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[00:52.39]Once upon a time
[00:54.39]in a kingdom far, far away,
[00:57.19]the king and queen were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.
[01:01.79]And throughout the land, everyone was happy...
[01:05.39]until the sun went down
[01:07.19]and they saw that their daughter was cursed with a frightful enchantment
[01:11.30]that took hold each and every night.
[01:15.89]Desperate, they sought the help of a fairy godmother
[01:19.79]who had them lock the young princess away in a tower,
[01:22.49]there to await the kiss...
[01:24.99]of the handsome Prince Charming.
[01:30.40]It was he who would chance the perilous journey
[01:32.60]through blistering cold and scorching desert
[01:35.59]traveling for many days and nights,
[01:37.70]risking life and limb
[01:39.19]to reach the Dragon 's keep.
[01:47.70]For he was the bravest,
[01:48.90]and most all the land.
[01:55.78]And it was destiny
[01:59.69]his kiss
[02:02.30]would break the dreaded curse.
[02:06.29]He alone would
[02:07.70]climb to the highest room of the tallest tower to enter the princess's chambers,
[02:11.00]cross the room to her sleeping silhouette,
[02:15.20]pull back the gossamer curtains to find her...
[02:21.30]Princess... Fiona?
[02:24.79]Oh, thank heavens.
[02:27.00]Where is she?
[02:28.19]She's on her honeymoon
[02:29.19]Honeymoon? With whom?
[02:45.59]So she said what's the problem, baby?
[02:49.10]What's the problem? I don't know
[02:51.01]Well maybe I'm in love (love)
[02:53.10]Think about it every time I think about it
[02:55.60]Can't stop thinking 'bout it
[02:57.99]How much longer will it take to cure this?
[03:01.20]Just to cure it, 'cause I can't ignore it
[03:04.00]if it's love (love)
[03:05.40]Makes me wanna turn around and face me
[03:07.70]But I don't know nothing 'bout love
[03:10.40]Oh, come on, come on
[03:12.31]Turn a little faster
[03:14.60]Come on, come on
[03:16.20]The world will follow after
[03:18.30]Come on, come on
[03:19.90]Everybody's after love
[03:29.00]So I said I'm a snowball running
[03:32.70]Running down into this spring that's coming all this love
[03:36.60]Melting under blue skies ,Belting out sunlight
[03:40.09]Shimmering love
[03:42.20]Well, baby, I surrender
[03:44.00]To the strawberry ice cream
[03:46.11]Never ever end of all this love
[03:49.20]Well, I didn't mean to do it
[03:51.20]But there's no escaping your love
[03:55.19]These lines of lightning mean we're never alone
[03:59.40]Never alone, no, no
[04:01.71]Come on, come on
[04:03.31]Jump a little higher
[04:05.30]Come on, come on
[04:06.40]If you feel a little lighter
[04:08.81]Come on, come on
[04:10.11]We were once upon a time in love
[04:17.71]We 're accidentally in love
[04:21.29]Accidentally in love
[04:24.80]Accidentally in love
[04:28.20]Accidentally in love
[04:31.79]Accidentally in love
[04:35.20]Accidentally in love
[04:36.31]Accidentally in love
[04:40.30]I'm in love, I'm in love
[04:43.80]I'm in love, I'm in love
[04:49.30]I'm in love
[04:53.21]I'm in love
[04:55.51]It's so good to be home!
[05:00.22]Just you and me and...
[05:05.81]Two can be as bad as one...
[05:10.91]Shrek! Fiona!
[05:12.50]Aren't you two a sight for sore eyes!
[05:14.51]Give us a hug, Shrek,
[05:15.31]you old love machine.
[05:17.40]And look at you, Mrs. Shrek.
[05:19.91]How 'bout a side of sugar for the steed?
[05:21.61]Donkey, what are you doing here?
[05:23.81]Taking care of your love nest for you.
[05:25.91]Oh, you mean like... sorting the mail
[05:28.71]and watering the plants?
[05:30.21]Yeah, and feeding the fish!
[05:31.91]I don't have any fish.
[05:33.41]You do now.
[05:34.50]I call that one Shrek and the other Fiona.
[05:36.31]That Shrek is a rascally devil. Get your...
[05:39.21]Look at the time. I guess you'd better be going.
[05:42.02]Don't you want to tell me about your trip?
[05:43.52]Or how about a game of Parcheesi?
[05:46.22]Actually, Donkey? Shouldn't you be getting home to Dragon?
[05:51.22]Oh, yeah, that.
[05:53.21]I don't know. She's been all moody and stuff lately.
[05:56.21]I thought I'd move in with you.
[05:58.22]You know we're always happy to see you, Donkey.
[06:01.00]But Fiona and I are married now.
[06:03.61]We need a little time, you know, to be together.Just with each other.
[06:12.51]Say no more.
[06:15.41]You don't have to worry about a thing.
[06:17.91]I will always be here to make sure nobody bothers you.
[06:20.21]Yes, roomie?
[06:21.21]You're bothering me.
[06:23.81]Oh, OK. All right,
[06:25.91]cool. I guess... Me and Pinocchio was going to catch a tournament, anyway, so...
[06:31.31]Maybe I'll see y'all Sunday for a barbecue or something.
[06:37.51]He'll be fine. Now,
[06:40.52]where were we?
[06:41.91]I think I remember.
[06:48.81]I know, I know! Alone! I'm going! I'm going.
[06:52.32]What do you want me to tell these other guys?
[07:06.12]Enough, Reggie.
[07:11.51]"Dearest Princess Fiona.
[07:13.92]"You are hereby summoned to the Kingdom of Far, Far Away
[07:18.21]"for a royal ball in celebration of your marriage
[07:22.62]"at which time the King will bestow his royal blessing...
[07:27.02]" upon you and your...uh... Prince Charming."
[07:32.02]"Love, the King and Queen of Far, Far Away.
[07:37.32]"aka Mom and Dad."
[07:39.42]Mom and Dad?
[07:40.62]Prince Charming?
[07:42.41]Royal ball? Can I come?
[07:44.31]We're not going.
[07:46.31]I mean,
[07:47.42]don't you think they might be a bit... shocked
[07:50.32]to see you like this?
[07:52.11]Well, they might be a bit surprised.
[07:54.91]But they're my parents, Shrek. They love me.
[07:58.02]And don't worry. They'll love you, too.
[08:00.72]Yeah, right.
[08:04.51]Stop it. They're not like that.
[08:06.42]How do you explain Sergeant Pompous
[08:08.82]and the Fancy Pants Club Band?
[08:10.02]Oh, come on! You could at least give them a chance.
[08:13.12]To do what? Sharpen their pitchforks?
[08:15.73]No! They just want to give you their blessing.
[08:19.02]Oh, great. Now I need their blessing?
[08:22.32]If you want to be a part of this family, yes!
[08:25.12]Who says I want to be part of this family?
[08:27.21]You did! When you married me!
[08:30.33]Well, there's some fine print for you!
[08:32.72]So that's it. You won't come?
[08:35.92]Trust me. It's a bad idea.
[08:37.82]We are not going! And that's final!
[08:43.51]Come on! We don't want to hit traffic!
[08:48.52]Don't worry! We'll take care of everything.
[09:01.22]Hey, wait for me. Oof!
[09:02.62]Hit it! Move 'em on! Head 'em up! Head 'em up, move 'em on! Head 'em up!
[09:07.22]Rawhide! Move 'em on! Head 'em up!
[09:10.23]Move 'em on! Move 'em on! Head 'em up! Rawhide!
[09:27.53]Are we there yet?
[09:33.43]Are we there yet?
[09:34.72]Not yet.
[09:39.03]OK, are we there yet?
[09:42.83]Are we there yet?
[09:44.44]Are we there yet?
[09:48.02]Are we there yet?
[09:49.63]Are we there yet?
[09:50.54]We are not!
[09:51.13]- Are we there yet? - No!
[09:54.82]Are we there yet?
[09:56.93]That's not funny.
[09:58.32]That's really immature.
[10:01.63]This is why nobody likes ogres.
[10:03.73]Your loss!
[10:04.84]I'm gonna just stop talking.
[10:08.84]This is taking forever, Shrek.
[10:10.32]There's no in-flight movie or nothing!
[10:11.93]The Kingdom of Far, Far Away, Donkey.
[10:15.53]That's where we're going. Far, far...away!
[10:21.93]All right, all right, I get it
[10:24.22]I'm just so darn bored.
[10:25.62]Well, find a way to entertain yourself.
[10:50.64]For five minutes...
[10:53.53]Could you not be yourself...
[10:55.84]for five minutes!
[11:05.34]Are we there yet?
[11:08.13]Oh, finally!
[11:24.84]It's going to be champagne wishes
[11:26.93]and caviar dreams from now on.
[11:29.53]Hey, good-looking! We'll be back to pick you up later!
[11:47.64]"Well I talk about it... about it..."
[11:56.63]Hey, everyone, look.
[11:57.14]"...Talk about it talk about movin..."
[12:08.13]Hey, ladies! Nice day for a parade, huh?
[12:09.33]You working that hat.
[12:18.44]Swimming pools! Movie stars!
[12:59.03]Announcing the long-awaited return of the beautiful Princess Fiona
[13:03.04]and her new husband.
[13:07.85]Well, this is it.
[13:09.65]This is it.
[13:10.74]This is it.
[13:11.94]This is it.
[13:35.15]Uh... why don't you guys go ahead? I'll park the car.
[13:44.64]you still think this was a good idea?
[13:47.23]Of course!
[13:48.74]Look. Mom and Dad look happy to see us.
[13:51.63]Who on earth are they?
[13:53.95]I think that's our little girl.
[13:55.95]That's not little! That's a really big problem.
[13:59.44]Wasn't she supposed to kiss Prince Charming and break the spell?
[14:02.95]Well, he's no Prince Charming, but they do look...
[14:06.04]Happy now?
[14:06.95]We came. We saw them.
[14:09.94]Now let's go before they light the torches.
[14:12.65]They're my parents.
[14:13.65]Hello? They locked you in a tower.
[14:16.35]That was for my own...
[14:17.55]Good! Here's our chance.
[14:19.25]Let's go back inside and pretend we're not home.
[14:21.55]Harold, we have to be...
[14:22.76]Quick! While they're not looking we can make a run for it.
[14:25.45]Shrek, stop it! Everything's gonna be...
[14:28.24]A disaster! There is no way...
[14:30.45]You can do this.
[14:31.44]I really... Really...
[14:33.65]to... be...
[14:43.24]I'd like you to meet my husband...Shrek.
[14:51.04]It's easy to see where Fiona gets her good looks from.
[15:32.95]Excuse me.
[15:35.14]Better out than in, I always say, eh, Fiona? That's good.
[15:43.95]I guess not.
[15:44.95]What do you mean, "not on the list"?
[15:46.55]Don't tell me you don't know who I am.
[15:47.95]What's happening, everybody? Thanks for waiting.
[15:52.45]I had the hardest time finding this place.
[15:53.45]No! No! Bad donkey! Bad! Down!
[15:56.26]No, Dad! It's all right. It's all right. He's with us.
[15:59.35]He helped rescue me from the dragon.
[16:01.05]That's me: the noble steed.
[16:02.86]Waiter! How 'bout a bowl for the steed?
[16:05.05]Oh, boy.
[16:09.16]Um, Shrek?
[16:09.85]Yeah?Oh, sorry!
[16:12.45]Great soup, Mrs Q.
[16:15.75]No, no. Darling.
[16:22.55]So, Fiona, tell us about where you live.
[16:26.25]Well...Shrek owns his own land.
[16:30.25]Don't you, honey?
[16:31.86]Oh, yes!
[16:33.25]It's in an enchanted forest
[16:36.15]abundant in squirrels and cute little duckies and...
[16:43.26]I know you ain't talking about the swamp.
[16:44.97]An ogre from a swamp. Oh! How original.
[16:48.97]I suppose that would be a fine place to raise the children.
[17:02.25]It's a bit early to be thinking about that, isn't it?
[17:05.06]- lndeed. I just started eating. - Harold!
[17:07.95]What's that supposed to mean?
[17:10.45]It's great, OK?
[17:11.66]For his type, yes.
[17:12.96]My type?
[17:14.35]I got to go to the bathroom.
[17:16.35]Dinner is served!
[17:18.25]Never mind. I can hold it.
[17:25.26]Bon appetit!
[17:26.96]Oh, Mexican food! My favorite.
[17:28.96]Let's not sit here with our tummies rumbling. Everybody dig in.
[17:32.95]Don't mind if I do, Lillian.
[17:34.16]I suppose any grandchildren I could expect from you would be...
[17:38.17]Ogres, yes!
[17:40.36]Not that there's anything wrong with that.
[17:42.26]Right, Harold?
[17:43.27]Oh, no! No! Of course, not!
[17:45.56]That is, assuming you don't eat your own young!
[17:49.37]No, we usually prefer the ones who've been locked away in a tower!
[17:54.56]Shrek, please!
[17:55.16]I only did that because I love her.
[17:56.96]Aye, day care or dragon-guarded castle.
[18:00.16]You wouldn't understand. You're not her father!
[18:08.55]It's so nice to have the family together for dinner.
[18:15.77]- Harold! - Shrek!
[18:16.96]- Fiona! - Fiona!
[18:17.97]- Mom! - Harold...
[19:23.57]Yourfallen tears have called to me
[19:26.76]So, here comes my sweet remedy
[19:31.97]I know what every princess needs
[19:36.96]For her to live life happily...
[19:44.17]Oh, my dear.
[19:45.07]Oh, look at you.
[19:46.96]You're all
[19:49.07]grown up.
[19:51.17]Who are you?
[19:52.67]Oh, sweet pea! I'm your fairy godmother.
[19:56.46]I have a fairy godmother?
[19:58.27]Shush, shush.Now, don't worry. I'm here to make it all better.
[20:03.47]With just a...
[20:07.47]Wave of my magic wand Your troubles will soon be gone
[20:11.37]With a flick of the wrist and just a flash You'll land a prince with a ton of cash
[20:13.97]A high-priced dress made by mice no less
[20:16.07]Some crystal glass pumps And no more stress
[20:18.08]Your worries will vanish, your soul will cleanse
[20:20.47]Confide in your very own furniture friends
[20:22.68]We 'll help you set a new fashion trend
[20:24.67]I'll make you fancy,
[20:27.37]I'll make you great
[20:29.97]The kind of girl a prince would date!
[20:31.67]They'll write your name on the bathroom wall...
[20:34.37]"For a happy ever after, give Fiona a call!"
[20:35.97]A sporty carriage to ride in style, Sexy man boy chauffeur, Kyle
[20:40.06]Banish your blemishes, tooth decay, Cellulite thighs will fade away
[20:43.77]And oh, what the hey! Have a bichon frise!'
[20:47.17]Nip and tuck, here and there to land that prince with the perfect hair
[20:50.48]Lipstick liners, shadows blush To get that prince with the sexy tush
[20:53.97]Lucky day, hunk buffet You and your prince take a roll in the hay
[20:56.97]You can spoon on the moon With the prince to the tune
[21:00.38]Don't be drab, you'll be fab Your prince will have rock-hard abs
[21:03.08]Cheese souffle, Valentine's Day Have some chicken fricassee!
[21:05.78]Nip and tuck, here and there To land that prince with the perfect hair
[21:12.78]Thank you very much, Fairy Godmother,
[21:15.48]but I really don't need all this.
[21:20.37]Fine. Be that way. We didn't like you, anyway.
[21:30.57]Oh! You got a puppy? All I got in my room was shampoo.
[21:35.38]Fairy Godmother,
[21:38.57]I'd like you to meet my husband, Shrek.
[21:41.08]Your husband?
[21:42.07]What? What did you say?
[21:43.28]When did this happen?
[21:44.98]Shrek is the one who rescued me.
[21:46.67]But that can't be right.
[21:47.78]Oh, great, more relatives!
[21:50.78]She's just trying to help.
[21:52.09]Good! She can help us pack.
[21:53.98]Get your coat, dear. We're leaving.
[21:55.58]What? I don't want to leave.
[21:57.28]When did you decide this?
[21:58.58]Shortly after arriving.
[22:00.38]Look, I'm sorry...
[22:01.58]No, that's all right. I need to go, anyway.
[22:05.08]But remember, dear.
[22:06.48]If you should ever need me...
[22:08.37]happiness... is just a teardrop away.
[22:11.69]Thanks, but we've got all the happiness we need.
[22:13.47]Happy, happy, happy...
[22:15.58]So I see.
[22:18.48]Let's go, Kyle.
[22:23.07]- Very nice, Shrek. - What?
[22:24.68]I told you coming here was a bad idea.
[22:27.18]You could've at least tried to get along with my father.
[22:29.88]I don't think I was going to get Daddy's blessing,
[22:32.48]even if I did want it.
[22:34.28]Do you think it might be nice if somebody asked me what I wanted?
[22:38.48]Sure. Do you want me to pack for you?
[22:41.08]You're unbelievable!
[22:43.19]You're behaving like a...
[22:46.08]Go on! Say it!
[22:47.78]Like an ogre!
[22:49.09]Here's a news flash for you!
[22:50.48]Whether your parents like it or not... I am an ogre!
[23:00.48]And guess what, Princess? That's not about to change.
[23:10.19]I've made changes for you, Shrek. Think about that.
[23:16.08]That's real smooth, Shrek. "I'm an ogre!"
[23:46.09]I knew this would happen.
[23:47.69]You should. You started it.
[23:49.59]I can hardly believe that, Lillian.
[23:51.59]He's the ogre. Not me.
[23:53.79]I think, Harold, you're taking this a little too personally.
[23:57.19]This is Fiona's choice.
[23:59.39]But she was supposed to choose the prince we picked for her.
[24:02.57]I mean, you expect me to give my blessings to this... thing?
[24:07.09]Fiona does.
[24:08.09]And she'll never forgive you if you don't.
[24:11.49]I don't want to lose our daughter again, Harold.
[24:15.49]Oh, you act as if love is totally predictable.
[24:18.68]Don't you remember when we were young?
[24:21.18]We used to walk down by the lily pond and...
[24:24.49]they were in bloom...
[24:25.79]Our first kiss.
[24:27.90]It's not the same!
[24:29.19]I don't think you realize that our daughter
[24:31.69]has married a monster!
[24:33.50]Oh, stop being such a drama king.
[24:35.59]Fine! Pretend there's nothing wrong!
[24:38.98]Isn't it all wonderful! I'd like to know how it could get any worse!
[24:43.09]Hello, Harold.
[24:44.00]What happened?
[24:45.08]Nothing, dear!
[24:46.59]Just the old crusade wound playing up a bit!
[24:50.38]I'll just stretch it out here for a while.
[24:53.29]You better get in.
[24:54.28]We need to talk.
[24:56.19]Actually, Fairy Godmother, off to bed.
[24:58.69]Already taken my pills, and they tend to make me a bit drowsy.
[25:02.50]So, how about... we make this a quick visit.
[25:06.69]Oh, hello. Ha-ha-ha!
[25:11.89]So, what's new?
[25:13.28]You remember my son, Prince Charming?
[25:16.69]Is that you? My gosh! It's been years.
[25:20.80]When did you get back?
[25:23.00]Oh, about five minutes ago, actually.
[25:25.99]After I endured blistering winds, scorching desert...
[25:29.80]I climbed to the highest room in the tallest tower...
[25:32.09]Mommy can handle this.
[25:35.29]He endures blistering winds and scorching desert!
[25:39.10]He climbs to the highest bloody room of the tallest bloody tower...
[25:43.09]And what does he find?
[25:44.48]Some gender-confused wolf
[25:46.69]telling him that his princess
[25:48.49]is already married.
[25:50.09]It wasn't my fault. He didn't get there in time.
[25:53.20]Stop the car!
[25:59.30]You force me to do something I really don't want to do.
[26:04.49]Where are we?
[26:06.00]Hi. Welcome to Friar's Fat Boy! May I take your order?
[26:08.90]My diet is ruined! I hope you're happy. Er... okay.
[26:12.40]Two Renaissance Wraps, no mayo... chili rings...
[26:16.19]I'll have the Medieval Meal.
[26:17.50]One Medieval Meal and, Harold...Curly fries?
[26:20.70]No, thank you.
[26:21.70]Sourdough soft taco, then?
[26:22.71]No, really, I'm fine.
[26:23.69]Your order, Fairy Godmother.
[26:25.90]This comes with the Medieval Meal.
[26:28.30]There you are, dear.
[26:32.70]We made a deal, Harold,
[26:34.60]and I assume you don't want me to go back on my part.
[26:37.29]Indeed not.
[26:38.89]So, Fiona and Charming will be together.
[26:43.80]Believe me, Harold. It's what's best.
[26:46.60]Not only for your daughter...
[26:50.50]but for your Kingdom.
[26:56.19]What am I supposed to do about it?
[27:00.51]Use your imagination.
[27:41.20]Come on in, Your Majesty.
[27:49.00]I like my town
[27:53.51]With a little drop of poison
[27:58.30]Nobody knows...
[28:03.01]Excuse me.
[28:04.01]Do I know you?
[28:06.51]No, you must be mistaking me for someone else.
[28:09.40]Uh... excuse me. I'm looking for the Ugly Stepsister.
[28:15.70]Ah! There you are. Right.
[28:18.60]You see, I need to have someone taken care of.
[28:24.01]Who's the guy?
[28:24.91]Well, he's not a guy, per se.
[28:28.21]Um... He's an ogre.
[28:32.30]Hey, buddy, let me clue you in.
[28:34.51]There's only one fellow who can handle a job like that, and, frankly...
[28:37.50]he don't like to be disturbed.
[28:40.62]Where could I find him?
[28:49.21]Who dares enter my room?
[28:51.11]Sorry! I hope I'm not interrupting,
[28:53.21]but I'm told you're the one to talk to about an ogre problem?
[28:57.11]You are told correct.
[28:59.00]But for this, I charge a great deal of money.
[29:03.31]Would... this be enough?
[29:11.90]You have engaged my valuable services, Your Majesty.
[29:17.61]Just tell me where I can find this ogre.
[29:23.31](Eels: I Need Some Sleep)
[29:38.21]Everyone says I'm getting down too low
[29:45.72]Everyone says you've just gotta let it go
[29:52.82]You just gotta let it go
[30:04.91]I need some sleep
[30:07.51]Time to put the old horse down
[30:12.31]I'm in too deep
[30:14.92]And the wheels keep spinning round
[30:19.32]Everyone says you've just gotta let it go
[30:29.02]Dear Knight, I pray that you take this favor as a token of my gratitude.
[30:56.01]Dear Diary...
[30:57.52]Sleeping Beauty is having a slumber party tomorrow,
[31:00.32]but Dad says I can't go.
[31:01.91]He never lets me out after sunset.
[31:04.71]Dad says I'm going away for a while.
[31:07.21]Must be like some finishing school.
[31:10.81]Mom says that when I'm old enough,
[31:13.01]my Prince Charming will rescue me from my tower
[31:15.62]and bring me back to my family,
[31:18.52]and we'll all live happily ever after.
[31:22.82]Mrs. Fiona Charming.
[31:26.82]Mrs. Fiona Charming.
[31:28.92]Mrs. Fiona Charming.
[31:30.22]Mrs. Fiona Charming.
[31:41.91]Sorry. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
[31:45.51]No, no. I was just reading a, uh...
[31:49.22]a scary book.
[31:51.31]I was hoping you'd let me apologize for my despicable behavior earlier.
[31:57.12]I don't know what came over me.
[31:58.62]Do you suppose we could pretend it never happened and start over...
[32:01.51]Look, Your Majesty, I just...
[32:03.72]Please. Call me Dad.
[32:06.83]Dad. We both acted like ogres.
[32:09.73]Maybe we just need some time to get to know each other.
[32:12.93]Excellent idea!
[32:14.03]I was actually hoping you might join me for a morning hunt.
[32:17.53]A little father-son time?
[32:21.32]I know it would mean the world to Fiona.
[32:32.72]Shall we say, 7:30 by the old oak?
[32:42.43]Face it, Donkey! We're lost.
[32:44.42]We can't be lost. We followed the King's instructions exactly.
[32:47.42]"Head to the darkest part of the woods..."
[32:50.32]"Past the sinister trees with scary-looking branches."
[32:53.52]The bush shaped like Shirley Bassey!
[32:55.53]We passed that three times already!
[32:58.13]You were the one who said not to stop for directions.
[33:01.13]Oh, great.
[33:02.13]My one chance to fix things up with Fiona's dad
[33:05.33]and I end up lost in the woods with you!
[33:07.63]Don't get huffy! I'm only trying to help.
[33:10.33]I know! I know.
[33:14.72]I'm sorry, all right?
[33:15.92]Hey, don't worry about it.
[33:17.82]I just really need to make things work with this guy.
[33:21.02]Yeah, sure. Now let's go bond with Daddy.
[33:32.03]Well, well, well, Donkey.
[33:33.13]I know it was kind of a tender moment back there, but the purring?
[33:37.23]What? I ain't purring.
[33:39.13]Sure. What's next? A hug?
[33:41.53]Hey, Shrek. Donkeys don't purr. What do you think I am, some kind of a...
[33:44.92]Ha-ha! Fear me, if you dare!
[33:49.13]Look! A little cat.
[33:50.23]Look out, Shrek! He got a piece!
[33:51.73]It's a cat, Donkey. Come here, little kitty, kitty.
[33:56.13]Come on, little kitty. Come here. Oh! Come here, little kitty.
[34:03.42]Hold on, Shrek! I'm coming!
[34:05.03]Come on!
[34:06.23]Get it off!
[34:07.13]Get it off!Oh, God. Oh...No
[34:14.13]Look out, Shrek!
[34:15.52]Get it off!
[34:16.92]Hold still! Shrek! Hold still!
[34:20.04]Did I miss?
[34:22.54]You got them.
[34:27.43]Now, ye ogre, pray for mercy from...
[34:32.92]in Boots!
[34:35.52]I'll kill that cat!
[34:59.03]Oh! That is nasty!
[35:01.43]What should we do with him?
[35:03.13]Take the sword and neuter him.
[35:05.43]Give him the Bob Barker treatment.
[35:06.94]Oh, no! Por favor! Please!
[35:09.03]I implore you! It was nothing personal, Senor.
[35:11.63]I was doing it only for my family.My mother, she is sick.
[35:14.24]And my father lives off the garbage!
[35:17.44]The King offered me much in gold and I have a litter of brothers...
[35:19.93]Fiona's father paid you to do this?
[35:24.43]The rich King? Si.
[35:29.85]Well, so much for Dad's royal blessing.
[35:33.25]Don't feel bad.
[35:35.23]Almost everybody that meets you wants to kill you.
[35:37.04]Gee, thanks.
[35:41.44]Maybe Fiona would've been better off
[35:43.34]if I were some sort of Prince Charming.
[35:45.44]That's what the King said.
[35:49.04]Oh, uh... sorry. I thought that question was directed at me.
[35:53.64]Shrek, Fiona knows you'd do anything for her.
[35:56.53]Well, it's not like I wouldn't change if I could.
[36:00.13]I just... I just wish I could make her happy.
[36:05.73]Hold the phone...
[36:11.33]"A tear drop away."
[36:13.64]Donkey! Think of the saddest thing that's ever happened to you!
[36:18.24]Aw, man, where do I begin?
[36:20.34]First there was the time that old farmer tried to sell me for some magic beans.
[36:23.84]Then this fool had a party
[36:24.84]and he have the guests trying to pin the tail on me.
[36:28.55]Then they got drunk
[36:29.54]and start beating me with a stick,
[36:31.84]going "Pinata!!"
[36:32.75]What is a pinata, anyway?
[36:34.45]No, Donkey! I need you to cry!
[36:36.94]Don't go projecting on me.
[36:38.85]I know you're feeling bad, but you got to...
[36:43.53]You little, hairy, litter-licking sack of...
[36:53.15]What? Is it on? Is it on?
[36:55.74]This is Fairy Godmother.
[36:58.54]I'm either away from my desk or with a client.
[37:01.03]But if you come by the office,
[37:03.14]we'll be glad to make you an appointment.
[37:05.74]Have a "happy ever after. "
[37:11.54]Are you up for a little quest, Donkey?
[37:13.75]That's more like it!
[37:15.05]Shrek and Donkey, on another whirlwind adventure!
[37:17.55]Ain't no stoppin' us now! Whoo! We're on the move!
[37:20.95]Stop, Ogre!
[37:22.04]I have misjudged you.
[37:24.04]Join the club. We've got jackets.
[37:25.84]On my honor,
[37:27.05]I am obliged to accompany you until I have saved your life
[37:29.84]as you have spared me mine.
[37:31.73]The position of annoying talking animal has already been taken.
[37:35.24]Let's go, Shrek.
[37:47.75]- Shrek! - Aw, come on, Donkey. Look at him...
[37:50.25]in his wee little boots.
[37:52.24]You know, how many cats can wear boots? Honestly.
[37:55.35]Let's keep him!
[37:57.15]Say what?
[38:01.96]Listen. He's purring!
[38:03.66]Oh, so now it's cute.
[38:04.94]Come on, Donkey. Lighten up.
[38:06.95]Lighten up?
[38:07.55]Lighten up? I should lighten up?
[38:09.55]Look who's telling who to lighten up!
[38:32.04]They're both festive, aren't they?
[38:34.04]What do you think, Harold?
[38:36.06]Um... Yes, yes. Fine. Fine.
[38:40.55]Try to at least pretend you're interested in your daughter's wedding ball.
[38:44.55]Honestly, Lillian, I don't think it matters.
[38:47.05]How do we know there will even be a ball?
[38:49.45]Mom. Dad.
[38:51.15]Oh, hello, dear.
[38:52.55]What's that, Cedric? Right! Coming.
[38:55.25]Mom, have you seen Shrek?
[38:57.65]I haven't. You should ask your father.
[39:00.66]Be sure and use small words, dear.
[39:03.55]He's a little slow this morning.
[39:05.15]Can I help you, Your Majesty?
[39:06.95]Mmm! Exquisite. What do you call this dish?
[39:11.55]That would be the dog's breakfast, Your Majesty.
[39:14.84]Ah, yes. Very good, then. Carry on, Cedric.
[39:18.65]Dad? Dad, have you seen Shrek?
[39:21.25]No, I haven't, dear.
[39:22.64]I'm sure he just went off to look for a nice...
[39:25.05]mud hole to cool down in.
[39:26.65]You know, after your little spat last night.
[39:29.06]Oh. You heard that, huh?
[39:30.85]The whole kingdom heard you.
[39:33.15]I mean, after all, it is in his nature to be...
[39:34.56]well, a bit of a brute.
[39:38.55]You know, you didn't exactly roll out the Welcome Wagon.
[39:41.55]Well, what did you expect? Look at what he's done to you.


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