Rise of the Guardians 守护者联盟京东优惠,书讯快递

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[00:39.66]That's the first thing I remember.
[00:43.62]It was dark, and it was cold.
[00:47.63]And I was scared.
[00:53.42]But then,
[00:55.59]then I saw the moon.
[00:58.01]It was so big and it was so bright.
[01:01.81]It seemed to chase the darkness away.
[01:08.98]And when it did,
[01:11.78]I wasn't scared anymore.
[01:21.79]Why I was there and what I was meant to do,
[01:25.96]that I've never known.
[01:29.33]And a part of me wonders if I ever will.
[03:03.14]Hello. Hello.
[03:05.47]Good evening, ma'am. Ma'am?
[03:07.97]Excuse me. Can you tell me where I am?
[03:19.94]My name is Jack Frost.
[03:23.66]How do I know that?
[03:25.83]The moon told me so.
[03:28.95]But that was all he ever told me.
[03:32.17]And that was a long, long time ago.
[04:02.45]Still waiting for cookies!
[04:40.94]How many times have I told you to knock?
[04:45.91]The Globe?
[04:48.91]Shoo with your pointy heads.
[04:51.29]Why are you always under boot?
[05:03.51]What is this?
[05:08.01]Have you checked the axis? Is rotation balanced?
[05:39.96]Can it be?
[05:44.13]Make preparations.
[05:45.88]We are going to have company.
[06:11.32]Eighteen central incisors.
[06:12.95]Moscow, sector 9.
[06:14.33]22 incisors, 18 premolars.
[06:16.79]Heavy rain advisory.
[06:17.96]Des Moines, we've got a cuspid at 23 Maple.
[06:20.47]Head out!
[06:20.79]Wait! It's her first tooth.
[06:22.67]Have you ever seen a more adorable
[06:23.88]lateral incisor in all of your life?
[06:25.96]Look how she flossed.
[06:34.76]My fellow Guardians,
[06:36.39]it is ourjob to watch over the children of the world
[06:40.65]and keep them safe.
[06:42.48]To bring wonder, hope, and dreams.
[06:45.94]And so I have called us all here
[06:47.74]for one reason, and one reason only.
[06:50.82]The children are in danger.
[07:02.67]An enemy we have kept at bay for centuries
[07:06.25]has finally decided to strike back.
[07:09.09]We alone can stop him.
[07:17.68]It's freezing!
[07:21.23]I can't feel my feet! I can't feel my feet!
[07:25.48]Cookies? Eggnog? Anyone?
[07:27.53]This better be good, North.
[07:29.11]Sandy, thank you for coming.
[07:31.28]I know, I know.
[07:33.11]But I obviously wouldn't have called you all here
[07:35.53]unless it was serious.
[07:38.54]The Boogeyman was here! At the Pole!
[07:43.21]Pitch Black? Here?
[07:46.54]There was black sand covering the Globe.
[07:49.59]What do you mean, black sand?
[07:51.47]And then a shadow!
[07:53.34]Hold on, hold on. I thought you said you saw Pitch.
[07:55.30]Well, not exactly.
[07:57.51]"Not exactly"? Can you believe this guy?
[08:01.31]Yeah. You said it, Sandy.
[08:03.10]Look, he's up to something very bad.
[08:06.77]I feel it
[08:09.15]in my belly.
[08:10.90]Hang on, hang on.
[08:11.81]You mean to say you summoned me here three days before Easter
[08:15.02]because of your belly?
[08:16.71]if I did this to you three days before Christmas...
[08:18.54]Please, Bunny.
[08:19.67]Easter is not Christmas.
[08:21.58]Here we go.
[08:23.08]North, I don't have time for this!
[08:24.92]I've still got two million eggs to finish up!
[08:27.59]No matter how much you paint, is still egg.
[08:30.26]Look, mate, I'm dealing with perishables.
[08:32.67]Right? You've got all year to prepare!
[08:34.76]Why are rabbits always so nervous?
[08:37.35]And why are you always such a blowhard?
[08:39.76]Tooth! Can't you see we're trying to argue?
[08:42.75]Not all of us
[08:43.46]get to work one night a year.
[08:45.02]Am I right, Sandy?
[08:47.52]San Diego, sector 2.
[08:48.61]Come on, mate.
[08:49.25]Pitch went out with the Dark Ages.
[08:50.78]We made sure of it.
[08:52.44]I know it was him. We have serious situation.
[08:56.07]Well, I've got a serious situation with some eggs.
[09:08.13]Man in Moon!
[09:09.88]Sandy, why didn't you say something?
[09:14.47]It's been a long time, old friend.
[09:16.80]What is big news?
[09:32.98]It is Pitch.
[09:36.36]Manny, what must we do?
[09:47.25]Guys, you know what this means?
[09:49.42]He's choosing a new Guardian.
[09:51.29]What? Why?
[09:53.00]Must be big deal.
[09:54.27]Manny thinks we need help.
[09:56.26]Since when do we need help?
[09:58.47]I wonder who it's gonna be!
[10:00.55]Maybe the Leprechaun?
[10:02.01]Please not the Groundhog, please not the Groundhog.
[10:11.06]Jack Frost.
[10:14.11]I take it back. The Groundhog's fine.
[10:16.70]As long as he helps to protect the children.
[10:20.32]Jack Frost? He doesn't care about children!
[10:23.33]All right? All he does is freeze water pipes
[10:24.91]and mess with my egg hunts!
[10:26.87]All right? He's an irresponsible, selfish...
[10:30.04]Jack Frost is many things,
[10:31.84]but he is not a Guardian.
[10:57.90]Now that, that was fun.
[11:04.41]Take me home.
[11:16.92]Snow day!
[11:23.35]It's freezing!
[11:39.65]That looks interesting. Good book?
[11:41.95]-All right! -Yeah!
[11:44.03]-Snow day! -Snow day! Yeah.
[11:45.20]You're welcome.
[11:46.53]Guys, wait up!
[11:47.40]Are you guys coming to the egg hunt Sunday?
[11:50.00]Yeah! Free candy.
[11:51.41]I hope we can find the eggs with all this snow!
[11:55.63]It says here that
[11:56.52]they found Bigfoot hair samples
[11:58.13]and DNA in Michigan!
[12:00.30]That's like super-close!
[12:01.93]Here we go again.
[12:03.22]You saw the video too, Claude.
[12:04.57]He's out there.
[12:05.35]That's what you said about aliens.
[12:07.18]And the Easter Bunny!
[12:09.27]The Easter Bunny is real.
[12:11.23]He's real all right.
[12:12.35]Real annoying,
[12:14.17]real grumpy and really full of himself.
[12:15.23]Come on! You guys will believe anything.
[12:16.90]Easter Bunny, hop, hop, hop!
[12:19.65]Mom, Sophie fell again!
[12:21.82]You okay, Soph?
[12:23.28]Jamie, hat.
[12:24.49]We don't want Jack Frost nipping at your nose.
[12:26.74]Who's Jack Frost?
[12:28.16]No one, honey. It's just an expression.
[12:33.37]"Who's Jack Frost?"
[12:45.51]Okay, who threw that?
[12:47.39]Well, it wasn't Bigfoot, kiddo.
[12:53.18]Jamie Bennett, no fair!
[12:55.10]You struck first!
[13:00.86]All right, who needs ammo?
[13:04.65]Look at that!
[13:12.91]Crud! I hit Cupcake!
[13:14.79]-She hit Cupcake. -You hit Cupcake?
[13:22.26]-Did you throw that? -No.
[13:23.63]It wasn't me!
[13:34.27]A little slippery!
[13:36.14]Jamie, watch out!
[13:37.65]-That's the street! -Stop! There's traffic!
[13:41.52]Don't worry, Jamie. I got you. Hold on!
[13:43.69]It's gonna be all right!
[13:46.86]Keep up with me, kid! Take a left!
[13:48.45]Slow down!
[13:51.33]Hold up. No, no, no, no.
[13:52.66]Is that Jamie Bennett?
[13:55.04]-There you go. -No, no!
[14:15.18]-My gosh! -Yeah!
[14:17.69]That looks serious.
[14:19.01]Jamie, are you all right?
[14:21.94]Did you guys see that? It was amazing!
[14:24.40]I did a jump
[14:25.65]and I slid under a...
[14:32.78]Cool! A tooth!
[14:34.12]-Dude, that means cash! -Tooth fairy cash!
[14:36.00]-Oh, no! -You lucky bum!
[14:38.46]I got to put this under my pillow!
[14:40.00]Wait a minute. Come on. Hold on, hold on.
[14:42.00]What about all the fun we just had?
[14:43.50]That wasn't the Tooth Fairy, that was me!
[14:45.76]My ears are freezing!
[14:46.84]What's a guy got to do to get a little attention around here?
[14:50.80]There was a patch of ice.
[14:53.01]I don't understand how it got here.
[14:54.64]I mean, Easter is around the corner!
[14:57.98]...It was awesome!
[14:59.35]So then I was flying down this hill
[15:00.69]and it was like... through these cars
[15:02.36]and then the sled hit this thing
[15:04.65]and it was like way up in the air!
[15:06.11]And then, bam, the sofa hit me...
[15:09.15]...And see, my tooth came out!
[15:11.49]All right, you. Tooth under your pillow?
[15:13.58]Yeah, I'm ready.
[15:15.12]Now don't stay up trying to see her, Jamie,
[15:17.12]or she won't come.
[15:18.50]But I can do it this time! You want to help me, Soph?
[15:21.12]We can hide and see the Tooth Fairy!
[15:22.42]Hide, hide, hide, hide.
[15:24.00]Straight to bed now, mister.
[15:39.98]If there's something I'm doing wrong,
[15:43.73]can you just tell me what it is?
[15:47.53]Because I've tried everything
[15:50.49]and no one ever sees me.
[15:57.49]You put me here.
[15:59.41]The least you can do is tell me...
[16:02.87]Tell me why.
[16:30.94]Right on time, Sandman.
[17:06.77]I thought I heard the clippity-clop of a unicorn.
[17:12.19]What an adorable dream!
[17:14.82]And look at her.
[17:18.20]Precious child.
[17:20.79]So sweet.
[17:22.20]So full of hope and wonder.
[17:25.12]Why, there's only one thing missing.
[17:28.42]A touch of fear.
[17:33.92]That never gets old.
[17:35.88]Feel your fear. Come on. Come on, that's right.
[17:40.60]Yes, what a pretty little Nightmare!
[17:48.36]I want you to go tell the others the wait is over.
[17:59.78]Don't look at me like that, old friend.
[18:02.37]You must have known this day would come.
[18:05.33]My Nightmares are finally ready.
[18:08.50]Are your Guardians?
[18:40.91]Hello, mate.
[18:44.04]Been a long time.
[18:44.87]Blizzard of '68 I believe.
[18:47.58]Easter Sunday, wasn't it?
[18:49.50]Bunny! You're not still mad about that, are you?
[18:55.76]But this is about something else.
[19:01.14]Put me down! What the...
[19:11.73]Not on your nelly. See you back at the Pole.
[19:27.41]He's here.
[19:31.42]There he is!
[19:34.09]Jack Frost!
[19:37.71]You got to be kidding me.
[19:40.38]-Put me down. -I hope the yetis treated you well.
[19:44.76]I love being shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal.
[19:47.89]Oh, good. That was my idea!
[19:50.27]You know Bunny, obviously.
[19:52.48]-Obviously. -And the Tooth Fairy.
[19:53.94]Hello, Jack. I've heard a lot about you.
[19:55.61]And your teeth!
[19:57.15]My what?
[19:58.28]Open up! Are they really as white as they say?
[20:00.74]They really do sparkle like freshly fallen snow!
[20:05.03]Girls, pull yourselves together!
[20:06.45]Let's not disgrace the uniform.
[20:07.70]And Sandman.
[20:10.79]Sandy? Wake up!
[20:13.00]Anyone want to tell me why I'm here?
[20:19.96]That's not really helping,
[20:21.47]but thanks, little man.
[20:23.89]I must've done something really bad
[20:25.20]to get you four together.
[20:26.47]Am I on the naughty list?
[20:27.97]On naughty list?
[20:30.23]You hold the record.
[20:31.81]But, no matter. We overlook.
[20:33.65]Now we are wiping clean the slate.
[20:36.11]How come?
[20:37.44]Good question.
[20:38.48]How come? I tell you how come!
[20:41.65]Because now
[20:42.82]you are Guardian!
[20:52.16]What are you doing? Get off of me!
[20:54.37]This is the best part!
[21:25.49]What makes you think I want to be a Guardian?
[21:34.79]Of course you do.
[21:38.92]No music!
[21:41.71]This is all very flattering, but,
[21:44.17]you don't want me.
[21:45.72]You're all hard work and deadlines,
[21:48.55]and I'm snowballs and fun times.
[21:50.72]I'm not a Guardian.
[21:52.31]Yeah. That's exactly what I said.
[21:54.06]Jack, I don't think you understand what it is we do.
[21:57.69]Each of those lights is a child.
[21:59.94]A child who believes.
[22:02.65]And good or bad, naughty or nice,
[22:05.40]we protect them.
[22:08.41]Tooth! Fingers out of mouth.
[22:10.16]Sorry. They're beautiful.
[22:13.54]Okay. No more wishy-washy.
[22:15.08]Pitch is out there doing who knows what!
[22:17.21]You mean the Boogeyman?
[22:19.13]Yes! When Pitch threatens us,
[22:22.05]he threatens them as well.
[22:23.71]All the more reason to pick someone more qualified.
[22:25.55]Pick? You think we pick?
[22:27.59]No, you were chosen! Like we were all chosen.
[22:30.97]By Man in Moon.
[22:33.64]Last night, Jack, he chose you.
[22:36.94]Man in the Moon... He talks to you?
[22:41.98]You see, you cannot say no.
[22:44.54]It is destiny.
[22:48.36]But why wouldn't he tell me that himself?
[22:52.33]After 300 years this is his answer?
[22:54.91]To spend eternity like you guys,
[22:57.25]cooped up in some hideout thinking of new ways to bribe kids?
[23:02.38]No, no. That's not for me! No offense.
[23:06.92]How is that not offensive?
[23:09.38]You know what I think?
[23:10.55]I think we just dodged a bullet.
[23:12.10]I mean, what's this clown
[23:13.22]know about bringing joy to children anyway.
[23:16.22]You ever hear of a snow day?
[23:18.81]I know it's no hard-boiled egg,
[23:20.60]but kids like what I do.
[23:22.11]But none of them believe in you, do they?
[23:24.23]You see, you're invisible, mate.
[23:26.07]It's like you don't even exist.
[23:28.36]Bunny! Enough.
[23:29.74]No, the kangaroo's right.
[23:32.16]The what? What did you call me?
[23:34.12]I'm not a kangaroo, mate.
[23:36.24]Oh, and this whole time I thought you were.
[23:38.79]If you're not a kangaroo, what are you?
[23:42.00]I'm a bunny. The Easter Bunny.
[23:45.84]People believe in me.
[23:54.97]Jack. Walk with me.
[23:58.48]It's nothing personal, North.
[24:00.35]But what you all do, it's just not my thing.
[24:02.56]Man in Moon says it is your thing!
[24:04.52]We will see.
[24:05.69]Slow down, would you? I've been trying to bust in here for years.
[24:08.03]-I want a good look. -What do you mean, bust in?
[24:10.03]Don't worry. I never got past the yetis.
[24:12.11]Hey, Phil.
[24:14.28]Keep up, Jack, keep up!
[24:25.59]I always thought the elves made the toys.
[24:27.75]We just let them believe that.
[24:33.47]Very nice! Keep up good work.
[24:36.76]I don't like it! Paint it red!
[24:40.68]Step it up, everybody!
[25:02.91]No, thanks.
[25:05.92]Now we get down to tacks of brass.
[25:09.25]Tacks of...
[25:13.01]Who are you, Jack Frost?
[25:16.01]-What is your center? -My center?
[25:18.93]If Man in Moon chose you to be a Guardian,
[25:22.02]you must have something very special inside.
[25:32.69]This is how you see me, no?
[25:34.49]Very big, intimidating.
[25:37.91]But if you get to know me a little...
[25:40.51]Well, go on.
[25:44.79]You are downright jolly?
[25:47.71]But not just jolly!
[25:50.84]I am also mysterious,
[25:54.92]and fearless,
[25:57.89]and caring!
[26:00.97]And at my center?
[26:04.93]There's a tiny wooden baby.
[26:07.19]Look closer. What do you see?
[26:10.98]You have big eyes.
[26:12.53]Yes! Big eyes. Very big.
[26:15.57]Because they are full of wonder.
[26:19.16]That is my center.
[26:21.33]It is what I was born with.
[26:23.50]Eyes that have always seen the wonder in everything!
[26:28.08]Eyes that see lights in the trees and magic in the air.
[26:33.92]This wonder is what I put into the world!
[26:38.59]And what I protect in children.
[26:41.81]It is what makes me a Guardian.
[26:46.18]It is my center.
[26:48.48]What is yours?
[26:52.52]I don't know.
[27:02.08]We have a problem, mate.
[27:03.39]Trouble at the Tooth Palace.
[27:06.00]North! North!
[27:07.33]I told you I'm not going with you guys!
[27:09.67]There is no way I'm climbing into some rickety old...
[27:39.95]Okay. One ride, but that's it.
[27:42.24]Everyone loves the sleigh!
[27:44.49]Bunny, what are you waiting for?
[27:46.58]I think my tunnels might be faster, mate, and safer.
[27:50.75]Get in!
[27:52.08]Buckle up!
[27:53.46]Where are the bloody seatbelts?
[27:55.21]That was just expression. Are we ready?
[27:59.09]Good. Let's go! Clear!
[28:05.97]Out of the way!
[28:16.27]Oh, no!
[28:23.82]Slow down! Slow down!
[28:28.66]I hope you like the loopty-loops.
[28:31.79]I hope you like carrots.
[28:34.29]Here we go!
[28:57.94]Check out this view.
[29:00.69]North! He's...
[29:05.74]You do care.
[29:07.53]Rack off, you bloody show pony!
[29:10.20]Hold on, everyone! I know a shortcut.
[29:12.54]Strewth, I knew I should've taken the tunnels.
[29:15.00]I say Tooth Palace.
[29:31.22]What are they?
[29:37.98]They're taking the tooth fairies!
[29:46.53]Little Baby Tooth, you okay?
[30:04.47]Here, take over.
[30:11.26]They're stealing the teeth!
[30:15.56]Jack, look out!
[30:24.49]Tooth! Are you all right?
[30:26.74]They... They took my fairies.
[30:29.57]And the teeth! All of them!
[30:31.91]Everything is gone.
[30:38.67]Oh, thank goodness. One of you is all right.
[30:42.80]I have to say, this is very, very exciting.
[30:46.72]The Big Four, all in one place.
[30:50.51]I'm a little starstruck.
[30:53.01]Did you like my show on the Globe, North?
[30:55.60]Got you all together, didn't I?
[30:58.10]Pitch! You have got 30 seconds to return my fairies!
[31:01.77]Or what?
[31:03.25]You'll stick a quarter under my pillow?
[31:05.94]Why are you doing this?
[31:07.74]Maybe I want what you have.
[31:11.07]To be believed in.
[31:13.66]Maybe I'm tired of hiding under beds!
[31:17.75]Maybe that's where you belong!
[31:20.46]Go suck an egg, rabbit.
[31:23.46]Hang on. Is that Jack Frost?
[31:28.97]Since when are you all so chummy?
[31:30.97]We're not.
[31:32.10]Good. A neutral party.
[31:35.39]Then I'm going to ignore you.
[31:37.43]But you must be used to that by now.
[31:40.02]Pitch, you shadow-sneaking ratbag, come here!
[31:50.20]Hey! Easy, girl, easy.
[31:54.41]Look familiar, Sandman?
[31:57.50]Took me a while to perfect this little trick.
[32:00.67]Turning dreams into Nightmares.
[32:04.50]Don't be nervous.
[32:05.80]It only riles them up more. They smell fear, you know.
[32:10.09]What fear? Of you?
[32:12.22]No one's been afraid of you since the Dark Ages!
[32:15.85]The Dark Ages.
[32:17.81]Everyone frightened. Miserable.
[32:20.94]Such happy times for me.
[32:23.76]The power I wielded.
[32:26.11]But then the Man in the Moon
[32:27.86]chose you to replace my fear with your wonder and light.
[32:33.78]Lifting their hearts and giving them hope.
[32:38.41]Meanwhile, everyone wrote me off as just a bad dream!
[32:41.37]"There's nothing to be afraid of.
[32:42.87]There's no such thing as the Boogeyman!"
[32:46.59]Well, that's all about to change.
[32:54.30]It's happening already.
[32:56.39]What is?
[32:59.39]Children are waking up and realizing
[33:03.35]the Tooth Fairy never came.
[33:06.98]I mean, such a little thing. But to a child...
[33:11.40]What's going on?
[33:12.74]They... They don't believe in me anymore.
[33:16.74]Didn't they tell you, Jack?
[33:18.87]It's great being a Guardian.
[33:21.45]But there's a catch.
[33:23.21]If enough kids stop believing,
[33:25.25]everything your friends protect,
[33:26.54]wonder, hopes and dreams, it all goes away.
[33:31.13]And little by little, so do they.
[33:34.68]No Christmas or Easter,
[33:37.43]or little fairies that come in the night.
[33:41.39]There will be nothing but fear and darkness.
[33:46.44]And me.
[33:48.27]It's your turn not to be believed in.
[34:11.55]He's gone.
[34:16.59]Okay, all right, I admit it.
[34:18.35]You were right about Pitch.
[34:20.56]I'm sorry about the fairies.
[34:23.10]You should have seen them. They put up such a fight.
[34:28.73]Why would Pitch take the teeth?
[34:30.98]It's not the teeth he wanted.
[34:32.82]It's the memories inside them.
[34:35.24]What do you mean?
[34:37.24]That's why we collect the teeth, Jack.
[34:39.74]They hold the most important memories of childhood.
[34:45.33]My fairies and I watch over them.
[34:47.62]And when someone needs to remember what's important,
[34:50.84]we help them.
[34:54.42]We had everyone's here.
[34:57.55]Yours, too.
[34:59.84]My memories?
[35:01.14]From when you were young.
[35:02.85]Before you became Jack Frost.
[35:05.48]But I wasn't anyone before I was Jack Frost.
[35:09.60]Of course you were.
[35:10.98]We were all someone before we were chosen.
[35:16.19]You should have seen Bunny.
[35:17.86]I told you never to mention that!
[35:20.03]The night at the pond, I just... I assumed...
[35:23.62]Are you saying...
[35:25.04]Are you saying I had a life before that,
[35:27.00]with a home and a family?
[35:32.04]You really don't remember?
[35:34.38]All these years, the answers were right here.
[35:37.34]If I find my memories,
[35:38.34]then I'll know why I'm here.
[35:39.68]You have to show me!
[35:41.68]I can't, Jack. Pitch has them.
[35:45.22]Then we have to get them back!
[35:48.14]Oh, no.
[35:51.06]The children!
[35:53.77]We're too late!
[35:55.11]No! No!
[35:57.24]No such thing as too late!
[36:02.74]Wait, wait, wait, wait!
[36:08.79]We will collect the teeth.
[36:12.25]We get teeth, children keep believing in you!
[36:14.88]We're talking seven continents and millions of kids!
[36:17.09]Give me break.
[36:18.47]You know how many toys I deliver in one night?
[36:21.09]And eggs I hide in one day?
[36:24.43]And, Jack, if you help us,
[36:27.52]we will get you your memories.
[36:37.57]I'm in.
[36:40.49]Quickly! Quickly!
[36:43.11]Hop to it, rabbit! I'm five teeth ahead!
[36:45.37]Yeah, right. Look, I'd tell you to stay out of my way,
[36:47.79]but, really, what's the point?
[36:49.08]'Cause you won't be able to keep up anyway.
[36:50.37]Is that a challenge, cottontail?
[36:52.12]You don't want to race a rabbit, mate.
[36:55.46]A race? Is it a race?
[36:57.67]This is going to be epic!
[37:00.51]Four bicuspids over there!
[37:01.61]An incisor two blocks east.
[37:02.80]Is that a molar? They're everywhere!
[37:05.68]You okay?
[37:06.81]I'm fine. Sorry.
[37:08.89]It's been a really long time since I've been out in the field.
[37:11.23]How long is a long time?
[37:12.64]440 years, give or take.
[37:31.20]Looks like you're a bit of a brumby,mate?
[37:34.92]Is piece of pie.
[37:39.17]That's my tooth! Sandy! Sandy!
[37:49.64]Take it easy there, champ.
[37:51.06]He's one of us! Part of the European division.
[38:21.96]Wow! You guys collect teeth and leave gifts
[38:23.84]as fast as my fairies.
[38:27.43]You guys have been leaving gifts, right?
[39:04.42]The lights.
[39:07.30]Why aren't they going out?
[39:10.89]They're collecting the teeth?
[39:17.60]Pipe down or I'll stuff a pillow with you!
[39:24.44]Fine. Have your last hurrah.
[39:27.07]For tomorrow,
[39:28.36]all your pathetic scrambling will be for nothing.
[39:34.20]Left central incisor,
[39:35.45]knocked out in a freak sledding accident.
[39:38.33]I wonder how that could've happened, Jack.
[39:48.17]This was always the part I liked most.
[39:51.22]Seeing the kids.
[39:58.31]Why did I ever stop doing this?
[40:02.81]It's a little different up close, huh?
[40:06.15]Thanks for being here, Jack.
[40:08.32]I wish I'd known about your memory.
[40:10.57]I could have helped you.
[40:13.99]Look, let's just get you taken care of.
[40:15.99]Then it's Pitch's turn.
[40:17.58]Here you are!
[40:25.09]What gives, slowpokes?
[40:27.55]How you feeling, Toothy?
[40:29.34]Believed in.
[40:31.05]That's what I want to hear.
[40:32.93]I see how it is. All working together
[40:35.60]to make sure the rabbit gets last place.
[40:39.35]You think I need help to beat a bunny?
[40:41.19]Check it out, Peter Cottontail.
[40:43.02]You call that a bag of choppers?
[40:44.44]Now that's a bag of choppers.
[40:46.90]Gentlemen, gentlemen. This is about Tooth.
[40:48.90]It's not a competition.
[40:50.86]But if it was, I win!
[40:55.83]Oh, no.
[40:58.04]Santa Claus?
[41:00.50]The Easter Bunny?
[41:04.54]The Tooth Fairy! I knew you'd come!
[41:07.05]Surprise! We came.
[41:09.76]He can see us?
[41:13.05]Most of us.
[41:20.23]You guys, he's still awake.
[41:22.27]Sandy, knock him out.
[41:25.36]With the Dreamsand, you gumbies!
[41:28.82]No, stop! That's the Easter Bunny!
[41:30.90]What are you doing, Abbey? Down!
[41:32.40]All right, nobody panic.
[41:34.28]But that's a greyhound.
[41:36.74]Do you know what greyhounds do to rabbits?
[41:38.91]I think it's a pretty safe bet he's never met a rabbit like me.
[41:43.25]nerves of steel.
[41:44.50]Master of tai-chi and the ancient art of...
[41:48.59]Stop! Sit!
[41:50.26]Down, girl, down!
[42:00.43]She's rabid! Get this dingo off me!
[42:02.85]Oh, no.
[42:07.44]Candy canes...
[42:19.74]I really wish I had a camera right now.
[42:29.04]Sandy, come on! We can find Pitch!
[42:51.07]Bunny, hop, hop, hop!
[43:35.40]I got it.
[43:41.74]Sandy, did you see that?
[43:44.87]Look at this thing.
[43:51.04]You know, for a neutral party,
[43:53.21]you spend an awful lot of time with those weirdos.
[43:56.72]This isn't your fight, Jack.
[43:58.72]You made it my fight when you stole those teeth!
[44:00.72]Teeth? Why do you care about the teeth?
[44:07.89]Now this is who I'm looking for.
[44:27.45]Remind me not to get on your bad side.
[44:29.58]Okay, easy. You can't blame me for trying, Sandy.
[44:32.75]You don't know what it's like to be weak and hated.
[44:36.63]It was stupid of me to mess with your dreams.
[44:39.67]So, I'll tell you what.
[44:41.51]You can have them back.
[44:56.23]You take the ones on the left,
[44:58.23]I'll take the ones on the right?
[45:45.16]Come on!
[45:57.63]You might want to duck.
[46:11.98]We've got to help Sandy!
[46:24.11]Don't fight the fear, little man!
[46:30.95]Hurry! Hurry, Jack!
[46:32.08]I'd sa


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