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[00:46.54]Movie Fan News presents:
[00:49.31]Spotlight on "Adventure".
[00:52.80]What you are now witnessing is footage never before seen by civilized humanity,
[00:56.79]a lost world in South America,
[00:58.80]lurking in the shadow of Majestic Paradise Falls
[01:01.06]it's full of plants and animals undiscovered by science.
[01:04.57]Who would dare set foot on this inhospitable summit?
[01:08.15]Why, our subject today, Charles Muntz.
[01:11.73]The beloved explorer lands his dirigible, "The Spirit of Adventure",
[01:14.81]into Hampshire, this week,
[01:16.03]completing a year long expedition
[01:17.86]to the lost world.
[01:19.53]This mighty aircraft was designed by Charles Muntz himself
[01:21.87]and is longer than 22 throw edition petty waggons placed end to end.
[01:26.03]And here comes the adventurer now.
[01:28.49]Never-apart from his faithful dogs,
[01:30.88]Muntz conceived the craft for the canine comfort.
[01:33.59]It's a veritable flouting palace in the sky
[01:35.76]complete with doggy baths and mechanical canine walker.
[01:39.00]And Jiminy Cricket!
[01:43.31]To the locals he's considered a business and hero! And how!
[01:45.18]Adventure is out there!
[01:49.69]But what has Muntz brought back this time?
[01:51.77]Gentlemen, I give you the Monster of Paradise Falls!
[01:56.90]And gully, what a swell monster this is!
[02:00.73]But what's this? Scientists cry "Foul!"
[02:04.49]The National Explorers Society accuses Muntz of fabricating the skeleton.
[02:09.37]The organization strips Muntz of his membership.
[02:15.88]Humiliated, Muntz vows to return to Paradise Falls
[02:18.56]and promises to capture the beast... alive.
[02:21.22]I promise to capture the beast alive!
[02:25.77]And I will not come back until I do!
[02:29.89]And so, the explorer's off to clear his name.
[02:31.97]Bon voyage, Charles Muntz!
[02:34.02]And good luck capturing the Monster of Paradise Falls!
[02:45.95]Here's Charles Muntz, piloting his faimous dirigible.
[02:53.42]He hurdles Pikes Peak.
[02:56.59]He hurdles the Grand Canyon.
[02:59.73]He hurdles Mount Everest!
[03:02.80]He goes around Mount Everest!
[03:06.85]Is there nothing he cannot do? UP
[03:10.20]Yes, as Muntz himself said,
[03:13.51]"Adventure... "
[03:15.26]"is out there!"!
[03:17.53]Look out! Mount Rushmore!
[03:19.40]Let's get "The Spirit of Adventure" over Mount Rushmore!
[03:25.41]Come on, make an effort! How are my dogs doing?
[03:31.54]All engines ahead, let's take her up to 26000 feet!
[03:36.58]Rudder 18 degrees towards South!
[03:39.08]It's a beautiful day.
[03:40.92]The wind blows from the east at 10 knots.
[03:43.22]Visibility... unlimited.
[03:45.47]Enter the weather in the log book!
[03:49.27]There is something down there. I will bring it back for science!
[03:53.64]It's a puppy!
[03:58.94]What are you doing?
[04:01.57]Don't you know this is an exclusive club?
[04:03.98]Only explorers get in here,
[04:05.49]not just any kid off the street with a helmet and a pair of goggles!
[04:09.49]- You think you got what it takes? Do you? - I...
[04:14.67]All right, you're in! Welcome aboard!
[04:18.17]What's wrong? Can't you talk?
[04:23.01]Hey, I don't bite.
[04:29.31]You and me, we are in a club now!
[04:31.84]GRAPE SODA
[04:36.19]I saw where your baloon went. Come on, let's go get it!
[04:41.28]My name is Ellie.
[04:46.28]There it is!
[04:51.74]Well... go ahead.
[04:58.58]Go on.
[05:21.98]Hey, kid!
[05:24.32]I thought you might need a little cheering up.
[05:27.36]I got something to show you!
[05:31.03]I am about to let you see something
[05:32.66]I have never shown to another human being.
[05:35.25]Ever... in my life!
[05:39.04]You have to swear you will not tell anyone!
[05:42.50]Cross your heart!
[05:45.79]Do it!
[05:48.88]My adventure book!
[05:51.89]You know him. C.MUNTZ, MAN OF THE YEAR.
[05:54.52]Charles Muntz, explorer.
[05:57.98]When I get big, I'm going where he's going.
[06:01.31]South America.
[06:03.90]It's like America, but South.
[06:06.73]Wander where I'm gonna live?
[06:09.52]Paradise Falls.
[06:12.07]A land lost in time.
[06:14.83]I ripped this right out of a library book!
[06:18.99]I'm gonna move my club house there!
[06:21.24]And park ut right next to the falls.
[06:23.45]Who knows what lives up there!
[06:27.05]And once I get there...
[06:29.13]I'm gonna save all these pages for all the adventures I'm gonna have.
[06:32.55]Only... I just don't know how I'm gonna get to Paradise Falls.
[06:45.61]That's it! You can take us there in a blimp!
[06:48.50]Swear you'll take us there! Cross your heart!
[06:51.36]Cross it! Cross your heart!
[06:53.91]Good, you promised. No backing out!
[06:57.79]Well, see you tomorrow, kid. Bye!
[07:01.87]Adventure is out there!
[07:04.79]You know, you don't talk very much.
[07:08.12]I like you.
[13:43.32]Quite a sight, hey, Ellie?
[13:49.57]Mail is here.
[14:03.21]SHADY OAKS, Retirement Village, oh, brother!
[14:17.60]Hey, good morning, Mr. Fredricksen.
[14:19.43]Need any help there?
[14:22.98]Yes. Tell your boss over there that you boys are ruining our house.
[14:26.73]Well, just to let you know,
[14:29.40]my boss will be happy to take this whole place off your hand.
[14:32.57]And would double his last offer.
[14:34.49]What do you say to that?
[14:36.87]I'll take that as a no, then.
[14:39.71]I believe I made my position to your boss quite clear.
[14:42.70]You poured prune juice in his gas tank.
[14:45.29]Yeah, that was good!
[14:47.38]Here, let me talk to him.
[14:50.76]You, in the suit. Yes, you!
[14:54.38]Take a bath, hippie!
[14:57.64]I am not with him!
[14:59.14]This is serious! He's out to get your house!
[15:02.40]Tell your boss he can have our house.
[15:06.65]When I'm dead!
[15:08.23]I'll take that as a "maybe".
[15:12.86]Order now: you get the camera, you get the printer, 4X optical zoom.
[15:17.28]Schneider Lens.
[15:19.75]Photo print...
[15:21.16]SD card.
[15:25.33]Good afternoon.
[15:26.83]My name is Russell
[15:28.25]and I am a wilderness explorer in tribe 54,
[15:32.00]squad lodge 12.
[15:33.47]Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?
[15:37.56]I could help you cross the street.
[15:40.98]I could help you cross your... yard?
[15:45.06]I could help you cross your... porch.
[15:49.32]Well, I gotta help you cross something.
[15:51.31]No, I'm doing fine.
[16:00.37]Good afternoon.
[16:01.54]- My name is Russell. - Kid...
[16:03.37]And I am a wilderness explorer in tribe 54.
[16:06.87]Slow down...
[16:08.13]- ... squad lodge 12. - Kid!
[16:09.50]- Are you in need of any assistance? - Thank you, but I don't need any help!
[16:22.18]Good afternoon.
[16:23.53]Skip to the end!
[16:26.52]See these? These are my wilderness explorer badges.
[16:30.15]You may notice one is missing.
[16:32.28]It's my "Assisting the elderly badge".
[16:34.70]If I get it, I'll become a senior wilderness explorer!
[16:39.94]The wilderness must be explored!
[16:46.25]It's gonna be great!
[16:47.17]There is a big ceremony and all the dads come and...
[16:50.16]we pin on our badges...
[16:51.92]- So you wanna assist an old person. - Yeah!
[16:54.88]Then I'll be a senior wilderness explorer!
[16:59.22]- Have you ever heard of a "snipe"? - "Snipe"?
[17:02.34]A bird. Big eyes.
[17:04.02]Every night it sneaks into my yard
[17:06.39]and gobbles my poor azaleas.
[17:08.72]I'm elderly and infirm.
[17:10.68]I can't catch it.
[17:12.36]- If only someone could help me... - Me, me, I'll do it!
[17:15.27]I don't know, it's awfully crafty.
[17:17.61]You'd have to clap your hands three times
[17:19.86]to lure it in.
[17:20.95]I'll find her, mr. Fredricksen!
[17:22.45]I think its burrow is two blocks down...
[17:24.57]Two blocks down. Got it!
[17:27.92]Snipe! Here, snipie, snipie...
[17:31.04]Bring it back here when you find it!
[17:37.80]And stop. Stop. Stop!
[17:41.60]Hey, hey!
[17:42.60]Hey, you! What do you think you're doing?
[17:46.84]I am so sorry, sir.
[17:48.40]Don't touch that!
[17:49.90]No, no, no, let me take care of that for you.
[17:51.27]Get away from our mailbox!
[17:52.44]- Sir... - I don't want you to touch that!
[18:10.04]It looks bad.
[18:43.24]Sorry, mr. Fredricksen.
[18:45.41]You don't seem like a public menace to me.
[18:47.78]Take this.
[18:49.50]The guys from "Shady Oaks" will be by to pick you up in the morning, ok?
[19:07.47]What do I do now, Ellie?
[20:39.61]Good morning, gentlemen.
[20:40.94]Good morning, mr. Fredricksen.
[20:42.69]You're ready to go?
[20:45.45]Ready as I'll ever be.
[20:47.49]Would you do me the favour and take this?
[20:49.55]I'll meet you in the van in just a minute.
[20:51.54]I... wanna say one last goodbye to the old place.
[20:56.33]Sure. Take all the time you need, sir.
[21:02.00]That's typical. He's probably going to the bathroom for the 80th time.
[21:05.83]You'd think he'd take better care of his house.
[21:51.26]So long, boys!
[21:53.01]I'll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls!
[23:24.44]We are on our way, Ellie.
[24:36.43]Hi, mr. Fredricksen.
[24:38.03]It's me, Russell.
[24:39.95]What are you doing out here, kid?
[24:42.08]I found the snipe and I followed it under your porch.
[24:45.75]But this snipe had a long tail
[24:48.30]and looked more like a large mouse.
[24:56.85]Please, let me in.
[25:04.44]Aw, all right. You can...
[25:07.94]come... in.
[25:18.87]I've never been in a floating house before.
[25:22.62]Goggles... Look at this stuff!
[25:25.12]Are you going on a trip?
[25:27.00]"Paradise Falls, a land lost in time".
[25:30.51]Are you going to South America, mr. Fredricksen?
[25:32.67]Don't touch that! You'll soil it.
[25:34.85]You know, most people take a plane.
[25:37.00]But you're smart,
[25:38.22]because you have your TV, clocks and stuff.
[25:40.31]Ooo, is this how you steer your house?
[25:43.35]Does it really work?
[25:47.31]This makes it turn right and that way is left.
[25:51.90]Hey, look! Buildings!
[25:54.65]That building's so close, I can almost touch it!
[25:59.95]Wow, this is great!
[26:03.16]You should try this, mr. Fredricksen.
[26:05.25]Look, there's a bus that could take me home two blocks away!
[26:08.41]Hey, I can see your house from here!
[26:12.34]Don't jerk around so much, kid!
[26:14.42]Well, that's not gonna work.
[26:17.93]I know that cloud, it's a "cumulonimbus".
[26:21.34]Did you know that a cumulonimbus...
[26:26.19]Aaa, I stayed up all night blowing up ballons... for what?
[26:29.93]That's nice, kid.
[26:38.49]What are you doing over there?
[26:53.75]See? Cumulonimbus.
[27:32.25]My bag!
[27:39.05]Got you!
[28:16.34]Uuu, I thought you were dead.
[28:22.01]What happened?
[28:23.09]I steered us. I did it! I steered the house.
[28:26.39]You steered us?
[28:27.85]After you tied your stuff down, you took a nap.
[28:30.55]So I went ahead and steered us down here.
[28:33.85]Yeah, sure.
[28:46.87]I can't tell where we are.
[28:49.58]O, we're in South America all right.
[28:51.37]It was a singe. I used my wilderness explorer GPS.
[28:55.24]GP... what?
[28:56.42]My dad gave it to me.
[28:57.92]It shows exactly where we are on the planet.
[29:02.50]With this baby we'll never be lost!
[29:12.77]We'll get you down, find a bus stop,
[29:16.90]and you'll just tell the man you want to get back to your mother.
[29:20.23]Sure, but I don't think they have buses in Paradise Falls.
[29:24.28]There, that ought to do it.
[29:26.99]There, I'll give you some change for the bus fare.
[29:30.40]No, I'll just use my city bus pass.
[29:33.08]It's just gonna be like a billion passes to get back to my house.
[29:44.05]Mr. Fredricksen, how much longer?
[29:45.63]Well, we're up pretty high.
[29:48.17]It'll take hours to get down.
[29:52.93]I think that was a building or something.
[29:57.10]What was that, mr. Fredricksen?
[29:58.86]We can't be close to the ground yet.
[30:10.62]Wait, no, no!
[30:14.08]Wait, wait!
[30:19.21]Hang on!
[30:34.85]Pull back!
[30:50.07]Where... where are we?
[30:53.24]This doesn't look like the city or the jungle, mr. Fredricksen.
[30:58.21]Don't worry, Ellie. I've got it.
[31:26.86]There it is!
[31:57.64]Ellie, it's so beautiful!
[32:01.01]We made it!
[32:03.31]We made it! Russell, we can float right over there.
[32:07.06]Climb up, climb up!
[32:09.03]Do you mean... assist you?
[32:10.20]- Yeah, whatever. - Ok, I'll climb up!
[32:18.66]- Watch it! - Sorry.
[32:27.75]When you get up there, go ahead and hoist me up.
[32:32.80]Got it?
[32:38.10]Are you on the porch yet?
[32:46.69]What? That's it?
[32:48.19]I came all this way here to get stuck on the wrong end of this rock pile?
[32:55.82]Ah... great.
[33:00.33]Hey, if I could assist you over there...
[33:03.49]would you sign up for my badge?
[33:06.54]What are you talking about?
[33:08.00]We could walk your house to the fall.
[33:10.47]- Walk it? - Yeah.
[33:12.22]After all we weigh it down, we could walk it right over there.
[33:16.00]Like a parade balloon.
[33:22.23]Now, we'll walk to the falls quickly and quietly,
[33:25.56]with no rap music or flash dancing.
[33:27.81]We have three days at best till the helium leaks out of those balloons.
[33:32.52]And if we are not at the falls when that happens...
[33:35.69]we're not getting to the falls.
[33:37.99]There... I found sand!
[33:40.28]Don't you worry, Ellie.
[33:42.50]We'll get our house over there.
[33:49.34]It is fun already, isn't it?
[33:51.25]By the time we get there,
[33:53.13]You're gonna feel so assisted... Oh, mr. Fredricksen,
[33:56.75]if we happen to get separated,
[33:59.04]use the wilderness explorer call.
[34:05.44]Wait, why are we going to Paradise Falls, again?
[34:07.56]Hey, let's play a game.
[34:09.19]It's called: "See who can be quiet the longest".
[34:12.89]Cool! My mom loves that game!
[35:18.09]Darn thing...
[35:21.55]Come on, Russell, hurry it up.
[35:23.76]Ah, I'm tired.
[35:25.71]My knee hurts.
[35:27.88]Which knee?
[35:30.02]My elbow hurts and I have to go to the bathroom.
[35:34.35]I asked you about that five minutes ago.
[35:36.94]I didn't have to go then!
[35:40.58]I don't wanna walk anymore...
[35:44.20]Please, stop...
[35:47.25]Russell, if you don't hurry up, the tigers will eat you.
[35:49.91]There are no tigers in South America.
[35:56.84]Ah, for the love of Pete... Go on into the bushes and do your business.
[36:00.04]Ok. Here! Hold my stuff!
[36:03.80]I've always wanted to try this.
[36:09.81]Mr. Fredricksen, am I suppose to dig the hole before or after?
[36:15.27]That's none of my concern.
[36:18.57]Oh, it's "before"!
[36:33.71]Here, snipe.
[36:36.59]Come on out, snipe.
[37:01.44]Got you. Don't be afraid, little snipe.
[37:04.02]I am a wilderness explorer,
[37:05.82]so I'm a friend to all of nature.
[37:08.82]Want some more?
[37:13.67]Hi, boy. Don't eat it all.
[37:15.95]Come on out.
[37:19.75]Come on. Come on...
[37:22.30]Don't be afraid, little snipe.
[37:24.88]Nice snipe. Good little snipe.
[37:27.42]Nice giant... snipe!
[37:35.60]I found the snipe.
[37:38.22]Oh, did you?
[37:40.86]- Are they tall? - Oh, yes. They're very tall.
[37:42.69]Do they have a lot of colors?
[37:44.27]They do, indeed.
[37:45.78]- Do they like chocolate? - Oh, yeah...
[37:51.62]What is that thing?
[37:53.87]It's a snipe.
[37:55.96]There no such thing as a snipe!
[37:58.58]But you said...
[38:01.55]Go on, get out of here! Go!
[38:13.22]Careful, Russell.
[38:16.31]Look, mr. Fredricksen, he likes me.
[38:19.90]- Russell! - No, stop! That tickles!
[38:23.44]Get out of here! Go on! Get!
[38:33.54]No, no, no. Kevin, it's ok.
[38:36.85]Mr. Fredricksen is nice.
[38:40.08]- Kevin? - Yes, that's the name I just gave him.
[38:42.80]Bit it, boo, scram!
[38:45.02]Hey, that's mine!
[38:51.47]Shoo, shoo! Get out of here!
[38:54.18]Go on, bit it!
[39:02.15]Can we keep him? Please?
[39:04.57]I'll get the food for him, I'll walk him, I'll change his newspapers...
[39:09.28]An explorer is a friend to all,
[39:11.99]be it a plant, a fish or a tiny mole.
[39:14.08]That doesn't even rhyme.
[39:16.49]Yeah, it does.
[39:18.46]- Hey, look, Kevin. - What?
[39:20.33]Hey, get down from there! You're not allowed up there!
[39:25.46]You come down here right now!
[39:32.10]Can you believe this, Ellie?
[39:37.60]Hey, Ellie, can I keep the bird?
[39:42.65]She said for you to let me.
[39:45.40]But I told him no. I told you no.
[39:47.81]N - o!
[40:00.46]I see you, back there.
[40:05.09]Go on, get out of here! Shoo! Go annoy someone else for a while.
[40:08.50]Hey, are you ok over there?
[40:21.53]Oh, hello, sir. Thank Goodness.
[40:24.74]It's nice to know someone else is up here.
[40:27.69]I can smell you.
[40:31.70]You can... smell us?
[40:34.55]I can smell you.
[40:44.47]- Hey! - You were talking to a rock.
[40:47.71]Hey, that one looks like a turtle.
[40:50.93]Look at that one! That one looks like a dog!
[40:54.14]- Ah, it is a dog. - What?
[40:57.06]We're not allowed to have dogs in my appartment.
[41:01.15]Hey, I like dogs!
[41:04.71]We have your dog!
[41:08.20]- I wonder whom he belongs to. - Sit, boy.
[41:09.90]Hey, look, he's trained!
[41:12.75]Aha. Speak.
[41:14.64]Hi, there.
[41:16.96]Did that dog just say "Hi, there"?
[41:19.37]Oh, yes!
[41:21.38]My name is Dug. I just met you and I love you.
[41:24.88]My master made me this collar.
[41:27.59]He is a good and smart master and he made me this collar
[41:31.05]so that I may talk. Squirrel!
[41:33.61]My master is good and smart.
[41:36.14]It's not possible.
[41:37.44]It is because my master is smart.
[41:39.45]Hey, cool! What do these do, boy?
[41:41.43]Would you cut...
[41:44.19]I'd use that collar... I would be happy if you stopped.
[41:47.57]Russell, don't touch that.
[41:49.78]It could be... radioactive or something.
[41:51.74]I am a great tracker. My master sent me on a special mission.
[41:54.11]All by myself. Have you seen a bird?
[41:56.62]I want to find one and I've been on a scent.
[41:59.01]I'm a great tracker. Did I mention that?
[42:03.17]Hey, that is a bird. I have never seen one up close,
[42:07.08]but this is the bird.
[42:08.59]May I take your bird up to camp as my prisoner?
[42:10.92]Yes, yes, take it.
[42:12.47]And on the way, learn how to bark like a real dog.
[42:14.76]I can bark.
[42:16.52]And here's howling.
[42:20.73]Can we keep him, please? Please, please, please?
[42:24.14]- No. - But it's a talking dog!
[42:27.65]It's just a weird trick or something.
[42:29.65]Let's get to the fall.
[42:31.82]Please, be my prisoner! Oh, please oh, please, be my prisoner!
[42:38.83]Oh, here it is! I picked up the bird's scent!
[42:40.95]Wait a minute, wait a minute. What is this?
[42:43.09]Chocolate. I smell chocolate.
[42:45.55]I'm getting prunes and ginger cream.
[42:48.63]Who are they?
[42:49.93]Oh, man, the master will not be pleased.
[42:52.60]We'd better tell him someone took the bird, right, Alfa?
[42:58.43]Soon enough the bird will be ours again.
[43:01.39]Find the scent, my compadres,
[43:02.44]and you, too, shall have much rewarding from the master
[43:05.98]for the toil that you did.
[43:07.90]Hey, Alfa, I think there's something wrong with your collar.
[43:12.40]You must have broken it.
[43:15.37]Yeah. Your voice sounds funny.
[43:19.54]Beta, Delta!
[43:20.71]Perhaps you desire... Squirrel!
[43:25.04]Perhaps you desire to challenge the right that I have been assigned by my strength and cunning.
[43:30.08]No, no. No.
[43:32.38]But maybe Dug would.
[43:35.32]You might wanna ask him.
[43:38.27]I wonder if he's found the bird on his "very special mission".
[43:41.14]Do not mention Dug to me at this time.
[43:43.27]His fool's errand will keep him most occupied...
[43:46.77]Most occupied, indeed.
[43:49.19]Do you not agree with that which I'm saying to you now?
[43:51.82]Sure. But the second the master finds out that you sent Dug out by himself,
[43:56.78]none of us will get a treat.
[44:00.00]You're unwise, my trusted lieutenant.
[44:03.24]This is Alfa. Calling Dug. Come in, Dug.
[44:05.78]Hi, Alfa. Your voice sounds funny.
[44:08.29]I know, I know!
[44:10.63]Have you seen the bird?
[44:13.30]Oh, yes. The bird is my prisoner now.
[44:15.46]Yeah, right.
[44:18.06]Impossible. Where are you?
[44:20.60]I am here with the bird and I will bring it back
[44:23.76]and then you like me. Oh, gotta go.
[44:25.47]Dug, who are you talking to?
[44:27.31]- Wait, wait! - What is Dug doing?
[44:29.37]Why is he with the small mailman?
[44:31.40]Where are they?
[44:33.52]There he is.
[44:35.62]Come on!
[44:41.50]Please, oh, please, be my prisoner.
[44:45.03]Dug, stop bothering Kevin!
[44:47.58]That man over there says I can take the bird.
[44:49.50]And I love that man there like he is my master.
[44:51.38]I am not your master!
[44:53.55]I am warning you once again, bird!
[44:55.30]- Hey, quit it! - I am jumping on you now, bird!
[44:57.59]At this rate we will never get to the falls!
[45:06.77]I am nobody's master, got it?
[45:09.52]I don't want you here and I don't want you here!
[45:11.85]I'm stuck with you!
[45:14.49]If you two don't clear out of here by the time I count to three...
[45:16.57]A ball! Oh, boy, oh, boy, a ball!
[45:19.74]Ball? You want a ball?
[45:23.50]Yes, I do! I ever so want the ball!
[45:26.58]Go get it! Oh, boy, I will get it and then bring it back!
[45:29.62]Quick, Russell, give me some chocolate.
[45:32.50]- Why? - Just give to me!
[45:34.04]Bird! Bird!
[45:36.01]Come on, Russell.
[45:39.47]Wait! Wait, mr. Fredricksen!
[45:47.02]What are you doing?
[45:53.40]Hey, we're pretty far now.
[45:56.69]Kevin's gonna miss.
[46:03.41]I think that did the trick.
[46:07.25]Hi, master.
[46:36.11]Well, thanks for keeping us dry, anyway, Ellie.
[46:40.44]Which one is the front?
[46:43.03]Well, boy...
[46:45.70]Is this step three or step five?
[46:55.67]All done. That's for you.
[47:05.26]Well, tents are hard.
[47:08.14]Wait, aren't you super wilderness guy
[47:11.05]with the GPS and the badges?
[47:13.64]Yeah, but...
[47:15.65]Can I tell you a secret?
[47:18.69]- No. - All right. Here it goes.
[47:21.74]I never actually built a tent before. There! I said it.
[47:25.45]You've been camping before, haven't you?
[47:28.62]Well, never outside...
[47:31.50]Well, why didn't you ask your dad how to build a tent?
[47:35.00]I don't think he wants to talk about this stuff.
[47:38.17]Try him sometime, maybe he'll surprise you.
[47:41.13]He's away alot, I don't see him much.
[47:43.59]He's gotta be home sometime.
[47:45.26]I call, but Phyllis told me I bug him too much.
[47:49.60]Phyllis? You call your own mother by her first name?
[47:52.81]- Phyllis isn't my mom. - Oh!
[48:05.78]But he promised he'd come to my Explorers Ceremony
[48:09.61]to pin on my "Assisting the elderly badge".
[48:12.83]So he can show me how about the tent then, right?
[48:22.63]Hey, why don't you get some sleep?
[48:26.18]We don't want to wake the travelling flea circus.
[48:32.10]Dle Fredricksen, Dug says he wants to take Kevin prisoner.
[48:35.27]We have to protect him.
[48:42.11]Can Kevin go with us?
[48:44.79]All right, he can come.
[48:47.41]Promise you won't leave him?
[48:50.95]Cross your heart?
[48:59.21]Cross my heart.
[49:08.47]What have I got myself into, Ellie?
[49:32.95]Good morning, sweetheart.
[49:37.08]We'd better get moving.
[49:42.17]The bird's gone. Maybe Russell won't notice.
[49:47.00]All right, everybody up!
[49:48.72]Where's Kevin? He's wondered off!
[49:51.18]- Dug, find Kevin! Kevin! - Find the bird, find the bird!
[49:56.27]Oh, look! There he is...
[50:01.77]Hey, that's my roof! Get off my roof!
[50:04.89]Yeah, get off of his WROOF!
[50:11.99]What is he doing?
[50:14.24]The bird is calling to her babies.
[50:16.49]Her babies!
[50:19.92]Kevin is a... girl?
[50:24.25]Her house is over there, on those twisty rocks.
[50:27.26]She's been gathering food for her babies and must get back to them.
[50:31.46]Wait, Kevin is just leaving.
[50:36.22]But you promised to protect her.
[50:39.64]Her babies need her. We gotta make sure they're together.
[50:42.85]Sorry, Russell. We've lost enough time already.
[50:55.49]It was her favorite chocolate.
[50:59.00]Because you sent her away, there's more for you.
[51:26.86]Where's the bird? You said you had the bird!
[51:29.35]Oh, yes, oh, yes. If I had said that,
[51:31.54]I can see how you would think that.
[51:33.69]Where is it?
[51:34.82]Oh, tomorrow. Come back tomorrow and then I will again have the bird. Yes.
[51:42.37]You lost it. why do I not have a surprised feeling?
[51:46.20]Well, at least you now have led us to the small
[51:50.06]mailman and to the one that smells as prunes.
[51:53.93]The master will be most pleased we have found them.
[51:56.76]He will ask them many questions. Come.
[51:58.42]Wait! We're not going with you.
[52:01.26]We're going to the fall.
[52:04.85]Get away from me!
[53:15.63]You came here... in that?
[53:20.64]In a house? A floating house?
[53:32.07]That is the darnest thing I've ever seen!
[53:35.98]You're not after my bird, are you?
[53:38.99]But if you need to borrow a cup of sugar, I'd be happy to oblige!
[53:47.54]Well, this is all a misunderstanding.
[53:50.08]My dogs made a mistake.
[53:52.13]Wait. Are you Charles Muntz?
[53:55.17]Well... yes.
[53:58.09]The Charles Muntz?
[54:00.23]Adventure's out there!
[54:02.34]It's really him!
[54:04.10]That's Charles Muntz!
[54:06.34]It is?
[54:07.48]Who's Charles Muntz?
[54:10.35]Carl Fredricksen. My wife and I, we were your biggest fans.
[54:14.48]Oh, well, you're a man of good taste.
[54:18.99]Now you must be tired. Hungry?
[54:22.24]Atention, everyone! These people are no longer intruders.
[54:25.99]They are our guests.
[54:27.78]Yeah! All right! I like you temporarily.
[54:34.92]I will not bite you.
[54:38.26]The small mailman smells like chocolate!
[54:41.21]I'm sorry about the dogs,
[54:43.55]I hope they weren't too... rough on you.
[54:46.10]Go ahead and pull your airship right next to mine.
[54:56.28]We are not actually going inside the "Spirit of Adventure" itself?
[54:59.27]Oh, would you like to?
[55:02.40]Would I?
[55:05.33]Wait up, mr. Muntz!
[55:07.97]Jiminy Cricket!
[55:10.54]- Not you! - What do we do with Dug?
[55:12.71]He lost the bird. Put him in "the cone of shame".
[55:19.59]I do not like "the cone of shame".
[55:25.43]Most of the collection is housed in the world's top museums:
[55:28.34]New York, M黱ich, London.
[55:30.73]Of course, I kept the best for myself.
[55:33.39]Did you ever. Look at that!
[55:36.18]Oh, yes. The Arseloterium.
[55:38.90]The beast charged while I was brushing my teeth.
[55:41.77]I used my shaving kit to bring it down.
[55:43.07]Oh, yeah, now, surprise me.
[55:46.62]The only way to get it out of Ethiopia at the time was
[55:48.99]to have it declared technical weapon.
[55:53.25]Oh, my Gosh! The giant Somalian Labradodis!
[55:55.95]Oh, you recognize it? I'm impressed!
[55:58.41]There's an interesting story there.
[56:00.83]Excellent choice.
[56:03.17]I found it on safari,
[56:05.46]with Roosevelt.
[56:07.10]He and I fell into a habit of playing Gin Rummy in the evenings
[56:11.01]and did he cheat!
[56:13.28]He was horrible.
[56:17.86]Master, dinner is ready.
[56:19.39]Oh, dear, broken translator.
[56:20.86]I think it's that loose wire again.
[56:24.82]- There you go, big fellow. - Thank you, master.
[56:26.90]I liked his other voice.
[56:30.33]Well, dinner is served.
[56:32.45]Right this way.
[56:34.12]So, how are things States side?


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