Well, you can't please everybody.
[06:19.49]Now I have just the name for you --
[06:25.95]Do you like it, Figaro?
[06:31.54]You do, don't you, Cleo?
[06:35.05]Well, we'll Ieave it to little wooden head.
[06:38.59]Do you like it?
[06:42.18]That settles it!
[06:45.51]Pinocchio it is!
[06:47.85]Come on, now! We'll try you out.
[06:50.23]Music, Professor!
[07:06.50]Take it easy, there!
[07:07.96]Break it up, will ya?
[07:10.80]Lot of downbeats in there.
[07:22.64]Little wooden head, go play your part
[07:25.98]Bring a little joy to every heart
[07:29.32]Little do you know, and yet it's true
[07:32.45]That I'm mighty proud of you
[07:35.37]Little wooden feet and best of all
[07:39.29]Little wooden seat in case you fall
[07:43.43]How graceful!
[07:45.43]My little wooden head
[08:22.01]Cleo, meet Pinocchio.
[08:25.13]Say, "How do you do? "
[08:32.86]Say hello to Figaro.
[08:40.66]Up to mischief already!
[08:45.25]You see what happens?
[09:05.85]Up we go!
[09:07.85]You're a cute little fellow.
[09:10.52]And that smile -- You know, I --
[09:16.15]You rascal. Jealous, huh?
[09:20.07]You know, Pinocchio,
[09:21.54]I think Figaro is jealous of you.
[09:27.34]Don't worry, Figaro. I --
[10:14.81]I wonder what time it is.
[10:20.78]It's getting late.
[10:25.12]Come now. We go to bed.
[10:27.24]Good night, Pinocchio.
[10:30.33]Little funny face.
[10:38.25]Good night, Cleo, my little water baby.
[10:50.77]You say good night, too.
[10:57.23]Go on.
[11:06.75]Now, go to sleep, my little mermaid.
[11:10.09]Good night.
[11:22.98]This is my idea of comfort.
[11:28.40]Silent comfort.
[11:48.30]Look at him, Figaro.
[11:53.52]He almost looks alive.
[12:00.52]Wouldn't it be nice if he was a real boy?
[12:05.11]Oh, well.
[12:07.61]Come on.
[12:10.08]We go to sleep.
[12:26.01]I forgot to open the window.
[13:04.18]Oh, Figaro, look!
[13:06.77]Look! A wishing star!
[13:10.23]Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight --
[13:14.61]I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I make tonight.
[13:21.07]Figaro, you know what I wish?
[13:27.92]I wish that my little Pinocchio might be a real boy.
[13:34.26]Wouldn't that be nice? Just think!
[13:36.97]A real boy!
[13:39.89]A very Iovely thought...
[13:41.56]but not at all practical.
[13:46.52]A real...
[15:14.38]After all, enough's enough.
[15:25.02]Now what's up?
[15:37.20]Hey! What's going on here?!
[15:53.18]As I Iive and breathe -- a fairy!
[15:59.10]Good Geppetto,
[16:00.65]you have given so much happiness to others.
[16:03.19]You deserve to have your wish come true.
[16:09.82]Little puppet made of pine...
[16:14.58]The gift of life is thine.
[16:25.84]What they can't do these days.
[16:31.64]I can move!
[16:34.89]I can talk!
[16:37.60]I can walk!
[16:41.74]Yes, Pinocchio. I've given you life.
[16:45.66]Because tonight Geppetto wished for a real boy.
[16:49.58]Am I a real boy?
[16:51.00]No, Pinocchio.
[16:52.88]To make Geppetto's wish come true will be entirely up to you.
[16:57.09]Up to me?
[16:57.92]Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish,
[17:02.51]and someday you will be a real boy.
[17:05.22]A real boy!
[17:06.85]That won't be easy.
[17:08.68]You must learn to choose between right and wrong.
[17:11.19]Right and wrong?
[17:12.73]But how will I know?
[17:14.56]How will he know?
[17:15.61]Your conscience will tell you.
[17:17.28]What are conscience?
[17:18.86]What are conscience?
[17:20.53]Well, I'll tell ya!
[17:22.28]A conscience is that still, small voice
[17:24.66]that people won't listen to.
[17:26.74]That's just the trouble with the world today.
[17:29.46]Are you my conscience?
[17:31.13]Who, me?
[17:32.76]Would you like to be Pinocchio's conscience?
[17:36.55]Well, b-- I -- I --
[17:42.81]Very well.
[17:44.77]What is your name?
[17:46.52]Cricket's the name.
[17:48.90]Jiminy Cricket.
[17:50.57]Kneel, Mr. Cricket.
[17:55.16]No tricks, now.
[17:57.24]I dub you Pinocchio's conscience,
[17:59.29]Lord High Keeper of the knowledge of right and wrong,
[18:02.62]counsellor in moments of temptation,
[18:05.04]and guide along the straight and narrow path.
[18:08.59]Arise, Sir Jiminy Cricket.
[18:10.88]Well! My, my!
[18:16.09]Say, that's pretty swell!
[18:19.11]Gee, thanks.
[18:21.61]But don't I get a badge or something?
[18:24.57]Well, we'll see.
[18:26.07]You mean maybe I will?
[18:27.49]I shouldn't wonder.
[18:28.78]Make it a gold one?
[18:31.58]Now, remember, Pinocchio, be a good boy.
[18:34.91]And always let your conscience be your guide.
[18:40.46]Goodbye, milady.
[18:48.76]Not bad, says I.
[18:51.06]Oh, yeah.
[18:53.14]AImost forgot about you.
[18:55.31]Well, Pinoke...
[18:57.60]Maybe you and I had better have a little heart-to-heart talk.
[19:02.36]Well, you want to be a real boy, don't you?
[19:07.37]Sit down, son.
[19:11.04]Now, you see, the world is full of temptations.
[19:16.67]Yep -- temptations.
[19:18.34]They're the wrong things that seem right at the time.
[19:21.39]But even though the right things
[19:23.93]may seem wrong sometimes, sometimes the --
[19:27.27]the wrong things may be right
[19:29.77]at the wrong time or vice versa.
[19:38.57]But I'm gonna do right!
[19:40.57]Attaboy, Pinoke. And I'm gonna help you.
[19:43.49]And anytime you need me, you know, just whistle,
[19:47.50]like this.
[19:49.83]Like this?
[19:52.17]No, no. Try it again, Pinoke.
[19:54.13]Like this?
[19:57.02]No, son.
[19:58.48]Now, listen.
[20:04.19]That's it!
[20:05.53]Come on, now! Let's sing it!
[20:09.61]When you get in trouble
[20:11.24]And you don't know right from wrong
[20:13.49]Give a little whistle
[20:15.62]Give a little whistle
[20:18.04]When you meet temptation and the urge is very strong
[20:21.58]Give a little whistle
[20:24.09]Give a little whistle
[20:27.01]Not just a little squeak
[20:28.88]Pucker up and blow
[20:31.76]And if your whistle's weak, yell
[20:33.97]-- Jiminy Cricket? -- Right!
[20:35.51]Take the straight and narrow path
[20:37.77]And if you start to slide
[20:39.85]Give a little whistle
[20:41.48]Give a little whistle
[20:44.12]And always let your conscience be your guide
[21:15.94]Take the straight and narrow path
[21:17.90]And if you start to slide, give a little whistle
[21:21.69]Give a little whistle
[21:23.95]And always let your conscience be your guide
[21:28.45]And always let your conscience be your guide
[21:32.00]Look out, Pinoke!
[21:39.22]Who's there?!
[21:40.22]It's me!
[21:41.77]Oh. It's me.
[21:50.82]There's somebody in here!
[22:13.76]Carefully, now, Figaro.
[22:16.26]He might spring out on us at any time.
[22:34.33]He's in here somewhere.
[22:37.42]Here I am!
[22:58.19]How did you get down here?
[23:01.73]-- I fell down. -- Oh, you did, hmm?
[23:04.90]Oh! You are talking!
[23:09.45]Yes! And I can move, too!
[23:11.25]No, no, no! You can't! I'm dreaming in my sleep!
[23:14.42]Wake me up! Wake me up!
[23:26.10]Now we see who's dreaming.
[23:33.27]Go on -- say something.
[23:37.28]Gee, you're funny.
[23:39.11]Do it again!
[23:40.36]You do talk!
[23:41.87]Yes! The blue fairy came --
[23:43.91]The blue fairy?
[23:45.41]-- And I got a conscience! -- A conscience?
[23:47.29]And someday, I'm gonna be a real boy!
[23:51.50]A real boy! It's my wish!
[23:53.54]It's come true!
[23:54.79]Figaro, look!
[23:56.42]He's alive! He can talk!
[23:59.18]Say hello to Figaro.
[24:00.69]Hello to Figaro.
[24:08.40]I almost forgot!
[24:09.86]Look! It's Pinocchio!
[24:13.20]She's my little water baby. Isn't she cute?
[24:16.41]Yeah. Cute.
[24:25.00]This calls for a celebration!
[24:30.88]You start one, Pinocchio!
[24:52.50]Oh, boy! A party!
[24:55.46]Mind if I cut in?
[25:01.71]How 'bout sittin' out the next one, babe, huh?
[25:05.84]Whoa! Let me out! Let me out!
[25:14.48]Come, Cleo! It's time to party! Dance!
[25:19.32]Ooh! Nice!
[25:25.78]Gathering toys
[25:28.53]For my little boy
[25:33.04]Look! Pretty!
[25:39.76]Where's a bucket?!
[25:41.26]Get water!
[25:43.02]Where's water?
[25:44.68]Here it is! I got it! Here's water!
[25:46.35]Here's some water!
[25:48.52]Help! Where's water?
[25:54.40]That was close.
[25:56.57]Maybe we'd better go to bed before something else happens.
[26:07.00]Little man, you've had a busy night.
[26:18.89]Now close your eyes and go to sleep.
[26:25.69]Oh, everybody has to sleep.
[26:29.53]Figaro goes to sleep, and Cleo and...
[26:34.41]and besides, tomorrow you've got to go to school.
[26:40.79]Oh, to learn things and...
[26:45.67]and get smart.
[27:50.87]Oh, look, Father! Look!
[27:52.96]Now, wait. Stand still, now.
[27:54.88]What are those?
[27:57.00]Oh, those.
[27:58.59]They are your schoolmates -- girls and boys.
[28:01.30]-- Now, get into this. -- Real boys?
[28:04.31]But hurry, now.
[28:05.77]Oh! Wait, wait, wait!
[28:11.57]Here's an apple for your teacher.
[28:13.40]Now, turn around and let me look you over.
[28:20.12]Oh, yeah! Yes! Here.
[28:23.50]Run along, now.
[28:29.42]Wait, wait!
[28:31.51]Come back here, Figaro.
[28:36.51]School is not for you.
[28:40.43]Goodbye, Father!
[28:42.10]Goodbye, son! Hurry back!
[28:52.54]Gideon, listen -- the merry laughter
[28:55.67]of little, innocent children wending their way to school.
[28:59.00]Thirsty little minds rushing to the fountain of knowledge.
[29:03.80]School -- a noble institution.
[29:07.14]What would this stupid world be without --
[29:12.43]Well, well, well!
[29:16.52]So that old rascal's back in town, eh?
[29:20.02]Remember, Giddy, the time I tied strings on you
[29:23.57]and passed you off as a puppet?
[29:27.95]We nearly put one over on that old gypsy that time.
[29:36.08]A little wooden boy.
[29:39.21]Now, who -- A wooden boy!
[29:44.72]Look, Giddy. Look.
[29:46.81]It's amazing!
[29:48.90]A Iive puppet without strings.
[29:52.65]A thing like that ought to be worth a fortune to someone.
[29:55.28]Now, let me see...
[29:58.57]That's it -- Stromboli!
[30:00.66]Why, that fat, old faker would give his --
[30:04.70]If we play our cards right, we'll be on Easy Street,
[30:08.46]or my name isn't Honest John.
[30:11.58]Quick! We'll head him off.
[30:30.07]Now's our --
[30:33.37]No, no, stupid.
[30:35.45]Don't be crude.
[30:38.58]Let me handle this. Here he comes.
[30:41.08]Yes, Giddy,
[30:42.92]as I was saying to the duchess only yesterday --
[30:46.38]Oh! Oh, how clumsy of me!
[30:48.55]Oh, my, my, my, my.
[30:51.51]Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
[30:53.64]Oh, I do hope you're not injured.
[30:56.56]I'm alright.
[30:58.22]Oh, splendid.
[31:01.85]Well, well. Quite the scholar, I see.
[31:06.36]Look, Giddy. A man of letters.
[31:10.61]-- Here's your book. -- I'm going to school.
[31:12.95]School. Yes.
[31:15.24]Then you haven't heard of the easy road to success.
[31:19.13]-- Unh-unh. -- No?
[31:21.26]I'm speaking, my boy, of the theatre!
[31:24.72]Here's your apple.
[31:25.93]Bright lights! Music! Applause!
[31:30.56]-- Fame? -- Yes!
[31:32.89]And with that personality, that profile,
[31:35.40]that physique,
[31:36.69]why, he's a natural-born actor, eh, Giddy?
[31:40.40]-- And I'm going -- -- Straight to the top.
[31:42.90]Why, I can see your name in lights --
[31:45.32]lights six feet high -- What is your name?
[31:52.54]...u-o --
[31:56.71]We're wasting precious time.
[31:58.63]Come. On to the theatre!
[32:02.80]An actor's life for me
[32:04.76]A high silk hat and a silver cane
[32:06.85]A watch of gold with a diamond chain
[32:10.40]An actor's life is gay
[32:12.69]It's great to be a celebrity
[32:14.99]An actor's life for me
[32:34.34]An actor's life is fun
[32:40.01]Fine conscience I turned out to be.
[32:42.09]Late the first day.
[32:43.34]Oh, well.
[32:45.01]He can't get in much trouble between here and school.
[32:50.43]Oh, boy! A parade!
[32:51.89]An actor's life for me
[32:55.49]An actor's life for me
[32:57.33]A wax moustache and a beaver coat
[32:59.91]A pony cart and a billy goat
[33:01.75]Why, it's Pinoke!
[33:03.33]Hey! Where you going?
[33:05.54]You wear your hair in a pompadour
[33:07.84]You ride around in a coach and four
[33:10.13]You stop and buy out a candy store
[33:12.30]An actor's life for me
[33:16.05]An actor's life for me
[33:17.89]With clothes that come from the finest shops
[33:20.39]And lots of peanuts and soda pops
[33:23.10]What was that?
[33:24.14]Oh, it's Jiminy!
[33:25.40]What you doing up there?
[33:27.06]Huh? Who? What? What?
[33:28.65]Who? Jiminy? Up where?
[33:32.15]Why, my boy, you must be seeing things.
[33:35.45]Oh, no. That's my conscience. He --
[33:38.16]Now, now, now. Just calm down.
[33:41.66]Why, there's nothing up there to be afraid of.
[34:02.69]Over here.
[34:04.28]Over here.
[34:06.16]Oh, Jiminy! I'm gonna be an actor!
[34:09.24]Alright, son. Take it easy, now.
[34:11.45]Remember what I said about temptation?
[34:14.71]Well, that's him.
[34:16.37]Oh, no, Jiminy!
[34:18.67]That's Mr. Honest John.
[34:20.38]Honest John?
[34:25.17]Get me outta here!
[34:34.49]Get me outta here!
[34:50.54]Alright, then. Here's what we'll tell 'em --
[34:53.17]you can't go to the theatre.
[34:54.88]Say thank you just the same.
[34:56.55]You're sorry, but you've got to go to school.
[35:07.14]Here they come, Pinoke. Now, you tell 'em.
[35:11.23]Oh, little boy...
[35:12.90]There you are!
[35:14.36]Oh, where were we?
[35:15.82]Yes. On to the theatre!
[35:18.20]Goodbye, Jiminy! Goodbye!
[35:20.49]Goodbye? Huh?!
[35:22.25]An actor's life for me
[35:24.71]A high silk hat and a silver cane
[35:27.21]A watch of gold with a diamond chain
[35:29.05]Oh, what'll I do? I'll run and tell his father.
[35:32.09]No. That would be snitchy. I'll go after him myself.
[35:41.77]Ladies and gentlemen,
[35:44.90]to conclude the performance of this great show,
[35:48.24]Stromboli the Master Showman --
[35:51.57]that's me --
[35:53.62]and by special permission of the management --
[35:56.54]that's me, too --
[35:59.50]is presenting to you
[36:01.42]something you will absolutely refuse to believe.
[36:07.21]Well, looks like a sellout.
[36:10.85]the only marionette who can sing and dance
[36:15.52]absolutely without the aids of strings!
[36:23.70]The one-and-only Pinocchio!
[36:30.16]What a buildup.
[36:41.80]I've got no strings to hold me d--
[36:49.85]Go ahead. Make a fool of yourself.
[36:52.35]Then maybe you'll listen to your conscience.
[37:10.21]I've got no strings to hold me down
[37:13.13]To make me fret or make me frown
[37:15.93]I had strings, but now I'm free
[37:18.43]There are no strings on me
[37:20.97]Heigh-ho the merry-o
[37:23.60]That's the only way to be
[37:26.40]I want the world to know nothing ever worries me
[37:32.03]I've got no strings, so I have fun
[37:33.57]What I told you, huh?!
[37:37.24]They've got strings, but you can see
[37:39.74]There are no strings on me
[37:49.18]You have no strings, your arms is free
[37:52.72]To love me by the Zuider Zee
[37:56.27]If you would woo
[37:57.56]I'd bust my strings for you
[38:14.04]You've got no strings, comme ci, comme ca
[38:16.75]Your savoir-faire is ooh la la
[38:19.21]I've got strings, but entre nous
[38:20.88]I'd cut my strings for you
[38:40.66]Down where the Volga flows
[38:43.16]There's a Russian rendezvous
[38:45.24]Where me and Ivan go
[38:47.45]But I'd rather go with you
[39:23.82]There are no strings on me
[39:37.31]They like him.
[39:38.89]He's a success.
[39:40.68]Gosh, maybe I was wrong.
[39:55.62]guess he won't need me anymore.
[39:59.12]What does an actor want with a conscience anyway?
[40:09.59]What could have happened to him?
[40:14.52]Where could he be at this hour?
[40:19.07]I'd better go out again and look for him.
[40:25.57]And remember --
[40:27.66]nobody eats a bite... until I find him.
[40:55.48]I got no strings, but I got the brain
[40:56.31]I got no strings, but I got the brain
[40:57.69]I buy a new suit and I swing the cane
[41:00.48]I eat the best and I drink champagne
[41:03.83]I got no strings on me
[41:08.54]Bravo, Pinocchio!
[41:10.42]They liked me.
[41:13.63]You are sensational!
[41:15.76]You mean I'm good?
[41:20.14]You are colossal!
[41:22.43]Does that mean I'm an actor?
[41:26.52]Sure! I will push you in the public's eye!
[41:30.52]Your face -- she will be on everybody's tongue!
[41:34.11]Will she?
[41:35.74]Yeah. Huh?
[41:37.40]What's this?!
[41:48.67]For you, my little Pinocchio.
[41:53.22]For me? Gee, thanks!
[41:55.77]I'll run right home and tell my father.
[42:02.19]Oh, sure!
[42:04.23]Going home to your father!
[42:07.28]Oh, that is very comical!
[42:09.28]You mean it's funny?
[42:13.62]I'll be back in the morning.
[42:15.12]Be back in the morning?!
[42:17.75]Going home!
[42:27.05]This will be your home!
[42:29.76]Where I can find you always.
[42:32.26]No! No! No!
[42:34.05]Yes! Yes! Yes!
[42:35.64]To are belonging.
[42:38.73]We will tour the world.
[42:44.03]Monte Carlo...
[42:48.79]No! No!
[42:51.83]We start tonight!
[42:58.38]You will make lots of money...
[43:02.76]for me!
[43:04.18]And when you are growing too old,
[43:09.06]you will make good...
[43:15.23]Let me out of here!
[43:16.48]I gotta get out! You can't --
[43:20.28]Shut up before I knock you silly!
[43:25.78]Good night...
[43:28.95] little wooden gold mine.
[43:37.35]No! No, wait!
[43:39.31]Let me out! I'll tell my father!
[43:45.31]Get along, then!
[43:57.12]Jiminy, where are you?!
[44:23.94]Well, there he goes --
[44:26.11]sitting in the Iap of Iuxury, the world at his feet.
[44:29.99]Oh, well, I can always say I knew him when.
[44:36.08]I'll just go out of his life quletly.
[44:45.59]I would like to wish him luck, though.
[44:48.14]Sure. Why not?
[45:04.32]It's me -- your old friend Jiminy, remember?
[45:07.12]Jiminy! Gee, I'm glad to see ya!
[45:11.92]What's happened?!
[45:14.51]What did he do to you?
[45:16.09]Oh, he was mad!
[45:17.17]He said he was gonna push my face in everybody's eye!
[45:19.93]And just 'cause I'm a goldbrick,
[45:22.30]he's gonna chop me into firewood!
[45:24.56]Oh, is that so?
[45:26.23]Now, don't you worry, son.
[45:28.39]I'll have you out of here in no time at all.
[45:31.81]Why, this is just as easy as rolling off a...
[45:44.83]Kinda rusty.
[45:49.46]Needs a little oil.
[45:54.55]Well, that's what I said.
[46:06.53]Must be one of the old models.
[46:08.90]You mean you can't open it?
[46:14.37]Looks pretty hopeless.
[46:16.99]It'll take a miracle to get us out of here.
[47:00.71]A fine conscience I turned out to be.
[47:04.09]I should've listened to you, Jiminy.
[47:06.60]No. It was my fault.
[47:08.85]I shouldn't have walked out on you.
[47:10.89]Guess I'll never see my father again.
[47:15.98]Oh, buck up, son.
[47:17.94]It could be worse.
[47:19.65]Be cheerful...
[47:21.44]like me!
[47:30.08]Take it easy, son.
[47:32.20]Come on -- blow.
[47:41.14]Oh, well...
[47:43.31]It stopped raining, anyway.
[47:46.44]Hey, that star again!
[47:48.23]The lady!
[47:49.77]The fairy!
[47:51.69]What'll she say?
[47:53.90]What'll I tell her?
[47:55.40]Well, you might tell her the truth.
[48:06.54]Why, Pinocchio...
[48:10.59]Sir Jiminy...
[48:12.50]Well, this is a pleasant surprise.
[48:16.80]Pinocchio, why didn't you go to school?
[48:23.53]Go ahead. Tell her.
[48:24.86]I was going to school till I met somebody.
[48:27.86]Met somebody?
[48:28.99]Yeah. Two big monsters...
[48:31.83]with big, green eyes.
[48:37.04]Monsters? Weren't you afraid?
[48:40.29]No, ma'am, but they tied me in a big sack.
[48:44.76]You don't say!
[48:47.17]And where was Sir Jiminy?
[48:49.89]Oh. Jiminy?
[48:52.26]Leave me out of this.
[48:53.68]They put him in a little sack.
[48:59.40]-- How did you escape? -- I didn't.
[49:02.02]They chopped me into firewood!
[49:07.03]Oh! Oh, look! My nose!
[49:10.57]What's happened?
[49:12.29]Perhaps you haven't been telling the truth, Pinocchio.
[49:14.59]-- Perhaps? -- Oh, but I have.
[49:16.84]Every single word!
[49:23.76]Oh, please, help me. I'm awful sorry.
[49:27.18]You see, Pinocchio, a Iie keeps growing and growing
[49:30.48]until it's as plain as the nose on your face.
[49:33.48]She's right, Pinoke. You better come clean.
[49:35.98]I'll never Iie again -- honest, I won't.
[49:39.11]Please, Your Honour...
[49:40.86]... I mean, Miss Fairy.
[49:42.32]Give him another chance...
[49:44.24]for my sake, will ya? Huh?
[49:48.04]I'll forgive you this once, but remember --
[49:51.00]a boy who won't be good
[49:52.92]might just as well be made of wood.
[49:55.75]We'll be good, won't we?
[49:58.17]Very well. But this is the last time I can help you.
[50:07.69]Gee, look, Jiminy, my nose!
[50:10.40]Hey, we're free! Come on, Pinoke.
[50:13.45]I buy a new suit and I swing the cane
[50:16.58]I eat the best and I drink champagne
[50:19.62]I got no strings on me
[50:21.46]Toodle-oo, Stromboli.
[50:23.00]Goodbye, Mr. Stromb--
[50:25.79]Let's get out of here before something else happens.
[50:39.06]An actor's life for me
[50:41.43]A high silk hat and a silver cane
[50:43.52]A watch of gold with a diamond chain
[50:47.23]An actor's life is gay
[50:49.33]It's great to be a celebrity
[50:51.41]An actor's life for me
[50:54.92]And the dummy fell for it.
[50:58.34]Hook, line, and sinker!
[51:04.51]And he still thinks we're his friends.
[51:08.89]And did Stromboli pay?
[51:16.98]That shows you how low Honest John will stoop...
[51:20.02]Eh, Giddy?
[51:25.90]Now, coachman...
[51:30.58]What's your proposition?
[51:35.83]How would you blokes like to make some real money?
[51:41.39]Well! And who do we have to...
[51:46.23]No, no. Nothing like that.
[51:49.81]You see...
[51:56.40]I'm collecting stupid little boys.
[52:00.41]Stupid little boys?
[52:01.91]You know, the disobedient ones
[52:03.99]who want to play hooky from school.
[52:07.87]And you see...
[52:25.85]And I takes 'em to Pleasure Island.
[52:28.90]Pleasure Island.
[52:31.45]Pleasure Island?!
[52:33.24]But the law! Suppose they --
[52:34.87]No, no. There's no risk.
[52:38.08]They never come back...
[52:41.63]as boys!
[52:50.59]Now... I've got a coach load leaving at midnight.
[52:54.35]We'll meet at the crossroads --
[52:56.31]and no double-crossing!
[52:58.06]-- No, sir. -- Scout around...
[52:59.85]and any good prospects you find, bring 'em to me.
[53:02.86]-- Yes, chief. -- I'll pay you well.
[53:04.48]I got plenty of gold.
[53:06.07]Yes, yes.
[53:07.32]No, sir! Nothing can stop me now!
[53:09.95]I'll make good this time.
[53:11.74]You'd better!
[53:12.99]I will. I'm going to school!
[53:14.92]That's the stuff, Pinoke!
[53:16.50]I'd rather be smart than be an actor.
[53:18.63]Now you're talking!
[53:20.38]Come on, slow-poke. I'll race you home!
[53:28.93]Well, well. Pinocchio.
[53:31.56]What's your rush?
[53:32.90]I gotta beat Jiminy home.
[53:34.65]Oh, hello.
[53:35.81]Well, how is the great actor?
[53:38.07]I don't want to be an actor.
[53:40.28]Stromboli was terrible.
[53:41.95]-- He was? -- Yeah.
[53:43.28]He locked me in a birdcage.
[53:45.07]-- He did? -- Uh-huh.
[53:46.53]And I learnt my Iesson.
[53:47.95]-- I'm going -- -- Oh, you poor, poor boy.
[53:50.50]You must be a nervous wreck.
[53:52.16]That's it! You are a nervous wreck!
[53:55.88]We must diagnose this case at once.
[53:58.59]Quick, Doctor, your notebook.
[54:02.30]Bless my soul.
[54:08.27]My, my.
[54:10.15]Just as I thought.
[54:12.15]A slight touch of monetary complications
[54:13.95]with bucolic semilunar contraptions
[54:15.57]of the flying trapezes.
[54:20.08]Say, "Hippopotamus."
[54:23.04]I knew it!
[54:24.54]Compound transmission of the pandemonium
[54:26.38]with percussion and spasmodic frantic disintegration.
[54:29.96]Close your eyes. What do you see?
[54:32.88]Open 'em. Now what do you see?
[54:36.39]Now, that heart.
[54:39.14]Ooh, my goodness!
[54:42.43]A palpating syncopation of the killer diller
[54:45.35]with a wicky-wacky stamping of the boy-joy.
[54:48.02]Quick, Doctor, that report!
[54:51.73]This makes it perfectly clear!
[54:54.33]My boy, you are allergic.
[55:01.38]Yes, and there is only one cure.
[55:03.42]A vacation on Pleasure Island!
[55:06.13]Pleasure Island?
[55:07.68]Yes! That happy Iand of carefree boys
[55:10.47]where every day'


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