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[04:49.58]Cracking job, Gromit.
[04:51.82]Hang on, old chum.
[04:54.19]- What's going on? - Who is it?
[04:56.12]Reel him in, lad.
[04:57.66]To me. To me.
[05:01.03]Gotcha! Thieving monster.
[05:10.37]Me prize pumpkin.
[05:12.87]Me little baby. Me pride and joy.
[05:17.01]You've saved it, Anti-Pesto.
[05:19.78]It was nothing at all, Mrs...
[05:22.82]- Everything's under control. - Oh, no!
[05:25.69]Don't worry, madam.
[05:30.86]Thank you, Mr. Wallace.
[05:33.39]All in a night's work, Mrs. Mulch.
[05:37.57]Cute little feller, isn't he?
[05:39.70]You'd never believe they'd cause so much damage.
[05:42.64]Oh, he may look innocent, sir.
[05:44.54]But left to his own devices,
[05:46.81]this is the ultimate vegetable-destroying machine.
[05:53.38]Reg, me teeth!
[05:57.35]Job well done, lad.
[06:01.12]Subject disarmed and neutralized.
[06:06.49]Bless you, Anti-Pesto.
[06:08.70]With you out there protecting our veg,
[06:12.20]the most important event of the year is safe.
[06:15.54]Aye. And I hope they give them pests what's coming to them, and all.
[06:20.11]Amen to that, Mrs. Mulch.
[07:46.89]It was a long, hard night last night, Gromit.
[07:50.43]I'll need a good, hearty breakfast under me belt.
[07:55.60]Pile it up, lad.
[07:57.51]I'm in the mood for food!
[08:03.38]Gromit, old pal.
[08:05.85]It's happened again. I'll need assistance.
[08:28.90]Well, thanks, chuck.
[08:30.44]I'm sure that hole's getting smaller.
[08:36.04]Another successful night. How are the inmates?
[08:40.82]Must be getting a bit full down there.
[08:47.56]Talking of which.
[08:49.29]Now, for a great big plate of...
[08:58.23]Still got me on the diet, eh, Gromit?
[09:01.17]Watching me shape? There's a good dog.
[09:07.58]Gromit, lad?
[09:08.98]How is that prize melon of yours coming on?
[09:12.38]Must be a while since you measured it.
[09:43.01]Lovely food. For rabbits, that is.
[09:53.02]As for me, I need something a bit more cheesy.
[10:18.38]Caught red-handed, eh, lad?
[10:23.48]I'm sorry, Gromit.
[10:25.92]I know you're doing this for my own good,
[10:29.42]but the fact is I'm just crackers about cheese.
[10:34.36]Look, if I must change me ways,
[10:37.16]at least let me do it my way.
[10:40.77]With technology.
[10:44.47]It's time we tried my latest invention,
[10:48.58]the Mind Manipulation-omatic.
[10:54.38]It extracts unwanted thoughts and desires.
[10:57.79]I haven't tested it yet, but it should be perfectly safe.
[11:02.32]Just a bit of harmless brain alteration, that's all.
[11:14.94]Anti-Pesto Humane Pest Control. How might we be of assistance?
[11:19.44]Yes. Lady Tottington here of Tottington Hall.
[11:23.11]Your Ladyship.
[11:24.55]This is an honor.
[11:27.31]It's a disaster. I have the most terrible rabbit problem.
[11:30.58]The competition's only days away. You simply have to do something.
[11:34.62]Certainly, ma'am. I think we're about to go up in the world, lad.
[11:38.39]Just stay right where you are, your Ladyship,
[11:41.26]and we'll be with you in an...
[11:45.03]In an hour? I can't wait an hour.
[11:47.67]I have a major infestation. Hello? Hello?
[11:54.41]That's more like it.
[11:58.91]Thank goodness you've...
[12:00.48]What ho! For you, my love.
[12:05.52]Victor. How lovely and... unexpected.
[12:09.92]Heard you had a spot of rabbit bother and tooled on over
[12:12.96]to sort the blighters out.
[12:14.50]Gosh, that's awfully sweet of you.
[12:17.20]But you really needn't bother.
[12:19.07]It's no bother, little boo-boo. It's the least a chap can do for his filly.
[12:23.07]Don't want pests spoiling our beautiful manor house, do we?
[12:26.81]"Our" manor house?
[12:28.64]No one's mentioned marriage, Victor.
[12:32.38]All in good time, my dear.
[12:34.45]Vermin first, though, what what.
[12:36.52]Come on, Phillip.
[12:39.52]We can deal with this humanely.
[12:45.29]Very classy.
[12:47.50]Just the sort of client we should be dealing with, eh, lad?
[13:04.75]Burrowing bounders!
[13:07.75]They must be breeding like...
[13:10.42]...well, rabbits.
[13:13.75]Only one thing for it, lad.
[13:22.03]Victor, hadn't we agreed?
[13:24.33]No more thoughtless killing.
[13:26.67]Quite right, my dear.
[13:28.20]So I've thought this one through very carefully.
[13:30.91]It's off to bunny heaven for you, big ears.
[13:33.64]Victor! No!
[13:37.51]What the...?
[13:52.73]Champion sucker, eh, Gromit?
[13:56.53]The BunVac 6000.
[14:02.97]This'll impress her Ladyship.
[14:05.77]I don't understand. It should have been a bull's-eye.
[14:08.78]Oh, Victor. I felt we'd made a real breakthrough
[14:11.45]with this hunting obsession of yours. I really thought you'd changed.
[14:15.32]I'm sorry, Campanula, but I am what I am.
[14:20.05]There's no nonsense with Victor Quartermaine.
[14:22.79]What you see is what you get.
[14:26.43]What the...?
[14:32.63]Sounds like a really big brute, this one.
[14:36.24]Give it some more relay.
[14:53.62]Maybe I should've used a bigger nozzle.
[14:58.16]Anti-Pesto, you're here.
[15:03.90]Your Ladyship.
[15:07.13]My darlings!
[15:12.27]You're safe.
[15:15.51]My word!
[15:16.64]What a fabulous job you've done. And not a single one harmed.
[15:20.68]The old BV6000, ma'am.
[15:23.78]Capable of 125 RPM. That's rabbits per minute.
[15:28.19]How inspired!
[15:30.96]- Mr...? - Oh, Wallace.
[15:32.53]Mr. Wallace.
[15:34.26]Is this all of them?
[15:36.60]Just one left. Hoist her up, Gromit.
[15:50.21]Victor, stop fooling around in the dirt and have a look at this.
[15:54.15]The ingenious Anti-Pesto
[15:56.52]have completely dealt with my rabbit problem.
[15:59.35]- Isn't it marvelous? - Marvelous?
[16:02.89]This confounded contraption virtually suffocated me!
[16:07.59]Besides, the job's only half done.
[16:11.90]How do you intend to finish these vermin off?
[16:14.40]Crush them? Liquidize them?
[16:16.54]- They're humane. - Humane?
[16:20.37]Well, then perhaps they'd be humane enough to give me back my dignity.
[16:25.55]I want...
[16:31.05]Toupee, please.
[16:33.05]Oh, grand. We take check or cash.
[16:36.22]Toupee, you idiot! My hair is in your machine.
[16:40.76]Oh, no, it's only rabbits in there.
[16:44.20]The hare, I think you'll find, is a much larger mammal.
[16:47.57]Out of my way, fool.
[16:53.94]I'm sorry, my dear, but I refuse to suffer any further humiliation
[16:57.81]at the hands of these blundering nitwits.
[17:00.68]I therefore bid you good day.
[17:09.09]Thank you for ridding me of a real problem, Mr. Wallace.
[17:13.09]Tell me, what exactly will you do with all these rabbits?
[17:18.40]Trade secret.
[17:20.23]Yes. I'd be happy to let them roam free if it wasn't for the competition.
[17:24.27]But they do so love their veg.
[17:26.31]It's in their little bunny natures, and you can't change that, can you?
[17:35.98]Or can you?
[17:41.66]Why didn't we think of it before, lad?
[17:45.73]The solution to all our storage problems.
[17:49.76]Simply by connecting the BunVac
[17:53.57]to the Mind Manipulation-omatic,
[17:56.77]we can brainwash the bunnies.
[17:59.91]Rabbit rehabilitation.
[18:04.95]Once cured of their antisocial veg-ravaging behavior,
[18:10.15]the rabbits can be safely released without fear of re-offending.
[18:15.62]Just a little added lunar power to enhance the mind waves...
[18:26.27]...and we can begin.
[18:32.31]Veg, bad.
[18:35.18]Veg, bad.
[18:38.15]Veg, bad.
[18:42.32]Say no to carrots,
[18:45.49]cabbage and cauliflower.
[18:51.56]Well, come on, lad, what are you waiting for?
[18:54.23]Turn on the BunVac.
[18:56.16]Full suction.
[19:12.18]It's working, Gromit. It's working!
[19:19.95]Their tiny bunny brains
[19:22.06]are being saturated in my veg-free mind waves.
[19:29.43]Another 30 minutes brainwashing should suffice.
[19:32.17]Then we can move on to the conditioning.
[19:51.59]Switch it off!
[19:53.25]Get it off!
[19:56.42]Get it off me, lad!
[20:11.57]Oh, thanks, lad.
[20:22.65]Give us a carrot.
[20:34.03]It worked, Gromit!
[20:36.23]A reformed rabbit.
[20:38.63]We'll call him Hutch. Shall we?
[20:42.34]Come on. Let's get the kettle on.
[20:44.54]We'll see to him in the morning.
[20:50.84]I feel we're on the cusp of a real breakthrough, lad.
[20:58.12]Mankind freed from rabbit problems forever.
[21:06.93]Lady Tottington will be impressed.
[22:01.15]Good night.
[22:04.22]Sleep tight.
[22:05.92]And don't let the bed bugs bite.
[22:23.00]Good night, Gromit.
[22:25.61]Sweet dreams, old chum.
[22:54.13]Protect and nourish the frail and the weak, the Lord.
[22:54.37]Protect and nourish the frail and the weak, the Lord.
[22:58.94]Let them grow big and strong under Thy loving care.
[23:03.91]In fact, let them grow bigger and stronger than anyone else's,
[23:08.45]so that the first prize might be mine.
[23:15.66]The harvest offering to bind the deal.
[23:19.06]We plow the fields and scatter the good seed on...
[23:47.42]He sends the snow in winter...
[23:57.86]All good gifts around us
[24:00.33]Are sent from...
[24:04.00]Heavens above.
[24:11.11]Hello? Is anybody there?
[24:18.12]Mrs. Mulch?
[24:21.15]Please, come forward, whoever you are.
[24:24.12]There's no need to be afraid.
[24:30.06]You're hungry. Then please, take what you like.
[24:35.00]It is for the needy, after all.
[24:43.48]No! No! No! No!
[25:54.05]Morning, Gromit.
[25:59.32]A pest-free night per... chance?
[26:09.93]Lummy day.
[26:13.27]- It's a disaster. - Me garden's ruined.
[26:15.07]- It's a disaster. - Me garden's ruined.
[26:16.04]- It's carnage out there. - Where were Anti-Pesto?
[26:18.81]Simmer down. Simmer down, now.
[26:21.64]Right. One at a time, if you please.
[26:25.88]We pay good money for our crop protection.
[26:28.92]If you can't deliver the goods, maybe you should keep your traps shut.
[26:34.05]I never saw such cauliflower carnage.
[26:37.32]Worse than the Great Slug Blight of '32,
[26:40.59]when there were slugs the size of pigs.
[26:44.46]Growbag's right. The slugs are back!
[26:46.70]The slugs are back!
[26:48.00]That's enough! That's enough!
[26:51.17]Look, this flipping vegetable competition
[26:55.01]- causes nothing but trouble every year. - Here we go.
[26:57.91]- If you ask me... - Get on with you!
[26:59.71]Know what? I'll tell you. If you ask me, this was arson.
[27:04.99]- Arson? - Aye!
[27:06.52]Someone arsonist around.
[27:09.29]That's right. One of you lot. A man.
[27:12.76]- This was no man. - What are you saying?
[27:19.33]Does a man have teeth
[27:21.90]the size of axe blades?
[27:28.98]Or ears like terrible tombstones?
[27:34.85]By tampering with nature,
[27:37.35]forcing vegetables to swell far beyond their natural size,
[27:42.16]we have brought a terrible judgment upon ourselves.
[27:49.13]Hey! Give over!
[27:54.50]You're mental.
[27:55.90]And for our sins,
[27:57.24]a hideous creature has been sent to punish us all!
[28:01.27]Repent! Repent!
[28:03.51]Lest you too, taste the wrath of...
[28:08.28]...the Were-Rabbit!
[28:12.69]This is terrible! What's going to happen to us?
[28:16.69]- Doomed! - Who's going to help us?
[28:18.93]- What's to become of the show? - We live for that competition.
[28:22.20]- Get off me. - We're simple folk. It's all we have.
[28:24.93]- Who will save us? - Get... Hey!
[28:29.44]A Were-Rabbit?
[28:31.20]Oh, come, come, now.
[28:32.54]I do believe the vicar's been to the communion wine again.
[28:38.71]What we are dealing with here is no supernatural rabbit.
[28:42.68]It's a big fellow, perhaps.
[28:46.22]But a mortal creature of flesh and blood.
[28:48.72]A matter easily dealt with by a hunter.
[28:52.76]Guns will not be necessary, thank you, Victor.
[28:57.00]Hasn't there been enough destruction?
[29:01.87]I believe the killing of fluffy creatures
[29:05.04]is neverjustified.
[29:07.24]I say we give Anti-Pesto a second chance.
[29:11.41]What? How on earth would those tiny-minded buffoons
[29:15.65]ever catch such a big rabbit?
[29:19.29]Mr. Wallace?
[29:33.67]With a big trap.
[29:35.84]By Jove. He's... He's got it!
[29:39.07]- Genius! - Genius!
[29:40.54]- Brilliant. - What a great idea!
[29:45.81]You see, Victor,
[29:47.85]there's hope for the vegetables yet.
[29:52.42]Not the ones I'm looking at.
[29:56.26]That's me boys!
[30:08.47]Love, Gromit.
[30:10.27]That's the biggest trap of all.
[30:13.44]The "tender trap," they call it.
[30:15.64]And that's what we'll use to catch this thing.
[30:18.51]Yes, lad, a lovely lady rabbit.
[30:25.99]How could any hot-blooded rabbit-beast resist?
[30:39.77]Oh, come on, Gromit.
[30:41.94]A bit more, you know, alluring.
[30:53.21]Very cheeky.
[31:03.52]That's more like it, lad.
[31:05.69]How can we possibly fail now?
[31:09.23]You're a total knockout.
[31:20.34]Stick around, lad.
[31:22.64]Should fix back on quite easily.
[34:24.72]Nighty-night, me lovelies.
[34:28.16]Think big now.
[35:36.63]Don't worry. No. No.
[35:39.70]Well, I'm very sorry, Mrs. Mulch.
[35:42.37]We'll get there as soon as we can. Mr. Dibber. Oh, yes.
[35:45.40]Can I call you back? Mrs. Girdling.
[35:48.47]- A tunnel you say? - What do you intend to do about this?
[35:51.44]I'll look into it.
[35:53.65]So where did you get to, lad?
[35:55.88]I thought I told you to stay put.
[35:58.28]It's gone mad around here.
[36:00.69]I thought we were supposed to be a team.
[36:04.52]How are we ever gonna catch this thing
[36:06.63]if you go gallivanting off on your own all the time?
[36:11.16]You're doing it again!
[36:12.93]Where are you going now?
[36:22.78]Really, lad.
[36:24.08]You do realize I've made a personal promise to Lady Tottington.
[36:28.45]How is this sort of behavior going to get us
[36:30.95]any nearer to finding a rabbit-mon... ster?
[36:44.96]Oh, Gromit.
[36:47.03]We've created a monster.
[36:50.10]Hutch is the beast.
[36:54.07]The lunar panels.
[36:57.88]They must've over-stimulated Hutch's primitive bunny nature.
[37:03.65]And now, when the moon appears,
[37:06.09]he undergoes a hideous transformation.
[37:26.27]Oh, Gromit.
[37:29.81]This is absolutely...
[37:37.75]Don't you see, lad?
[37:39.62]OK, so we've created a veg-ravaging rabbit-monster.
[37:43.26]But we've also captured it.
[37:46.99]Just like I promised Lady Tottington.
[37:49.50]I'll go and tell her the good news.
[37:52.80]Make sure he doesn't escape.
[39:32.37]Mr. Wallace.
[39:33.67]It's the beast, your Ladyship. I bring great news.
[39:37.87]Gosh, how exciting. Please, do come in.
[39:53.75]Well, this is simply spiffing news.
[39:56.89]With the beast in captivity, the competition can go ahead as planned.
[40:00.86]You saved the day, Mr. Wallace.
[40:03.70]It was nothing, your Ladyship.
[40:05.87]So modest.
[40:08.07]Oh, please, do help yourself.
[40:14.57]I so appreciate you coming all this way to let me know, Wallace.
[40:18.98]Tell me, are you a vegetable-lover yourself?
[40:22.11]- They're... growing on me. - Then come with me.
[40:25.52]There's something very special I want to show you.
[40:37.53]Hop in.
[40:40.07]- It's very snug. - It's my Jacob's ladder.
[40:44.87]And it goes all the way to heaven.
[40:57.68]Welcome to my inner sanctum, Wallace.
[41:02.35]My secret garden.
[41:05.56]It's a veritable
[41:08.46]vegetable paradise.
[41:12.16]I just knew you'd love it.
[41:14.57]Unlike Victor.
[41:16.34]He's never shown any interest in my produce.
[41:20.04]- His loss, Lady Tottington. - Please, Wallace.
[41:23.61]Oall me Totty.
[41:36.96]If anything were to happen to my vegetables,
[41:39.69]I don't know what I'd do.
[41:41.49]I'm sure you understand, Mr. Wallace.
[41:43.76]I can see that you're a true nature lover.
[41:46.20]Oh, yes. Yes, I am.
[41:49.00]At first, I thought I could change Victor.
[41:51.54]Now I'm not so sure.
[41:55.27]Do you think a man can change, Wallace?
[41:59.38]Oh, yes.
[42:06.05]Really, Phillip. The things one does for love.
[42:21.73]- Mr. Wallace. - Oh, Totty.
[42:31.78]I'd like to show you one last thing.
[42:34.08]Something no other man has ever seen.
[42:40.09]My carrot De Chantenay.
[42:43.79]Just smell it, Wallace.
[42:45.46]- Feel its silken flesh. - Oh, yes.
[42:47.89]Isn't it the most sumptuous, succulent specimen you've ever seen?
[42:51.93]- Yes! - Doesn't it fill your heart
[42:54.07]- with desire? - Yes!
[42:55.27]Just imagine what it would taste like.
[43:04.34]What on earth were you thinking of, lad?
[43:07.18]Ruined a perfectly good piece of fashionable knitwear, that did.
[43:11.18]To say nothing of a relationship with an important client.
[43:17.12]It's lucky for us her Ladyship was so understanding.
[43:22.09]Honestly, I don't know what's got into you lately.
[43:25.46]And slow down for pity's sake.
[43:27.87]You'll buckle me trunnions.
[43:37.01]Don't worry. I'll see to this.
[43:39.88]You stay here where you belong. In the doghouse.
[43:52.86]It's heavier than it looks.
[44:04.34]I know your little secret, Pesto.
[44:06.67]- I know exactly what's going on. - Your Lordship...
[44:09.71]Yes. You think you can pilfer my filly, don't you?
[44:13.41]You think you can con a woman out of her fortune?
[44:16.05]- Who, me? - Well, I got here first!
[44:18.72]I've spent a long time reeling in that fluffy-headed bunny-lover.
[44:22.32]And I'm not about to let some puddle-headed peasant poach her from me.
[44:26.09]- Comprenez? - Righto.
[44:28.86]I'll be off then. Ta-ta.
[44:32.50]You're not going anywhere, Pesto.
[44:37.60]Not until I've taught you a jolly good lesson.
[44:44.78]Come on! Queensberry rules!
[44:46.65]Put them up, you little pipsqueak.
[44:51.35]You're shaking.
[44:53.49]Don't tell me you're a scaredy-cat as well as a scoundrel.
[45:02.03]And don't think acting like a big girl's blouse
[45:04.60]will get you out of it.
[45:06.43]There's no mercy with Victor Quartermaine.
[45:26.95]What the dickens?
[45:33.59]What on earth...?
[46:16.60]Phillip! Attack!
[46:22.27]What the...?
[47:20.10]Vicar! Oh, where the devil is he?
[47:23.17]Do you want to confess?
[47:24.50]I want to talk to you about...
[47:27.51]...the beast.
[47:31.14]Everything you need to know is in this book.
[47:37.25]- "Nun Wrestling." - No. I meant this one.
[47:57.74]Here. Here it is.
[47:59.97]The hideous monster plaguing our parish.
[48:04.54]The Were-Rabbit.
[48:09.68]So it's true.
[48:11.42]The beast lurks within all of us, my child.
[48:14.89]The side that emerges at night as the moon rises into the sky.
[48:19.89]The side that savagely rips the leaves
[48:23.23]off any innocent cabbage.
[48:25.76]Spare me the sermon, Vicar.
[48:27.40]Just tell me how I kill him. I mean "it."
[48:31.40]To kill such a creature
[48:33.67]would require nerves of steel
[48:39.18]...a bullet.
[48:41.61]A bullet?
[48:44.25]A bullet.
[48:46.25]A bull...
[48:48.99]What kind of bullet?
[48:51.09]A bullet of pure gold.
[49:03.74]Twenty-four karat.
[49:08.74]Get out of my way.
[49:11.24]Silly old fool.
[49:13.15]Beware! Beware of the beast within!
[50:12.70]Perfect re-entry, Gromit.
[50:15.11]This veg diet's doing the trick, en, lad?
[50:18.04]I feel smashing.
[50:22.65]So how's our rabbit-monster?
[50:27.95]Hope you're keeping an eye on him.
[50:40.97]What's up, dog?
[50:50.01]Well, fancy that.
[50:51.81]Rabbit ears.
[50:54.11]That is a bit odd.
[50:59.72]And what are you trying to say, lad?
[51:08.69]What? You think that I'm the...?
[51:13.60]Because of these?
[51:15.43]Oh, no.
[51:16.84]No. This is just a reaction
[51:19.47]to that healthy veg diet you've got me on.
[51:22.77]It's the toxins coming out.
[51:25.41]Silly old pooch.
[51:27.78]Thinking I'm the beast.
[51:31.55]Next thing you'll be saying
[51:33.82]is that Hutch is turning into me.
[51:40.73]Hey. What are you doing, lad?
[51:44.10]Have you gone completely mad?
[52:30.01]I do like a bit of Gorgonzola.
[52:38.42]Oh, dear.
[52:44.39]- Perfect. - Ma'am.
[52:46.32]- Now, let's see. - Coming through!
[52:49.86]The tombola's arrived.
[52:51.56]And the bouncy Tottington Hall.
[53:00.11]It's going to be such a jolly competition tonight.
[53:03.44]I just know it.
[53:05.04]- You don't know nothing. - What?
[53:07.45]The beast has struck again. That's what.
[53:11.42]That's right!
[53:13.42]No, you're quite mistaken, Mrs. Mulch.
[53:15.62]- The beast is in captivity. - Oh, yeah?
[53:17.92]Then just take a look at my wife's brassicas.
[53:21.69]- Ravaged in the night. - But I don't understand.
[53:24.73]- Anti-Pesto told me... - A pack of lies!
[53:27.43]It's not safe to bring our vegetables here.
[53:30.37]The show's off.
[53:35.11]But this is simply dreadful news.
[53:38.91]The Tottingtons have held a giant vegetable competition
[53:42.91]on this very night for over 500 years.
[53:46.79]That's right.
[53:48.75]Not even the Great Duck Plague of '53 stopped it.
[53:55.79]If only there were another way.
[53:59.93]What ho!
[54:02.67]It's Quartermaine.
[54:04.27]Heard you had a spot of rabbit bother.
[54:14.95]Didn't this bit used to...?
[54:19.15]Now. Now, let's see.
[54:23.92]Where does this part go?
[54:37.84]Oh, it's hopeless.
[54:39.77]I'll never fix this flipping machine.
[54:42.61]Me mind's just a rabbity mush.
[54:46.18]Oh, Gromit.
[54:48.31]I don't wanna be a giant rabbit!
[54:57.32]The bounce is gone from his bungee.
[55:12.87]Hey, presto! Rabbit rehabilitation.
[55:18.74]But if I can't fix it...
[55:23.35]...maybe the other me can!
[55:26.25]I'm inventing, mostly.
[55:28.25]Look at me go! I'm a genius.
[55:33.76]Awake! I can't answer the door. Not like this.
[55:38.26]Charming. I'm Wallace.
[55:41.37]I already am!
[55:51.81]Hang on a mog.
[55:56.61]Hello? I say. Open this door at once.
[56:05.32]Lady Tottington, if you don't mind.
[56:08.43]I'm afraid I have some rather bad news, Wallace.
[56:11.06]Thing is, well,
[56:13.63]you've rather let me down with this beastly beast business.
[56:18.84]- I suppose I have. - Yes.
[56:20.84]It's obvious to me that you have absolutely no idea
[56:23.71]where this poor creature is.
[56:25.41]And I'm afraid you've given me no option
[56:28.15]but to let Victor shoot the poor thing.
[56:32.48]Shoot it?
[56:34.59]Yes. Wasn't an easy choice,
[56:37.59]but the veg competition has to come first.
[56:39.99]Besides, Victor's promised me it won't suffer.
[56:43.26]It will be quick and painless.
[56:45.56]How thoughtful.
[56:47.90]I cannot deny it was a difficult decision for me.
[56:50.84]Because I've recently developed...
[56:56.01]...feelings for you.
[56:57.44]Feelings? Oh, well, never mind, en?
[57:01.35]- Ta-ra, then. - Wait! Wallace.
[57:03.58]I haven't finished. There's more that needs to be said.
[57:06.48]Well, I'll give you a tinkle, shall I?
[57:08.82]Can't we at least shake hands? Part as friends?
[57:11.39]It's not very convenient at the moment.
[57:13.96]Thanks for coming by.
[57:16.43]Well, I... I...
[57:34.15]That's right, my lovely.
[57:36.51]You can say goodbye to your fluffy loverboy.
[57:44.39]You gotta help me, Gromit!
[57:45.86]Hide me. Anything.
[57:47.96]Before it's too late!
[57:51.63]Your Lordship.
[58:25.06]Good night, Gromit.
[59:19.62]'Tis done.
[59:25.76]My poor sensitive child.
[59:28.56]Allow us all to share in your moment of sorrow.
[59:41.61]On with the show!
[59:55.32]What the...?
[60:00.79]Why you...
[60:16.81]Of course.
[60:18.94]The vegetable competition.
[60:23.15]Your loyalty is moving.
[60:25.72]Sadly, you won't be.
[60:28.39]Come along, Phillip.
[60:29.65]Everyone's been looking forward to a good show.
[60:33.02]Let's see they get one.
[61:05.42]- Hooray! - Mr. Growbag.
[61:08.03]I... I have a hunch this'll be a night to remember.
[61:13.83]I just have a hunch.
[61:15.57]All right. All right. If we must do this flipping veg show,
[61:18.67]let's do it in an orderly and law-abiding fashion.
[61:21.51]Cucumbers, give way to melons.
[61:23.41]Carrots, wait your turn!
[61:25.64]- Aubergines... - There's our bait, Phillip.
[61:28.25]All we have to do now is wait for our fluffy friend to appear.
[61:34.35]Look over here, everyone! It's Victor!
[61:37.82]- He's here! - Our hero.
[61:40.26]Please, sir, kiss my baby.
[61:41.86]- Another time, perhaps. - Kiss my potato.
[61:44.20]- Not now. - Kiss my artichoke.
[61:47.00]- Look, just... - Victor.
[61:50.13]Victor, I have to know. Did it suffer?
[61:54.91]Of course not, my dear. Not yet, anyway.
[61:58.88]- Victor? - Oy, you.
[62:00.55]- Constable. - Careful with them capsicums.
[62:03.48]Listen, I don't want to cause panic, but the beast isn't actually dead yet.
[62:07.55]- The beast isn't actually dead yet? - What?
[62:21.93]To the competition stand!
[62:40.52]Cracking toast, Gromit.
[62:45.22]I'm just crackers about cheese.
[62:50.16]Monterey Jack.
[63:05.01]Smashing Wensleydale.
[63:29.53]Job well done, lad.
[63:58.03]Now, listen carefully.
[64:00.00]I've only got two...
[64:02.97]I've only got one gold bullet left.
[64:05.44]So leave this to me.
[64:07.91]Yes, all right, I admit the beast is still at large.
[64:11.34]But the good news is your prize vegetables are the perfect bait...
[64:16.51]...and will draw the creature like a magnet.
[64:18.85]- Keep still. - My baby.
[64:20.45]- There, there, love. It'll be all... - Don't even move a muscle.
[64:24.39]Mrs. Mulch! No!
[64:26.69]It's not getting my baby!
[64:31.06]Lovely food. For rabbits, that is.
[64:39.24]- Come back! - Come back!
[64:47.75]Yes. Right on cue.
[64:52.22]Come back!
[64:57.82]Go away!
[64:59.99]That's right. Come to Uncle Victor.
[65:09.23]It's coming for us!
[65:22.45]What the...?
[65:27.92]Hurrah for Anti-Pesto!
[65:30.02]- It's getting away! - Get off, you stupid...
[65:41.70]Vicar, I need more gold bullets.
[65:44.04]They don't come cheap, you know.
[65:56.05]Victor? What are you doing?
[65:58.38]I need it, my sweet. Emergency.
[66:00.69]- Victor, no! Please! - Come, now, Campanula, let go.
[66:05.19]But it's my Golden Carrot Award.
[66:07.09]This is hardly the time, my darling.
[66:09.13]- Give it to me this instant! - But Victor!
[66:13.43]Cheese, Gromit.
[66:20.37]The Golden Carrot belongs in the show!
[66:23.37]No, the Golden Carrot belongs in the Were-Rabbit.
[66:29.25]Every man for himself!
[66:30.65]Help! Help! Help me!
[66:34.49]Put me down at once, you great big hairy thing, you!
[66:39.06]Stop! Stop!
[66:40.89]Mob supplies! Get your angry mob supplies here.
[66:56.61]Put her down, you great ugly brute!
[67:04.15]I'll bagsy the lucky rabbit's foot.
[67:10.52]Help me, someone! Help me!
[67:30.94]No. No, no, no!
[67:52.10]Put me down! Put me down, you...
[67:55.30]Whatever you are! Help!
[68:00.81]What is it?
[68:02.07]What are you staring at with those beastly eyes?
[68:40.04]Oh, Wallace.
[68:42.05]What ever have you done to yourself?
[68:45.58]Well, don't you worry. I'll protect you.
[68:50.09]Get your hairy mitts off my future wife, you big brute.
[68:56.99]No! Victor!
[68:58.66]You don't understand. The hunt is off.
[69:01.07]It's... We made a terrible mistake.
[69:03.57]No. You commissioned me to rid you of Pesto,
[69:06.04]and that's just what I intend to do.
[69:15.38]Why, you knew it was Wallace all along.
[69:19.82]Oh, all right.
[69:21.32]So what if it is that blithering idiot.
[69:23.45]No one will ever believe you.
[69:28.23]And if I can't have your money, I can still bag your bunny.
[69:39.34]My eyes!
[69:41.21]Run, rabbit, run!


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