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[00:14.48]All right, everyone! This... is a stickup! Don't anybody move!
[00:20.53]Now, empty that safe!
[00:24.59]Ooh-hoo-hoo! Money, money, money!
[00:27.62]Stop it! Stop it, you mean, old potato!
[00:30.12]Quiet, Bo Peep, or your sheep get run over!
[00:33.35]Help! Baa! Help us!
[00:35.33]Oh, no, not my sheep! Somebody do something!
[00:45.14]Reach for the sky!
[00:48.16]Oh, no! Sheriff Woody!
[00:50.66]I'm here to stop you, One-Eyed Bart.
[00:53.48]Doh! How'd you know it was me?
[00:55.98]Are you gonna come quietly?
[00:57.86]You can't touch me, Sheriff!
[00:59.56]I brought my attack dog with the built-in force field
[01:02.66]Well, I brought my dinosaur who eats force-field dogs.
[01:06.51]-Yipe, yipe, yipe, yipe!
[01:09.02]You're going to jail, Bart! Say good-bye to the wife and later tots.
[01:22.05]You saved the day again, Woody.
[01:24.45]You're my favorite deputy.
[01:27.27]# You've got a friend in me #
[01:31.54]# You've got a friend in me #
[01:33.84]Come on, let's wrangle up the cattle.
[01:35.82]# When the road looks rough ahead #
[01:39.26]# And you're miles and miles from your nice, warm bed #
[01:42.60]-Round 'em up, cowboy! -# Just remember what your old pal said #
[01:47.19]# Boy, you've got a friend in me #
[01:49.79]-Yee-haw! -# Yeah, you've got a friend in me #
[01:53.44]Hey, cowboy!
[01:55.53]# Some other folks might be a little bit smarter than I am #
[01:59.80]-# Big and stronger too #
[02:01.89]-Come on, Woody. -# Maybe #
[02:03.98]# But none of them will ever love you the way I do #
[02:09.19]-# It's me and you, boy #
[02:11.38]-# And as the years go by # -Whoa!
[02:14.09]-Whoa! -# Our friendship will never die #
[02:19.41]-Whoo! -# You're gonna see #
[02:21.60]-# It's our destiny #
[02:24.83]-# You've got a friend in me # -All right!
[02:28.38]-# Yeah, you've got a friend in me # -Score!
[02:31.71]-# You got a friend in me # -Wow! Cool!
[02:35.26]-What do you think? -Oh, this looks great, Mom!
[02:38.60]-Okay, birthday boy -We saw that at the store! I asked you for it!
[02:42.04]-I hope I have enough places. -Wow, look at that! That's so...
[02:44.12]-One, two. Four.
[02:45.17]Yeah, I think that's gonna be enough. -Oh, my gosh, you got...
[02:47.25]-Could we leave this up till we move? -Well, sure!
[02:49.44]-We can leave it up. Now go get Molly. -Yeah!
[02:52.05]-Your friends are gonna be here any minute.
[02:54.48]-Okay. It's party time, Woody.
[03:05.29]Howdy, little lady.
[03:10.61]Somebody's poisoned the water hole.
[03:13.01]-Come on, Molly. Oh, you're getting heavy.
[03:16.35]-See you later, Woody.
[03:26.46]Pull my string! The birthday party's today?
[03:32.41]Okay, everybody, coast is clear!
[03:40.12]-Ages 3 and up. It's on my box.
[03:43.67]Ages 3 and up. I'm not supposed to be baby-sitting Princess Drool.
[03:59.00]-Hey, Hamm.
[04:00.98]-Look, I'm Picasso! -I don't get it.
[04:04.53]You uncultured swine! What're you lookin' at, ya hockey puck?
[04:13.60]-Hey, Sarge, have you seen Slinky? -Sir! No, sir!
[04:16.00]Okay. Hey, thank you. At ease.
[04:21.94]Right here, Woody. I'm red this time.
[04:24.55]-No. S-Slink.
[04:26.58]-Oh, well, all right. You can be red if you want.
[04:28.51]-N-Not now, Slink. I got some bad news. -Bad news?
[04:31.12]Shh, shh, shh!
[04:33.62]-Just gather everyone up for a staff meeting, and be happy. -Got it.
[04:36.65]-Be happy! -Ha, ha, ha, ha!
[04:38.63]-Staff meeting, everybody! Snake, Robot, podium please.
[04:46.45]Hey, Etch. Draw!
[04:50.41]-Oh! Got me again.
[04:52.91]Etch, you've been working on that draw. Fastest knobs in the west.
[04:56.67]Got a staff meeting, you guys. Come on, let's go.
[04:59.59]Now, where is that... Oh.
[05:02.30]Hey, who moved my doodle pad way over here?
[05:06.78]-How're you doin', Rex? -Were you scared? Tell me honestly.
[05:10.64]I was close to being scared that time.
[05:13.04]I'm going for fearsome here, but I just don't feel it.
[05:16.48]I think I'm just coming off as annoying.
[05:18.88]Owl Oh, hi, Bo. Hi.
[05:22.11]I wanted to thank you, Woody, for saving my flock.
[05:25.14]Oh, hey, it was, uh, nothin'.
[05:27.64]What do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?
[05:32.96]Oh, yeah!
[05:35.67]Remember, I'm just a couple of blocks away.
[05:39.84]-Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! -Come on, come on. Smaller toys up front.
[05:44.95]Hey, Woody, come on.
[05:51.83]-Oh, thanks, Mike.
[05:54.44]-Okay. Whoa, whoa. Step back.
[05:57.26]-For crying out loud. -Thank you.
[05:59.76]-Hello? Check. That better? Great.
[06:02.89]Everybody hear me? Up on the shelf, can you hear me? Great.
[06:06.75]Okay. First item today:
[06:10.08]Uh... oh, yeah. Has everyone picked a moving buddy?
[06:13.42]-What? -Moving buddy? You can't be serious.
[06:16.24]I didn't know we were supposed to have one already.
[06:18.43]-Do we have to hold hands?
[06:20.93]You guys think this is a big joke.
[06:23.43]We've only got one week left before the move.
[06:25.94]I don't want any toys left behind. A moving buddy.
[06:28.54]If you don't have one, get one!
[06:31.36]All right, next. Uh, oh, yes.
[06:34.59]Tuesday night's plastic corrosion awareness meeting...
[06:37.82]was, I think, a big success.
[06:40.33]And we wanna thank Mr. Spell for putting that on for us.
[06:43.56]-Thank you, Mr. Spell. -You're welcome.
[06:46.37]Okay. Uh, oh, yes. One, uh, minor note here.
[06:49.82]Andy's birthday party has been moved to today.
[06:52.84]-Wait a minute here!
[06:55.13]What do you mean the party's today? His birthday's not till next week!
[06:57.53]What's goin' on down there? Is his mom losin' her marbles?
[07:00.24]Well, obviously she wanted to have the party before the move.
[07:04.10]-I'm not worried. You shouldn't be worried.
[07:06.28]-Of course Woody ain't worried.
[07:07.34]He's been Andy's favorite since kindergarten.
[07:09.63]Hey, hey. Come on, Potato Head.
[07:11.92]If Woody says it's all right, then, well, darn it, it's good enough for me.
[07:15.37]Woody has never steered us wrong before.
[07:18.08]Come on, guys. Every Christmas and birthday we go through this.
[07:21.83]But what if Andy gets another dinosaur, a mean one?
[07:24.86]I just don't think I could take that kind of rejection!
[07:27.88]Hey, listen, no one's getting replaced.
[07:30.28]This is Andy we're talking about.
[07:32.68]It doesn't matter how much we're played with.
[07:39.35]What matters is that we're here for Andy when he needs us.
[07:42.48]That's what we're made for, right?
[07:44.56]Pardon me. I hate to break up the staff meeting, but... they're here!
[07:48.53]Birthday guests at three o'clock!
[07:50.51]-Stay calm, everyone!
[07:55.20]-Uh, meeting adjourned.
[07:57.29]Ho, boy! Will you take a look at all those presents?
[07:59.79]I can't see a thing.
[08:05.21]Yes, sir, we're next month's garage sale fodder for sure.
[08:08.55]-Any dinosaur-shaped ones?
[08:10.50]-Oh, for crying out loud. They're all in boxes, you idiot.
[08:12.72]They're getting bigger.
[08:14.70]-Wait, there's a nice little one over there. -Hi!
[08:21.17]-Spell: trash can. -We're doomed!
[08:22.94]All right! All right!
[08:24.82]If I send out the troops, will you all calm down?
[08:28.99]-Yes! Yes! We promise! -Okay! Save your batteries.
[08:32.74]Very good, Woody. That's using the old noodle.
[08:37.02]Sergeant, establish a recon post downstairs. Code Red!
[08:41.82]-You know what to do. -Yes, sir!
[08:44.42]All right, men. You heard him. Code Red!
[08:47.03]Repeat, we are at Code Red. Recon plan Charlie. Execute!
[08:50.26]Let's move! Move, move, move, move!
[09:13.83]-Okay, come on, kids.
[09:16.65]Everyone in the living room. It's almost time for the presents.
[09:41.26]All right, gangway, gangway.
[09:43.66]And this is how we find out...
[09:46.89]what is in those presents.
[09:52.94]Okay, who's hungry?
[09:57.00]Here come the chips!
[09:58.88]I've got Cool Ranch and barbecue! Ow!
[10:01.38]What in the world... Oh!
[10:03.47]-I thought I told him to pick these up.
[10:06.39]Shouldn't they be there by now? What's taking them so long?
[10:09.62]Hey, these guys are professionals. They're the best.
[10:12.65]Come on! They're not lying down on the job.
[10:26.10]G-G-Go on without me! J-Just go!
[10:28.39]A good soldier never leaves a man behind.
[10:48.73]-Okay, everybody, come on.
[10:51.02]Everybody settle down. Now, kids. Everybody.
[10:54.15]You sit in a circle. No, Andy. Andy, you sit in the middle there.
[10:58.11]-Good. And.. Which present are you gonna open first?
[11:02.39]-Mine! -There they are.
[11:05.31]Come in, Mother Bird. This is Alpha Bravo.
[11:08.44]-This is it! This is it! Quiet, quiet, quiet! -Come in, Mother Bird.
[11:11.25]Andy's opening the first present now.
[11:14.07]Mrs. Potato Head! Mrs. Potato Head! Mrs. Potato Head!
[11:16.89]Hey, I can dream, can't I?
[11:18.87]The bow's coming off. He's ripping the wrapping paper.
[11:22.10]It's a.. It's.. It's a.. a lunch box.
[11:24.50]-We've got a lunch box here. -A lunch box?
[11:26.69]-Lunch box? -For lunch.
[11:28.67]Okay, second present. It appears to be...
[11:30.96]-Okay, it's bed sheets. -Who invited that kid?
[11:39.10]Oh! Only one left.
[11:41.60]-Okay, we're on the last present now. -Last present!
[11:44.10]It's a big one. It's a...
[11:46.50]-It's a board game! Repeat, Battleship! -Whew!
[11:51.20]-Yeah! All right! -Hey, watch it!
[11:53.18]Sorry there, old spud head.
[11:55.16]Mission accomplished. Well done, men. Pack it up. We're goin' home.
[11:59.02]So did I tell ya? Huh? Nothin' to worry about.
[12:01.62]I knew you were right all along, Woody. Never doubted ya for a second.
[12:04.96]Wait a minute. Oh!
[12:07.98]-What do we have here? -Wait! Turn that thing back on!
[12:11.63]Come in, Mother Bird! Come in, Mother Bird!
[12:14.24]Mom has pulled a surprise present from the closet.
[12:16.43]Andy's opening it. He's really excited about this one.
[12:19.14]-Mom, what is it? -It's a huge package.
[12:21.65]Oh, get outta the... One of the kids is in the way. I can't see.
[12:24.46]-It's a... -Wow!
[12:27.59]-It's a what? What is it?
[12:31.97]-Oh, no! -Oh, ya big lizard!
[12:34.58]-Now we'll never know what it is! -Way to go, Rex!
[12:37.50]-No, no! Turn him around! Turn him around!
[12:38.98]-He's puttin' 'em in backwa-
[12:40.10]Here, you're puttin' 'em in backwards!
[12:42.09]Plus is positive, minus is negative! Oh, let me!
[12:45.84]-Let's go to my room, guys!
[12:48.45]Red alert! Red alert! Andy is coming upstairs!
[12:51.05]-There! -Juvenile intrusion!
[12:53.66]Repeat, resume your positions now!
[12:55.64]Andy's coming! Everybody, back to your places! Hurry!
[12:57.62]Get to your places! Get to your places!
[12:59.61]-Where's my ear? Who's seen my ear? Did you see my ear?
[13:02.32]Out of my way! Here I come! Here I come!
[13:15.56]Hey, look, its lasers light up. Take that, Zurg!
[13:19.31]Quick, make a space. This is where the spaceship lands.
[13:22.34]And he does it like that. And he does a karate chop action!
[13:25.57]Come on down, guys! It's time for games!
[13:42.67]-What is it? -Can you see it?
[13:44.66]-What the heck is up there? -Woody, who's up there with ya?
[13:50.50]-What are you doing under the bed? -Uh, nothin'. Uh, nothin'.
[13:54.04]I'm sure Andy was just a little excited, that's all.
[13:56.96]Too much cake and ice cream, I suppose. It's just a mistake!
[13:59.57]Well, that mistake is sitting in your spot, Woody.
[14:03.32]Have you been replaced? -What did I tell you earlier?
[14:06.66]No one is getting replaced
[14:09.16]Now, let's all be polite and give whatever it is up there...
[14:12.40]a nice, big Andy's-room welcome.
[14:40.76]-Buzz Lightyear to Star Command.
[14:43.05]Come in, Star Command.
[14:45.56]-Star Command, come in. Do you read me?
[14:47.96]Why don't they answer? My ship!
[14:54.32]Blast! This'll take weeks to repair.
[14:57.76]Buzz Lightyear mission log, stardate 4-0-7-2.
[15:00.78]My ship has run off course en route to sector 12.
[15:04.33]I've crash-landed on a strange planet.
[15:06.94]The impact must've awoken me from hypersleep.
[15:11.21]Terrain seems a bit unstable.
[15:14.13]No readout yet if the air is breathable.
[15:17.57]And there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.
[15:22.06]Whoa! H-Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
[15:24.66]-Did I frighten you? Didn't mean to.
[15:27.27]-Sorry. Howdy. My name is Woody.
[15:29.88]And this is Andy's room.
[15:31.84]That's all I wanted to say.
[15:34.15]And also, there has been a bit of a mix-up.
[15:36.66]This is my spot, see, the bed here.
[15:39.05]Local law enforcement. It's about time you got here.
[15:41.66]I'm Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger, Universe Protection Unit.
[15:44.69]My ship has crash-landed here by mistake.
[15:47.19]Yes, it is a mistake because, you see, the bed here is my spot.
[15:50.63]I need to repair my turbo boosters.
[15:53.03]Do you people still use fossil fuel, or have you discovered crystallic fusion?
[15:55.64]-Well, let's see. We got double-A's.
[15:58.45]Watch yourself! Halt! Who goes there?
[16:00.12]Don't shoot! It's okay. Friends.
[16:02.41]-Do you know these life-forms? -Yes! They're Andy's toys.
[16:06.48]All right, everyone, you're clear to come up.
[16:08.78]I am Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace.
[16:11.59]Oh, I'm so glad you're not a dinosaur!
[16:15.03]Bye, bye. Thank you!
[16:17.54]Now, thank you all for your kind welcome!
[16:20.56]-Say, what's that button do? -I'll show you.
[16:23.48]Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! -Oh!
[16:26.19]Hey, Woody's got something like that. His is a pull string.
[16:28.69]-Only it's... -Only it sounds like a car ran over it.
[16:31.40]Oh, yeah, but not like this. This is a quality sound system.
[16:34.85]Probably all copper wiring, huh?
[16:37.04]So, uh, where you from? Singapore? Hong Kong?
[16:40.16]Well, no. Actually, I-I'm stationed up in the Gamma Quadrant of Sector Four.
[16:46.21]As a member of the elite Universe Protection Unit of the Space Ranger Corps,
[16:48.72]I protect the galaxy from the threat of invasion...
[16:51.53]from the evil Emperor Zurg, sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance.
[16:55.70]Oh, really? I'm from Playskool.
[16:58.41]And I'm from Mattel. Well, I'm not really from Mattel.
[17:01.54]I'm actually from a smaller company
[17:02.53]that was purchased in a leveraged buyout.
[17:04.05]You'd think they'd never seen a new toy before.
[17:06.76]Well, sure. Look at him.
[17:08.37]He's got more gadgets on him than a Swiss Army knife.
[17:11.14]-Ah, ah, ah, ah! Please be careful.
[17:13.85]You don't want to be in the way when my laser goes off.
[17:16.66]Hey, a laser! How come you don't have a laser, Woody?
[17:19.06]It's not a laser! It's a.. It's a little light bulb that blinks.
[17:22.19]-What's with him? -Laser envy.
[17:23.86]All right, that's enough!
[17:25.84]-Look, we're all very impressed with Andy's new toy. -Toy?
[17:29.18]T-O-Y. Toy!
[17:31.37]Excuse me, l-l think the word you're searching for is "Space Ranger."
[17:35.33]The word I'm searching for I can't say
[17:37.63]because there's preschool toys present.
[17:39.81]Gettin' kinda tense, aren't ya?
[17:41.27]Uh, Mr. Lightyear, uh, now, I'm curious.
[17:44.92]What does a Space Ranger actually do?
[17:47.32]He's not a Space Ranger!
[17:49.41]-He doesn't fight evil or, or shoot lasers or fly! -Excuse me.
[17:55.77]-Ooh! -Oh, impressive wingspan! Very good!
[17:59.21]Oh, what? What? These are plastic. He can't fly!
[18:03.90]They are a terillium-carbonic alloy, and I can fly.
[18:07.55]-No, you can't. -Yes, lean.
[18:10.68]-You can't. -Can.
[18:12.66]-Can't. Can't. Can't!
[18:14.24]-I tell you, I could fly around this room with my eyes closed!
[18:16.31]-Okay, then, Mr. Light Beer, prove it. -All right, then, I will.
[18:20.69]Stand back, everyone!
[18:30.18]To infinity and beyond!
[18:59.59]-Can! -Whoa!
[19:01.78]-Oh, wow, you flew magnificently!
[19:05.33]-I found my movin' buddy. -Thank you. Th-Thank you all. Thank you.
[19:09.60]That wasn't flying! That was... falling with style.
[19:13.57]Man, the dolls must really go for you. Can you teach me that?
[19:16.80]Golly bob howdy! -Oh, shut up!
[19:20.97]You know, in a couple of days,
[19:21.72]everything will be just the way it was. They'll see.
[19:24.10]-They'll see.
[19:26.29]I'm still Andy's favorite toy.
[19:29.73]# I was on top of the world livin' high #
[19:32.65]-Whoa! -# It was right in my pocket #
[19:36.72]# I was livin' the life #
[19:39.22]# Things were just the way they should be #
[19:44.54]# When from out of the sky like a bomb #
[19:46.83]# Comes some little punk in a rocket #
[19:51.52]# Now all of a sudden some strange things are happening to m
[19:54.97]Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
[19:58.62]# Strange #
[20:01.33]# Things are happening to me #
[20:05.71]# Strange #
[20:09.25]# Things #
[20:12.69]-# Strange # -Ha!
[20:15.61]-# Things are happening to me #
[20:18.33]# Ain't no doubt about it #
[20:26.25]# I had friends I had lots of friends #
[20:30.42]# Now all my friends are gone #
[20:33.55]# And I'm doin' the best I can #
[20:40.54]-# I had power # -# Power #
[20:43.15]-# I was respected # -# Respected #
[20:45.65]# But not anymore #
[20:47.94]# And I've lost the love of the one #
[20:50.65]# Whom I adore #
[20:53.47]# Let me tell you 'bout it Strange #
[20:57.95]-# Things are happenin' to me #
[21:02.33]# Strange #
[21:05.98]# Things #
[21:09.53]# Strange #
[21:12.14]# Things are happen in'
[21:15.06]# Ain't no doubt about it #
[21:20.17]# Strange #
[21:23.92]# Things #
[21:27.47]# Strange #
[21:31.01]-# Things #
[21:36.54]Hey, who's got my hat?
[21:39.56]Look, I'm Woody! Howdy, howdy, howdy!
[21:42.48]Ah-ha! Ah-ha, ha, ha! Gimme that!
[21:45.61]Say there, Lizard and Stretchy Dog, let me show you something.
[21:48.53]It looks as though I've been accepted into your culture.
[21:52.49]-Your chief, Andy, inscribed his name on me. -Wow!
[21:55.52]With permanent ink too!
[21:58.33]Well, I must get back to repairing my ship.
[22:03.65]Don't let it get to you, Woody.
[22:05.95]Uh... let what? I don't, uh- What do you mean? Who?
[22:08.76]I know Andy's excited about Buzz.
[22:11.58]But you know he'll always have a special place for you.
[22:15.33]-Yeah, like the attic. -All right, that's it!
[22:18.98]-Hmm. Unidirectional bonding strip.
[22:22.21]Mr. Lightyear wants more tape.
[22:26.70]Listen, Light Snack, you stay away from Andy.
[22:30.45]He's mine, and no one is taking him away from me.
[22:34.21]-What are you talking about? Where's that bonding strip?
[22:39.94]And another thing: Stop with this spaceman thing!
[22:44.01]-It's getting on my nerves!
[22:45.57]-Are you saying you wanna lodge a complaint with Star Command?
[22:47.66]Oh-ho, okay! Ooh, well, so you wanna do it the hard way, huh?
[22:51.83]-Don't even think about it, cowboy. -Oh, yeah, tough guy?
[23:05.60]The air isn't...toxic.
[23:09.14]How dare you open a spaceman's helmet on an uncharted planet!
[23:13.00]My eyeballs could've been sucked from their sockets!
[23:17.28]You actually think you're the Buzz Lightyear?
[23:21.45]Oh, all this time I thought it was an act!
[23:24.58]Hey, guys, look! It's the real Buzz Lightyear!
[23:27.91]You're mocking me, aren't you?
[23:29.89]Oh, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. Buzz, look, an alien!
[23:43.97]-Whoa! -Uh-oh.
[23:46.79]-It's Sid! -Don't move!
[23:50.02]-I thought he was at summer camp.
[23:51.87]-They must've kicked him out early this year.
[23:53.46]-Oh, no, not Sid!
[24:00.03]-Who is it this time?
[24:01.07]-I...I can't...I can't tell. Hey, where's Lenny?
[24:03.79]-Right here, Woody. -Oh, no, I can't bear to watch one of these again.
[24:09.00]Oh, no, it's a Combat Carl.
[24:12.13]-What's going on?
[24:13.33]-Nothing that concerns you spacemen; just us toys.
[24:16.51]I'd better take a look anyway.
[24:18.49]-Why is that soldier strapped to an explosive device?
[24:22.14]That's why: Sid.
[24:24.64]-Hmm, sure is a hairy fellow.
[24:27.56]No, no, that's Scud, you idiot.
[24:29.75]-That is Sid.
[24:32.36]-You mean that happy child? -That ain't no happy child.
[24:35.59]He tortures toys, just for fun!
[24:42.16]Well, then we've got to do something.
[24:44.67]What are you doing? Get down from there!
[24:47.06]-I'm gonna teach that boy a lesson. -Yeah, sure. You go ahead.
[24:50.09]-Melt him with your scary laser.
[24:52.49]Be careful with that! It's extremely dangerous.
[24:55.51]He's lighting it! He's lighting it! Hit the dirt!
[25:03.96]-Yes! He's gone! He's history!
[25:07.71]-Whoo! -I could've stopped him.
[25:11.05]Buzz, I would love to see you try.
[25:14.28]Of course, I'd love to see you as a crater.
[25:17.20]-The sooner we move, the better.
[25:28.26]To infinity and beyond!
[25:32.64]All this packing makes me hungry.
[25:34.72]-What would you say to dinner at, oh, Pizza Planet?
[25:37.35]-Pizza Planet? Oh, cool!
[25:38.68]Go wash your hands, and I'll get Molly ready.
[25:43.06]-Can I bring some toys? -You can bring one toy.
[25:46.09]-Just one? -One toy?
[25:54.85]-Will Andy pick me?
[26:00.27]"Don't count on it"?
[26:23.11]Buzz! Oh, Buzz! Buzz Lightyear.
[26:25.51]Buzz Lightyear, thank goodness. We've got trouble!
[26:28.32]-Trouble? Where? -Down there. Just down there.
[26:31.14]A helpless toy, it's.. it's trapped, Buzz!
[26:33.85]Then we've no time to lose.
[26:42.30]-I don't see anything! -Oh, he's there! Just, just keep looking!
[26:45.84]-What kind of toy...
[26:59.09]Oh! Whoa, whoa! Oh!
[27:08.79]I don't see him in the driveway.
[27:11.91]-I think he bounced into Sid's yard! -Oh! Buzz!
[27:17.13]Hey, everyone, R.C.'s trying to say something. What is it, boy?
[27:21.51]-He's saying that this was no accident. -What do you mean?
[27:24.95]-I mean Humpty-Dumpty was pushed... by Woody! -No!
[27:28.60]-What? -Wait a minute.
[27:30.79]You...You don't think I meant to knock Buzz out the window,
[27:34.23]do you? Potato Head?
[27:35.38]-That's Mr. Potato Head to you, you back-stabbing murderer!
[27:38.51]Now, it was an accident, guys. Come on.
[27:41.22]Now, you, you gotta believe me.
[27:43.41]We believe ya, Woody. Right, Rex?
[27:46.64]Well, yea.. N.. I don't like confrontations!
[27:49.56]Where is your honor, dirt bag? You are an absolute disgrace!
[27:53.00]You don't deserve to.. Hey!
[27:54.98]You couldn't handle Buzz cutting in on your playtime, could you, Woody?
[27:58.11]Didn't wanna face the fact that Buzz just might be Andy's new favorite toy.
[28:02.70]So you got rid of him. Well, what if Andy starts playing with me more, Woody
[28:06.45]You gonna knock me outta the window too?
[28:08.96]-I don't think we should give him the chance. -There he is, men.
[28:12.19]-Frag him! -Let's string him up by his pull string!
[28:15.32]-I got dibs on his hat! -Would you boys stop it!
[28:17.61]-Tackle him! -No, no, no! W-W-Wait! I can explain everything!
[28:20.64]Okay, Mom, be right down. I've gotta get Buzz.
[28:29.08]Mom, do you know where Buzz is?
[28:32.52]-No, I haven't seen him. -Psst!
[28:36.07]Andy, I'm heading out the door!
[28:38.47]-But, Mom, I can't find him!
[28:39.82]-Honey, just grab some other toy. Now, come on!
[28:42.12]Oh, okay.
[28:49.11]I couldn't find my Buzz, know I left him right there.
[28:52.65]Honey, I'm sure he's around You'll find him.
[29:08.82]It's too short! We need more monkeys!
[29:12.47]There aren't any more! That's the whole barrel!
[29:15.59]Buzz, the monkeys aren't working!
[29:18.93]We're formulating another plan! Stay calm!
[29:23.00]Oh, where could he be?
[29:36.97]-Can I help pump the gas? -Sure! I'll even let you drive.
[29:40.00]-Yeah? -Yeah, when you're 16.
[29:42.19]-Yuk, yuk, yuk! Funny, Mom.
[29:44.38]Aw, great. How am I gonna convince those guys it was an accident?
[29:54.28]Buzz! Ha! You're alive!
[29:58.35]This is great! Oh, I'm saved! I'm saved.
[30:01.79]Andy'll find you here; he'll take us back to the room;
[30:04.71]and then you can tell everyone that
[30:07.26]this was all just a big mistake.
[30:09.51]Huh? Right? Buddy?
[30:12.53]I just want you to know that even though you tried to terminate me,
[30:16.08]revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet.
[30:18.89]-Oh. Well, that's good. -But we're not on my planet, are we?
[30:30.57]Okay, come on!
[30:32.97]You want a piece of me?
[30:40.69]-Owww! -Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Lightyear to the rescue.
[30:43.50]-Aah-ouch! -Next stop.
[30:45.59]-Pizza Planet! Yeah!
[30:59.67]Wh... Doesn't he realize that I'm not there?
[31:03.01]I'm lost!
[31:06.45]Oh, I'm a lost toy!
[31:13.96]Buzz Lightyear mission log.
[31:16.46]The local sheriff and I seem to be at a huge refueling station of some sort.
[31:41.70]-According to my nava-computer, the- -Shut up!
[31:44.30]-Just shut up, you idiot!
[31:46.02]-Sheriff, this is no time to panic.
[31:47.74]This is the perfect time to panic. I'm lost. Andy is gone.
[31:51.39]They're gonna move from their house in two days, and it's all your fault!
[31:53.90]My... My fault?
[31:55.05]If you hadn't pushed me out of the window in the first place...
[31:57.02]Oh, yeah? Well, if you...
[31:59.11]hadn't shown up in your stupid little cardboard spaceship
[32:02.12]and taken away everything...
[32:03.49]that was important to me.. -Don't talk to me about importance!
[32:05.68]Because of you the security of this entire universe is in jeopardy!
[32:08.39]What? What are you talkin' about?
[32:10.58]Right now, poised at the edge of the galaxy, Emperor Zurg...
[32:13.61]has been secretly building a weapon...
[32:15.90]with the destructive capacity to annihilate an entire planet!
[32:18.40]I alone have information that reveals this weapon's only weakness.
[32:22.57]And you, my friend, are responsible...
[32:25.08]for delaying my rendezvous with Star Command!
[32:28.73]You... are... a... toy!
[32:32.06]You aren't the real Buzz Lightyear! You're a..
[32:34.46]You're an action figure! You are a child's plaything!
[32:39.26]You are a sad, strange little man; and you have my pity.
[32:43.95]-Farewell. -Oh, yeah? Well, good riddance, ya loony!
[32:48.23]-"Rendezvous with Star Command."
[32:51.67]-I Driver. Hey, gas dude! -You talkin' to me?
[32:54.17]-Yeah, man. Can you help me? -Pizza Planet? Andy!
[32:57.40]-Do you know where Cutting Boulevard is? -Oh. no!
[33:00.53]I can't show my face in that room without Buzz.
[33:03.77]-Buzz! Buzz, come back! -Go away!
[33:06.79]No! Buzz, you gotta come back! I...
[33:10.23]-I found a spaceship!
[33:15.34]It's a spaceship, Buzz!
[33:19.51]Come on, man, hurry up! Urn, like, the pizzas are getting cold here!
[33:23.16]Uh, Cutting Boulevard, huh? -Yeah, yeah. Which way?
[33:26.71]Now, you're sure this space freighter will return to its port of origin...
[33:29.73]once it jettisons its food supply? -Uh-huh.
[33:32.13]And when we get there, we'll be able to find a way to transport you home.
[33:36.72]-Well, then, let's climb aboard. -No, no, no, wait, Buzz! Buzz!
[33:40.47]-Let's get in the back. No one will see us there. -Negative.
[33:43.39]There are no restraining harnesses in the cargo area.
[33:45.90]-We'll be much safer in the cockpit. -Yeah, bu..
[33:48.19]-Buzz! Buzz! That's two lefts and a right, huh?
[33:52.05]-Thanks for the directions, okay? -Yeah. And remember, kid..
[34:08.84]It's safer in the cockpit than the cargo bay. What an idiot.
[34:36.58]Next shuttle liftoff is scheduled for...
[34:39.19]T-minus 30 seconds and counting.
[34:45.55]You are clear to enter.
[34:47.74]Welcome to Pizza Planet.
[34:50.97]The white zone is for immediate pizza..
[34:55.45]There you are.
[34:58.69]Now, the entrance is heavily guarded. We need a way to get inside.
[35:01.61]-Great idea, Woody.
[35:04.53]I like your thinkin'.
[35:07.34]You are clear to enter.
[35:09.84]-Welcome to Pizza Planet. -Now!
[35:12.56]Quickly, Sheriff! The air lock is closing.
[35:15.27]Jones, party of five, your shuttle is now boarding..
[35:18.50]Hey, Mom, can we have some


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