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[00:21.36]Long ago, in ancient China.
[00:24.61]The Peacocks ruled over Gongmen city.
[00:28.51]They brought great joy, and prosperity to the city.
[00:32.22]For they had invented, 'Fireworks'.
[00:39.03]But their son, Lord Shen,
[00:42.05]saw darker power in the fireworks.
[00:46.76]What had brought color and joy
[00:48.88]could also bring darkness and destruction.
[00:53.90]Shen's troubled parents consulted to Soothsayer.
[00:58.01]She fortold
[00:59.49]that if Shen continued, holding his dark path,
[01:03.22]he would be defeated by a warrior of black and white.
[01:09.60]The young Lord, set out to change his fate.
[01:13.32]But what he did next..
[01:15.24]only sealed it.
[01:23.14]Shen returned to his parents, full of pride.
[01:27.16]But in their faces,
[01:28.92]he saw only horror.
[01:32.94]He was banished from the city forever.
[01:36.09]But Shen swore revenge..
[01:39.27]Someday, he would return,
[01:42.46]and all of China would bow at his feet.
[02:17.65]It's almost done, Lord Shen.
[02:19.16]But we've run out of metal.
[02:22.10]Search the farthest villages. Find more metal!
[02:26.93]China will be mine!
[02:38.78]And then,
[02:39.79]the Dragon Warrior joined the Furious Five!
[02:42.14]And then they became the most awesome Kung-Fu team ever!
[02:45.53]Enough talk, let's fight!
[02:48.92]Listen, listen!
[02:50.04]You can hear the Dragon Warrior training, right now!
[02:53.26]- 34.. -Stop doing that. This is too dangerous!
[02:55.37]- Look at the bottom. - Stay focused!
[02:57.94]- 37! - 37.
[02:59.96]How is he doing that? Look at his face!
[03:05.88]38 bean buns!
[03:08.64]Yes! New record!
[03:10.21]- You monster! - Keep going. Hit forty!
[03:13.02]He'll never hit forty!
[03:14.02]You guys wait and we'll go to 40.
[03:16.13]- Do it! - No problem!
[03:24.67]Give me a minute.
[03:29.79]- Yes! - You did it!
[03:30.58]Will done, Po!
[03:33.73]Your training has paid off.
[03:35.97]Oh! Master Shifu! Gotta go. See you later!
[03:39.76]You'll save those for me. Right?
[04:01.97]Inner peace.
[04:06.35]Inner.. peace.
[04:12.37]Inner peace.
[04:14.10]Master Shifu!
[04:16.70]Master Shifu, what do we got?
[04:18.50]Priates? Vandals of volcano mountain?
[04:21.65]Whatever it is, I will take them down!
[04:24.37]'Cause I'm in a mood.
[04:25.87]I need to get something done. You know what I mean?
[04:29.36]Ahh.. What you doing?
[04:31.82]One of master Oogway's final teachings.
[05:07.15]How did you do that?
[05:10.77]- Inner peace. - Inner peace!
[05:13.31]That's cool!
[05:15.85]Inner peace of what?
[05:17.40]It's the next step of your training.
[05:19.89]Every master must find his path, to inner peace.
[05:25.52]Some choose to meditate for 50 years,
[05:28.27]in a cave just like this!
[05:31.79]Without the slimmest taste of food. Or water.
[05:37.90]Some find it in pain and suffering. As I did.
[05:41.38]Po, the day you were choosen as Dragon Warrior,
[05:44.65]was the worst day of my life.
[05:47.74]By far.
[05:48.63]Nothing else came close.
[05:50.47]It was the worst most painful, mind-destroying,
[05:54.11]horrible moment..
[05:55.81]I have ever experienced!
[06:01.44]But once I realized, the problem was not you
[06:04.51]but within me,
[06:05.79]I found inner peace.
[06:07.29]It was able to harness the fullthy universe.
[06:10.65]So that's it? I just need inner peace?
[06:13.42]My inners are already super-super peaceful..
[06:15.97]So, all I need to do, is just get this thing going.
[06:19.67]Inner peace,
[06:20.88]you're going down!
[06:21.99]Now show me what were you doing that with your feet.
[06:24.15]I saw just sort of fancy boots thing..
[06:25.64]Po! Bandits, approaching the Musician's village.
[06:29.62]Tell those musicians to start playing some action music,
[06:32.21]because it is on!
[06:33.51]Don't worry, Shifu.
[06:34.74]I'll master inner peace as soon as I get back.
[06:36.27]No snack stops this time!
[06:38.97]Snack stops!
[06:41.29]Wait, you serious?
[06:55.44]Get all the metal you can find!
[07:01.66]Oh! The metal!
[07:08.49]Help! Help! Help! Help!
[07:13.86]That's everything! Let's get out of here.
[07:23.89]Wings of justice!
[07:44.76]The Dragon Warrior!
[07:46.04]Panda? That's impossible!
[07:48.04]My fist hungers for justice.
[07:51.73]That was my.. Fist.
[07:53.70]Get 'em!
[07:55.02]Come on!
[08:19.17]Take that!
[08:31.32]It's coming!
[08:32.75]Thank you, Mantis.
[08:52.75]Tigress, Double Dance Strike!
[09:03.58]Feet of Fury!
[09:10.70]Monkey! Viper! Mantis!
[09:16.23]Oh, sorry!
[09:25.85]Crane, go!
[09:26.72]I'm on it!
[09:47.04]Is everyone OK?
[09:53.88]I got this!
[10:13.57]Shoo on that, tubby!
[10:24.63]Are you Okay? What happened?
[10:28.97]I think I saw..
[10:30.71]I think..
[10:33.13]I gotta go!
[10:36.93]Thank you!
[10:37.79]Thank you, for coming to Dragon Warrior Noodles and Tofu.
[10:41.80]You wanna tea? Lemon Sauce?
[10:44.23]If you need anything, just ask!
[10:48.00]Thank you!
[10:48.91]Feet of fury!
[10:50.63]Uhh.. The Dragon Warrior's mop.
[10:53.03]He mopped these very floors!
[10:55.74]No touching! You'll get the mop dirty.
[10:59.64]- He was waited on me. - Awesome!
[11:01.47]Yeah! I have a skin to prove it!
[11:03.35]Hey.. Where is the Dragon Warrior?
[11:05.54]He doesn't work here anymore.
[11:08.08]He is busy out there, protecting the valley.
[11:11.58]The Dragon Warrior!
[11:16.13]Yeah, here.
[11:18.70]He is the Dragon Warrior!
[11:19.48]You should've told me you're coming.
[11:20.93]Hi, dad!
[11:21.81]I would have get you some stinky Tofu!
[11:25.81]Dad.. Can I talk to you?
[11:26.93]Of course, son.
[11:29.90]Honor of my son.. Free Tofu dessert for everybody!
[11:34.63]With purchases.
[11:38.12]It's so good to see you, Po!
[11:40.67]Have you lost weight?
[11:42.81]I could almost put my wings around you!
[11:44.62]Ah.. Well, maybe a little.
[11:46.72]Oh.. Poor you. You most feel weak!
[11:49.28]Let me get you some soup.
[11:50.81]No. That's okay, dad. I'm not hungry.
[11:52.50]Not hungry?! Are you alright?
[11:55.12]Yeah, yeah. No, I'm fine.
[11:56.67]It's just, earlier today,
[11:58.33]I was fighting these bandits.
[11:59.76]Nothing too dangerous..
[12:02.25]They were just.. You know.
[12:04.08]And then the strangest thing happened, uh..
[12:05.95]I had this crazy vision..
[12:08.17]I thinks I saw my mom,
[12:09.84]and me.. as a baby.
[12:12.77]Mom? A baby?!
[12:15.92]Wha.. Who.. What're you..
[12:20.26]How can I say this?
[12:23.17]Where did I come from?
[12:29.15]Well, you see, son..
[12:31.92]Baby geese come from a little egg..
[12:35.20]Don't ask me where the egg comes from.
[12:37.80]Dad! It's not what I meant.
[12:41.21]I.. I know it's not.
[12:43.27]I think it's time I told you something
[12:45.12]I should've told you a long time ago.
[12:51.04]You.. might have been kind of..
[12:59.97]I knew it!
[13:01.04]You knew?
[13:01.93]Wha.. Who told you?
[13:02.90]No one. I mean.. come on, dad.
[13:05.16]But if you do, why didn't you ever say anything?
[13:07.83]Why didn't you say anything?
[13:12.26]How did I get here, dad? Where did I get from?
[13:16.68]Actually, You came from this..
[13:24.02]It was just another day at the restaurant.
[13:26.98]Time to make the noodles.
[13:29.47]And when I went to the back,
[13:30.67]where my vegetables has just been delivered.
[13:34.41]There were cabbages, tunas, radishes..
[13:37.96]Only.. there was no radishes!
[13:40.97]Just a very hungry baby-panda.
[13:47.00]There was no note.
[13:48.88]Of course you could've eat it.
[13:51.20]I waited for someone to come.. looking for you.
[13:55.21]But no one did.
[14:20.04]I brought you inside..
[14:24.77]fed you,
[14:27.78]gave you a bath.
[14:32.12]and fed you again.
[14:36.68]and again..
[14:40.64]and tried to put some pants on you.
[14:51.72]And then I made the decision
[14:53.08]that would change my life forever..
[14:57.87]to make my soup without radishes,
[15:01.11]and to raise you as my own son.
[15:05.86]You, Po.
[15:07.82]My little panda.
[15:10.96]And from that moment on,
[15:12.79]both my soup and my life have been that much sweeter.
[15:18.69]That's all, Po. That's the end of the story.
[15:23.38]Look at me! No, don't look at me!
[15:26.46]That's it? That can't be it!
[15:29.60]That's gotta be more, dad!
[15:31.22]Well, there was a time you ate all my bamboo furniture.
[15:35.24]It was important too.
[15:37.97]One dumpling please. Dragon Warrior's size.
[15:46.15]Oh, Po!
[15:47.46]Your story may not have such a happy beginning..
[15:50.24]but look how it turned out!
[15:51.66]You got me. You got Kung-Fu.
[15:53.73]And you got noodles!
[15:55.88]I know! I just had so many questions.
[15:58.25]Like how did I ever fit in this tiny basket?
[16:00.93]Why didn't I like pants?
[16:05.37]And, who am I?
[16:14.32]Good. Watch your thought.
[16:55.16]Good afternoon, gentlemen.
[16:58.17]Now we've got the pleasantries out of the way..
[17:01.12]Please leave my house!
[17:02.96]Your house?
[17:04.62]Yes, didn't you see the peacock in the front door?
[17:09.90]There you are, Soothsayer.
[17:12.53]It seems your fortune-tellings, Soothsayer,
[17:14.98]are not as good as you thought.
[17:17.48]We shall see, Shen.
[17:19.04]Ow.. You shall see a goat.
[17:21.82]Well, where were we?
[17:22.67]What do you want, Shen?
[17:24.44]What is rightfully mine.
[17:27.46]Gongmen city!
[17:29.15]Gongmen is under the stewardship of the masters council.
[17:32.15]And we will protect it
[17:33.51]even from you!
[17:37.11]I'm so glad you feel that way.
[17:40.29]Otherwise, I'd have dragged they'd drag that here for nothing.
[17:43.59]What's in the box, Shen ?
[17:45.36]You want to see?
[17:47.36]It's a gift!
[17:49.31]It is your parting gift.
[17:51.19]It mean, it will part you.
[17:53.17]Part of you here, part of you there..
[17:54.98]and part of you way over there,
[17:57.58]staining the wall!
[17:59.08]You insolent fool!
[18:18.77]- Show off. - That is a warning!
[18:21.58]You are no match for our Kung-Fu.
[18:24.82]I agree.
[18:27.05]But this is!
[18:42.69]Are you familiar with the master of Gongmen city?
[18:45.39]- Master thunder Rhino? - Yes!
[18:46.88]- Son of legendary Flying Rhino? - Yes!
[18:49.36]And the slayer of 10,000 serpent's in the valey of wolf!
[18:52.75]He's dead!
[18:54.95]Tha...That's impossible!
[18:56.40]Rhino's Horn Defence is impervious to any technique.
[18:59.14]It was no technique!
[19:00.29]Lord Shen has created a weapon,
[19:02.73]one that breathes fire and spits metal.
[19:05.79]Unless he is stopped.
[19:07.83]This could be the end of Kung-Fu!
[19:11.45]But I just got Kung-Fu!
[19:13.16]And now, you 'must save it!
[19:15.31]Go! Destroy this weapon, and bring Lord Shen to justice.
[19:19.67]Okay, here we go! Here we go!
[19:21.31]Wa-wa-wa-wa.... wait a second.
[19:23.92]How can I do this?
[19:25.19]I mean, how can Kung-Fu stop something
[19:27.09]that stops Kung-Fu?
[19:28.10]Remember, Dragon Warrior. Anything is possible..
[19:31.85]when you have 'Inner peace'.
[19:39.40]Inner peace, inner peace, inner peace.
[19:43.06]Peace on!
[19:44.29]Po, Po! I packed your stuffs.
[19:48.82]I packed you food for week's cookies, vegetables,
[19:52.08]and I even packed all your actions fingers.
[19:56.95]Oh! Hey.... I don't know what those are!
[19:59.89]Never seen them before in my life.
[20:01.77]Dad, you got scratches on my tigress.
[20:03.81]I also packed your paintings of our best times together.
[20:06.91]Just in case you get lonely.
[20:09.49]That's me and you making noodles.
[20:11.32]And that's me and you eating noodles.
[20:13.59]And that's me giving you a piggy back ride.
[20:17.43]That cute? On second thought, I'll hang on to this one.
[20:20.69]They're wating for me.
[20:23.23]Of course, of course. You have a job to do.
[20:26.67]Far from home.
[20:28.01]In a strange city,
[20:29.12]filled with strange people and strange noodles .
[20:31.86]Facing horrible danger, from which you have may never return!
[20:35.79]Don't go, Po!
[20:37.15]I gotta go.
[20:38.59]I'm the Dragon Warrior.
[20:39.75]It's kind of my job to save Kung-Fu.
[20:42.10]And if I don't, what am I?
[20:45.14]You are my son.
[20:52.70]Po, It's time.
[20:58.03]Don't worry, Mr. Ping.
[20:59.61]He'll be back before you can say 'Noodles'.
[21:16.10]Come on, guys! Let's go. Yeah!
[22:52.94]Mom? Dad? Is that you? Mom! Dad!
[23:00.07]Oh... Hi! Hey-Hey... Son, you are back.
[23:04.38]Honey, what you doing here?
[23:06.45]But I thought... - We replaced you, dear.
[23:08.68]With a lovely radish.
[23:11.35]- Radish?! - It's quite, polite, and frankly..
[23:14.66]It does better Kung-Fu.
[23:17.12]No... no, no, no!
[23:40.06]Radish, radish, radish!
[23:50.98]Inner pea..
[23:59.20]Inner peace.
[24:17.38]Inner peace, inner peace, inner peace...
[24:27.89]I'm... training.
[24:30.34]The mast, is not the worthy opponent.
[24:36.01]I'm ready.
[24:37.68]Okay... so serious!
[24:48.23]I think I prefer the mast.
[24:51.58]I used to punch the iron wood trees by the fist in training.
[24:55.28]Now, I feel nothing.
[24:57.74]That's severely cool!
[25:06.19]So... this punching iron wood trees,
[25:09.38]how long did you have to do that?
[25:10.73]- 20 years. - Oh... 20... 20 years!
[25:14.47]Is there any... uhh... you know, faster way... you know..
[25:17.23]Until... you know... don't feel anything?
[25:19.83]No! Besides,
[25:25.64]I don't think, hard style is your thing.
[25:31.22]Po.. Why are you really out here?
[25:36.17]I just found out, that my dad... isn't really my dad.
[25:42.59]Your dad, the goose.
[25:47.08]That must have been quite a shock!
[25:51.54]And this bothers you?
[25:53.64]Are you kidding me? We're warriors, right?
[25:56.49]Nerve's of steel, soul's of platinum. Like you.
[26:01.20]So hard core, you don't feel anything!
[26:07.89]- I was... - So, what you guys talking about?
[26:10.97]Nothing... Nothing!
[26:12.56]Po's having daddy's issues.
[26:14.92]I'm so lucky, I don't have any problem with my dad.
[26:18.09]Maybe it's because Mom ate his head before I was born.
[26:20.49]I don't know!
[26:21.16]Mantis, this isn't about you!
[26:23.69]Po, is the one freaking out.
[26:26.12]I'm not freaking out.
[26:28.56]I'm freaking in.
[26:29.95]- Po! - What?
[26:32.09]We're here. Gongmen city!
[26:51.84]My father's throne.
[26:54.70]He used to let me play here, beside him.
[26:57.80]Promising with someday this throne would be mine.
[27:07.19]A little to the left.
[27:09.17]But it's so heavy, Master.
[27:11.13]30 years, I have waited for this moment.
[27:14.24]Everything, must be exactly how I visioned it.
[27:17.98]And I have visioned it a little to the left.
[27:24.13]With the weapon, by my side... a little bit more.
[27:29.59]With the weapon, by my side, all China will bow before me!
[27:35.40]We move out in 3 days, when the moon is full.
[27:39.00]And the tide is high.
[27:42.65]You're down, you old goat,
[27:44.61]why don't you tell me my..
[27:47.97]The future. I was going to say 'Future'.
[27:51.98]Look in to your bowl, and tell me what glorious waits.
[27:57.12]If you continue on your current path,
[28:02.95]You will find yourself... at the bottom of the stairs.
[28:09.78]I see...
[28:12.35]I see...
[28:15.20]I see, pain and anger!
[28:19.00]How dare you? That is the finest suit in the province!
[28:22.02]Followed by denial.
[28:23.25]This is not fortune telling.
[28:25.12]- Now just say what's happening right... - Now?
[28:29.73]The most important time is now.
[28:33.63]But if you really want to see the future.
[28:39.21]What do you see?
[28:46.48]A peacock..
[28:49.60]is defeated by a warrior, of black and white.
[28:54.93]Nothing has changed!
[29:01.62]That's impossible. And you know it.
[29:06.28]It is not impossible, and he knows it.
[29:10.88]Lord Shen! I saw a panda.
[29:13.08]A panda!
[29:16.24]A Kunf-Fu warrior.
[29:17.58]It fought like a demon!
[29:18.89]Big and fury. Soft and squishy.
[29:22.18]Kind of plashing and cuddly.
[29:24.07]There are no more pandas.
[29:27.57]Even with his poor eye sight, he can see the truth.
[29:31.01]Why? Is it that you can not?
[29:34.83]Find this panda, and bring him to me!
[29:38.21]Yes, sir!
[29:40.39]One panda lives, that will not make you right.
[29:44.22]You are right.
[29:45.53]Beeing right makes me right!
[29:48.48]Then, I will kill him. And make you wrong.
[29:54.37]Would you stop that?
[30:08.59]That must be Shen's palace, in the other side of the city.
[30:12.10]Great! We will match in the tower, and proclaim,
[30:14.41]we are the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five,
[30:16.82]And we are here to bring you to justice!
[30:22.44]What are you doing? This place is crawling with wolves.
[30:30.26]Hey! Isn't that the guy that hammered you in the face?
[30:36.59]I do not like that guy!
[30:38.18]We need to get to that to tower,
[30:39.46]without being spoted by those wolves.
[30:41.96]Got it..
[30:43.46]Stealth Mode!
[31:07.88]Get out of the way!
[31:12.13]Now, where'd those noodles go?
[31:20.18]Hello. I couldn't help but...
[31:23.14]Yeah, okay... anyway. Where was I?
[31:26.46]- Where is, Po? - How can we lose a guy that big?
[31:40.12]Guys, guys?
[31:42.17]- He-Hey, Po! - Sorry!
[31:43.95]So, that was Stealth Mode, Huh?
[31:45.76]To be honest, not one of my stronger modes.
[31:52.14]This rice is raw!
[31:53.62]You stole of my metal pots for Lord Shen!
[31:56.30]Either you cook my rice... or I cook you.
[32:00.15]Po, do something!
[32:02.60]How am I suppose to help the cook-rice, while I'll get caught?
[32:05.13]Wait... I have a better idea!
[32:21.76]We're here to liberate the city,
[32:22.97]and bring Shen to justice.
[32:24.32]You will need help!
[32:25.29]Thank you brave sheep, but it's too dangerous..
[32:27.11]I can't let you.
[32:27.99]Oh... no, not me. It's not safe to speak here.
[32:35.07]I'm talking about, Masters Ox and Croc!
[32:37.71]They're in Gongmen Jail on Black Dragon Alley.
[32:41.25]What? They're still alive?!
[32:42.99]They must be in that jail..
[32:44.04]Gathering intelligents hatching a plot to use their awesomeness
[32:46.86]to defeat the weapon.
[32:48.13]Okay, let's go! Thank you, sheep.
[32:51.19]Hey! Stop that costume!
[32:53.87]- Hold it right there! - Get them!
[32:55.03]- Get them! - Sorry!
[32:57.55]Take... that!
[32:59.64]- Keep running! - Faster!
[33:30.65]Got you!
[33:34.13]Where did they go?
[33:34.81]Split up!
[33:35.70]Search everywhere!
[33:36.89]What about over there?
[33:37.81]Is 'there' a part of everywhere?
[33:40.30]I... I guess.
[33:41.83]Then search there!
[33:48.12]They must be close.
[33:49.47]I can feel a Kung-Fu chill, riding up by my spine!
[33:52.09]Sorry, Po. It's just me!
[33:56.17]'Gongmen Jail'!
[34:00.78]Oh... it's cute.
[34:03.64]Cute? Huh?
[34:14.28]Nice work, Po.
[34:17.30]At the first sight of trouble, I'll give you a signal.
[34:21.41]- You mean like Crane does? - Yeah!
[34:23.29]Excuse me! When have I ever, made that noise?
[34:26.62]Master Ox! Master!
[34:31.22]The ferocious Master Croc!
[34:34.46]And Master Storming Ox.
[34:38.19]I can't belive, I'm rescuing actual legends of Kung-Fu.
[34:40.91]We gonna free you from these bonds to justice, no problem.
[34:43.12]Gotta be a key around here.
[34:44.15]No, they wouldn't leave a key around here.
[34:47.42]Oh, good... you found it! Come on you guys. Yeah!
[34:50.50]We're coming for you, Shen!
[34:57.79]Guys, are we going or not?
[34:59.48]Do you wanna me to do this later? I mean,
[35:01.40]you do wanna take back you city. Right?
[35:03.15]Of course, we do.
[35:04.81]But if we stand up against Shen,
[35:06.40]he will turn the weapon on the city!
[35:09.01]Listen to yourself.
[35:09.73]You're protecting Gongmen city, by not protecting Gongmen city?
[35:12.59]If we all fight together...
[35:14.39]Then the weapon would kill, everyone.
[35:17.55]Oh, would it?
[35:18.62]Then we use, a sneak attack.
[35:21.59]- We'll get inside, and then.... - And then you'll be stopped!
[35:27.37]By the unstoppable weapon.
[35:29.03]No thing is unstoppable. Except for me.
[35:30.67]When I'm stopping you from telling me something unstoppable.
[35:44.50]Master Ox, I'm not let you stay in this cell!
[35:47.75]Then let's just see how you get me out!
[35:54.81]You guys see that? It's called being awesome!
[35:57.31]Come on! Whatever happened to being heroes?
[35:59.38]The only hero in this town, is the dead one.
[36:06.92]Like I said, you are not getting me out of the cell!
[36:15.51]Alright. Let's go!
[36:18.11]I get the top bunk.
[36:21.49]It's time to surrender, panda.
[36:23.78]Kung-Fu is dead!
[36:30.30]You... You... Kung-Fu is a dea...Aa.Ad!
[36:35.00]You stay in your prison of fear!
[36:36.84]With bars made of hopelessness.
[36:38.63]And all you get is 3 square meals a day of... Shame.
[36:42.04]With despair for dessert.
[36:43.80]We'll take on Shen
[36:45.19]and prove to all those who are hungry
[36:48.22]for justice and honour that kung fu still lives!
[36:58.60]You... You're mine!
[37:00.17]I'll tell you what's gonna be yours..
[37:02.05]My fist in your plush cuddly super soft face!
[37:07.73]Get him!
[37:09.70]- Get me outta here! - Yes, sir!
[37:12.15]- Stop him! - Yeah!
[37:21.13]Po, go!
[37:24.12]Lose him!
[37:25.44]Yes, sir!
[37:28.87]Hang on!
[37:40.49]Watch out!
[37:45.80]Very uncool!
[37:47.31]Try this!
[37:56.72]Maybe something smaller.
[38:05.48]Cute bunnies, off the face!
[38:06.58]Pardon me! Ok, pardon me.
[38:17.60]Fire! Fire!
[38:20.34]We lost them.
[38:30.86]Again! Again!
[38:33.87]Crane, catch!
[38:49.08]Guys, guys, guys... give me a shot.
[38:51.64]Mantis, now!
[39:07.01]Is that all you got?
[39:08.07]'Cause I fell it like like a big old fluffy cloud!
[39:10.96]This cloud is about to bring the thunder!
[39:16.60]Your turn!
[39:19.77]Why there are.. so.. many.. signs?
[39:39.04]Come here! Alaka-squasho!
[39:42.61]Yes! Taste of the defeat.
[39:46.19]Let me tell you something...
[39:47.77]Next time you mess with a panda, you better bring a whole...
[40:00.89]Guess no body told you; If you mess with a wolve..
[40:04.06]You'll get the fangs.
[40:06.06]I have hit you twice...
[40:07.77]what are you gonna do now?
[40:12.86]We surrender!
[40:18.19]You could chain my body
[40:19.90]but you will never chain my... warrior spirit.
[40:23.03]- Hey, don't forget the little guy! - Did you just called me...
[40:25.48]Po, what're you doing?
[40:27.43]Trust me, I gotta a... pla...Ww!
[40:30.02]No way!
[40:31.20]Eight point acupressure cuffs!
[40:33.13]Just like the one that held Tailong,
[40:34.52]the more you move the tighter they get...
[40:37.18]These are THE best cuffs.
[40:41.69]Greetings, panda. At last we meet.
[40:45.65]No. No, no, no...
[40:50.97]We meet at last!
[40:52.73]Yes! That's it!
[40:54.82]Greetings, panda. We meet at...
[40:59.23]You are afraid for a reason.
[41:01.31]I'm not afraid.
[41:03.12]He's coming to me in chains.
[41:05.85]Have anyone should be afraid?
[41:11.64]You don't you even think about it.
[41:27.17]I hope this turns out better than you planned to...
[41:29.24]Cook rice in your stomache
[41:30.37]by eating it raw and then drinking boiling watter.
[41:32.72]This plan's nothing like that plan.
[41:35.58]This is one's gonna work!
[41:49.47]Keep moving.
[41:57.02]Ah... My old enemy!
[42:34.44]Thanks for carrying me. This is the last free flight.
[42:37.63]Okay. I threw up a little bit on the third floor,
[42:40.73]Someone might wanna clean that up.
[42:42.49]Is there some sort of evil janitor or something?
[42:45.08]Greetings, panda. We meet at...
[42:48.09]Hi. How you doing?
[42:52.92]You've grown up bigger than I thought.
[42:56.11]Hey, okay. It's enough of the poking around.
[43:01.53]Look, I don't know who you are. But please stand aside, sir.
[43:04.64]That's a lady!
[43:05.61]Oh... Sorry!
[43:07.16]The beard threw me, it's kind of misleading.
[43:09.76]False every time.
[43:11.19]Enough of this nonsense!
[43:13.13]Bring the prisoners to me.
[43:15.02]Sorry ma'am.
[43:15.96]Get ready guys, keep your eyes peeled for the..
[43:23.66]Sparrow kick!
[43:26.58]We did it! I just Kung-Fued it. Did you guys see that?
[43:29.59]I was all like...
[43:38.91]How do you actually believe,
[43:40.44]this is the warrior destined to defeat me?
[43:42.89]I do not!
[43:44.10]I know he is.
[43:46.94]Look at him!
[43:48.68]A life time to plot his revenge, then he comes to be on his knees.
[43:52.96]A life time... Wo-wo-wo! I did not have a life time.
[43:56.10]We only heard about master Rhino a few days ago,
[43:58.59]And we've came to avenge him!
[43:59.99]You've come to avenge, nothing else?
[44:03.05]Well, Yeah. All the pots and pants that you stole,
[44:05.47]I want those back.
[44:06.87]Nothing else?
[44:08.32]You probably did some evil stuffs along the way.
[44:10.52]I don't know... What else did you do?
[44:11.95]- You don't know?! - Know what?
[44:14.90]What's so funny?
[44:15.92]The very thing
[44:17.15]that you clearly do not know!
[44:19.24]Okay, enough for these riddles!
[44:21.23]Would you guys spill the beans?
[44:23.00]First we know, we came in
[44:24.22]and the weapon is tiny...
[44:25.49]surprise, it's big!
[44:26.72]And then, lady over here, I think it's a guy, he's got...
[44:31.28]The only reason you're still alive,
[44:33.85]Is that I found your stupidity, mildly amusing.
[44:38.54]Well, thank you.
[44:39.53]But I found your evilness extremely annoying!
[44:42.46]Who do you think you are, panda?
[44:44.34]Who do you think am I, peacock?
[44:55.67]Why are we laughing?
[44:58.58]Take him.
[45:17.31]Well, light that thing.
[45:20.33]I did!
[45:26.05]Here the bug!
[45:36.93]Get the weapon!
[46:15.45]- You... You were there. - Yes. Yes, I was!
[46:27.78]You just let Shen get away.
[46:29.42]We destroyed the weapon!
[46:40.02]Uh... No! He's got a way more.
[46:48.23]My wings!
[46:49.38]- Help, Po! - Coming!
[46:52.09]Watch out!
[46:58.01]- Help me up! - No. Get him down.
[47:00.91]Use the ropes.
[47:10.83]Run, run. Little panda!
[47:24.34]Help, come on! We need you to focus.
[47:27.19]I've got it, I've got it!
[47:28.16]Bring 'em down!
[47:32.71]- We trapped! - This way.
[47:39.37]Good bye!
[47:46.77]Get back!
[47:56.39]The only way out is up.
[48:11.31]Follow me.
[48:12.95]Come on!
[48:14.56]Where are they going?
[48:15.88]To the top!
[48:17.17]Come on, keep going!
[48:25.79]Here we go!
[48:46.11]You idiot!
[48:48.53]My nose!
[48:50.05]Call in the wolves... All of them!
[48:52.13]I want them ready to move!
[48:54.47]The year of the peacock, begins now!
[48:58.42]Right now?
[48:59.75]'Cause it's the middle of the year.
[49:01.35]so you'd only get, like a half of the year of peacock.
[49:05.49]And this is the Year, of course, of the Peacock.
[49:09.36]Happy New Year, sir.
[49:14.73]Get the wolves ready!
[49:16.72]We're loading the ships, now.
[49:20.68]Now, now, now...!
[49:22.70]Move, move, move.
[49:41.58]This way.
[49:54.49]Oh... You!
[49:56.39]What did you do?
[49:57.27]It's chaos up there. What happened to stopping Shen?
[50:04.72]Guys, come on! Give me a little credit.
[50:06.98]I mea


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