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[01:43.30]Oh, that's it! Spindle, taillight..
[01:56.75]Hey. Hey!
[01:58.88]- What? - What do you mean, "what"?
[02:01.55]Hey! Hey, what are you doing?
[02:04.02]Yeah, this is the sleeping chamber. Go to sleep.
[02:07.89]Don't make me come up there!
[02:09.86]I'm so sorry, but I must have the final ingredient for my potion.
[02:14.76]Now, what's more important:
[02:16.63]Me completing my life's work for the salvation of the colony...
[02:22.74]Which includes you guys.
[02:24.71]- Or your sleep?
[02:27.01]- Sleep. I'm going with sleep. - Yeah, the second one.
[02:29.78]Well, then I shall try to be very quiet.
[02:37.39]That's it, I'm coming up there!
[02:42.56]Fire crystals.
[02:45.09]At last. The final ingredient.
[02:53.00]I'm on vacation.
[02:58.21]- No. No, cut it out. - Dogpile.
[03:07.32]It's the Destroyer!
[03:14.56]Atomic wedgy.
[03:17.29]And a clean break.
[03:18.86]- Clean break. Excellent wedge. - Yeah. All right.
[03:21.26]Come on, man, I'm running out of underwear.
[03:24.07]Well, what are you gonna do about it, huh? Nothing.
[03:26.57]- Because I'm big and you're small. - Yeah.
[03:31.57]- Because he's big and you're small. - Hey.
[03:36.85]Quit repeating everything I say.
[03:39.71]I was just adding emphasis, dude.
[03:41.92]Man, why you gotta be hating?
[04:21.06]- Zoc. - Hova, please, get to the grass.
[04:23.29]It's dangerous up here.
[04:24.86]But I've always wanted to see a human up close.
[04:27.53]I hear they're capable of speech, like us.
[04:30.03]They are nothing like us.
[04:38.54]What you gonna do about it, ants? Nothing.
[04:41.61]Because I'm big and you're small.
[04:45.35]Away, monster, or I will use my powers to destroy you.
[04:53.62]Powers that I have yet to perfect. Run!
[05:06.77]We mean you no harm.
[05:10.31]- Oh, great. - Shoe!
[05:19.88]- Please, go in peace. - Look out!
[05:27.56]- Are you all right? - L... I guess he didn't hear me.
[05:34.90]Peanut, it's time to come inside now.
[05:46.94]I think I might have gotten through to him.
[05:49.58]- What do you think? - Destroyer.
[05:55.35]Tiffany, Lucas, we're leaving now.
[05:58.02]Lucas? All the numbers are on the fridge.
[06:00.86]- Good one. Extended play. - Lucas.
[06:05.26]What are you doing back there? Why didn't you answer?
[06:09.43]- Are you all right, sweetie? - I'm fine.
[06:11.70]- I was just playing with my friends. - I don't know.
[06:15.27]- Maybe we shouldn't go on vacation. - Come on, it's our big wedding anniversary.
[06:19.07]We're going to Puerco Vallarta.
[06:21.01]And I gotta spend a little quality time with the mamacita.
[06:26.45]Don't cancel your vacation just because of me.
[06:29.08]- I can solve my own problems. - Problems? What problems?
[06:33.25]Does it have anything to do with why I can't find your underwear?
[06:37.83]Bed-wetting is nothing to be ashamed of, Peanut.
[06:40.96]What? Just stop it, Mom!
[06:43.03]I don't have any problems except for you treating me like a baby.
[06:46.70]- Peanut. - And stop calling me that.
[06:49.87]Just go away and leave me alone.
[06:57.15]I, Zoc, call upon the elements:
[07:00.01]The wind that blows, rain that falls, fire that burns.
[07:04.99]Deliver your awesome power and transform my potion.
[07:14.63]That was great, sweetie.
[07:16.86]I loved the smoke effects. Didrt you, Spindle?
[07:22.44]...rock. Curse upon your children.
[07:24.47]I don't think rocks have children, honey.
[07:28.24]- They won't now. - Okay. What's the matter?
[07:31.78]Hova, the potion is supposed to change color.
[07:34.25]It's not changing color. It's not changing color.
[07:37.89]I call upon the elements: Wind, rain, et cetera.
[07:40.36]Transform my potion and clacktiel.
[07:45.79]Clacktiel, clacktiel...
[07:49.36]- Maybe you're pronouncing it wrong. - How could I pronounce it wrong?
[07:52.67]- I made it up. - Take a break.
[07:56.04]Hova, perhaps you didn't notice...
[07:57.84]...but we were almost squished today, and the colony is in shambles.
[08:02.01]I am this close to finding a solution to the human problem...
[08:06.28]...and you tell me I need to... Hova, what are you doing?
[08:09.02]- Nothing, I'm not doing anything. - No. Wait.
[08:11.19]- No. - I'm simply walking towards you.
[08:13.22]- There's no reason to panic. - Wait. Now, Hova...
[08:15.62]- I'm just coming towards you. - Wait. No. Hova. No.
[08:18.26]Does it tickle? What about when I do this?
[08:20.70]Why are you laughing? I see you laughing.
[08:22.80]Don't make me clacktiel you.
[08:25.03]Well, I'm glad you two have something to laugh about.
[08:30.67]- Head of Council. - Hi.
[08:33.04]How nice of you to... It was unexpected.
[08:36.58]Forgive me. I was working on an experiment.
[08:39.38]Oh, yes, I see.
[08:41.75]Well, we were... How may I be of service?
[08:45.49]Zoc, attacks from the Destroyer grow more frequent.
[08:48.89]Our food supplies are now desperately low.
[08:51.83]The council was hoping perhaps you might have a solution.
[08:57.47]Fight back. We must stop the Destroyer.
[09:00.30]But thousands of ants would needlessly die.
[09:02.77]Perhaps if we could communicate, you know, just talk with the human.
[09:06.67]Oh, what a great idea. Let's have a nice chat.
[09:10.41]Well, hello, Destroyer. Gee, you look kind of tired.
[09:13.88]Why don't you just rest your feet on my girlfriend.
[09:16.55]Okay, oka...
[09:17.95]Sometimes you're a real stinkbug, you know that?
[09:20.59]Zoc, a war with the human is... It's impossible.
[09:25.93]A wizard knows no such word.
[09:34.77]- Whatever. - Bye, Tiff. Bye, Lucas.
[09:38.34]I love you.
[09:42.58]You kids mind your grandma.
[09:44.88]Okay, goodbye. Have fun.
[09:47.32]Don't worry, everything's under control.
[09:55.76]A little help, please.
[09:57.93]I think it's your turn.
[10:00.70]Teeth in the grass.
[10:04.03]Mommo, here's your... What are you doing?
[10:08.24]Preventing alien abduction, that's what I'm doing.
[10:12.51]Thank you.
[10:16.11]Dang crabgrass.
[10:18.58]See these? Airflow. Aliens hate airflow.
[10:23.75]Drives them nuts. And if they try to cut the power in the middle of the night...
[10:30.49]...these babies will wake me up.
[10:33.26]- We gotta be prepared. Tell your friends. - I don't have any friends.
[10:37.60]Well, who's gonna look out for you when you get old...
[10:40.23]...and your teeth are falling out, and them aliens are after you?
[10:44.41]- Lucas. - I'll look after myself.
[10:49.54]- Good night, Mommo. - Good night. Sleep tight.
[10:52.78]Don't let the bedbugs bite...
[10:54.98]...or creep into your ear and lay eggs in your brain.
[11:12.97]- Dance, Pukas. - Dance, monkey boy, dance!
[11:17.14]Think fast.
[11:47.70]Zoc, please, not in front of Spindle.
[11:54.38]God, there must be something I missed.
[11:58.38]Wait. A crack.
[12:00.58]That's it. Imperfections in the crystals.
[12:03.85]Perhaps coating it in a viscous compound.
[12:06.92]Spindle. Resin.
[12:23.90]Oh, that's it. It worked! The potion is complete!
[12:29.18]Praise the Mother! Yes! Yes! Yes!
[12:37.45]- Zoc. - Hova, hang on.
[12:40.89]Spindle, get the potion. Quickly.
[13:17.93]Yep, I was about your age when I flooded my first colony.
[13:23.66]Brother, those were good times. Good times!
[13:29.27]- Who are you? - Stan Beals is the name.
[13:32.67]Beals-A-Bug Pest Control.
[13:35.94]Exterminator, eradicator, solver of problems.
[13:38.81]Hey, you must be the Nickle boy, right?
[13:41.68]Now, your dad ordered my services...
[13:43.88]...but he forgot to sign the contract before he left.
[13:46.69]Busy man. Lot on his mind. It happens.
[13:49.82]So he just told me to talk to you...
[13:53.13]- Lucas. - Yeah, Lucas.
[13:56.20]He said, "You have my son, Lucas, sign the contract for me...
[14:00.13]...if I happen to forget to before I leave. He's a grown man now."
[14:04.34]His exact words.
[14:07.48]I don't know. Do you have any references?
[14:13.15]There's one.
[14:16.78]I don't think I should.
[14:20.12]You don't think you should, huh? You don't think?
[14:24.46]So who does your thinking for you? Your mommy?
[14:28.16]Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, what do I do?
[14:30.80]I'm just a little baby that can't think for myself.
[14:33.83]Please wipe my little bottom for me.
[14:35.77]Wipe me. Oh, oh, please, wipe me.
[14:41.01]- Give me that stupid contract. - Yes, sir. A very mature decision.
[14:45.25]Enjoy a world that's entirely bug free
[14:47.85]Just sign right here And leave the killing to me
[14:52.05]I wrote that.
[15:08.50]- Are you all right? - I'm fine.
[15:11.21]Spindle? Spindle?
[15:15.61]Spindle. You saved it.
[15:19.28]Oh, well, come here.
[15:21.08]Well, someone's getting an extra moldy root tonight.
[15:24.25]- Okay, okay. - Zoc.
[15:29.06]Spindle, light.
[15:38.50]- Mother, help us. - Oh, no.
[15:41.84]To attack without provocation, without reason...
[15:45.74]...just because they can, it's... It's barbaric.
[15:50.74]But what can we do?
[15:53.58]We are lost.
[15:56.35]No. We are saved.
[15:59.52]This is our salvation.
[16:02.82]A potion?
[16:05.13]What exactly does it do?
[17:41.66]Hey. Hey, hey.
[18:02.41]Human. Come with us.
[18:11.52]Shoo. Shoo. Get away. Get away.
[18:13.92]I got a fan. I'm windy.
[18:18.03]I am windy.
[18:34.61]Scanning. Scanning. Scanning.
[18:38.95]Stop! Hey, come on! Cut it out!
[18:41.12]What are you doing out of bed, tiny Lucas?
[18:55.36]Who are you? What did you do to me? Let me go!
[19:26.49]Gross. Hey, cut it out.
[19:45.75]Put me down! Hey. Stop. Put me down.
[19:54.15]Put me down!
[20:01.36]What is that? Oh, he smells.
[20:03.20]- It's the human. - It's Peanut, the Destroyer.
[20:08.87]Oh, my.
[20:10.94]- All right, Peanut, this way. - It's small.
[20:14.21]- What is it? - Touch it.
[20:15.74]- Don't touch it. - Hey.
[20:16.91]- Poke it. - He's so soft.
[20:20.05]- His skeleton is on the inside. - He's inside out?
[20:31.26]Where are you taking me? Help!
[20:35.90]Who are you? What did you do to me? Let me go!
[20:43.74] have been brought before the council...
[20:46.87] face judgment for crimes against the colony.
[20:50.84]Read the charges.
[20:52.91]"This human-destructor beast...
[20:55.38]...hereafter referred to as Peanut the Destroyer...
[20:58.89]...did willfully and with malice aforethought...
[21:01.76]...crush the food-storage chambers...
[21:04.59]...flood all of the lower hatching chambers...
[21:07.16]...and douse the colony with the dreaded yellow rain."
[21:12.93]Hey, come on, I had to go.
[21:16.30]Sentencing of the human will be handed down...
[21:19.77] the queen herself.
[21:31.45]Greetings, my children...
[21:35.42]...and to our unusual guest...
[21:39.96]...a human that threatens the very existence of our colony.
[21:45.40]Wait a second! Wait, wait, wait. Time out.
[21:48.54]How was I supposed to know ants had feelings or families or trials?
[21:52.94]- You're just a bunch of stupid ants. - Destroy the Destroyer!
[21:56.88]- Throw him in the pit. - Let's eat him!
[21:59.61]No, wait. We are not mindless savages.
[22:03.52]This human should be studied.
[22:05.82]- And then we'll eat him. - Yeah.
[22:07.59]Eat! Eat! Eat!
[22:11.02]Order. Order.
[22:14.03]Be still, be still.
[22:16.36]Tonight we have a choice.
[22:20.17]We could destroy this human and make safe this day.
[22:25.71]Or we could change the nature of this human...
[22:30.68]...and perhaps create a brighter future for all ants.
[22:36.52]I therefore sentence the human to live and work in the colony...
[22:41.79] learn our ways. He must become an ant.
[22:47.63]- What? - No. No, my queen.
[22:51.47]What if he does not become an ant?
[22:55.77]Okay, I mean, come on.
[22:58.47]That would be regrettable.
[23:02.01]But... But who will teach him our ways?
[23:06.21]- I will. - Hova?
[23:08.88]It is done.
[23:10.52]Let us continue our work.
[23:14.86]That's it? How long am I gonna be like this?
[23:17.52]I wanna go home.
[23:18.96]Wait. This is inuman.
[23:21.76]Yes, it is.
[23:27.27]Hello, Peanut?
[23:32.67]Hello? We have to go.
[23:35.68]It's time to start your training.
[23:39.05]Where are you?
[23:45.45]Okay, okay. It's simple.
[23:46.75]All I have to do is run past the guards, then escape the anthill...
[23:49.99]...and not get eaten by anything. - Well, hello there.
[23:53.16]You know, there's a million things I wanna ask you.
[23:55.66]When were you hatched? Are you...? Are you male or female?
[23:59.20]And how do you tell the difference?
[24:00.97]Is it...? Oh, is that how?
[24:03.97]Hey, stop peeking. Or... Or I'll stomp on you.
[24:08.44]Well, I wouldn't if I were you. You see, I'm the only friend you've got.
[24:12.38]You're gonna eat me.
[24:13.91]You know, now that you mention it, you do look soft and chewy...
[24:17.32]...but I promised the queen I wouldn't.
[24:21.22]Cross your heart.
[24:22.62]What? Oh, all right.
[24:24.42]Cross my heart, I will not eat you.
[24:27.19]I said, cross your heart, not your butt.
[24:29.53]I just did.
[24:31.50]See, there, did it again.
[24:33.90]Strange custom.
[24:35.54]I'm still not going.
[24:37.17]- Peanut, you need to... - My name's Lucas, not Peanut.
[24:42.18]Well, Lucas. You heard the queen.
[24:45.38]You must become an ant if you ever want to return home.
[24:48.25]And how am I supposed to do that?
[24:50.35]Well, you just have to find your place in the colony.
[25:03.30]So, Lucas, do you have any special skills?
[25:07.07]I can make milk come out of my sister's nose.
[25:09.70]Okay, well, let's try foraging.
[25:13.67]The instructor is a personal friend of mine.
[25:15.84]I'm sure she'd love to help.
[25:18.15]Peanut? The Destroyer?
[25:20.51]I had to move out of my nest because of you.
[25:22.82]I lost everything.
[25:24.58]Took me all morning to rebuild.
[25:27.02]Hova, don't tell me that you are mentoring this... This... This...
[25:32.23]It's Lucas.
[25:35.93]Why is he covered in trash? Is he crazy? Because I don't teach crazy ants.
[25:39.50]No, no, no. He calls the trash "clothes."
[25:43.20]They like keeping their gender traits hidden.
[25:46.07]He's male.
[25:49.11]Okay, Lucas, you're on the blue team.
[25:52.18]- Oh, man. That's not fair. - Come on.
[25:54.01]Hey, hey, hey, quiet.
[25:56.22]And suck in that thorax.
[25:59.02]Like everything in the colony, foraging is a team effort.
[26:03.52]In this test, each team must act as a single unit to avoid obstacles...
[26:09.73]...retrieve the sweet rock and return to the nest.
[26:13.63]No ant gets left behind.
[26:16.87]First team back wins.
[26:18.64]Any questions?
[26:24.68]- Hello, baby. - Fugax.
[26:27.45]Well, isn't it true that scout ants, such as myself...
[26:31.62]...lead an exciting life of adventure and intrigue.
[26:36.56]- Fugax! - While foragers, such as you...
[26:40.23]...just walk around and pick up sticks.
[26:45.83]Questions, anyone?
[26:47.23]- Oh, sir? - The guy with the crooked mandibles.
[26:49.57]What kind of adventures?
[26:51.27]Well, I'm glad you asked.
[26:53.81]- Fugax. - Gather round, young scouts.
[26:57.38]In my travels, I have journeyed far beyond the great flat rock.
[27:04.42]You mean, the street?
[27:06.49]No. The great flat rock...
[27:09.46]...where the humans ride in their giant metal cocoons.
[27:17.00]Did I call on you?
[27:18.47]Who invited Captain Party Pooper?
[27:20.90]Fugax, meet the Destroyer.
[27:31.61]Now, are there any other...?
[27:36.82]Are there any other questions about your assignment?
[27:40.32]Yeah, what's a sweet rock?
[27:51.63]- Bridge. - Stack up.
[27:53.27]Bridge, hooyah.
[27:54.87]Come on, Peanut.
[27:56.27]Hello, I can do it myself.
[28:03.18]Hey, guys. I think he's dead.
[28:06.25]I'm not dead.
[28:08.58]- Ladder. - Ladder, hooyah.
[28:11.38]- Come on. - Grab hold.
[28:13.89]I don't need your help.
[28:16.02]I need your help! I need your help!
[28:18.26]Bye, losers.
[28:21.03]Come on.
[28:25.83]- All right. - Hurry, human.
[28:28.30]You're gonna make us lose.
[28:29.67]Hey. I've only got two legs.
[28:33.11]Go, Two Legs, go.
[28:35.41]Go, Lucas.
[28:36.88]- Spring. - Spring, hooyah.
[28:42.75]Oh, time out.
[28:44.92]I don't think I can do this...
[28:47.02]All right.
[28:50.46]- Let me off! - Don't let go!
[28:53.93]I'm gonna be sick.
[28:55.76]Don't let go.
[28:57.56]- I'm letting go. - Don't let go.
[29:02.97]He let go.
[29:10.28]- A jellybean? - All right, Lucas.
[29:13.18]Good thinking.
[29:15.68]Slingshot, hooyah.
[29:25.73]- All right, Lucas. Good job. - Yeah, Peanut, you rule.
[29:28.56]- Come on, we're losing. Let's go. - Good job, Lucas.
[29:31.83]- Did we win yet? - Almost.
[29:33.60]We just have to get the sweet rock over the finish line.
[29:36.70]Come on, let's go.
[29:39.27]Hurry up, Peanut.
[29:41.98]Yeah, right.
[29:44.91]Hurry, Lucas, climb the wall.
[29:46.98]Climb fast, Peanut.
[29:48.42]They're catching up.
[29:50.05]Bye-bye, loser.
[29:51.85]Climb the wall.
[29:54.62]Come on. Climb the wall.
[29:56.59]Come on.
[29:58.93]Forget it. This game is rigged.
[30:01.76]- Ladder. - Hooyah.
[30:03.50]Come on. Let's go. Go, go, go.
[30:07.63]We got it. We go it. Yeah, man. All right.
[30:09.77]Red rules.
[30:13.54]Red team wins.
[30:15.41]All right. We did it.
[30:20.68]Thanks for trying.
[30:34.69]Lucas, you did fine, really.
[30:36.90]You just need to discover the ant within.
[30:39.50]Start by visualizing yourself with six legs.
[30:42.04]- Then, if you... - How's that gonna get me home?
[30:44.30]Look at me. I'm not a stupid ant.
[30:46.97]Lucas, being an ant means more than just having six legs or...
[30:50.98]Or lifting 10 times your own weight or walking vertically up a wall...
[30:54.51]'s being part of a colony. Not always thinking of yourself first.
[30:58.22]- Oh, careful. - Hey, don't touch me.
[31:00.69]I'm trying to help you.
[31:02.92]You think this is easy for me?
[31:04.46]Being the Destroyer's little helper?
[31:06.86]So you worry about you, and I'll worry about me.
[31:11.13]Oh, Lucas.
[31:12.97]That's not the way ants are.
[31:14.77]Oh, Hova, that's the way I am.
[31:18.17]Well, if I could just...
[31:22.71]Just what?
[31:24.38]Hello? Earth to ant lady.
[31:27.68]You were in the middle of sounding like my mom.
[31:30.48]They're coming. Run!
[31:33.95]Hey. Hey! What's wrong?
[31:42.03]- They're after the herd. - What herd?
[31:47.07]Whoa, easy, girl.
[31:52.91]Take cover.
[31:57.21]Tell the queen I love her.
[32:00.88]Oh, we're cut off.
[32:06.15]Come, brothers, for queen and colony.
[32:18.40]Get to the grass.
[32:20.80]Attack formation.
[32:22.54]Load them up.
[32:26.84]- Enemy fire. - Watch your wing. Watch your wing.
[32:30.01]- Now, that's gotta sting. - Nice shot.
[32:33.78]My turn.
[32:35.62]- Thanks. - Where's Hova?
[32:37.62]I don't know.
[32:39.55]Come on.
[32:41.52]To your positions. Ready.
[32:56.44]Don't. Please, I was just following orders.
[33:00.61]Who wants magic?
[33:08.78]You look tasty.
[33:10.38]Leave him alone.
[33:14.69]Hova? Oh, quick, get out of my way.
[33:18.46]- Hova. - Hurry.
[33:20.99]Everyone, into the grass.
[33:22.93]Don't just stand there. Help her.
[33:25.97]Lucas, run.
[33:27.93]What are you doing?
[33:33.67]Everyone, into the grass.
[33:59.93]Where are you...
[34:02.00]...little bug?
[34:24.36]Please, hurry up. Light, light.
[34:29.30]Light, light.
[34:42.14]Hova, get down.
[34:54.62]Stop, hey! No, no.
[35:06.20]Fire in the hole!
[35:16.54]- What was that? - It's bath time.
[35:32.03]They're leaving.
[35:33.33]We... We won.
[35:38.10]All hail the Destroyer.
[35:40.77]Peanut! Peanut!
[35:42.37]Brilliant. Genius.
[35:43.97]I mean, Lucas made a:
[35:45.64]And then... they all flew away.
[35:48.27]And now I know why they call you Peanut.
[35:50.71]He's got a brain the size of a peanut.
[35:54.21]Lucas the Destroyer.
[35:56.28]I take back everything I thought about you.
[35:59.12]You saved us.
[36:01.05]Thank you, Lucas.
[36:03.29]Yeah, sure.
[36:07.26]He saved us.
[36:09.30]Oh, it's so obvious, I was so dumb.
[36:13.33]Praise the Destroyer.
[36:16.04]Wake up. He saved himself.
[36:19.41]The rest of us just...
[36:21.44]Just got in the way.
[36:24.14]Zoc. Oh, are you all right?
[36:26.48]- No, I'm... - What happened to you?
[36:28.11]I'm fine. I'm fine.
[36:29.82]- You're hurt. - No, it's nothing, really, I just...
[36:32.25]Zoc, do you have any yucca sap?
[36:34.25]Lucas has a burn. Poor baby.
[36:38.42]This is our enemy.
[36:41.66]They do not save ants, they kill ants.
[36:45.36]He very nearly killed me.
[36:48.84]Or does that not matter to you?
[37:00.55]I do, you do We all like the honeydew
[37:04.22]Dinner is served.
[37:05.89]And I'm the dessert.
[37:07.52]And I'm on a low-fathead diet.
[37:10.29]And you know, it looks good on you.
[37:12.79]So, Lucas, what are you working on?
[37:18.20]This is some good honeydew.
[37:23.00]Oh, Lucas, you have to try some. It's so good.
[37:28.21]Go ahead.
[37:34.85]This is awesome.
[37:36.32]Tastes like green-apple bubble gum.
[37:45.39]That went away quick. Another round for you?
[37:47.99]Oh, yeah, keep it coming.
[38:05.58]Get it while it's hot.
[38:09.48]Whoa, I didn't know humans could change their colors.
[38:12.92]- Trippy. - Perhaps our young pupa...
[38:14.95]...ate too much honeydew.
[38:22.46]Here, eat this.
[38:24.26]It'll make you feel better.
[38:26.97]What did that come out of?
[38:29.77]It's an alka root.
[38:31.24]Zoc discovered its powers to expel evil and create well-being.
[38:36.41]He is a great wizard.
[38:38.68]Yeah, he hates me.
[38:40.88]Whoa, he really does, doesn't he?
[38:42.58]I mean, he hates your guts.
[38:44.45]It's actually amazing how much he hates your guts.
[38:47.32]Okay, I'm sorry.
[38:48.75]Yes, Zoc has anger issues, especially towards humans...
[38:52.76]...but he's a true ant.
[38:54.63]Hard on the outside, but soft on the inside.
[38:58.06]Just give him time, Lucas.
[39:18.85]Praise the Mother.
[39:21.52]Praise the Mother.
[39:26.73]Who is this mother you keep talking about, anyway?
[39:29.43]Is it the queen?
[39:30.66]No, Lucas, the Ant Mother.
[39:33.33]The queen of queens.
[39:35.10]She gave birth to the first colony.
[39:38.07]To all ants.
[39:40.97]Come on. It's time for you to see.
[39:59.59]This is the Chamber of the Ages.
[40:07.30]What are these?
[40:09.14]They tell the story of our colony, our history.
[40:12.84]These are pretty cool.
[40:26.52]This is the image of the Ant Mother.
[40:32.83]It is said that one day she will return...
[40:36.10]...and honeydew will pour from the sky like rain.
[40:40.13]Then we will never go hungry again.
[40:43.67]So you actually want warm poop to fall from the sky?
[40:46.51]Yes. That would be a blessed day.
[40:50.61]I'm sorry, it's just so beautiful.
[40:53.91]Hey, what's that one?
[40:56.75]It's the evil one.
[40:59.15]The Cloudbreather.
[41:01.45]It is ancient, drawn before our time.
[41:04.72]No one knows for sure what it is, except that death is said to follow it.
[41:10.30]I think it's just a story used to scare naughty pupas into behaving.
[41:14.80]No, the exterminator.
[41:17.70]L... I gotta cancel him.
[41:19.17]I gotta go home now.
[41:20.77]But you're not an ant yet.
[41:22.54]- Just a quick visit. - No way, Two Legs.
[41:24.71]The humans' nest is strictly forbidden.
[41:30.05]...the colony needs food, right?
[41:33.99]Yeah, sweet rocks. My house is filled with them.
[41:36.96]- In assorted colors and flavors. - Assorted flavors?
[41:40.59]Even the greenies?
[41:42.03]Well, you'll be needing a scout.
[41:44.73]No. There is no way you're gonna get me...
[41:46.80]- I'm in. - Come on.
[41:50.37]Better be some red ones.
[41:56.21]Wow, this is a big nest.
[41:58.61]Must have taken thousands of humans to build this.
[42:01.55]- What's that? - It's just the door.
[42:03.92]A door? Fantastic.
[42:06.82]Do all of your guests pass under this door?
[42:09.22]Well, actually, you guys are the first friends I've had over.
[42:13.23]We are the first ones?
[42:15.13]Kreela, we're the first ones to pass under the door.
[42:18.03]- Great. - And to think...
[42:20.33]...all of this is made from your own poop.
[42:26.54]Oh, why did Mom have to get shag carpet?
[42:30.11]Lt'll take days to get to the kitchen.
[42:33.01]Oh, gee, that is too bad.
[42:36.68]I guess now we'll have to go home before we all get in trouble.
[42:51.33]Come on.
[42:52.77]This is called hang-gliding.
[42:56.20]Have you ever done this, actually?
[42:59.27]I played the video game.
[43:00.67]Now, when I give the word, everybody jump.
[43:12.08]Oh, sorry, was that the word?
[43:14.45]- Coming. - Hey, hey, look out.
[43:16.79]For queen and colony.
[43:19.99]Oh, God.
[43:27.50]- Showoff. - Awesome. Yeah.
[43:33.74]This is Hawaii. We went there last summer.
[43:36.08]It's got volcanoes and hula dancers and Don Ho and surfboards.
[43:39.58]And I caught a fish.
[43:42.55]And these are the pyramids. Well, not the real pyramids.
[43:45.42]The real ones are lots bigger. Mommo says aliens built them.
[43:48.42]She's my grandma.
[43:59.43]Oh, are these your nest mates?
[44:01.67]Yeah, that's my family.
[44:04.30]Which one's the queen?
[44:05.60]My sister thinks she is.
[44:09.34]What's wrong?
[44:10.81]Nothing. It's just, well...
[44:15.31]I should have told my mom goodbye. That's all.
[44:18.98]I can be a real jerk sometimes.
[44:22.66]- Lucas, your face is leaking. - Leaking?
[44:25.32]Oh, no, it's okay.
[44:28.36]Is that what humans do when they're sad?
[44:30.80]They leak from the face?
[44:32.83]When ants are sad, we do this:
[44:56.22]Oh, Lucas, it's... It's...
[44:59.39]It's beautiful!
[45:02.76]Sweet rocks, come to papa!
[45:23.22]Red one.
[45:24.38]What are you doing? Why aren't you taking the red ones?
[45:27.19]Well, it's actually quite simple, sugar lips.
[45:30.52]I hate the red ones.
[45:32.09]Well, I love the red ones.
[45:34.36]- Hate them. - I love them!
[45:36.03]- Hate, hate, hate. - Love. Love.
[45:37.90]- Admit it, you find me attractive. - What?
[45:40.90]Oh, how you tease me with your sweet talk.
[45:43.80]Oh, you want some sweet talk?
[45:46.24]Because I'll give you some sweet talk.
[45:48.67]Now grab a red one before I pull these off.
[45:51.28]Whoa, I need those.
[45:54.75]What are we doing?
[45:56.48]Nothing, nothing.
[46:18.47]- Mommo, I'm back! - What was that?
[46:22.17]- Tiffany. - What's a Tiffany?
[46:24.58]- Hurry up! - Right.
[46:26.15]Leave the red ones behind!
[46:31.65]Hey, pipsqueak, you there?
[46:38.22]That kid and his stupid electronic toys.
[46:46.27]What is he doing?
[46:47.97]Jumping. You know, hippity hop, uppity downy?
[46:50.44]It's a scout thing. You wouldn't understand.
[46:52.81]Okay, come on. One more.
[46:54.91]I just need a seven.
[46:59.55]- Hello. How are you? - Hi.
[47:03.32]Pizza Kingdom. Hail to the king.
[47:05.42]Would you like to try our new Princess Pepperoni with tangy Jester Sauce?
[47:09.59]Hello! This is Lucas Nickle!
[47:11.92]I need to cancel my order!
[47:18.16]You don't want to order?
[47:21.80]Please cancel the contract!
[47:24.14]- No exterminator! - No extra tomato. Got it.
[47:30.74]Yes. No exterminator.
[47:33.11]I'm canceling the contract.
[47:35.25]What? You... You wanna cancel?
[47:38.35]Who is this?
[47:39.52]Oh, Bill, is this you, man?
[47:41.55]You got me, man. You got me, dude.
[47:46.63]That's a relief.
[47:48.03]Okay, Lucas, I don't understand mos


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